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There's a Buyer for Every Useful Thing. Sell What You No Longer
Need Through a "For Sale" Ad
Phone 1500
Before 7 p.m.
Tp Cyire flpartirats Ideally
looted on East Hill.
Two very desirable apartments
are offered for rent in. a ppacious,
mofcn Will home, ideally
located on paved street, adjacent
to car line j with large well kept
grounds, occupying a full city
block haying extensive lawns,
shade, and other attractive fea
tures. The upper apartment consists
of three connecting rooms, with
bath, all southern exposure, each
opening upon hall, with large
clothes room with window; front
and back stairway.
The lower apartment consists
oi one large room, kitchenette
and clothes eloset, with lavatory
and bath; kitchenette opens upon
enclosed back gallery.
The dwelling is a modern home
possessing every convenience, in
cluding hot and cold water, bath,
gas. electric light and phone, to
gether with large garage.
These apartments, have every
requisite for comfort and will
meet -every requirement for par
ties seeking a home of refine
ment, comfort and conveniens?.
For terms and. . further in
formation, apply at J817 North
Twelfth avenue, or phone either
1923 r 742.
WANTED A yard man.
Spring at.
Apply 229 K.
WINTEIWifan to drive waffop. Apply
P. B, Hoffman & Son. 19oct
WANTED .Boy, 1, to 20 year of age.
Apply Peaka Electric Co., SO euth
Palafo street, 19oct
WANTED An experienced waiter. Must
hava good, reference. Apply at 331 8.
Tela ox St. 19ocU
WANTED Two office boys. Apply Em
fire Laundry Company. 19oct
WANTED Youns man
for special work in after
noons. Apply between 5 and
6 p. m. at Pensacola Gas Co.
WANTBU Tout not less than IT for
Permanent indoor work. Ressnabls
salary at start an opportunity to
learn. Address C-1S. care Journal. 17oct
WA NTJCD Male stenographer. Apply in
own hand writing; stats sxpertenco.
P. O. Box 121T, Pensacola, Fla. 17pet
WANTET Phinning cTerk. youn man
preferred. Anply n own hn writing,
stating experience. Pox 1217, Pens"o'.
Fla. j7oet
WANTED A bell boy at the Merchswtv
ITote.. . Koct
CnTT PFRVTC" exsnTistlnns In P"
eota soon. Mew and wofTi eslrl"
govee"nent elerVsHtn". enFtmentt
pastofflce. r l'wv mail, customs, stepo1
lpbrs. wits for free rsrte!r to .T
R. . Tnni rt ffonr fMTrwt nm.
Iner), ?Sfl Kenols Bldy.. Tv'nshfngton.
rFN ANn MOMtV 391 -oo 4-"cre
Fsrwis tn Minnesota wt t rtren
FRFE n Mhnn f"" a l'tt1 worV.
dress, F-4. Pox 37. Oirard, Ksns. Hoct
VTAVTEn .VMis- sed white eouple
without children, msn to do genrsl
farm work-, woman to Vn hou". tr.
nss relred. J. C McRae. R. F. T .
Milton. Fla. lloet
THa"ds eiveyment war rosit'ons
open. pnonth STiort bow". T'es""t
worV. Exmtnstnps Trvwiee. T.lst
noalflpns free. Fr"nV"n Tnstltnt. TV.nt
S TT. Rochester. N. T. sepSFteSSoe
TANTKn Aw' mn to Ven nn vard
and sarden for rooo spd ttoavd
rttht party. Apply 223 TT. Gregory
WANTED A cook. Apply 701 N. Pala.
fox St. tOoctf
"WANTEDU-A first clss servant with
recommendations. Apply 1600 East L
Rua. ?oct
"VVANTED Settled woman to stay all
day as nurse for child and ssslst with
housework. Apply No. 41 i E. Gadsden
Ft. 19oct
WANTED WW to woman for rensral
nouMWork. small familv. must Jive In
house, good homo for right party. Writs
W. c. ears Journal. iSoctT
TjArIKS Sft a month introducing our
guaranteed hosiery in your spsre time.
Mrs. ffchurman averages $15 a wv wUh
only 2 hours work a day. Ha"dsoma
ssmple utt furnished free. Thomas
ilfg. Co.. 5S24. Rex St.. Dayton, Ohio.
1 4oc
men Ssr -hWherade positions. Ars yoij
prepared? Send now for 'Bulletin 6.
giving complete details f necessary
training. PACE & PACE. Hudson Term,
tnaU New York. Hoc
WOMEN to sell rttaranteed hosiery to
wearer. Salary lis. 00 full time Mo n
hour pr time. Enormous Christinas
trsds. Experience unnsoeeesry. lmz
national Mills. Nerristown. Pa. 14oet
LADiltS ATTENTION! We have a eork,
ln good propoaitlon for lady rprsn,
tative. i Cent postcard will hring full
detail. Big opportunity. Don't hesitate,
'"rite, today, piv. 247. American. Alum.
Inum Mfg. Co.. Lemoot. PI. 14TT
PAINT TOUR own car for IS. Use It
n day, Nino colors. Ff booklet
nd color card tells how. Autonamel
Company, Rochester, N. T. 14oct
All kind of engine, magneto and self.
. Marter work qulkcly and efficiently
oona at Standard Repair Work. Phone
W. fot
FOR gALE One 18-foot round-bottom
boat with H. Pt engiae; rood run
ning order, for first $75.00. W. A- Bell.
3w.. Warrington, Fla. 20oct7
FOB SAL.E-r-86 acres of good timbered
land, never been bled; 3-room house;
S acres under wire fence. Ten thousand
capacity saw mill, other timber can be
bought by paying etu pipage. Apply to
B, M. Busbee, Muscogee, Fla., Star
Route. 20octlm
FOR SALE Set carpenter's tools and
box (good), price reasonable. Call at
Pensacola Gas Engine & Supply Co.; 713
8. Palafox St. J9oct7
FOR SALE At 142 W. Zarrao-ossa St.:
four-foot Show Cases: 6 six-foot
Showcases; J four-foot tobacco Case; 2
ten-fopt shoe Cases; 1 Oil Tank, self
measuring; 1 Dayton Computing Scale;
1 Floor Beam Scale; 1 MeCray Hefriff
erator. Hoct-tf
FOR RALE Tesm of mules, harness.
wagon safe, sound and gentle. Oentie
buggy horse p'soj women nJ rWHrfti
can safely handle nil fbrf- Fort-'-arT-e.
farm for sale W. C. Oliver. M'vrHe
Grove. R. A. P.. SIS. loct.tf
FOR SAliJJrrOne 23-ft. Csh1n I-timrh,
motorgo engine.. rn'v West FloHda
Grocery Co. Phone lrot3w
FOR SALEWe 14x22 Atlas Enelne end
on Casey Hedees boiler. Apo'v Th
M. P. Gensales re. 14eet-tf
FOR BALEAt 12 West Intendenela Pt..
3 fine milk rows. 2 with vo"nr reives, t
.Tersev heifer: alfo 2 iood brood mir
for sale of wlti trde. Phones 613 or "'?.
FOR BALE 4 Rcrod of "best fyjrmin'r
land. IS acres prrctlel!v e'efred rind
wire fenced, eood new noue. our-pnim
some vnlimV,' fruit trees: rrsh or term"
Address A O. TT. crre Journal 13octl
Vntt SALE One rrode' Ford Tour
ing Cnr. In e-ood condition. Msv
seen at the Ford garage, corner Paiafo
on 4 riveerorv streets. nootr
FOR SALT? Two pairs "f Pni'on
mare. Ave to wr For further
Information, see .T. T. Anderson. 1en
FOR SAT V. One tn five acres r'
land, one-horse weron. t"-o
n-nt1 liAf nws'rhf In ntr- V."M-
fS. Address Tine View Yarn, eer?
Journal. fUprt
rnml condition; duplicate parts. 0n.
essv tewps. Applv Tnsacola T"i","
Runnfv Co. Phnw fctf
FOR SAT,K Wood, kiln
dried trirnrnincr,5 from
dressed lumber. $1.00 per
lond delivered : $3.50 per cord
delivered nnywhere witnin
the citv limits. Ste-irns T.itm-
ber and "Evnorr Co,. Tnrra
fronn and TJovd Sts.. Pb
FOtj RAT.F -Oi evohamee. mv 5'-"',
f t-m ft MvrtV Grove. Wer'tMoc In
cluded rece""r' o commence tirmln.
".rrtorn eottaee. I'" V rn wt
il fnnre", A Ttvx- "W. Davi". Tr" A.
Stl M"vrt' fS'nvo. rft1ri
- ctpr. A-To. 1 condit"'"
eonrtw t? a -i
casb. $? 00 rr-t- motitb TV-, j
sncola Buick Company. ,2octtp i
FOR SAT.K "IshtV" ed 'bs'ir,Tln.
prices. Owe 1T,ft. -w wr oet. oie
IS-ft. moto- boit. S'-$ TTyde n'opp'
nd other siss, owe Pflon el'i',h. oe
40 h. P. 4 eve'f hMTV dntv imso'lrie en
etne. one 10 . n. two cycle nsVlne ".
rlee. one "VT bot. fonMr'" flu t7"".
ene Jlimn'v Co.. 71S R Pala'o- .
P O, Ttnv 1Jrt.
Sf?K TT? frsr 1arf?:t rso-t,
mpnt. all mrVe. rond
band automobiles. Tocvest
T!fTrV ?npp!v Co.. P o
4fgj Jnne7tf
FO SAT n?"Sr tew. T'ol'ev estste.
M"ton. Flo.. e"ctlnr of three lot.
Vnl'dlnrs: de"lreWv 1oowtd. oT)T"'te
Mh shoo'. two h'ocVs of nof. frs
.Tovee A fewrson. 44 rT
street. Per"co1. Soetlm
EYR p A T ,li,Hfl)n. six "Ooms. V'tohen
and hath lot 7 K IKS ft . wf't-in
l"tpe rf hu"it" flfstrtct. Addre!"
Rvlsnd's T.sne. M-h"-. Ala. 14oct-lm
FOT? SAT.E Jrt sores of paner-"h'l
trees, three onsrter teerire" ft heif.
Inc nranvf end rrnpefrult trees- rooil.
roflniT dwrtlln ed OMtV""es. Adre
Pot 1?S. WewalthV? . Wi. S7"e
idea of telliner you "We do
Kodak Finishing: and Do It
Well." To q-et alt that "do
it well" implies see that your
kodak finishinpr is done by
us. The Clover Studio. Vn-
sonic Temnle.
WANTED Reliable salesman for good
steady position. Call on Garages. Fac
tories. Stores in this territory. Good pay
for right man. Milwaukee. Tank Works.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. J4oct
WANTED Salesmen for 1918 Twelve
Sheet and DeLuxe Art Calendars,
leather bank books, ete. Liberal commis
sion, exclusive territory; line ready Dee.
1st, Economy Advertising Company,
fowa City. la, 14oet
SALESMAN Experience unnecessary.
Strong Staple Line for general trade.
big demand now. Splendid commission
contract. $35.00 weekly for expenses.
Continental Jewelry Co.. S5441 Continent,
nl huHdin Cleveland. Ohio. 14ocf
OR GEO. MASGANA, Frsncn. Graduate
Veterinarian, will trest any disease of
donaestics ted animals at moderate price.
HI TV. Government St. Phone 1719
Dr. Masgana'a Mange Cure la the best.
Qiittoprsts of Everett
mz? n n
mm U Lgp
YOU'RE LOOIOWG f5R t-r- -- -- " -gfe
frXawA I'cc PLAY WITH You LITTLe OjHJe; -fgfg
WANTED One cheap Marine Chronom
eter. Will C. DifTenderfer. 14 S. Pala
fox St. 13oct
WANTED A stationary engine engine,
2 to 4 h. p Phone H. P. Caro, 5f5.
WANTED Will pay Cash for corn,
either shucked or in shuck, any
quantity. Call or write us for prices.
Also emptv sacks.
F. S. M ELLEN & CO., Pensacola.
Automobile from owner
for cash, 1917 model, five
passenger, must look and
run like new and a bargain;
Buick little six preferred.
Write particulars and price,
P. O. Box 1451, Pensacola,
20oct3 i
ty head of "poor" hogs.
Any size, so long as they are
free from disease. Write
George A. Fell. Warrington.
MR. FARMER, we want on
the L. & N. railroad, with
in 100 miles of Pensacola,
Florida, Excelsior cord
wood, cut from any kind of
living", sappy pine. It should
have only few outside knots.
The bark must he peeled otT.
We will pay from $?.75 to
$3.00 per co-d. according to
the freight charged. WE
FREIGHT. Write us from
what station you expect to
ship and we will then tf-U
vou what price we will pay
tou and ma;l vou our sreri6.
1350. Pensacola, Florida.
WTO MITT aeeond-liand fnmtty een new
as" sew,d-pnd f"Tlture hesn. Noe-
" i 1 f Wm9t VTriiiwnt.
VOICE CULTURE Mrs. Thomas Dour.
las Sale. S32 West Jackson. Phone
1055. Joctlm
in memory of Mr. Fran I. Mayes,
end in recognition cf the spirit of
helofulness that wn his, The Journal
wlil Insert undsr this classification
free advertisements for those In need
of employment.
TWO YEARS experienced commissary
clerk desires position; 20 years of ape;
can furnish eood references; now em
ployed. P. O. Box 75, Vinegar Bend.
Ala- 19oct2w
! WANTED Position as assistant book
j kepper ami commissary clerk for mill
or still. Can give references. For further
i information write Box .282, Blountstown.
Fla. 19oct7
YOUNG PRINTER, with six years
perlence. desires position with n-eckly
newspaper. Can set three pnlleys straight
matter pf-r day; reference furnished
upon arnlic.ntion. Write Box COS. Blonnts
town, Fla. 13oct7
WANTED Pos'tion as assistant line
man. Have had two yenrs experience.
Can grive refnrenees. ' M. B. 'Kri1it.
Bloimtston-n. Fla.
j WANTED Prvsftton as salesman In rerU
i store, experienced. Address W. P. M..
J cpre Journal. 19octT
MAV of mechanical nh'l'tv flesires rosi
ti"n on IfiTre cirns frnit estate. Mther
rorrort'ori or prjva. Address O. F
fp-nr, Tnrri nrtin. Fla. 14o"t7
Mattresses, Feather Beds,
and Pillows cleaned and
made over. Phone C. W.
Claflin, 1112. P. O. Box 802.
100 Qr,iirh 'Rnvloo trrer. 18a,,s
I WE . ARE in need of a large
quantity of all kind Sacks,
als? Hides, Metals, Rope,
Etc. For highest quotations
call, write or wire, Pensacola
Hide and Metal Co. Phone
OQO, lOoctmo
Sue. rve, COT
We have a thoroughly modern 6-room dwelling,
south front, walking distance to town, lot 62j4xl25
feet. It would cost toda '."OO to biiild the house,
We will sell you house, lot, improvements and all for
Pensacola Finance Co.
PHONE 367.
money, But i
3 L lQer?TY LOAM
Pensacola Council, . No. 3", Junior Or
der T'nite'i American Mechanics, meets
second and fourth Mopdays. S p. m.. at
K. of P. hall. 111 E. Intendencia Ft. over
McTTiiEh Store. A'isitjng' brothers cor
dially invited.
W. N. AT.I.P.POOKS. Con.
Recordlnp Secretary.
w. o. w.
Live Oak Camp, No. 1, Woodman of
the World meets first and third Tuesday
nights for reirular meetings. Woodman
Hall. 115 and 117 1- West Qsrden street.
C VILLA R, Clerk.
" C. C. .
Pensacola lod9 No. . I. O. O. F.
Pensacola Lodae No. 4, I. O. O. P.,
meets varv Thursday st 7:80 p. m. la
Rsflford Hall, comer Bay'en and Belmont
streets. Visitors' cordially Invited.
C. R. BELL. N. .
Vntmi. rt nr.
WANTED to sell or terms on invention
of an apparatus for allowing men to
work on chips' bottoms, while afloat
dolnff away with drydocks; have prac
tical model. Address E. C. Frauenhoff.
City. 14oct7
WANTED TO RENT Three er four
rooms unfurnished, with modern con
ceniences, suitable "for IlRht house-keeping;
close In: couplg without children.
Phone 774. 19oct7
WA?TTEr Pceond.hand dictaphone. Ad
dress M. II. K.. caret Journal, statinc
condition and price. ISoct
TNTK! Sewln machines to repair.
Why buy machine when your old c.ne
can be made as rood as erer. Ring 791.
I will call. Work euaranteed. 1 East
Harden street. J. H. Blskesley. tmaytf
TNTRnTonr foh nrtntlne end ordere
foe enrrsrtn of n kind a caTllna cards.
e',,lt"r twviaons. eta. MATBS PRINT
tVO CO.. ?4 West Oeeeenmeat-
Let u rebuild your chimneys in tne
old time, common sense way, and tbey
will stand the storms Mine has with
stood all the storms in the past twenty
years. Tet nw also put your crates in
order. WATTS & SVNDAT. Thone 1S.
FOR RENT Light house keeping rooms.
3i W. Chasp. Phone 1259u iOoct
FOK r.EN'X Tbree nicely furnished
rooms. 115 S. aylen St.. phone 1194.
1 FOR RENT Nicely furnished rooms.
! modern conveniences, also para ere and
I ideal location. Address 516 N. Palafox
i St. Phone 230S-R. 17octtf
FOR RENT Tv.o nice, laro. rooms.
furnished complete for houce.lceepins;
or rent separately to gvntlemen. Ad
dress 1203 E. Gadsde'i :t. or phone 147$.
FOR RENT Furnished or unfurnished
suite: eHctrie lie-hts, pas. bath, phone
and garage; 1S17 N. 12th Ave., two
blocks from car. Phone 1022 or 742.
FOR RENT Furnished and unfurnish
ed rooms. Address 103 N. Alrania Pt.
Two blocks south of L. & N. denot.
FOR DEKT Oph lare room with small
kitchen. 220 N. Barcelona. 7oct-tf
FOR RENT Front room down stairs for
s'eopiner, electric fle-hts. telephone,
bath, well located f.-r gentlemen, thrfire
blocks fwm ??n Carlos. IS V. Reus St..
rhone S54. 7oct
FOR RENT Good store
and market, snlendid loca
tion, ideal for fruit, grocery
store or meat market. Loca
tion. Palafox and Pelmont
streets. Anplv The Watson
Aerv. Phone 54.
Ton r.rVT Ft?mbed moms, one or
two. connecting. Vorth Will Thone an.t
bsth. Ot-ntlmen onlv. Phone 823. 30ausr
FrR TfWVT Suites of roorn for l'rht
housekeeplne. o-lrate bath, bot and
cold vater. Sis Ouillemsrde. the blocks
west L. & X depot, block east T. M. o.
A. Phone 118. ISJuly
FOR RWNT-Furnished mnm Tor Hffht
housekeeping, upstairs end down stairs
modem conveniences. 221 N. Barcelona
St.. Phone 1T2. Mulytf
LOST Wednesday on East Hill car, sil
ver purse, containing some money and
two reserve eat tickets to circus." Suit,
able reward if returned y 813 E. Gads
den street or Phone 129J. liloot
LOST ElRin watch, size 16. ITuntlncr
case. Finder communicate with A. 1 .
Hogoski, Co. 2. Aero Station. 19oca2
LOKT Black Valour Hat with a breast
of trimmlner. between PordMo station
and Arreriean Xational Hank. Finder
please return to Journal office. ISoet?.
LOST At Circus Ground or returning
on Garden St.. one erold bar pin st
with pearls. Reward for return to Wil.
son-Blsgs Co. 19oct3
LOST Lata Tuesday afternoon on hard
road rear Brent. one sack Pansy
Shorts. Return for reward, to R .O.
TTaneook. lSoctS
?TRATET "from Museosree. 'arare. red
cow with brass knobs on horns. Lib
eral reward for return to P. J. Plerc.
rvintortmen. Fla. ISoct.1
LO'T Tliursflav. T',itfrnin Idfsil tMnn
tiin Pen. )ir.i:ntp, u lth (ro roil lianas
rnr fitted with r'i'V K,i"r",v1 "T. O. G "
Vlndcr p!fpcf id Iivi-s "T. C. G..'' c-r
Tonrna!. IfiotTt
IOST One r v i-y -it' nrioM!" tire on
pm. Rew.- r ? wi'l !' pnir! if llellvrert
to Oh'ttcndop's nrijr 14oct
AGEXTS T advertise our poods bv di
tribtitiv? free -irnnples to confr:mpr. !0
center nn hour. Write for full particulars.
1'ivori Co.. 5201. Orew St.. Davto-i.
Ohio. IJort
ACFXTS cr -ti S7!"i.na n week taklnc or
der for r!'ieV-ev Ttjncoats. Samn'e
snd Outfit FREE. Wrilo at once. B"ck
eve yjfn;. Co . W.-l Fnion Ho.. X. V.
TVE A VK T.IVK of Sosn. Extracts.
ToHet Goods. Perfumes, etc. for agents.
1 0fl per cent profit. - Samnlc free Vrlte
ciVk. T rasslan Go., Orpt. f,2 St. Txuls.
Mo. 14ct
AGENTS Men or women: a real bont
to eocdness. seUs Itself Pne: over 20
'ia-litweipht ponulnr rj"ed necessities: we
nay 100 per cent commission: Jfl a dsv
can be made at the stsrt:-no capital: no
emerienre reoulred: enormous demsnd:
eiia fast: bit? repeaters: vabiabie terri
tory ooti: all or snare time: elerant
stents oitflt fum'hed free; wHte todsv;
postal wil do. E M FeUmsn. Sales
Mff". 101S American Pldu.. Cincinnati. O.
ARTESTAK WBLIPWlU put la welle
4 to IS Inches Mameter. sny depth,
end ruarante wster Write for full In.
formation Or Arte!sn Well Co.. Cot
teKfai. ie. enrtStf
Thorsen. proprietor, solicits ell kinds
ef tnorlna and baullnic- Viimltnre peeked
for shipment Furnltur tor ad. Office
phone 178. Pseot aeee 704. !!
COMPANY. Phone 63.
HMilinrr P-cVlnsr, tnrintj
j L"n! an4 y -irtue of a, dpi of
foreclosure and sale rendered on the 3rd
1 day. of October. 117. by the udge
; tfce Court of PeCOrd, of Ejrcernbla counts',
' Fldrtda. in a certain cause taerein
pending wr.ereof Jennie &: flayer an
her bxiefcana,- X. Mayer, CQKirJain.
ants. a4 Jenpette C Wimame, F,
W!!llams and Jparton Pepper vera 4e
fsqanta. I wil!, on Monday, the $th 4ay
ef November. 131?. during the Iefl
hours of sale before the county eeurt
house door in the City of Pensacola. Es
cambia county. Florida, offer for sale
and sell to the highest bidder for cash
the following described property, to-wit:
The one-half Interest in and to lots
nine and ten, block 1. New City tract.
In the City of Pensacola, Escambia
countv. State of Florida.
Peed at cost of purchaser.
mA-toet4w Special Master.
T"r.dcr and by virtue of .i decree of
foreclosure and sale rendered on the th
day of Sentember, A. D. 117, by the
Judge of the Court of Record of Esoan'
bia countv. Florida, in a certain caur.i
therein pundinsr wherein C. Thiesun
complainant and R. H Simpson and Awi
0. Simrson. his wife, are Uefondr.r-.
T will. or. . Monday, the 6th day of
November. A. J". 1917, durlnp
lcifal hours of sale, before the conn
ourt hose door, in the Oty of Pen
sacola, Escamhja county. Florid. oft'r
for sale and sell to the htprhest bidder fe
cash, the following described property,
to. wit:
The cist one-half of thst portion cf
section 5ft. township two f, south of
rature 3'. west, accrdingr to the rovern.
nient survey, and aU-o known- aa
John B. Caxanave grant, which Is bound
til as fallows, to-wit:
Ber!nnin at a point waere the diridtn
lin between th said Casanave arart
and the Pedro palao arrant touches t'i
waters of tne Bav of Pensacola at hlrli
water mark, thence along; said dtrldinT
line north hH decrees twenty-six minutes
west 15A fet tn Inches to stake in
the fouth line of the ripht of wav of
the IT. B. g(i'mmmt road: thence ston
t-.iid rlrht of way line south 64 daarees.
44 minutes west :VJ7 feet nnd 11 lnchs
to a. stake: thence south 5 decrees 28
minutes eas-t on a line parallel to the
said dividinrr line between the Casansve
and the Pedro Pnloa yrSnts 103S feet and
8 inches to a stake: thenf south S3 de
Frees 14 minutes east S7 feet to hleh.
water mark, thence east alonsr the line
of hlgh-watr mark about 122 feet to
point of bearinnlns'
Also all rleht, title snd Interest to the
1. md under th water of the Bav of Pen
sacola lyinu between parallel lines and
extending from the terminal points on
tho front of said prooertv to the channel
of the said bay. belnc In Escambia
countv, Florida.
rceds at cost of purchaser.
1S97. A-6oct4w Special Master.
NOTICE Is heretv given thst under
and by virtue of a decree of foreclosure
nntl sale rendered bv the Hon. J, m
Jones, .ludprt of the Court of Rccfcrd of
Ksacmbia county. Florida, on the 3rd
t'ay of October. 1917. n a certain cause
nend'ng in said Court in hieh The
fliaffin Bank Is compltinant. and Mary
Robert n, is defendant. I will, on Mon
day. Nnvmiwr 5th, 1917. ofTer for sale
before the County Court Hiif door in
the City of Pensacola. Florida, dr.rins;
tlie Wal hours of sale, to the hlehest
and best bidder for cash the followlnr
d-scrihed real estate, situate, Iving: an I
being- in the City of Pensacola. Escambia
Countv. Florida, to-wit: Lots Twentv
me (21. Twenty-two f22, Twentv
three 2?.) and North Half fl-2 of Lot
Twenty-four f 24, Ulock Seventy-one (71 !
of the West King Tract. Belmont Nuir
berinc. together with the tenements,
bcriditanients and appurtenances there
unto beloneinpr or in anywise appertain
ing. Terms: . cash. Deed at coat of pur-
lS92A-6oct4w Special Master.
XOTICli is herehy Rlv-n that unde:
p.nd by virtue of a decree of foreclosure
and sal? rendered by the Hon. C. 3k:
.TonesL Judffe of the Court of Record '
Esacmbla countr. Florida, on thn 2i
, day of October. 1917. in a certain ca-u
i.enrtmg in said Court in which Tl
Bankinp- Savings & Trust Company.
complainant, and Andrew- Casein. us ar
wife are defendants, I will on Monriav
November 5th. 1917. offer for sale befof
the county court house door in the CM
of Pensjipola. Florida, during the leir."
hours of Hale, to the highest and ber
bidder for cash the following describe-1
real estate, situate, lying: and bHnij I .
tlie City of Pensacola, Escambia Countv,
Florida, to-wit: Loj Fifteen 05 In Bloc t
One Hundred and Eleven (111) of the
New Oitv Tract, pnd also Lot Eijrht (fi
in Block Twenty. two f22 of the Ea.t
Klnjr Tract. East of Tarrearona Street.
toL-ther with tl'e tenements, herldlta
ments and appurtenances thereunto be
loninu 0r in anywise apperteinlngr.
Tf-Ttns. cash. Oeed at cost of pur
chaser. GEO. P. WENTWORTH,
1391A-ort4w Bpeetal Master.
NOTICE is hereby Riven that under
and by virtue of a decree of foreclosure
and sale rendered b" the Hen. C. M.
Jones, Judge of the Court of Record ft
Ksacmbia county. Florida, on the 3rd
day of October. 1M7, in a oertatn cause
pendln in said Court In which The
haffin Bank is complainant, and The
Maxent Land Company, et. ala., are. de
fendants, I will, on Monday," November
f.th, 1917. offer for sale- before the County
Court House door In the City ef Pensa
cola. Florida, during the legal hours of
sale, to the highest and best bidder for
cash the following described real estate,
situate, lyintr and bein- In the City of
Pensacola. Escambia County, Florida,
to-wit: Iit Eighteen (IS) and the West
Half (l-2 ef Lot Nineteen (If) In Block
Seventeen (17) of the Maxent Tract, to
gether with the tenements, hertdtta
ments and appurtenances thereunto be
longing or la. anywise appertaining.
Terras: cash Deed at cost of pur
chaser. GEO. P, WEJfTWORTH,
1393A-6oct4w Special Master.
NOTICE is herfby given that under
and by virtue of a decree of foreclosure
and sale rendered by the Hon. C M.
Jones. Judge of the Court of Record of
Esacmbia connty. Florida, on the 3rd
day of October, 1917. in a certain cause
pending In said Court In which The
Chaffin Bank la complainant, and B. F.
Lee and wife, are defendants, x will, on
Monday. November 6th. 191T, offer for
sale before tho County Court House door
in the Ciy of Pensacola, Florida, during
the legal hours of sale, to the highest
and .best pldder for cash the following
described real estate, situate, lying and
being In the City of Pensacola, Escam
bia County. Florida, to-wit: Lots One (1
and Two (3) In Block Bxty-etght (C
of the West King TraPt, together with
the tenements, heriditaments and appur
tenances thereunto belonging or in any
wise appertaining.
Terms: cash. Deed at cost of pir
cha ser
!S90A6oct4w Special Master.
Netlee Is hereby given that as special
master under and by virtue of a decree
rendered in the ease of Alice K. Dow ana
Willie Kendrick. as executors . of th
estate of William Jf- Davison, deceased,
vs. 'John W. Bullock.' Jr., Richard M.
Gary and Miry E. Cary. his wife, an-l
M. If. flughey. Jn the Circuit Court tt
Beettnbta Count, riertda. on taa 11th
dav ef Oct.. A. Tt. Ilf. on Monday, the
etli day of November, A. D. 1817. during
the legal hours of sale. In frBt of tl
Court House door. In rpseola, 1 8 earn -tela
unty. Florida. I will U at public
outcry to. the bH tt! lilchast W4r for
cash, the fellers described propefty,
sitiuted in Pensaeoia, Escambia CounTy.
Florida, to-wit:
Eaft n 0 feet of Let two (2), all
of Lot three (J, and west fifteen (15
feet ef Lot four (4). in Block slxty-sevn
f67). New City Tract, aeeording to nun
of said city copyrighted by Thos. C. Wat
son in 1114. -
Terms cash, Peed at cost of pur
14MA.lSoct4w. Special Master

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