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L i--r.J '.
Journal Puhlishino- Company
XXI IS K. MAVl'S, rr.-j. HARRY R COOK. Publteh-r.
Oonduettd ffvr jog, . to 1915 1'iaVr ih Kl!torshtp ai.'J
MnMfT!..i;t cf Ool. Krnnk 1. Mayes.
F1''': '- P"- a ,...'. ition
f-V.rf '-.r r.i : - -; ; -i r r PuV.!h-r Association
F'''-T!::rTroN p.ai ns:
! On V(k. !!: v : - : -r, av
Or- V '. T ' ' ' ;. ! ,-.v
.1 .IS
T-. ;1 .
,'! -(- .7-
rr,.i T1fT.:ir.-i
Tr.- 1
- . y , l O'i
t- ; ;n tIviico, anil r,ftrTr
- tiv, . i" - Tvli'orlnl
, - .tr, T!wi!ti. S: prs!-
'--''- ,'.-r.r an -I Vi1.!'k1-".
?-i- r-r. ,:r.-, .-. . r"- -r '''! t.i t " r.ot ."h-r-v.-
t--. rrc-(7 !'! $;i Is j-.'.; -r fin' a" tn tornl Tiim pu7-
7 .n ' To I . .
'. cu ir.'f.-r , rV.f notofftt In
f.;r 5cr.t ! t : j ! v rf Field by
cr, Tonrrr-. i y o.t.w.
I Vf-r" '' 5 :r t K:o .i City ArlnrV-i
With an ::; irrinrc m live hundred
flr!l;-.r. u:k i v. thousand thrin card
started in ! '.. :;-:.o la. there U every re ason
c ;. ' ;tj; i :on t if t lu ju!!ic .-i'h oi
' 'Ti . i i 1 1 v . ;: '.' i .rt : .-niit the in-(!-,
: i.' .)!.! v'Mimi .f ICcani1)ia
. : - ' i : ; ; ; ' ';.:). :;.; !!. ! illt while
i ! ' 1 n : r,- c;: ' i ; i ! u n in l i i iiaki'
' ' . - :.: i! . t r v. n, ii nnbt
'. 1 1 it- adult s arc- any
-UCCOS of the
. . - . , ;o i
;i 1''.' '. Irs
i re--'. i ir i
-1 :!ra to tarl a Thrift
. : ir i,)s in ! Vn.-acoia.
i i i.-'.i c;u houch ld
,r r ; i : hi whirh will
i-r't- . viirkels and linu-s
' ;;! thr oliildfcn ask
- . i-. f r i-andy, for
. ir i m- -ucM
t h.'.'r t part f t Ik
;r ii' hank in st c-ad . ir a
: ' : the- h n ;
i ; h-. -nn- t thnn 1 h;
r '. : m ! 1 K'ir n r mi
: 1 h: . l v 1 1 thc-c- '.;iniK,
a c-r'Mrni'jod for war
. ih...- arc lending their
. ; rrrrnt . liirh will rc
ih r tv'rr-t.
,r . if this fact were im
;i;ul. oiild take? a .reat
raninaijn and manv a
r i
. v...:kd hr
a.cd, for the future
neation a. nd de"el"'pmcnt of the child.
k'.rcit' hi lah.r and it increased
c i ; ( i i lie islle. Th.e llcw nol-
'Tar i :-;'k:;.a;i;rior to the .railroals in
f -rein-- 'he - in;.;- i.f a loui-standini;- and
diTcak ' !K-in. ir freight handling".
ja.ire-- !i. Leonard,, editor of iTci.Lrht
1 i a.i.dl ir.,;- and .Meciianical l;.nir;ineerini;',
sa s regard in i;- the chanire: The era of
nieciiar i'cal -a.aka rc' i rendu handliuL:" is at
i i a. u i .
C' t
' i--i 'V. tonarv. hu: the iuex itahle out
come a "ondif.oim that have existed for
the la.-i liirr ; ear. Industrial trucks,
trac'to''s a: 1 rarer-, hoi-linr. ca n eiia;"
and storirr Trrr-. wherever pract icahle
an.vl suitai-'e. are ! he put into service, and
what is uf adU'-.l in'vae-t is the fact that all
new t re 'T.i -iat'eiis .-ire to ,e dei.UT.cd with
the view ot promot iu the m iimum hand
ling economy, h'urt her in ' (nicra! plan
of mechanical handling '"e automohile
motor trrek is to h(. p'-es.-.-d into service.
Thai ha say. iiraead of having cars
.-witched he! ween stations to citv term
ir.als. the motor truck will he used.
Seems to. us that the allies could a fiord
urni-h laead a.nd hoots, if it would keep
, o a- i hree milh ai Russian ;dders tkht-
ic mans.
I e a nrcttv t. tmli war necesitv.
: tlr'-e i.'.crman peace diplomats wallow
N . i rotTkv s ciescriptiin them as "un
ccinscionah le liars."
Reported Tom ! Trl'n that "on Ilertlincr,
chancekor. ":r l.-r -or" That's the wav
the- ail pa. wren t he kaiser swine- his
! i.H u r :i s w it
C'ei'tain'y "lea .d ar d hoiots" a rc essen
tials ol ri C'";e.r re an: r n. Anvhow. on
couhlnh c i ''atia a'-m r la-ep warm.
to ' " i ot e 1 1 1 p ; mi m 1 1 a. c 1 1 m a
lai'e r 'i a a ill l
It:.ssian winter.
Outside of war supplies, France needs a
wide variety of American goods, according
to word received recently by the Foreign
R.urcau of the Merchants' Association. Re
peated inquiries had been made lor certain
classes of foods, among which the follow
ing may be mentioned particularly:
Flour, corn meal, rice, peas and beans,
provisions (ham, bacon, lard. etc.). canned
grinds (meats, vegetables and fruits), dried
fruits, preserves, sugar, cocoa and choco
late, condensed milk and cottonseed oik
France was also in the market for farm
tractors, agricultural machinery and im
plements of all kinds. A demand also ex
isted for wood working machinery and ma
chine tools. Automatic machinery, for
quantity production and labor saving de
ices of every description, would be re
quired after the war. In the manufacture
T this class of machinery the United States
Ihiilding supplies were wanted at once,
particularly iron, steel, cement. lumber
and railway material, and in the final re
c on.struct ion the demand for such com
modifies won hi of course be increased
many fold.
"Connections in France cannot, or at
least should not. be hastily established,"
-ays the Association. "A careful study of
re conditions tinder which business there
must be conducted and of the special re
quirements in any particular line should be
made and a decision arrived at as to the
: -c.-a method of introducing a particular
lass of goods and the type of firm best
uited to serve each exporter.
"The Foreign Trade Bureau would wel
come an opportunity to co-operate with
any house planning to develop its business
in France. The names of French houses
which have requested the bureau to put
hem in communication with American
manufacturers and exporters can be furn
ished and the bureau will be glad to assist
in other ways to the fullest possible ex
Uncle Sam's Hew Two-Msn Submarine Can Travel 200 lee Without "Coming Up for Air."
Shoes are going to be higher than ever,
rala.re the manufacturers. Xot higher in
height, if one may be pardoned the ex
pression, but higher in price, which is. of
course, an entirely unpardonable announce
ment. Shoes are going to cost more than they
do now, because "leather is stiffening,"
whatever that m;.y mean, and so is the
cost of traveling, they say. It was the in
creased cost of traveling which, from press
reports, seem to have most interested the
delegates to the recent convention of shoe
travelers. Some of them said they had
heard that their excess baggage or sample
trunks were to be limited to one trunk for
each traveling salesman, whereas hereto
fore they have carried two or three sample
trunks. Rut the upshot of the whole dis
cussion was that leather is to be higher in
TIow about cutting out a few of the new
am- let
belt) sonic
stvlcs in footgear? That might
If there were not so many
tvles there would not need to be so main
samples. Secretly, most of us could get
on without so much shoe style, as well ar
not. If the fact that 'leaher is stiffening.'
should serve to end some of the crimes
committed upon the feet of some of the
American people, and upon the vision of
others. those who wear 'em and those
who look at "em, then a consummation de
voutly to be wished would have been
reached. And maybe, when the shoes are
not so stvlish they won't need so much
leather, and consequently the leather won't
come so high, either for those who wear
"em or those who pay for 'cm.
Trotzkv hits two-faced plot, comments
a contemporary. In hitting anything two
faced Trotzkv is likely to belt himself one
n the iaw.
Chicago women propose to stoke their
own furnaces to save coal. The report ot
the organization of a Husband's League of
Protest is doubtless untrue.
There is none so poor that he or she can
not huv a Thrift Stamp. Decide to do it
ft mav be also stated that "'meatless
i .-ii . i i :i
w nor, generally ooseixeu. wu: con
tribute mightih- to the overthrow o." the
da vs.
- .r.J , - -- wv- vj....wA.vvitoAy:jx-.-AVjj... v. .....- .... .... -h-.- : :Nagww.
The men ir. tho pirture arc the on-j izc this twpc of vessel, naval experts i travel rice to " miles an limir sub- u-omintr up You can see for your
tire tre.v of Uncle Sam's newest sub- saw P.ut because it isn1! larjre don't merged. In other words, it can .live ' self ?"cn have little room for their
seiun"- up exercises. it 13 bud
n.ereed by means of pumps in a few
marine'. The American two-man jret the idea it's a plaything-. It can
Pulm-.arine invention mav revolution- stav under water 72 hours and ran
and travel approximately as far us
from Washington to rittsburg before
A Senior War Work Council will
'be formed in I'ensacola, under a de
rision reached at a meeting Friday
for war work the rent of which is
provided by the War Work Council
of the National Y- W. C. A., an or-
Rumors have reached me that cer-
ganization which has made it. possi-j tain persons through jealous rivalry
Pie to send secretaries to army and have started a malicious report that
navy centers nere ana abroad, and am not a loval American citizen.
4. .?-, r. v,.
1 A x A ...... t rf- A.
1st. Headquarters for Patriotic'. 01 my nepnews nrr c?Pia,nS
:x.: x-; v . v i-..S
:'.s"- i: S. : . :X vf
mornine at which representatives j which is installing hostess houses, 1 have lived among you for twen
J'rom various organizations in the and cafetarias for the l encfit 01" visi- i tv-eight vears and 1 came here from
icity discussed the work here. A tors to service men al! over th.e coun- Savannah, Georgia, where I was
j membership committee was appointed try. born and reared. In both plareq. my
and is composed of Mrs H. L- Cov-i T!u rooms here in Pensmol i serve ! life has been an open book. I have
I ington, Mrs. J. S. McGauirhey, Mrs. n three-fold purpose: 'no sons and I am too old to enlist,
. Micieman. .-lrs. r. a. lirin, .irs 1 1 t it
r -w 1 1 inn, t.-.,; ei.i ' ica(
W3,1L ,. f .. t iwarVrvice, an.l for the oani c i- oin vice at present
Va c ?L t' f r waV tiuris needing use of club roon.s. , J l" x as disloy-
si-t with the work at the War Work! . , . . altv to ones natne land.
Club rooms, I'.rJ N. Palafox street.! . -n1- 1 yrovw.e nospitalitv to j PF.TEIl MN'DRNSTRUTII.
can register with any of the above p lsllors To service men.
committee, or at rooms, phone 410. I Mrd. They provide further c ter
Hostesscs are needed for at least j tainmcnt of a wholesome nature for
two afternoons a week, and there ! service men.
are other urgent needs which can I There will be organihed next week
onlv be met by the earnest co-opera- ' tu o food in. truction classes under our friends and neighbors to us dur-
jtin f all the women of Pensacola. the direction of Mirs Helen Carter, ing the illnops and at the death of
i The Junior Council organized in ' and Tiames should be a.-nt in before our mother and wife, Mrs. Margaret
; November, and ha been instrument -! Tuesday nigi.t. Call at the Club Arbona.
jal in equipping a fine suite of rooms ' Kooms "today and enlist. ' JOS. ARBONA AND CHILDREN.
We take this method of returning
thanks for the many kindnesses of
c s.f
f.w. ::?K.c . - . .. .vx V.YN ' -X-SV""-- s
1 yv .
"Closed for '
1 C.
e ' ar
Once more peace prophets are taking an
other hitch in their belts.
This sign might well be plastcrc
across the door of room .".71. in the
House of Representatives off:.
building. It i the office of Con
gressman Royal C. Johnson of South
Dakota, who is now a private in th"
regular army at Camp Meade draw
ing $:: per' month as a oldier an i
turning ba -1: int irnclc Sam's treas
ury the $7 ' 0') and extras due him
as congressman.
Johnson's secretary. Hiram Bouch
er, is serving in an ambulance corps.
His young brother-in-law. Prima
Thoad, who use.', to he'p about the
office is in t'-e air serv a e.
Mrs. Johnson running the mod
est little home in Wahiiv.rtn. tak
ing care of th two htt'e J jhr.fur...
Everett f. and Iliiri.m 7. who are at
tending public sch.oo! and growing up
to be real Americans like tneir husky
western dad.
"Of course it is lonesome" aid
Mrs. Johnson, 'oat T think my hus
band is right in joining the army. He
feels that as he voted to send other
men to the fror.t. he ought to be
willing to go himself. He would
not apply for a commission because
he has not had military training. If
he feels that he ought to give his all
to his country I certainly ought to
back him vrp ar 1 I do."
Johnson retains his seat in con
gress like Congressman I .a Guardia
of Ne York, now a firing man on
the Italian front. Hundreds of
French deputies, members of the
British Hnu.c of Commons and mem
bers of the German Reichstag have ?
pursue! the same course. Tloweve: ;
Johnson and La Guardia do not take j
their pay although they could do so.
and although both are in moderate:!
' -' - - ..-i-i-L .. . .J. 'I J. . J . ''XU.tJ. . . 1 1 ...'J!'
" I
21 ' L; rT?tea
in Crest of East Hill
No. 1311 North 15th Avenue
One Block from Car Line and Near Bayview Park
Former Residence of W. P. Cunningham
Six Rooms, Bath and Pantry, Gas, Water and Electricity
LOT 70 FEET by 160 FEET
1 1
i V.

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