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Athletic Director
of Note Arrives
- - A athletic director of the Commlt
jtee'"oa Training Camp Activities, David
-J. Yates, has arrived at-the Naval Air
' Station, and will take charge of ath-
... letics at the Pensacoia station.
Mr. Yates, who will be permanently
' located at Pensacoia, volunteered for
"service, immediately upon declaration
of war, but failed to" pass the physi
cal examinations througTi nme minor
defect. Determined to aid his country.
he offered his services through the
training camp activities of the navy.
and arrived In . Pensacoia a Tew days
ago to assume his duties.
Mr. Yates, .who will have charge ol
all sports and athletics at the air sta-J
tion, was connected with the athletics t
of a number -of colleges and hlgn
high schools of this country. While a
student at St. John's Brooklyn, New
''York, he was prominent in college ath
. letics, and was later director at Swarth
more, as well as the New Rochelle High
, 'School,, and the Horace Mann School ot
New York City. .
:' For three years after leaving college,
, he played professional baseball, hav-j
. ing been at one time with the New York
1 Americans, and having also played
. with the Newarks (International) ancr
-several minor leagues. Mr. Yates has!
; filso engaged extensively in aquatic!
I mports, and at one time had as a cqm-j
- petitor C. M. Daniels, former champion,
swimmer. During college days he was
ralso noted at a basket ball and foot-:
.ball player, and for three years was
director of a boy's summer camp in
; New Hampshire.
Several of the New York capers have
carried very flattering notices of Mr J
, lales and his work, and he comes to
the Pensacoia station very highly reo-j
, ommended. I
-i In speaking of his plans for the ser
Tiice men yesterday, Mr. Yates said:
Nothing Js more necessary to the de
velopment of the men than directed
physical exercise, and it is proposed to
promote all athletic activities, swim
ming, baseball, basket ball, track meets
and boxing matches all to have their
place on the program.
"Thpr is nnthinor mnra Imnnrtant in
" the aviator than trained muscles mus
L clcs which quickly respond, and eyes
that are trained. Boxing bouts and
. baseballfl train the arm AT-i the eye to;
act qhiekiy and together.""
.'. Thcrejs a Tine recreation building at;
the Air fctntion, and the parade ground,
" now . in "process of completion, will
"mntc an admirable, athletic field. Ba-
fore entering the service of the navy,
' Mr. Yates was sales manager of the
V. K. Jahn Chemical Brokers, Import-
1 ers and Exporters, of New York City, j
Mr. Yates will be ably assisted by a.
champion gymnast and former athlete,
B. F. Moore. Mr. Moore is a fine
eriming-trark meet, 'to take place on
flrrnratinn rav.
Captain Bennie Edmundson Saturday
afternoon stated that he would have t-a
make a contract with a lumber com-j
pany for new flooring material if Cap-!
tain Charles JI. Thomnsnn. thi prhihi-'
rtor of the big fish and other specimens
of deep sea life, stopped much longed
at his dock on the trim yacht Tamiaml.
Saturday morning Captain Thompson
..and his sea complement arrived in Pen
sacoia and at 10 o'clock had warped
at the landing of Captain Edmundson.
From that hour on there were con
courses of people to see one of the
wonders of. the ocean, a monster fish.
Just what it is scientists cannot tell.
The nastodon has been under the in
spection of experts of the national
museum at Washington, D. C.; also men
versed la fish lore attached to tlie bu
reau, of fish and fisheries at the nat
ional capital.- In fact one scientist of
the Smithsonian Instution mounted the
iisn, mat is after its life" was extinct.
Captain Thompson yesterday said it
was caught by accident in 1912 between
Miami and Key West, Florida, while he'
and a party of friends were trying to
hook tarpon. , The fish came to the sur
face of the water near the ouUng
party , and Captain Thompson threw a
harpoon at it. His aim was cond hut
he essayed more than he bargained.
For About thirty-nine hours the men
in his party were dragged. miles about
-the waters by this monster.. As an au-
dience there, was about 1,000 people,
at odd times, witnessing the struggle.
The fish was finally made captive
but life was about extinct. And the
fishingcrew was also about reaflv to
quit. j
The catch was landed and at the time'
the newspapers were filled with stories
about lt ; Skeptics would not believe
what they read. It was then that scien
tists of the Smithsonian Institute were
failed in and one of them mounted the
It Is well worth seeing. It has a
mouth large enough to swallow al of
the Jonah family, as far as the family
tree extends, going and coming. It is
well preserved and Its tongue would
rnake VMaggie" of "Bringing up
Father fame subside.
In connection with this fish is an
exhibit of sea life which Is interesting
snd instructive. The specimens are too
Minierous to specify.
Captain Thompson will be here until
Tuesday, when he goes to Mobile,
thene to New Orleans and up the Mis
sissippi River to the inland river land
ings. The fish and other attractions
can be seen from 10 o'clock in the
morning until 10 o'clock at night.
GREENVILLE. S. C. May yl8. Joe
Jackson, star outfielder, who a fewi
d.-s ago left the Chicago Americans to!
enter a shipbuilding plant at Wilmlne-'
Mn. Dei.inwe. was ordered bv th lo-
nl draft hard to report immediately
Buy a Flag
We cannot pre
serve freedom
unless we con
serve food.
atitsoo, "Parker & TRteese Co.
To Wear for
the Entire Family
Use more po
tatoes and sihp
more wheat.
The Various Dress Goods Departments Invites You to the
Exhibit of Beautiful Summer Fabrics
nd hang It out to the
breeze. We have a splendid
new lot, wool and bunting,
washable colors, well made
cp, 4 to 8 feet long.
The Silks and Dress Goods Departments extend the invitation. T he new fabrics of summer are hre in plenty. There are multitudes of
fabrics with strange names and beautiful new textures the novelti es about which modish women are inquiring. Rare importations and
remarkable tissues of American production, which will introduce you perhaps for the very first time to the wonderful things American
manufacturers have been accomplishing in textiles. And these new fabrics present a veritable riot of colors wonderful colors- that sim
ply scoff at all this talk of the dye scarcity. Impossible to describe them as it is to give anything like a list of the host of new materials
mustered in these departments. Every yard at a much lower price than goods ordered from the mills now. At our fair prices and getting
I! ! J I I r 1 VI liTTTTTT
li: a S ii is ii SS - -
: 1
Just Arrived! Newest Ideas in Drapery Fabrics
Sand Fly
New fresh stock, -steel
framed, ready to put up.and
by the yard.
" ii-MHifMU.'l.l V -VJyT", lg" -gJ1''J J-imu 1 I I 1
1. r HI
Better get your wants sup
plied now if you want, some
thing extra fine, every day
makes goods harder to get, es
pecially at -fair prices. New
heavy Norman reversible por
tiere drapery, furniture drap
ery, fancy covers, linen tapes
try, pillow patterns, odd florals,
stripes and figures in most
beautiful fast colors at
35c to $1.25.
Sheets, Cases.
"Standard" brand, and qual
ity, money saved buying now.
Cases . .
$1.65 ,
$1.75 '
... 40c
Special Sale "4711" Imported Toilet Goods
Broken lots of high grade goods, some of them not ob tainable at present time.
Others just arrived at fair regular prices.
75c TOILET WATER, new arrivals, worth $1, as
sorted odors "4711" goods
choice . ..
25c BATH TABLETS, large cakes Benzoine glyc
erine and Eau-de-Cologne
le glyc-
25c LIQUID SOAP, imported goods,
white rose ' glycerine
25c LA CATHEDRAL, highly perfumed toilet soap,
"4711" goods
15c LECINA SOAP, medicated, healing
refreshing, cake- ,
10c RECORD SOAP, medicated, fine for
face and hands, cake . .
25c NIGHT CREAM, Pompeian, fine for
complexion, very soothing tubes
25c DENTAL POWDER, Colgates
per can
HONEY OF ALMOND. Hinds' famous
whitening cream, fresh stock
fresh stock
Skirt Silks
We ask you in particu
lar to see this large win
dow of beautiful fabrics at
$1.50 to 4 a yard.
Natural color and white silk
Pongee, white Crepe Pongee, Satin
Sublime in Copenhagen, black,
white, navy and the new grays.
Tussab Silk in tan, gold, white,
lawn and emerald green.
Wash Satin in white and flesh,
Khaki Kool, Tricotine, Fancy
Silks and Gingham patterns and
other novelties of most beautiful
pattern. No high prices and ex
cellent qualites only, all are the
very newest ideas. Whatever you
can purchase in this line. Now is
the time!
High Time for Parasols!
Very high time. Our styles are won
derfully attractive good all Brand new,
strong frames, and beautiful hsmbjes,
straps, Jap handles, ivory, celluloid and
carved wood and ring handles, white
and fancy tipped ribs. .FRESH NEW
SILK that will last.
1.50 to $14
Children's Parasols,
35c to $4
Fans, Fans, Fans.
White Parisian Ivory painted de
signs, heavy gauze with pretty color
ed florals, celluloid fans with black
Jap patterns. Children's fans with
ribbons, rings, mirrors and vanity
Pretty Neckwear.
Beautiful all-over filet patterns,
neat set in corners, net with cut
outs, colored embroidered styles, or
gandy Ideas, and collar and cuff sets
with fancy embroidery and edges
everything you can think
of. $2.50 to
Powder, Cold Cream, Tooth Paste, Shaving Stick,
same price ' O E?
each ZOC
Every Woman Should Have a Fancy Rain-Sun Umbrella, $4 to $14
We Tell You, Buy Ginghams Now!
Our prices are still low considering the
extra fine brands we carry. Costume ging
ham zephyrs, bookfold, rich new summer
.... 23c
patterns, yard only 35c, 30c
Sea Island Punjab Percales.
Fash, washable colors, excellent patterns
for shirts, blouses, house dresses, children's
wear, full 36-inch, A f
yard only. xVC
Heavy Warp Ribbon.
Extra wide, large colored floral In
odd shapes, Jacquard patterns, grape
and rosebud designs, deep colored
stripes beautiful!! Fine for sashes,
millinery, bags, camisoles and trim
ming. Yard J1.75 (T-f Cff
$1.50 and tdXedt)
Summer Vesta.
Fuji fashioned, full taped neck
"sta-up" shoulder straps, fine gauze
lisle, regular and out
sizes, 7So to .-..
New Laces.
Service Star Ribbon.
To use for little badges, red, white
and blue, per star
15c and
Just arrived and unpacked. Fancy
Filet Edges and Insertion In assort,
ed widths.
Ilair Pins.
Fresh, new stock In black and
bronse Just in, have teen very scarce.
Assorted styles, sablnets and sizes.
Womens' Wear Dep't Showing High Grade Merchandise Values You Could'nt Dream of
Women's Bathing
Most Beautiful Ideas in Real
Silk Wash Skirts
White, wa6h satins, silk, wash crepe, khaki kool, satinette, corded silk, extra
fine gabardines and fancies of rare beauty, excellent qualities, and very attract
ively styled. Dots, stripes, odd patterns and combinations of every kind to suit
your fancy. See window.
$2.50 to $20
Children's Bathing" Suits 75c to $4
Bathing Shoes, all sizes 25c to $1
Bathing Caps, new fancy rubber, 25c, 50c, 75c
Kopak, non-sink wings . . .: .$1.50
Large Rack Silk Dresses Half Price!
Don't forget to get your Summer Baby Togs NOW! As the days go by, costs go
up. We carry only the finest soft qualities and dainty styles in finest materials,
and prices still modest. Bonnets. Wash Hats, Dresses, Carriage Robes, Sacques,
Sweaters, Bibs, Boutees, Stockings, Socks and Jewelry.
Buy Undermuslins Now and Save Money!
If We Could Sell Better Underwear for Men than Munsing Cut, and Knit Union Suits,
We Would'nt Keep Munsings Ten Minutes! See Window. Men's $1.15 up, Boys' 75c up
Women's Reign.
Skin White
High tops, mil
itary and solid
leather. ivory
heels, plain and
tipped, only
Reign Skin Oxfords.
White Ivory, solid lea'""
heel and sole, fancy O
tops ." t03
White, with
Xeolin soles
Educator Play Shoes.
Boys and girls stylish black
and tan, the great wearers,
first quality C?0
S4 to fDij
Child's Slippers.
Patent and dull. ankle
t2.50 to
Men's Bathing Suits
Silk, wool, cotton, one-piece
suits, colid colors and fancy, no
prices, $8 to ...
Boys' Bathing Suits.
greys and
Fancy colors.
black and white
effects. $4 to ...
Young Men's Caps.
Fresh new stock, fancy ma
terials, light weight. . long
peakea m- ojr
$L50 and tDAeO
Boys' Wash Suits.
The "Kaynee" brand, large
stock of assorted styles for all
ages, guaranteed fast colors.
excellent workman
ship, $3.50 to ..
"Kaynee" Blouses
New summer stripes, large
fresh assortment, all sizes.
$1.25, 85c ri
Boys' Hats.
. Straw hats, bleack and white,
wash hats, plain white and
colors errs
$i.5o to aUC
White Duck C. P. O. Uniforms.
Best Quality, army drill. $7.50. Good quality duck, extra well made Of?
up. Eee window, euit tDJ
Army Officers White Uniforms.
Best grade white drill, perfectly fitting, splendidly made up and Qrj A
finished. See window u)f OU
( White Canvas Oxfords.
Some of the fines makes on the market, all sizes, $5, $4
Men's Belt Chains.
Vestograms and Belt Buckles,
initials and monon grams, gold
$1 to $5
Be sure and r
Red Cross. tJl
for .army .service.

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