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Florida's Potato Acreages
This Year Larger Than Ever
fSpecial.) Commissioner L. M.
Rhodes, of the State Marketing Bu
reau. Ja back from a visit to the Has
' tint potato district and says there Is
a ;iarger acreage . than last year, in
w hich the urgent request of the gov
ernment was fully met. and this is
tru Of all sections, plantings having
been made where never before at
tempted on commercial scale. The
yield in many-instances .was better
than last season.
-In face of this condition was that
of ; a larger hold over in the north,
greater than ever before, and regular
consumption was prevented during
th winter b7 long and excessive
cold weather, which prevented deliv
ery by train fr.om the producing to
consuming centers. For this reason
ih. tfuM mikctK in the north are
aay off. Maine stock, which brings
top prices in New England, sold last
week at $1.30 per 100; New York
etock at from tl to $1.10; Michigan,
Wisconsin and Minnesota -etock as low
as 0c.
: ;florlda stock opened this year at
from $4.60 to $6.00, as comrared to
$3.00 and more at the same time last
year; but prices now have dropped to
correspond nearer the old stock. Be
' sides potatoes are now going north
from Georgia. Alabama and other
t-outhern states to a falling market.
Mr. Rhodes further eald:
"TVe are unreservedly in favor of
do'ing all that can be done to consume
everything the farmers grow, if pos
ftible. regardless of the region in.
which it is grown, and at a fair price.
But we , fail to see why people should
be urged as a matter of patriotism to
eat potatoes grown In one section of
the country, at any particular season,
and allow other potatoes, grown in
.another section at another time of the
year, to be left to decay in the fields,
bags or barrels. Yet such seems to be
the case with the Florida potato crop
Just ae the potato crop of Florida was
beginning to go on the market, the
Food Administration put on a cam
paign requesting everybody to eat oM
potatoes, by observing a rotato week.
Was this fair tb the Florida farmer,
w hd had been urged to grow food, and
had put from $50 to $75 per acre tn
the ground. In seed and fertilizer, to
Bay nothing of labor? This unfor
.1 lunate episode brought hardships to
. Florida growers. In face of the fact
'.hat she has done her full share and
is willing to do more In furnishing her
pounds! j) r-S
quota to the army, buying Thrift
stamps and Liberty Bonds, and con
tributing freely to every necessary
fund. We are not In favor of an em
bargo on potatoes, or anything else
from other states, for this Is no time
to establish state lines. We are all
"But we do believe that the people
of Florida, who can use them, should
buy potatoes by the bag or barrel.
Arrangements could be made for a
carload, or as many as may be needed
in any city or town, to be unload
ed direct to consumers, at a lower
price than by buying in dribs. They
can be bought o? the dealer by the
quantity at reasonable cost, and they
will keep if properly handled, until
a family can use them. Keep them In
crates, venetllated barrels or boxes, or
set bag up where the air can pass
underneath and all around. Never
put potatoes in a dark or damp place.
They will keep when spread out in a
dry place, under a house or shed, so
they are dry and in the light and have
ventilation. Farmers at Hastings
keep them for months in this way.
Buy a bag. Buy one today and help
Florida, her producers, and yourself,
patronize home industry whenever !t
Is possible."
What Is "Sprlnu Fever"?
It Is simply low Vitality, a lack of
Energy caused by Impure bTood.
stores Vitality and Energy by Purify
ing the Blood and you can soon feel it
Strengthening, Invigorating Effect.
G0C,e. Adv.
for Itching Torture
Why a Garden?
There is one remedy that seldom fails
to step itching torture and relieve skin
irritation and that make3 the skia soft,
clear and healthy.
Anv drurenst can currlr VOU with
zemo. which generally overcomes all!
skin diseases. Acne, eczema, itch, pim
ples, rashes blackheads, in most cases
give way to zemo. Frequently, minor
blemishe3 disappear overnight. Itching
usually stops instantly. Zemo is a safe,
i antiseptic liquid, clean, easy to use and
dependable. It costs only d5c; an extra
large bottle, $1.00. It will not stain, is
not greasy or sticky and i3 positively
safe for tender, sensitive skins.
The E. VV. Rose Co.. Cleveland, O
A private car, containing men said
to be capitalists, arrived in Pensa.
cola yesterday morning over the
Louisville and Nashville Railroad
Company. During the day they made
a trip aboutthe city and harbor. In
the party were J. T. Steel, receiver
of the Gulf. Florida and Alabama
Railroad Company, W. F. FudOay.
William II. Kinch, Henry A. Harmon,
Charles H. Bailey, J. Crawford Hlbbs
and B. I. Crocker. .
A report was current that these men
were going over the route of the Gulf,
Florida and Alabama Railroad, with
a -iew to supplying money to pur
chase the system and that the South
ern Railwayi was the most Interested
corporation In the matter,'. However,
reserve was maintained and the facts
in this connection could not be as
certained. The road was to have been ' sold
June 20, under an order of the United
States Court, but Mr. G. Earl Hoff
man, special master has postponed the
disposition of it until a later date.
AMSTERDAM," ' May 18. Nicholas Ro
manoff former emperor ef Russia, ac
cording to the Lokal AnelgFr oT Berlin,
will be tried by a court martial In Mos
cow the latter part of June. The trial
will he secret.
Nellie M. Cook.
Some author wrote long ago most
beautifully on the subject "Why a
Garden? The article was a gem for
the man was a word architect and
could build a beautiful structure and
he went around the country telling
people how to make a garden, but he
Just talked garden for the good of
other people. Perhaps for the goo3
of his country and he was kept so
busy talking garden that he had no
time to make a garden for himself and
had to buy all his vegetables-
Genial eld Bronsoa Alcott used to
lean on his hoe and discourse to his
"neighbors, Ralph Waldo Emerson and
Thoreau, on the beauties or early ris
ing, the sparkling dew on the grass,
the son Of the early bird and the duty
of every One to garden and grow vege
tables, to all of which he listeners
agreed, yet none of tha three did much
labor in their gardens for theirs was
brain, not brawn.
But we can excuse them for they did
not feel the need of a garden as we do
today. The need of a garden was not
preached to them from the pulpit nor
talked from the pews. "rTieir news
papers did not contain columns of stuff
on how to plant and when to plant and
It was not then the fashion for every
one to have a garden.
Now" it is not the fashion buV a
real necessity, and wherever one goes
the old question asked by Mother Goose
is heard on all sides, "How does your
garden grow?"
When callers arrive the hostess says
"Come out and see my gafclen. There
is the Red Rock c.bage had to send
north fOr the seed, but aren't they
beauties? Here Is a bed of Hasting's
Surehead cabbage. We are going to
make sauerkraut this fall. An here 13
broeeolii'ihe southern cauliflower, al
most as delicious as the white caull
flower and is much-easier to grow here,
and so the hostess leads her visitors
through the garden, corn, tomatoes,
pcmash. onions, etc. all tme In for
their share of praise.
The poultry pens are inspected and.
a discussion follows as to which is tne
best breed and as they return to the
hou the food conservation and Red
Cross cards are noticed in the window
"Yes. we do our bit in even way
possible and It does sem so small In
this day of great events to be able to
do so little, .but it is all we can do."
"No. we did not sign the food con
servation card because It was a fatt bu
because we wanted to Identify our
selves with the fighters and we do con
serve In every way that is jt injuri
ous td the health. One member of
our family cannot eat corn bread very
often without it causing a rash which
is very annoying, but that is overcome
by using other flour substitutes such
as rice flour or oat meal.
Recipes for war bread and war deli
cacies were exchanged and the callers
left. .
Not a word of gossip, not a word of
fashion or style but each intent on do
ing her best and doing it cheerfully.
No talk of "Woman's place," for woman
has found so many different places In
which she fits perfectly that she has
no time to waste in urging man to give
her the "rights" for which she has
begged. The call for wonfen to fill a
larger sphere has found them well pre
pared and from the doctor to the nurse
"over there" io the day laborer and
farmer all over the world they are fill
ing places of trust and doing It quietly
as though it had been a part of their
lives for generations
Even Olive Sehriener must feel that
some of her dreams have come true
and that most dreary llories "he Afri
can Farm" can now be forgotten.
In this time of large events what
difference does it make regarding pol
itics, creeds or- any other things over
which mortals argue and disagree?
Just to be Americans is good and to
belong to the United States Is best of
all and as Dr. Taylor said, "We should
do everythying with but one thought
In mind nd that thought War."
And that answers the question "Why
a garden?"
Wathlngtou, May IS. The casualty
list today contained 33 names, divided
as follonrs:
Killed In action 3; died of wound3
3; died of disease 4? wounded severe
ly 5: wounded degree not not kno-rrn
1; wounded slightly 9; missins in ac
tion 12; prisoners 2.
It Is acreefl by medical authorities that
worry affects the digestive organs. When
the diKestte-n is out of order, it throng
the trhole physical beinsr out of gear. B.
B. Hiyward, UnadiUa. Ga. writes: "Foley
Cathartje tablets give rrie quicker relief
than anything I have e'er trie-d." They
relieve billiousness. bad breath, bloating1,
gas, indigestion and Constipation. . No
griping or nausea. Sold everywhere.
When business speeded by war-needs
causes heavier strains
service responds to the emergency. Extra de
mand automatically produces extra application,
extra care, extra patience. In this elasticity
Western Union is typical of a true National utility.
Telegrams Day Letters Night Letters
Cablegrams Money Transferred by Wire
r Individuality
j'-t'v III IIUOCS LUUIIb tTilvu 4iuri,.6 V w
"?Vr glasses LCU, &a wen aa uio iua-
ierence m uuetuvc cjcsa&uiw
tfSSJp53a?' We can fit your nose so that your
need the attention of an expert. Let us carefully examine
them and make glasses for you that will rlieve and correct
the defects of your vision. We grind our own lenses.
Dsns 23 trains pfiicaD Co
J Ett,
m vv. a
Here Is Your Last Chance to See the Huge Deep Sea Monster
Beyond Question the Story of Jonah and the Whale?
"I have seen the monster fish you
caught near Miami and I consider it a
great natural wonder well worth see-
ingr.' W. J. Bryan.
This great monster proves that we
know but little of what is to be found at
the depths of the ocean and on account
of its great educational value should
be seen by every man, woman and child
No Charge for Children Under 12 When Accompanied
By Parents. Special Price to School Children Over 12, 15c
Rev. KnoxPhillips
"I believe God enabled you to cap
ture this Great Fish that its evidence
might be used to convince skeptics that
no longer is there any ground (except
as a man deliberately violates the best
tests of evidence) to doubt the account
found in the Book of Jonah that he was
0 rr (1UU TT CU kJJ tl gicai JJU311
Signed Samuel Knox Phillips, D. D.,
Pastor Oxford Presbyterian Church.
Do not miss this ODDortiinitv of a lifetime
It is unquestionably the greatest zoological wonder of the age and has caused unending: discussion and widespread interest throughout the
entire scientific and zoological world. Come! Bring the entire family. See this wonderful exhibit.

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