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A Li'
.The U. S. Food .
Ad ml nisi ration Asks
the circulation of recipes providing
for the use of corn ana other coarse
flours to save wheat : for our allies.
The Columot Dalrfnc
Powder Co, CompHoo
' with a new W&r-Time Recipe Book, contain
ing scores of splendid new recipes, compiled
especially to meet war-time economy demands.
The U. S. Food
Administration Writes
under date of February 6th, the fetter com
ing from the Home Economics Division,
as follows:
"Every woman who provides for her family can help
win the war by the wise and careful use of wheat,
meat, fat, dairy products, and sugar
"By using other fats for butter U cooking;
Other cereals for part of the wheat in bread ;
Other meats, such as game, fish and poultry,
or eggs and cheese, to reduce the demand
for beef, pork and mutton.
' - . . . '
"The recipes in this book have been, revised to meet
these roles, and the woman who uses them will be
doing her part in helping to conserve our food supply. "
Use Calumet Baking Powder in all WarTime recipes.
Pensacola's Beauties and
. Advantages Set Forth In
War Library Bullentin
In the War
lished by the
Free send for it today '
Calumot Baking Powder Co.
4100 Fillmore Gt. Chicago, Illinois
S 1
Your Precious Eyes
Any eye trouble such as hazy vision,
swollen cr , Inflamed' lids, ecaldin;
,ears or Jg-lulng of the lids together,
-ihould call lor prompt?, attention. " v
sur eyes, are your most precious
sense and no chance should be taken
of the .affection becoming: serious. One
of the best ye remedleB In use Is Kol
lahn Eye Water. which canbe used
cmlnfant'i as "welt as by adults. It is
absolutely safe, perfectly paljdless and
always gives Certain - relief for sore
weak or Inflamed " eyes, besides ob
viatiajr the Inconvenience - caused by
sight interference. In the barton with
each 25c bottle of Hollan's Eye Water
Is an eye dropper and alao a small
box of salve for chronic sore eyes. If
your druffslst cannot supply you, ask
VV-K-hlm to order Hollan's Eye Water for
you. Adv.
mil our die
Saloon" men eettled -down to busi
ness as usual yesterday and the keep
er who has a depleted stock. in hand
will And himself groins' out of business
unless local men pool to supply him
with the needful for, the agreement
signed in the office of the district
attorney provides that no new stocks
shall be purchased, and that orders
which have been registered shall be
cancelled. The fact that the signa
tures of practically all saloon men had
been attached to the agreement was
heard with considerable surprise, for
it was reported that there would be
some protest on the part of unnamed
saloonists. It was either sign and
thus agree to quit the business here
October 1, or else to quit at once for
the ten-mile rone wa8 probable.
" ' Thristiania, -July.' 25. Norwaw cele
brated its first Memorial Day on June
.14 this year. 'The holiday, adopted In
'avowed imitation of the American ob
servance, will"' hereafter be an annual
'institution. i v 1"
The' day, was; generally observed in
all torwe?ian seaports iri commem
oration ' of the jN'orwegtan seamen,
killed? in Germany's! ruthless sub
marine campaign. AH flags were flown
at half-must, not only on merchant at the opera house. In behalf of the
Quincsv Fla., Jaly 24. (Special)
Mrs. .Guilford Dudley, of national
fame as a suffrage worker, spoke in
Qulncy Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock
at the court house, and Tuesday night
ships' and private buildings, but also
on naval and c coast guard ships and
" public, buildings of all kinds. All over
the world, wherever, there were Nor
wegian chips, the captains, were In
structed to - observes the same cere
mony, i -'v. "
At Christlania the Norwegian Mates
-association arranged an. Impressive
" fceremony in the Seamen's church.
4 which was appropriately decorated
vand was filled with a large congre
"fation of relatives and friends of the
'"'lost sailors.
H. S. Kieley, president of tbe Cen-''"-ftral
Trades Council, received a doc
v,"Tlment a couple of days ago which he
prozes very highly, for It ia an ap
pomtment as district organiser for the
American Federation of Labor, tor the
ity of Peneacola and thia section If
-4he state. The certinoate bears the
Signature of Samuel Gompers, and Mr.
?5vieley says there Is no expressing
,--how proud he Is of such a signal hon
c a. - Chamberlain's Tablets.
Chamberlain's Tablets are Intended
.especially for stomach troubles, bilious
ness and constipation, and nave met
""'Avtth much success in the treatment of
rThose diseases. People who have suf
J" . Trt Tnr vnr with lnmch trmihl
.'CTtod have been unable . to obtain any
lifarmanent relief, have been completely
' ' cured ,by the use of these tablets.
? - Chamberlain's Tablets are also of great
2' value for. biliousness. Chronic eonsti-
S pation may be -permanently cured by
.' tal!3.g Chamberlain's Tablets and ob-
Wservics: plain printed directions with
great cause in -which she is interested.
Mrs. Dudley is one of the vice-presidents
of National American Suffrage
Association, and is quite a brilliant
speaker as well as a charming woman.
Quite an interested audience listened
to Mrs. Dudley on both occasions.
Send Your Old Skees to
West End Shoe Store
For Best and Neatest Work in
Repairs. All .Work Guaranteed
321 North DeVillier Street
' Phone 2032 .
Library Bulletin, pub
Library War Service,
American Library Association, the leading-
article, by Albert F. Coyle. relig
ious secretary of the army and navy
Young Men's Christian Association at
Pensacola, deals with the library war
service at the Pensacola station, and
is published here in its, entirety, ow
ing to its local and national interest:
By Albert F. Coyle,
"What use, indeed, would soldiers or
sailors have for books, when limpid
Florida skies and aiure Gulf waters
combine to promote play, or lull into
loafing and somnolence T"
Surely, if books could be dispensed
with anywhere, it ought to be at the
artillery posts and naval air station
skirting Pensacola harbor. The answer
is found In the handsomely appointed
library rooms and the crowd of eager
readers found in each of the. Y. M. C
A. buildings which minister to the
needs of the soldiers, sailors and avi
ators at the Air Station, and at Forts
Pickens and Barrancas.
The need for adequate library facil
ities at the larger cantonments is fairly
obvious; whereas, the generous exten
sion of this work to the hundreds of
similar military posts and naval sta
tions throughout the country is less
patent but even more imperative. The
transformation effected by the Library
War Service at Pensacola is impres
sively indicative of urgent opportuni
ties elsewhere. When a visiting ad
miral of .the Navy recently inspected
the new library room and magazine
den" at the Pensacola Air Station, he
pronounced them superior to similar
equipment in any navy yard he had yet
seen. Less than five months ago the
Admiral could scarcely have found an
armful of good books among all the
enlisted men; whereas now, both at the
.ir Station and the neighboring artil
lery forts, one man out of every four
reads and returns a book a week I
Even in the fertile South things do
not grow without a reason, .Topsy's
testimony to the contrary notwith
standing. 'When the first Army and
Navy Y. M. C. A. secretary arrived on1
the job last August, he found no pub
lic library in Pensacola, . and only a
few musty books with funeral bindings
behind padlocked doors the ghost of
a former chaplain's library available
for the men of the service.
A local books campaign was insti
tuted, with the result that some five
hundred good volumes were placed on
open shelves both at Fort Barrancas
and the Air Station, and good reading
was stimulated by placard advertise
ment and personal talks with the men
An appeal for assistance to the A. L. A.
brought a generous promise of five
thousand volumes and other books as
thev v?rp niid. uch a collection
was thought too. valuable to leave un
protected upon open shelves; for as one"
marine put it, "You can't get togetner
two. or three thousand men without
having a few rascals among them. ani
those few will soon cause our best
books to evaporate." Moreover, the
library .would be worthless for refer
ence purposes, unless the books were
classified and each book kept in it
place. A large class room. in each "Y"
building w&s immediately set apart as
a library. Shelves were Installed, walls
and floors stained, large reading tables
made and vanished, ample lighting fa
cilities provided, librarian's desk placed
by the exit door, and all was ready
for the reception of the books.
: It is more, however, than a midsum
mer nighfs dream to classify, list and
prepare for the shelves upwards of six
thousand volumes. The aid of the A.
L. A." was again invoked, and thanks-to
the- indefatigable assistance of- Miss
Lucy E. Fay, Librarian of the . Univer
sity of Tennessee library, the books
were ready for the loan desk stamp
even before the interior decorating was
The library of the Air Station now
comprises 4,500 volumes, r about one
sixth of which, are non-fiction. Four
large reading tables with " movable
chairs are supplemented by-r-window
seats in the five- windows. A periodical
and magazine room or "den" open off
the library, where representative news
papers from all parts of the country
and the current national magazines
are kept on file.
At the new Fort Barrancas "Y," a
corner room with six windows con
tains the library of some 2,500 volumes,
of which one-fourth? is non-fiction. Too
features of this library might com
mend themselves to others planning
similar collections. A large interior
window opening from the library into
the main auditorium enables every man
who enters the building to see the
tempting array of books within, thus
making the library its own best 'adver
tisement. Moreover, the one door to
the room is situated Just at the end
of the stamp and stationery counter,
so that the services of an extra librar
ian are not requiped and the library
can be kept open at all hours of the
day. The magazine and newspaper
problem is solved here in an adjacent
lobby or lounging room, where news
paper files, rack and magazine covers
preserve neatness and prolong the use
fulness of the periodicals.
The library room at the' Fort Pickens
"Y" has about one thousand volumes,
contained in a small but well lighted
room, with one long reading table and
movable chairs.
The books in all three libraries are
classified according to the Dewey deci
mal system. In order to promote the
reading of books on the war, these
these have been gathered together ana
designated by a capital "W" with the
author's initial in lower case. The card
shelf-list, expanded by necessary cross
references, does duty also as a cata
logue; while typewritten shelf labels
denoting the general class, serve as
guide posts to the non-fiction shelves.
A new and valuable library feature
of war service, now being developed at
Pensacola, is an inter-loan system,
whereby the assets of all three libraries
will be. in effect, pooled, so that a man
at one post may secure a book con
tained only in the library of one of
the other posts. The result will be
that each post will have the practical
benefits of a library of .000 volumes.
The intellectual stimulus afforded by
such a library is-not its only' value.
Men who read good books do not dissipate-
their spare moments in danger
ous or vicious amusements. From the
military standpoint, the intelligent
thinking army is the hardest fichting
army, for it understands-the value of
the eternal principles of which it is
contending. Lastly the library, helps
bridge the gap between officer and , en
listed men. for those who are worthy
in each case find themselves traveling
along the same road toward "a spiritual
brotherhood. '
On a charge of careless and reck
less driving, a negro named Walter
Russell,' employed by a wholesale ice
cream firm, was arrested and placed
in the city jail yesterda. evening at
7:30 o'elock by Captain Harper and
Officer Fillingrim. The specific reason
for Russell's arrest was the allegation
that he had run over and almost
kHled or seriously Injured W. T. Le
loney, -white, residing at 016 East
Strong street. Mr. Deoney was bad
ly bruised, but a hurried examination
by a physician revealed the fact that
he had not been injured to any extent,
but- just how he came to escape, he
cannot tell.
It appears that Russell's truck be
came unmanageable when the steer
ing gear became disarranged. Ab th
truck wobbled from one side f the
street to the other, it was noticed by
Captain Harper, who vt-s in that part
of the city on another matter, and
when the truck left the paving and ran
down Mr. Ielony on the sidewalk,
at the corner of Xlnth avenue and
Strong street, the police captain was
right on the ground and placed the
driver under arrest. People who saw
the accident at first thought Mr. Ie
loney had been killed, hut he said the
only thing that sav him was to
grasp some part of the auto and save
himself from being crushed.
When your blood is not in good condition, the
Summer heat weakens all the muscles of the body.
To avoid spells of weakness and sickness during the
hot weather, you must have pure rich, red blood.
destroys malarial parasites in the blood and removes
other poisons by Purifying and Enriching the Blood.
You can soon feel its Strengthening, Invigorating
Effect and when you feel strong, the Summer heat
win not depress you.
Grove's Tasteless chili Tonic is ani
exceptionally good general strengthening tonic for)
the Child, the Mother and all the Family. It is;
pleasant to take. Price 60c. I
Perfectly Harmless, Contains Ho
Nux-Vomlca or other Poisonous Drugs
Allies Keep Advanc
ing on Enemy Sector
(Continued from : first Page.)
victors. Eight American officers and
130 men were taken prisoner by ths
Germans." he adds, and 12 American
machine sruns also were taken.
Telegraphing from the Aisne-Mame
battle front under date of Tuesday
Calomel Users! Listen To Me!
I Guarantee Dodson's Liver Tone
Your druggist gives back your money if it doesn't'
v liven your liver and bowels and straighten
you up without making you sick.
Ugh! Calomel makes you sick. It's
horribJe.' Take a dose of the danger
ous drug: tonisa and tomorrows you
may lose a day's wbrk. J '
Calomel 13 mercury or quicksilver
which causes necrosis of tne !ones.
Calomel, "when it come8 into contact
with sour bile, crashes into it. break
ing it up.. This is when you fe61 that
awful nausea and cramping. If you
are" sluggish and "all knocked out,"
if your liver Is torpid and bowels con
stipated or you have headaoa?, diz
ziness, coated tongue, if breath is bad
or stomach eour, just try a spoonful
of harmless Dodson's Liver Tone to
night. Here's my guarantee Go to any
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money. -Dodson's Liver, Tone is de
stroying .the sale of calomel because
it is real. liver medicine; entirely veg
efable, therefore it can not salivate or
make you sick.
I guarantee that one spoonful of
Dodson's IJver Tone will put your
sluggish liver to work and clean your
bowels of that sour bile and consti
pated waste which is -clogging your
system and making you feel miser
able. I guarantee that a bottle of
Dodson's Liver Tone wll keep your
entire family feeling fine for months.
Give it to your children. It IS harm
less: doesn't gripe ana they like its
pleasant tste. ,
the correspondent of the Wolff Bureau
the semi-official German news agency
"Continuing their attack between
the Aisne and the Marne the French
for th& first time employed American
cannon fodder in comparatively large
numbers as an addition to their Sene
galese. "Dense masses of blacks and Amer
icans were hurled aganst the Ger
man lines. They paid for it in some
hundred thousands of killed negro
and Americans. In some places they
advanced 'f to attack sixteen waves
deep. One wave after the other broke
down in the German artillery and ma
chine gun fire.
"Next, day they renewed their as
sault seven times with gradually les
sening force.
"On the third day "the American In
fantry began to halt at the first
rush, throwing themse-es down as
Soon as the German artillery com
menced. When the firing continued
they retired o rapidv so that at
times their attack became a hurried
"On 1 many oecasion3 the German
infantry stood up in the trenches and
while standing there received the
Americans with salves of rifle fire.
"In the attack on July 21 American
battalions of the second division ad
vancing through the ravine of Vls
ioneux were caught in the fire of the
German machine guw. They im
mediately turned and fled.
"American casualties on July 19
and 20, especially officers, were ex
ceptionally severe. Prisoners say that
some regiments were annihilated."
mr,, . nm i a. GO. THOT. N. Tv
1 4
No Rest Day Or Night
. . ...
wen tfliVnS ZlAlJ a f1" m ?ose homes in which there is not a
wen Planned method of destroying: flies, mosquitoes, ants, roaches, bed
bags and other such nuisances. BEE BRAND INSECT POWDER, used
"17' T111 eP.toe hoS free of these pests at a trifling cost and very
little effort yet it is perfectly safe to use anywhere. It cannot hart you
nor any pets you may have.
Bee Brand Insect Powder, 25 & 50a
f an it into the air
Flies and mosquitoes die in a few minutes. Will kill ants,
fleas, roaches, bed-bugs, lice, and bugs of nearly every kind.
Directions on package. Look for the Bee Brand Trade Mark.
AH Grocers, Druggists and Department Stores
McconmcK a co. - daltimore, mo.
rt Yi yY W iHf W y r& vr v tfV tfv n
'29 West Garden Street
Phone 220.
The hot weather is with
us now, and poor cheap
tires will not be able to
stand the strain very long.
Why not buy MICHELINS
and then proceed to forget
your tires, except to see
that they are properly in
flated once a week, at least?
Amedium priced tire,
giving v greatet .-mileage
for least money.
The BEST tire on the
market for Ford cars.
Distributors Phone 334
Try Chamberlain's.
When you need a good Unlment for
Boreness of the muscle3, a sprain, or to
relieve rheumatic pains, try Chamber
lain's Liniment. It is excellent. Adv.
Everybody eats it and asks for
more it is made from .
makes wholesome bread that melts in
one's mouth. The original tastiness
and nutriment of sweet, tender
Southern corn is retained in this
"meal of meals." Every day at Pen
sacola, Gonzalez meal is ground
fresh, and put up in 23-, 46-, and 92-lb.
Sold at all good groc
eries. '
C Z :
4,nw 9X TfCX .
i mm ft a
I . I mm m mm , I M III
fc-r-m fill 1 1 Vs3is---4!s$2&3'
I ' : 1! T " :
tach bottle. Adv.

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