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KTitered s t&ond-class matter at the postoffloe ln
Pensacola. Florida, under Act of Congress. March S. IK.
Rnresented In the Genreal Advertising FlsMt by
New Torlc Chicago Detroit Kansas City Atlanta
b Believing that the winning of the war is the
1 greatest business project with which America,
v and all the world, has to cope, Richard H. Ed
f monds is devoting the major portion of his ordi
fnarily strictly business publication, The Manu
facturers' Record, to that end. Incidentally, he
lhas developed into one of the most forceful writ-
Jers of the war.
e I The following, reproduced from the front page
Cl 1 of the current issue, where it appears under the
G f caption, ''Heaven or Hell, Freedom or Slavery,
j Which Do You Choose?" is an irresistible argu
v f ment for investment in Liberty Bonds :
Liberty Bonds stand for freedom and Heaven.
Germany stands for slavery and hell. .
Which will you have?
: Germany is fighting to enslave mankind and
fnake of all the world a hell' under German dom
: America and our Allies are fighting to save
liuman freedom and make a Heaven on earth.
The battle is on ; we will have one or the other.
To the extent that you back our nation in every
vay in your power and buy Liberty Bonds to
he utmost stretch of your ability you are work
ng for freedom and Heaven. -
To the extent that ymi-fail to do your share
'ou are helping Germany in its effort to enslave
nankind in an earthly hell, ruled by the vilest
jirutes that earth ever knew.
v ' You cannot shirk your individual responsibil
j ty without being a traitor to your country, a
f Iraitor to every soldier who has offered his life
i 'p save you and yours, a traitor to outraged wom
i tnhood, a traitor to God and to all mankind.
No one else can do your duty.
If you knew that the Liberty Loan would be
versubscribed a hundred-fold, your duty to sub-
1 irrihc would be iust as ereat as thouerh vou
.,; - - -
rUnew the needed amount would not be raised.
What others do does not relieve you from your
J3i l asponsibility any more than the religion of your
l! eighbor relieves you from the responsibility of
'j ;ligious life, nor any more than the protection
35 jy a neighbor of his family through life insur-
i iice releases you from obligations to protect
lj our family in the same way.
? In buying Liberty Bonds you are helping to
uy liberty for our country and all mankind.
In buying Liberty Bonds you are protecting
our loved ones from the fearful crimes wreaked
! V savagery upon the women and children of
1 eltrinm and "France.
"i i In buying Liberty Bonds you are standing by
3 iie millions of our beloved boys who over in
urope are being blinded and maimed and mur
i ired in your defense and mine.
In buying Liberty Bonds you are doing in-
pitely more than making the world safe for
i pnocracy, for you are helping to make the
rl !it1(1 RJlff "fnr vnur vvifV nnrl vmir rJoiiorhf av o-nrl
1 ibur mother, and the millions of other women
v 'pose honor would be gone if once the German
i rast broke down the barriers of armies and
V Ivies which have stood between us and a
: !
Vnade in Germany" hell, or a "made in hell"
In buying Liberty Bonds you are making it
j issible for civilization to beat back barbarism,
Christianitv to drive hark atheism fnr the
Ijvilized nations to punish the murderers, the
l tragers, the manglers of babies, the highway
jsn, the looters, the freebooters, the destroyers
of temples, the wreckers of cities, the "bully" of
the world, the only people who glory in war as a
holy thing and preach f rightfulness as a duty.
These are some of .the things which Liberty
Bonds mean, and unless you buy to the utmost
'of your power you become a slacker, and a
slacker, whether financially or physically, is a
coworker with the men guilty of all these
beastly crimes.
Which do you choose?
Will you stand by America and its soldiers?
Will you stand by our devoted Allies?
Will . you stand by outraged France and Bel
gium and Italy and Serbia by buying Liberty
Bonds; or, v
Will you be false to all that is sacred on earth,
false to man and to Heaven?
There is only one true answer possible, and
deep down in your heart you should make your
answer before Almighty God, and vow: s
"I will buy Liberty Bonds to the last dollar I
can invest for world salvation from German
In Great Britain, where a million and a half
women have replaced men in various lines of in
dustry, they form 36 per cent of the total num
ber of employees in munitions work, and in
banking and finance nearly 25 per cent. In com
mercial occupations they average 16.9 and in en
gineering firms 7.14 per cent. These figures re
fer only to the women known to fill vacancies
made by the withdrawal of man power. Many
thousands are working in other occupations not
so directly affected by war-conditions. .
While the replacement of men by women has
not been so great in this country, it has been
extensive and is progressing at a rapid rate.
Reports received from the United States Em
ployment Service show that women have engaged
in railroad tank painting, hardware industry pro
cesses, garage management, and ranch work, as
well as many other industries untried by them
before the war. Processes in hardware indus
tries include the izzsk of screw-machine hands,
spot welders, gas welders, dip braziers, and drill
press and bench work, Among other new occu
pations to which they-have been called are: bag
gage porters, ushers, aircraft assemblers, tele
graph operators, photographers, and bond sales
Women are showing great aptitude for occu
pations heretofore filled by men and that many
will continue in their new callings after the war
seems assured.
A radical change ln the attitude of
the government toward photography
about the camp has - just been au
thorized. Hitherto it has been the rule that
no pictures should be taken In any
camp without an official permit, ap
plication for whiehhad to be made to
the committee on public Information.
The entire handling of this matter,
has recently been turned over to th&
director of military Intelligence who
is also the chief military censor, and
it has been decided In the intenest of
public convenience and of economy
to remove many of the restrictions
hitherto imposed.
Hereafter permits from Washington
will- not be required for the taking of
ordinary photographs about open
camps or military establishments
void of activities of a confidential na
ture. The term "open camp" by the
new regulations just authorized, is
taken to Include divisional, replace
ment and officers training camps. In
these camps the Intelligence officer is
charged with the authority to con
trol the activities of photography with
due avoidance of discrimination.
' If you have an;-thing to sell, rent or
buy; or want to buy or rent, try a
"Want Ad" in The Journal.
Information regarding farm lands suitable for
allotment to returned soldiers is being sought
by Franklin K. Lane, secretary of the interior.
He says :
"All of the English countries engaged in the
war except our own are endeavoring in a gen
erous and comprehensive manner to provide
farms or rural employment for returning soldiers
who may desire this.
"This country will be with the same obligation
at the close of the war. More than a million sol
diers will have been drawn from the farms, and
an equal number should be returned to the land
if they desire it."
The fundamental requirement of the govern
ment's undertaking is land suitable for small
farms. There is much land in West Florida spe
cially adapted to the purpose, It is, cheap. It
will produce good crops. It is suitable in every
way. If the advantages which we have to offer
are placed before SecretaryLane it is certain that
large numbers of the returned soldiers will lo
cate here and will have an important part in the
agricultural development of this section.
Other sections are making strenuous efforts to
locate the soldier-farmers. No section can offer
them so much as West Florida. We owe it to
ourselves and to the .home-seekers to acquaint
them with the agricultural possibilities to be
found here.
We have spent over $120,000,000 just for sta
ple supplies for-our army, such as flour, bacon,
rice, etc.
Every subscriber to the Liberty Loan helps
feed our ssfcdiers.
We have spent over $o00,000,000 to clothe our
soldiers. ,
Every subscriber to the Liberty Loan has had
a part in this care of the Americans who are
fighting in France. .
Despite the war, GreatBritain produced near
ly 250,000,000 tons of coal' last year. .
An ordinance to be entitled:
An nrriinanoA to better Tjrotect the DUD
lie health, and particularly to prevent the
introduction into, ana the spread or ven
ereal diseases in the city of Pensacola;
to define venereal diseases, to provide for
the inspection of suspected and reported
cases, and the isolation, care and cure of
persons infected with such diseases, un
der the authority and direction of the
Commissioner of Health for the City f
Pensacola, and providing penalties for its
Whereas, the prevention of the intro
duction and spread of venereal diseases
and the isolation, care and treatment of
those infected with such diseases is a
most Important duty in the interest of
the public health, and.
Whereas, the War Department of the
United States has undertaken a national
campaign to prevent the spread of and
to eliminate venereal diseases, and has
requested the City Government to lend its
aid thereto, and to enact the ordinances
necessary to this end, and is endeavoring
to. have such laws uniform througnout
the United States; and.
Whereas, the authorities of this city
appreciating the benefits to the public
which must result from such activities,
pnd desiring to continue to co-operate to
its full authority in all war measures;
Be it ordained by the Board of Com
missioners of the City of Pensacola, as
Section 1. That venereal diseases are
hereby defined to be syphilis, gonorrhea
and chancroid, and are declared to be
contagious, infectious, communicable and
dangerous to the public health.
Section 1. That whenever any person
charged with the violation of any ordi
nance of the City of Pensacola prohibit
ing prostitution, lewdness, the keeping of
or the setting up of a house of ill fame,
brothel, or . bawdy house, or any other
such: street walking, loiterinsr or solicit
ing for prostitution or for any immoral
purposes, pandering or vagrancy, is ar
rested, it shall be the duty of the person
making the arrest to immediately report,
in writing, the name, address and charge
made' against such person arrested, to
the Commissioner of Health for the City
of Pensacola.
Section 3. That it shall be the duty of
the Commissioner of Health, and he shall
have full power and authority, to subject ;
euch person so arrested and so charged
to an examination for the purpose of
determining whether or not such person
5s infected with a venereal disease.
Should the examinatln of such person dis
close the existence of a venereal disease,
such person shall be isolated and con
fined in an isolation hospital to be provid
ed therefor by the Board of Commission
ers of said City, and treated in such man
ner as may be required to cure such
diseases, and shall be held in such isola
tion hospital until the said Commissioners
of Health shall deem it safe to the pub
lic for such person to be discharged from
euch isolation hospital. Immediately rp
on such isolation and confinement of, such
person, a written notice thereof, signed
by the Commissioner of Health for the
City of Pensacola or by his duly author
ized deputy, shall be given to the Recorder
before whom such charge was made, and
thereupon the trial of such charge (if
said trial be not already concluded) shall
be suspended or deferred until such per
son shall have been discharged by aid
Commissioner of Health from such Iso
lation hospital; and upon such discharge
of such person, written notice thereof,
signed by said Commissioner of Health or
his deputy, shall be given said Recorder,
and the trial of such charge shall be had
and proceeded with according to law
Section 4. That it shall be the duty of
every person arrested and charged with
the violation - of any ordinance provided
for in the first section of this ordinance,
to agree to and subject himself or her
self to the examination provided for in
section 3 of this ordinance.
Section 5. That it shall be the duty of
every person found, under the provisions
of this ordinance to be infected with a
venereal disease, to comply -with all the
provisions of this ordinance relating to
treatment, care and isolation of persons
infected with venereal diseases.
Section 6. That the Commissioner of
Health for the City of Pensacola is here
by invested with the authority and charg
ed with the duty to enforce the provisions
of this ordinance and to prosecute all per
sons charged with violating the same,
and to that end the officers, agents,, em
ployees, inspectors, and appointees, of the
Police and Health Departments of said
City shall have the right to enter any
premises or place in the said City of
Pensacola for the purpose of .nspection
Section 7.- That each day's violation of
any provision of this ordinance shall con
stitute a separate and distinct offense.
Section 8. That any person violating
any provision of this ordinance shall, on
conviction, be punished by a fine of not
less than five dollars nor more than twenty-five
dollars, or in default of payment
of such fine, by imprisonment in the City
jail for not less than five nor more than
thirty days, or both, at the discretion of
the Recorder.
Section 9. That any person convicted of
violating any provision of this ordinance
and sentenced to be punished by impris
onment in the City jail, as provided in
section 8 of this ordinance, shall, if such
persons be infected with a venereal dis
ease, be confined during the term of such
imprisonment in an isolation cell to be
provided for that purpose in the City Jail.
Section 10. That this ordinance shall
take effect from and after its publication.
City Clerk.
In conformity with the requirements of
the Act of Congress, approved June 30,
1876. prohibiting any increase of the force
at any navy yard at any time within sixty
days before any election to take place for
President of the United states, or Mem
ber of Congress, - except when the Sec
retary oi the Xavy shall certify that tne
need of the public service make such in
crease necesary at that time, which cer-
tihcate shall be immediately published
, ' "'" ' '- - ' ........ . - - '.,"' - . ; '
when made, and in view of the elections
to be held November 5, 1918, for Members
of Congress, I hereby certify that, due to
the urgency, ot v.'orlc necessary to the
conduct of the war, the needs of the pub
lic service make increases ln the forces
at all navy yards and naval stations nec
essary at xhls time. Josephus Daniels,
Secretary of the Navy. September 13,
191S. 1655
proposing amendments to the Constitution
of the State of Florida, and the same were
agreed to by a vote of three-fifths of all
tne memDers eiectea to eacn nouuse; mat
the votes on said Joint Resolutuions-were
entered upon their respective Journals,
with the yeas and nays thereon, and they
did determine and direct that the said
Joint Resolutions be submitted to the
electors of the State at the General Elec
tion in November. 1918.
CRAWFORD, Secretary of State of the
State of Florida, do hereby give notice
that a
will be held in each county In Florida on
Tuesday next succeeding the first Monday
in November, A. L. 1918, "the said Tues
day being the
for the ratification or rejection of the said
Joint Resolutions proposing amendments
to the Constitution of the State of Flor
ida, viz,:
Amendment to Section 8 of Article XII of
the Constitution of the State of Florida
Relating to Education.
Be It Resolved by the Legislature of the
State of Florida:
That the following amendment of Sec
tion 8, of Article XII. of the Constitution
of the State of Florida Relating to Edu
wine for sacramental purposes; the sale
of which alcohol and wine for the pur
catioit is hereby agreed to and shall be
submitted to the electors of the State for
adoption or rejection at the next general
election of Representatives, to be held In
the year, A. D. 1918; that is to say, that
Section 8 of Article XII of the Constitu
tion of the State of Florida be amended
so as to read as ionows:
Section 8. Each County shall be re
qulredto assess and collect annually for
the plfpport of the public free schools
therein, a tax of not less than three (S)
mills, not more than ten HO) mills on
the dollar on all taxable property in the
Proposed Amendment to the Constitu
tion of Florida.
Be It Resolved by the Legislature of the
State of Florida.
That Article XIX of the Constitution of
the State of Florida, be and the same is
hereby amended so as to read as follows:
Article XIX, Section I. The manufac
ture, sale, barter or exchange of all al
coholic or intoxicating liquors and beveW
ages, whether spirituous, vinous or malt,
are hereby forever prohibited in the State
of Florida, -except alcohol for medical,
scientific: or mechanical purposes, and
poses aforesaid, shall be regulated by
Pec. 2. The Legislature shall enact
suitable laws for the enforcement of the
provisions of this article.
Sec. 3. This article shall go into effect
on the first day of January, A. D. 1919.
The votes cast in compliance with said
proposed amendments, and the canvass,
declarations and returns thereof, shall be
subjected to the same regulations and re
strictions as are provided by laws for
general elections In the State of Florida.
have hereunto set my hand and
affixed the Great Seal of the
"Seal) State of Florida, at Tallahassee,
the Capital, this the twenty-fifth
day of July. A. D. 1918.
Secretary of State.
1628 21augoaw3m
a. m. McMillan,
Clerk Court of Record.
Deputy Clerk.
Pensacola. Fla.. September 3rd, 191S.
1639 4septoaw8w
In Escambia County Court of Record.
State of Florida
In Chancery -J.
M. Muldon. and A. E. McBee. R. W.
Jones, Jr., and Van Dyke H. Jones, -q-partners.
doing business as McBee,
Jones & Co.. and W. A. Blount and
Thomas V. Hannah, ., ;.
; Complainants. j
I. J. Diaz, the Delaware Trust Company,
a Corporation, the Mexican Gulf Steam
ship Company, a Corporation, Ignacio
de la Mlyar, Valentin Blanco and Jose
G. Guma,
On Monday, the 4th day of November
A. D., 1918. the defendants, Ignacio ric la
Miyar. Valentin Blanco and Jose G. Guma.
are required to arpear to the bill filed
against them herein.
This order to be publjphed once each
week for Eis-ht (S consecutive weeks In
the Pensacola Journal, a newspaper pub
lished in said Escambia County.
To Be Entitled: An Ordinance Relating
to the Engraving, Sale and laauance of
Improvement Bonds of the City of Pen
sacola, as Provided by Ordinance
Adopted July 8th and 15th, 1918.
Whereas, Under and pursuant to the
provisions of Chapter 5330, Laws of Flor
ida, of 1905, approved May 12th,
1905. entitled: "An Act t Au
thorize the City of Pensacola to Issue
Negotiable Bonds for Municipal Purposes
and Provide for the Payment Thereof,
and under and pursuant to the provisions
of the ordinance adopted by the Board
of Commissioners of the City of Pensa
cola on July 8th, 1918. entitled: "An Or
dinance to Provide for the Issuance or
Bonds of the City of Pensacola, Florida,
Under and bvv Virtue of an Act offthe
Legislature of the State of Florida, en
titled: "An Act to Authorize the Ctiy of
Pensacola to issue Negotiable Bonds for
Municipal Purposes and Provide for the
Payment Thereof." approved May 1.
1905." and the amendments made to paid
ordinance by the ordinance adopted by
said Board on July 15, 1918. and under
and pursuant to the provisions of Chap
ter 6746. Laws of Florida of 1913, an Act
to create a commission form of govern
ment for said city, etc., an election was
duly called and held in the several elec
tion precincts of the City of Pensacoa on
August 16th. 1918, at which election said
ordinances and the issuance of improve
ment bonds of the City of Pensacola as
provided in said ordinances and in said
Aci of the Legislature were duly ap
proved by the majority of the votes cast
ln said election by the qualified voters of
said city, then residing in said city, and
who had paid taxes on real estate or per
sonal property to said city for the year
for which taxes were last due, said
majoritv of the votes so cast being In
favor of the Issuance of said Improve
ment bonds for each and all the purposes
and amounts as specified ln and proposed
bv said ordinances, and
Whereas, By Chapter 6746, Laws of
Florida of 1913. all the privileges, powers,
duties and responsibilities vested in or
imposed upon the Board of Bond Trustees
of the City of Pensacola, provided for by
said Chapter 5530. Laws of 1905. were
transferred to, vested in and imposed
upon the Board of Commissioners therein
provided for; and
Whereas. At elections duly called and
held In r,ald City of Pensacola for the
election by the qualified voters of City
Commissioners to constitute the Board of
Commissioners created by , said Chapter
6716. Laws of Florida of 1913, George H.
Hinrichs. Frank R. Pou and Frank D.
Sanders were duly elected as said Com
missioners, and have duly qualified by
giving bonds and taking the oaths of
office, and otherwise as prescribed by
law, and the ordinances of said city, and
are duly constituted the Board of Com
missioners created by said Chapter 6746;
now. therefore.
Section 1. That said Board of Com
missioners shall have engraved coupon
tones of the City of Pensacola, to be
. - 7,-0 "'it Bonds of the
Citv of Pensacola. Florida," to the amount
of "Two Hundred and Ten Thousand
Dollars ($21000.00. each of said bonds
to be of the denomination of One Thous
and Dollars ($1,000.00); to be numbered
1 to 210, both inclusive; and to be dated
October 1st, 1918, to bear interest at the
rate of five per cent per annum, payable
semi-annually, April 1st and October let.
to be payable thirty years after said
date, with the option on the part of the
city reserved to redeem any or all of said
bonds at any time after the date thereof
at par and accrued interest,,' The prin
cipal and interest of said bond shall be
payable at the office of the United States
Mortgage & Trust Company in the City
and mate of New York.
Section 2. That the form of said bonds
and coupons shall be substantially as fol
(State Coat of Arms)
Number Number..
. $1,000 $1,000
October, 1918.
For value received the City of Pensa
cola. a municipal corporation of the State
of Florida, hereby acknowledge! itself in
debted and promises to' pay to bearer the
sum of One Thousand Dollars (SI, 000),
thirty (30) years after date, with interest
at the rate of five () per centum payable
Ferr.i-annually, April 1st and October 1st,
oh presentation and surrender of the an
nexed interest coupons as they severally
become due. both principal and interest
fein fayable in gold coin of the United
States of America of the present weight
and fineness, at the office of the United
States Mortgage and Trust Company, in
the City and State of Now York. The
City of Pensacola hereby reserves the
option, or privilege of redeeming at par
and accrued Interest, any of the series of
oonds of which this is one, at any time
after twenty years from the date thereof.
This bond is Issued by the City of Pen
sacola under and ln full compliance with
the Constitution and Laws of the State
of Florida, and Ordinances of said city,
including among others an Act of the Leg
islature of the State of Florida, entitled:
"An Act to Authorize the City of Pan&
oola to Issue Negotiable Bonds for Munic
ipal Purposes and Provide for the Pay
ment Thereof," approved May 12, 1905,
and ordinances and proceedings of said
city duly had" and adopted in accordance
iWith the Constitution nd Statutes of
said State and charter of said city, the
issuance of this bond and the ordinance
authorizing the Issuance of this bond
having been duly approved by the major
ity of the votes cast by the voters of
S3 Id city, duly qualified, as prescribed by
law, to vote thereon at an election duly
and legally called and held for that pur
pose on August 16th, 1918.
It is hereby certified, recited and de
clared that all acts, conditions snd thing
required to exist, happen and be per
formed precedent to and ln the issuance
of this bond have existed, happened and
been performed In due time, form and
manner as required by law, that this
bond, together with all other Indebted
ness of said city, does not exceed any
limit prescribed bv the Constitution and
Statutes of said State or the charter of
said city, and that the faith and credit
pt said city and the entire taxable prop
trty of said city are hereby Irrevocably
pledged to the punctual payment of the
jrlnclpal end interst of this bond.
in witness wnereor saia t;ity.or fmn
tacola hAs caused this bond to be signed,
ly the three Commissioners constituting
the Board of Commissioners of said city,
and the corporate seal of said city to be
here affixed, attested by its city clerk,
and countersigned by Its city Comptroller,
and the coupons hereto attached to bear
lithographed or engraved signatures of
Said Commissioners and city clerk, and
this 'bond to be dated the first day of
October, A. D. 1918,
By Its Board of Commissioners.
City Clerk." I III I ! lltl 1 1" ! 1 1 I
' City' Comptroller.
City of Pensacola, a municipal cor
poration In the State of Florida, will pay
to bearer on April 1st, 19 at the of
fice of the United States Mortgage and
Trust Company, in the City and State
of New York, the sum of twenty-five no
100 dollars ($25.00). in gold coin of the
United States of America of the present
standard weight and fineness, being six
months Interest then due on Its Improve
ment Bond, dated October 1, 1918, numbered
City Clerk.
Board of Commissioners.
Section 3., That upon the adoption of
this ordinance said Board 6f Commis
sioners shall thereafter, at such time or
times, as they shall by resolution deter
mine, offer all. or any portion of said
bonds for sale only for the purpose or
purposes for which they are authorised
to be issued, all In accordance with the
provisions of the aforesaid ordinances,
For the purpose of extending and Im
proving the city's sewerage and drainage
system, the sum of sixty-five thousand
dollars ($65,000.00).
For the purpose of extending and Im
proving the city's water system, the sum
of thirty thousand dollars ($30,000.00).
For tltf) purpose of grading, paving and
curbing, or otherwise Improving Htreets
between Barrahc-as avenue and "O"
street and between Garden and Govern
ment streets, in the sub-di vision adjacent
to the Pensacola Shipbuilding Company's
plant, thn sum of twenty-five thousand
dollars ($25,000.00).
For grading, paving and curbing r
otherwise Improving streets, including re
pavng and repairing ' of Devllllers and
Garden streets, the sum of fifty thous
and dollars ($50,000.00).
For the puropse of providing funds t
secure the surrender, relinquishment, and
the reconveyance to and re-Investment
In the City of Pensacola of all th rlfchts
and title in and to the water front prop
erty granted to John A. Mrritt nd J.
S. Reese fry ordinance parsed January
7th. 19IS. according to agreement "f said
Merrltt and Reese, -filed in the office of
the city e'erk. December 31. 1317, the
sum not etoeeflirg forty thousand dol
lars ($40000.00).
Section 4. That this ordinance shall
take effect Immediately upon Its passagflu
Passed September 9. 1MS.
Attest: J. O. WALKER.
' 1651 . ' city Clerk.

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