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' I fill
f. , rowing letter has been receiv-
Vr. and Mrs. N. A. Neilsori, 1203
piV: street, from their son,
N-i!on, of the 120th Fteld ai
r?ittTv D. who has been in
i i.-:-ice for six months and ac-
r,ed fn the Front for the
,r, :iio:mis.
' m? on:?;,'.! in Company I of Pensa
sn ! w.is transferred to the ar-(,:--v.
II' writes interestingly of his
Vrwi experiences "oer there."
u? "ivs: "1 have just received all of
vn - "'"ft rs and believe me, I cer
,..,''V glad to hear from you all
nv-rr. hut by the way things
inel fT a while I saw my finish,
j-y certainly made things hot for
"Vr raid? and everything else for
jViV ;,m1 I nearly broke my neck
iin? into a dugout. These aeroplane
-.ftainly rut a queer feeling into
it it a luck would have it they
nindrd one man out of about J
'a:nd. How I came to slide
rii.cruit so quickly was because,
.line: to glance up I saw a bomt
b.-Mr.r thrown out which explod-
f i nr.ouT ! i"ri utiimu me, so j uu seu
I iust ciMfod in time.
T am r.o'-v a long ways behind the
lT." in a rc?f camp and enjoying life
rr.',fS mAra. We had a few casualties
frivo them hell, which you can
.- bv th newspapers.
';:nc bv the way thines look over
f.Drf. we win be home pretty soon. We
virrlv hid to do some work to pet
'thos Dutchmen" out of their holes.
fh,-v h-,r dugouts down in the ground,
f'.rr" rf hem being 50 or 60 feet deep.
Th?- f::i(i carpets, bath tubs, tables,
o!ccfr:c lights and everything that is a
luxury to life. They were actually so
1'"ri in the ground that shells had no
'fff-ct on them. The way things look-
it seemed they were never goins fo
mskf another drive. They certainiy
thincs fixod nn fine. v nan a
'? rf casualties in our infantry hut
h-- Germans were double ours. We
vfr rieht in the middle -of .the big-
Ti?t drive the world has ever knetvvn.
' suppose you all have read about it in
h3 war news.
Well, T guess T will have to clos
bout this war done or my letter will
nr.t pet through the censor.
Ynu all asked me for my picture, I
'iroly haven't time to hardly cat or
T haven't been paid off yet. so I'm up
cainst it. They must have lost my
n icp record, or something is wrone.
T will tell you what I saw in a vil
s? we captured during this drive. It
vs completely ruined and a large
poup of soldiers were scattered about
V.ng various canned and bottled
tnir.ps. I didn t know wnat was com-
ng off but. looking up the street I
?.iw a house or at least a walled uo
ffair in which a Red Gross worker
as serving hot chocolate and te.j
ike?. This was ahout two and a
alf miles from the front and shells
vine everywhere, but she seemed
arless and unconcerned.
In rising on nur way back to a
fn?t camp one time we were so eloss
ist. we could see our infantry and the
nrmy. flghtinc. We had direct ftre on
um for awhile and we gave them the
v!. This war is surely cruel. They
ivp high explosive shells with sup-'-cpnsitive
fuss, which by just
"uchlng will exple.de tearing up
.thing for 20 yards around, buried
'! -long the road, to stop our ad-
We have had the lightest part of the
ir but the infantry has the hardest.
"Hpv art the ones that deserve the
ci;f but still they could accomplish
thing without the artillery. You see
;: i.;. is fo nut up a barrage and
r i;p barbed wire entanglements,
vhine gun nests and the Boche ar
rv ?!? they can't use it while our
usb boys go over the top.
WiH dn?p with love to all, write to
" more than once a week. I could
'M yeur iptters all day. Believe me.
! Vne.w .hat a good home i3 if I
e- sfp nne again. We are going to
,vp revp;iiP at 4:30 a. m. T don't
irw uhre we are going but will
' en nur way. We have, been in
tf'e village for the past five days
H rested up. Am sending
. uu won't forget
i? of love, ; V.
isbinef in. Nov. 2. Increase of
" ninthly allotment of sugar from
to tVee pounds per capita effec
e -iav tne food administration
c a-el trirlay must not be taken to
'"n th3t the conservation of food
renpraHy js not now fully as
- "'am as It nam at th helsht
iar shortage. While the
'nation has imoroved. largely
fv'n !lP co-operation of American
Kj,,!ves in reducing consumption
t- u .! availability or new do-
.o r-,-je and beet sugar, the needs
ratt-r exports in other lines is
VC55 rrarked.
T "r,Vl oon?umption of sugar for
y A':?ust, September and October
" iths during which the two
i estimated at 1.600.000.000
' 'y ' ' ' Lilt; u 1
C;"5 '"' year is believed by food
;.;;;.n!tri!on officials to total 300,
''"', rounds.
. , r London. Nov. 2. After the
""Li,,:i in
Budapest. Ar-hrtuke
representative of the em
r the city, according to an
Telegraph dispatch from
-a V . wie ujspaicn anas.
;.a':n- Vienna personally gave
,n ' a ali conflict with the popu-.'-r',..
T avr'ided. He instructed the
to yield without resist-
Paris, Nov. 2. The Huns are keen
ly feeling the losses 'they sustain 'in
guns, ammunition and material aban
doned in flight before the advancing
Ameircans,-French and British.
Proof of. these .conditions' is' con
tained in a general order signed by
Ludendorff, found on a captured pris-.
oner, n.says m part: . '.
"I has been reported to me by Gen
eral Ziethn that at certain points at
the front it is thougbt that the in
fantry ought to be very strongly sup
ported by artillery and that the guns
of the divisions at rest should be
used for this purpose.
"Under no circumstances should
such an idea be ' alowed to circulate.
It is absolute proof that the -infantry
does not yet realize the value, strength
and resources of its machine guns.
"Reports of recent battles show
that the infantry is alone able to com
pletely repulse the assaults of the en
emy if it knows how to make use of
its machine guns by scattering them
ove rthe ground to ' be defended arid
hiding the from the view of the en
emy. "Perhaps it would be well to add
that to use the artillery of the divis
ions at rest would place the artillery,
which has already suffered terribly,
in such a position that it could not
repair its force.
"It is absolutely necessary that the
artillery economize and reserve its
force for future operations."
Bulletin. Copenhagen, Nov. ti. (By
Associated Press) The organization of
the new Czecho-SIovak state is pro
ceeding in an orderly - manner, ac
cording to reports from Prague re
ceived here by way of Berlin. The
national council has appointed nw
railway, telegraph and postal authori
ties. There have been no special acts
of violence. 4
Garniers, F'la., Nov. 2. W. X. Hart
grove was a business caller at the dye
plant last Friday.
E. R. McKee was a Camp Walton
caller Tuesday.
Mr. Gaskins, of Freeport, spent sev
eral days this week with E. R. Mc
Kee, looking for clay to build the road
from Crestview to Camp Walton and
they think they have found all they
will need.
J. W. Fowler, of Dorcas, called on
W. X. Hartgrove Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jordon of East
Bay spent a day with Mr. and Mrs.
E. R. McKee this week.
F. L. Hand and A. Tierce were busi
ness callers at the dye plant Thurs
day. The steamer Captain Fritz mad
her bi-monthly trip in the bayou
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