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Great Swivel CMir Miners
Copper and Coal Made
Old Mother Earth Gives Up
Her Substance Only to Those
Who Dig With the Superb
Energy of Success, or at Least
I Guide the Hand That Digs.
HEN Professor Alexander great Agassiz Museum. Whether he
Agasslz died on board the was doing great things for the univer
steamer Adriatic, in 1910, he city or little kindnesses for the Calumet
f tvas believed to be one of the wealthiest & Hecla employes, he preferred to keep
IV men in New England, and considerable in the background.
surprise was expressed when his personal Only in his scientific labors was he
. estate was shown to be only slightly sensitive about the dignity of his work.
, ?bove But Alexander Agas- ln business or in friendship he was one
"" siz was never a man who enjoyed money cf the few men who was relieved if the
r:'jfor the mere pleasure of hoarding it or credit for some good action of his was
for the power it might give him over credited to another. But he profound
mothers. He was almost continuously y resented the patronizing attitude to-
giving away large sums, his gifts to ward science displayed by many mil
Harvard alone amounting to over $1,- lionaires. On one occasion Andrew Car---500,000,
to which must be added the negie offered to defray the expenses of
, ',$378,996 which he left to the university a scientific expedition. Not being ac
hs in his will. His sons, through their con- customed to "do good by stealth and
llrection with the. Calumet & Hccla Min- blush to find it fame," Carnegie wished
. ins Company and other large industrial the expedition to bear his name. Pro
corporations, were considered million- fessor Agassiz at once declined the offer
aire before their father's death, and and paid the necessary $75,000 out of
- 'possibly their wealth has been overesti- his own pocket.
As a young man, Agassiz became prcs-
" Among all the multi-millionaires ident of the Calumet & Hecla company,
- Alexander Agassiz is the first who de- and was more responsible for its suc-
"" sired to make money for the sske of cess than any other man with the ex-
scientific research. Financiers usually ception of his brother-in-law, Quincy A.
' think of him as the man who made the Shaw, who was so confident that the
Calumet & Hccla one of the greatest properties were valuable that he would
inines on earth, a tremendous hole in have been a ruined man had they proved
eorthcrn Michigan from which copper unprofitable. Another brother-in-law,
..(-was disgorged in such weal.h that il? Major Henry L. Higg:non, was among
d'videnjls made many New Englanders the few who kept his faith in the mines
millionaires. Yet, deeply interested as in the years when the earliest investors
was Alexander Agassiz
the great were growing despondent.
r.-.:?ie which n:ado him famous, he was Although not so wealth' as many
much prouder of the achievements other American multi-millionaires, Ste-
''.wlrch were recognized Ly but a few phen B. Elkins was one of the most
It sclciiti.ts the world over. In the cats- powerful figures in our national life and
.'I'-Sic of any library the seeker for vol- probably no other capitalist of this cen-
,-Hi:racs upon "How to Get Rich" or "How tury has so dominated a state that he
Saved My First Dollar" would waste possessed almost the authority of a
t'me by looking for such rfTusions un- feudal baron. Henry M. Flagler ap-
, (..;. j),e n:.rn; of Ag.isslz. Such sapient proached most nearly to this prc-emi-
O r mini'conces vnd adv;ce he left to the nence, but even his influence in Florida
r-.ore ra:ve in: 1! :cts of a Carnegie or a is not to be compared with that of
J'Uockrfelh-r. Tlircj titles, chosen almost Elkins in West Virginia. He cither ov n-
uf,t rtui'L.m from a long Jl.it, will show cd or was the controlling factor in the
t.'iat the words of Alexander Agassiz most productive coal mines of the state,
. v . r-i wrnen ur scu nitsrs -.a true stu- tac most important ra.iroaas. manv
iikl rr-j . usS - -4V
Professor Alexander Agassiz, the Millionaire Scientist, and the Shaft House of the Calumet & Hecla Mining Co., at Calumet, Mich, In the Success of Which He Was the Moving Spirit.
-i Photo of mine copyright by Underwood & Underwood, Nzv York.)
j -
- .
ChamgvriQ "Heart
A Little Incident of War Work On Which
Cupid Built a Romance.
HE irrascible young man on the go and fight! Why -aren't you over
top floor rang the elevator bell there? ' What are you doing in youO
for the sixth time in four sec- room all day, not even working here?
onds. The operator obligingly came And then you think you can call me
back from the floor below. down before everyone In this hotel and
"Going down?" was the mechanical get away with it. , Well, you can't I"
inquiry.' ' : The car slid up to the fourth floor.
"Going down ?" mimicked the peppery "And after this, you walk, for ail
me!" ' . " - '
"I'll report you to the' manager."
Up floated the' clear retort.
"I'll call your name to' the attention
of the recruiting bf ficer."
He did walk after' that.. Somehow he
thought that the. manager might not un
dents. They are "Calamocrinus Diome- banks, public service corporations and
dae," "Embryology of Echinoderms"
and "On Dactylometra."
Like his father, Alexander Agassiz
was a scientist whose worth was recog
nized in Europe as much if not more
than in America. But was singularly
unlike his father in appearance. The
Swiss geologist who came to Harvard
other interests too numerous to name.
He was born of poor parents in Ohio
in 1841 and after the Civil war went to
New Mexico, where he acquired vast became a millionaire.
territory, and a delegate to Congress.
While serving in Congress, lie became
youth. "Where else should I go? This
is 1 the top floor, isn't it? Of all the
service- I can't go any higher unless I
fly, can I?"
The passengers in the car gasped. One
f man started to speak, but the operator
was before him.
" "Some men are flying now fifth derstand, his position Also, he found
floor, step down, please." himself unwilling to report the conver-
When the young man returned that sation ; .verbatim. He rang the elevator
night the same operator was on duty. . bell once or twice, just to see what
"Going up?""came the polite inquiry, would happen. ' The elevator came, and
He growled an unintelligible reply and went again.
entered the "car. Between the third and . "Going' up !" he answered loudly one
fourth floors of the hotel the car sud- day,' and walked;up the stairs to the re-
, denly stopped. The operator came over cruiting office. '
and sat down quite close to the lone There were numerous annoying for-
passenger, who stared in amazement. - malities "to be. complied with before he
"What docs this" got his uniform, but at last he came
" "It would be ever so much nicer for forth from his room on the top floor
me if you would just take a few min- satisfactorily arrayed. .
utes now and swear at me all you like. Masterfully he rang the elevator bell.
Then maybe you would get over your The car approached. He knew that
grouch, and people wouldn't be all the she was ": looking at a pair of new tan
!. time sympathizing with me for having shoes ; at very new. and smooth spiral
to stand your'abuse. Go ahead! Trade puttees; at army trousers ; at a pri-
is light now and I can spare you 15 vate's very well-fitting coat and then
minutes just as well as not." their eyes met. J
"I'll be darned!" "Going down?" she smiled, and opened
"I thought I was the one, but never the door,
mind. It's immaterial go on." "Going over and please stop the car
"This is the limit!' As if, it wasn't between floors. I'm just ready to an-
enough to put up with your inefficiency swer the remarks that you made to me
day after day, without . being kidnaped some time ago."
"and called down! It was a sorry, day ,v "Oh, but I'm glad! I knew you were
when this hotel put girls on the ele- al! right if only somebody waked you
vators. Run this car up to my floor at up. You see, I have three brothers in
once." the service, and "
"No!" ' "What divisions are they in? Maybr
The pretty slim figure in the brown 111 run across them,and I shall tell
uniform braided coat, full ' knee them about thir snunkv little sister. HI
. - ' breeches, natty cap, shining boots al- tell them that she's holding down a
ritory in the state, on the ground that. 1895 was chosen to represent West Vir- ish hospitality, and among them were most Uke a young soldier, faced him man's job, , and she's right on the job
the survey had been fraudulently made, ginia in the United States. Senate. the most, distinguished, men in political with clenched fists. - 1 - . every minute, but when the war is over
The Supreme Court decided against the On a mountain side of a town named , life. The Elkins house in Washington jjot untiI you have neard what , and j come-, back, she must"
government, and Elkins by the decision, in his honor, he erected a palatial cas- was one of the show places of the cap- ;nave to say. I know you preferred the There had been pauses but the car
tie which commanded a view of moun-, ital and the goia dinner, service was jazy ciearette-smokine vounc ruffian had cron- nt ; , mnnner
By his marriage to the daughter of tains valleys for 35 miles. Hundreds used frequently during the sessions of tbat worked here before me. He sleet most bewilderine at various floors.
on that seat day after day, and I'll bet "Gracious r said the operator after
Stephen B. Elkins, After His Marriage to the Daughter of Henry Gassaway Daiis, Became a ."Black Diamond' Baron In the West Virginia Mining Section
holdings of land. He went into poli
tics, became district attorney for the Henry Gassaway Davis, the wealthiest of thousands of dollars' were expended Congress.'
railroad and coal mine owner in West to beautity. the grounds. Italian. sunKen f senator tuans ionune was icuwrus you rang.ior him longer and oftener a whiler '"see all those people! They
Virginia, Elkins increased - his influence gardens rivalling those of Tuscany 1 were family. . His widow spends most of her than you have ever had to for me. Bur, will , be as furious at m a von were
over half a century ago was brimming the principal owner of a claim for and soon after moved to ;i that state.-created : and v types - of l..&ef ambus 'J2ng- time; in'.West; Virginia, but visits Wash-' young ; loafer - that he . was, . he ' volun-' that day-. "
With his own money and with that of lish gardens o, later .periods. ; .Even, ington ,dunng ths- season.'.lie had live, teered, and now he's over in France, and "Never--mind ' thea-Will ' you write to
his father-in-law, he speedily rose to when. the family was" in Washington 'or children, Katherinep Davis, who sue- I'm trying to do his work here as well'as me?'K '"' -' I "
whom he met. The son was shy and ment. The government authorities eminence as the leading capitalist in the in Europe, the great can and there are plenty of oth?r . "You haven't pm, Come an
reserved, unknown even Dy signt to tne Drougnt suit to recover the land, which Commonwealth. He-vvas made s
majority of students who used daily the embraced much of the best mining ter- of War by President Harrison
over with enthusiasm and liked nothing 2,000,000 acres of land alleged to have
better than to explain his theories to all been granted by the Mexican govern-
sccretary , open. When - Senator. Elkins rwas at Senator from VV est V lrgtma, Kicnard, women, doing men s work that men t sec me before you go -I shall have lot
l, and -in home his guests were, treated with lav- Stephen' and Elaine. ; ' you notice I say 'men may be free to of msssarcs to send to my brother I
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