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Plume 1500
Frca 7 b. a t9
. 7 p. a.
Fiaoae 38
Frees 7 p. o. to
FOR SALE Roml carnations, narcis
sus, etc. Gladys Vaughn. SO B. Chase.
Phone 11X9.
' t : mors -
. " MILK
FOH BALIS A manufacturing proposition
of proven merit, a household arttele
used In every home. Inexpensive t men
n T cture, large profits. Only small cap
ital required to operate. Wlil sell the
whole or part for cash or property that
can easily be converted Into eesh. Ad
drees P. O. Bex 140. Pensaeola, Fin.
bsd potao
" ma wk orowk
tpauldino rosw
TOR SALE The best minding lot In
eitv. suitable tor lodaa or business
house: In tesrt of city. Brick building
. n -remise Will sell cheap for cash or
gi-9 goo a terms. Lot, care ox journal.
FOR SALE If you want more
wood for less money, phone
224. 7107
FOR SALT 181 Chandler. T-paesens-er.
Puns and look live nw. A ba-galn
ft $950 C. O. D. Bell Phone 12-8 Fan-hen.
"Ala. ( 7267
FOR SAT-J One rheee-fmase on horse
powr Western Electric meter fn A -1
condition. Vves Printing Cc. 17-11 w.
Oove-nmert St. $39o
FOR RAT," Gray Fivr ferine motoe.
twin cvllnder. with built-in clutch
ard revere gear: roll, shaft, propeller
end muffler. Everything - brand new.
iet fron the factor and never -be-n
"ed. 81600. Address. B. Edward.
th Band. Ft. Barrancas. 7821
' ' TRTfyw
TFRjjjgw M V KFT
FOR BALE S acre farn. Tf Improved
end under cultivation. T mi's worth on
rifov rreet. abutttlnr. en t Flomaton
bard road. ATI rood Ugh and drv land.
Large 4 room house. large barns and
othr Improvements, all nearly nw to be
sold cheap a wnr Is leaving the coun
try. Part ca blane on terms to suit
wrchaser. W. Brooks. Route A. Box
!. Pensaeola. FT a, 727$
FOR SAT.'K cylinder Kissel. T-passen-,
ger. Onlv run. shout 7000 mles. .J F.
Oaaten, Falrhope. Ala.- 7266
F"R SAT.E Kx24 ft. run about- launch
bull. 6x2? Diamond bottom 1auh hull,
5 H. P. Wolverine engine with Magneto,
clutch s"d full enulpment. Good bargain,
also 10 H. P. Palmer engine H eye'e new.
TeToni fHs Engine St Supply Co., ts
S. Palafox St. T4
FOR SAL7" Second band sewing ma.
- chines, alt makes. 85.60 up. - Ooran-t-.
Reynalds Muslo House, Phoe
1717. 1233
FOR SALE Fin- Soenleh Peanuts
roasting or ce1 81.R0 or ?5 pounds. Wl'l
i-iver t Pensaeola 25 pounds or
tlple. Richland Farms. Pensacolt, Fi
FOR SALE Pure brd Anconas and
Hpht Prabma eegs for hatchlns: $2.00
tr 1. R. r. Saunders. East Pensaeola
Tflrh. or phone 3S9. '
Car lots and less. . Earlv nlnetv-day
Rreokled. old crop recleaned. 2-hushe
hnr. Immediate shipment. Prices
on pno'Wtlon. VELVET BAN
"IUWS ctrppr.T CO.. P. O. BO"K
Huntsvllle. Ala. 7St
FOR SALE A few eegs from cholo
whlto leghorns. S2 00 Per setting 15.
John R. Tiller. Phone 4L 7S51
.. - - -
Improved farm. 2 aces. sesr Gon
znles station. Will tredo for well lo
'"ed home tn or near Peneola. J. A.
Wiae. Route 1. 1795 Lakevlew avenge.
FOR bat.K 5lx cows, two clvea. W.
L. Davis. .Route A.. 319 Myrtle Gr
- - 7809
FOR SALE One new safe, never ps'"d:
a'so one second-hand safe. W. C.
care Journal. - "773
FOR SALE Household furniture, vac
uum cleaner, carpet, refrl sera tor. m'f
duhs etc. Phone 1608 before 10 o'c'H
In the morning. . 7775
FOR PALE Almost new six-room end
hall house, with ten acres of lend, six
hen cultivated and four In wood: loca
td on the hard road at "West Pensaeo'a
etetlon. G. F." & A. R. R.. fortv minutes
wik from the ship plant. L. F. France.
Motor Route A. 7855
FO"t SATJ) Furniture- In four-room cot
tage for quick sale. Evervthlng In sroed
shape. House for rent. Apply 725 North
7th avenue. Phone 1295. j . 7880
FOR SALE Two counter
- for sale. Phone 1657.
FOR SALE Bird seye maple bedroom
set complete. Including Iron bedstead,
mattress and springs. Also oil cooh
stove and oven. The above Is in good
condition end can be houvht at a bar
gain. Enquire at 910 North th 'avenue.
FOR SALE At a bargain, a
Lester piano in good condition.
Address A. B., care Journal.
Here the Land is Given You and the Im
provements Sold at Considerably Less Than
You Could Duplicate
Two story dwelling, North Hill, $3,000.00.
Another one close in on Hayne street, $3,000.00.
Nice little seven-room cottage, East Gadsden street $3,200
Cottage and furniture, 1704 East Cervantes, $5,000.00.
There is no better home on the market than this one; com
pletely furnished immediate possession.
PensacdlaFinoiice Com
"We Always Have
FOR SALE We are now ready to supply
all kinds of fresh stock Garden, Flow
er and Field seedjt, too numerous to men
tion. We have also seed sweet and Irish
Potatoes end oni.-m sets. Fertiliser.
Field and Garden Implement. Harases;
Prices right. Call and see us before pur
chasing luhm 3- v. Tttihulsson and
Bro. 24-l E. Intendencia. T471 J
FOR SALE Eras, for patching, from
Young strain. 8. C. White Leg
horns. S3.00 per 15 eggs. Quantity price
on application. $0 per cent fertility
guaranteed. Guy S. Holland, 1909 N.
th avenue." . tf 767
FOR ALE Eggs for hatching new
reaijy front m7' pure bred free range
S. C. R. I. Res and Barred Rocks.
Reds. $1.50 for 15 egas; Rocks. $2.00 for
15 eggs.. T. F. West mark. Brent. Fla..
or Pensaeola Feed Co. Phone 419. 7610
FOR SALE -Cabbage and Ber
muda Onion plants at $2.00
per 1000 by express. If by mail
25 cents per 1000 extra. O. J.
Walker, Pinemount, Fla. -
FOR SALE One , pair best brod or
draft mares in county, welgUt 2400
lbs. '
One nslr Percheron horses, five years
old. welsht 20 lbs.
Two span first-class work mules; ap
good workers, in fine condition.
If you are looking for eomethlng good
this la your opportunity. Price reason
able. O. C. Wehmeier. West Pensaeola.
on MiUview Road. 7C77
FOR SALE 20 acre farm, new Improve
ments, under fence, bearing pecan and
oranre grove, graces, peaches, pears, ap
ples and other fruits, overlooking E
rarohla Bav on T,. & V. R. R. with three
mails a day. Also Ferry boat service.
Ten head of stock. 1 horse, I Durrock
Jersey hog and seven pigs, two fat hoga
80 hens. Farm Implement, row boat and
engine. Will sell to serfce on account
of sickness. Address C. C. Hooton. Mu
lt, Fla. 81S
FOR SAT.E-HIch grade standard make
second-band piano in fine condition.
Apply IS B. Garden. Phone 791. 7221
FOR SALE- One practically
new Paige car, six cylinder, 7
passenger; in A-l condition and
less than half original cost. Can
be seen at 26E. Gregory ' St.
Phone 1465. 7741
FOR SALE A prano. In good condition.
Cheap for raah and aulck sale. 10 E.
Gadsden or Phone 186. 7717
FOR SALE Beautiful 7 room California
Bunsratow. Price $4,500.00. Built by
owner of the best material. 1519 East De
soto St. Jesae F. Ive. 7843
FOR PALE Four beautiful building lota
on Blount street between Fifteenth
and Sixteenth avenue, eighty feet from
car line. .Price, $500. Will . trade for cows
and nart cash or balance on time. Owner
lett city. Address box zus. ' ibui
trOT RAT .V. Two diamonds left with me
for sale. 0e 1-4 arat ring also one
smaller. See W. A. GablenbecR. 16 soun
ranfox stseet. iso
FOR SALE 4 fine Jersey cows, all
young, three fresh with heifer calves.
C. C. Wehmeler. West Pensaeola, on
MUlview Road. 7812
FOR SALE Satsnma - range. Silver
Cluster Orape Fru't snd Kumquat
trees, in the larger branched sixer. On
hardy Citrus stock. Southern Nureries.
N. E. Corner rceIona and intendencia
streets. Box 1237. 7823
mouth pocks. S. C: Rhode Is'and
Reds. S. C. White Leghorn, from bet
utility stock. f2.0O per rrteen: aio.wi
nT- hundred: cockrels. $1.00 and up.
Rhode Islsnd Red hena. $4.00 each, ship
ped on anprovel. Write for prices on
anv chicks. B. A. Bhaniy. orianoo.
Florida. 7544
FOR SALE Es-sra for hatching from
Reese's thoroughbred S. C. Rhode iand
R"s. $1.P0 to $? 80 per setting. Phone
171. or 1S40. K. Ltm Keese.
FOR S A TE Several vrry handsome
pur bred H C. R. 1. coevre's. Reaiy
for service, phone or se E. I R.
33 and 35 S. Palafox. Phone 7fit. 7793
FOR SALE The following used
cars: 2 Ford roadsters, 1
Ford touring car, 1 Ford truck,
capacity lVa ton; 1 Buick, light
six,' a dandy;; 1 Studebaker,
electric light and starter; a bar
gain;! Little Hupp. -Pensaeola
Buick & Supply Co.
209 N. Palafox St. Phone 465
FOR , SALE Will sacrifice
Overland 1917 touring car, in
splendid condition for $550 cash.
Leaving town. 502 E. Cer
vantes. Phone 1398. ' 7887
HORN R. L REDS, hatching eggs and
baby chicks.- White Pekin duck eggs
and stock. Few pairs Carneaux pl
areons at make room nrice. Semlni'
Foultry Farm. Tallahassee, Fla. 7903
Uocssa Fcr CzlsT
CLDSirr A CLUCZ3. Ssfes Actal
Let Those Wm Serve Yob
Best Serve Yoo Most -
Benjamin Franklin.
We believe the above theory responsible
for the liberal patronage we en joy, which we,
Above everything, we render SERVICE
TmnxriTQ. Nine-One-Eiffht
PHONES. Nine-One-Nine
"We will Bond you."
HALF bbl. best black roof paint,
worth 75 cts per gallon; six
rolls good 2-2ply roofing;; very
low price for cash. No. 516
North DeVillier street. Phone
11135. 7871
30 gals, extra good black roof
paint ; sacrifice for cash. 530
West Strong. Phone 1438. .7872
BREI TO LAY" Barred Plymouth
Bock - eggs, $2 per 15 eggs from my
winners in 191 g, at Orlando. Nashville,
Tenn. Roanoke Va. and Jacksonville.
Fla.. 5 per 15. Both matina-s. A few
choice cockerals $5 to S10 each. White
Wyandotte eggs $2 per 15.. Keystone
Poultry Yards. Lmigwood, Fli 7909
FOR SA t,cv One large iron bed and
springs $7.00. One Sft cook stove. 1400 E.
Mallory. Phone 1984.. ' 7779
iFf SALE Mahogany settee with hang
ing- mirror, cretonne covered chest and
coal heater. Will trade for Wicker chairs
or tea wagon. .Phone 1297. 3t-789d
FORSALB One two-seated
Just overhauled thoroughly. Will sell
cheap. Inquire at Abbott's Garage.
FOR PALE Two beautiful building lots
on Blount street between Fifteenth
and Sixteenth avenue, eighty feet from
car line. Price $500. Will trade for cows
and part cash or balance on time. Owner
left city Address Box 208. 7862
FOR SALE Two story house, large cor
ner lot on rorthwest bill on car line,
within easy walking distance from busi
ness center. Cheap for cash. For irlce
and terms address Owner Care Journal.
- : 7889
FOR SALE: A two stand cotton gin
with blower end geed convyor system.
Also a grist rr ill .velvet bean and feed
mill in connection. -. Good business. No
competition. Cotton Gin, care Pensaeola
Journal. 78S0
FOR SAT.E Hudp touring car. Model 32,
In- perfect -mechanical condition five
good" tires, twp new. Price $550.00 If
taken at once. Bo : 149. Atmore. Ala.
FOR SALE Eggs for hatching fro prise
winning S. C. White Leghorns. 2T0
evg strain. Mrs. J. E. Kramer, 19 E.
Lloyd St. 3t-789i
FOR SALE Cheap If tken at once; a
10.000 capacity saw -mill pHner and dry
kiln with ten ton refrigeration ice plant
in connection. No competition. Ware
house on side of railroad. One block
from deot. Northern settlement. Saw
Mill Planer, care of Pensaeola Journal.
NESS est 15 years. A money m-akine
proposition. Owing to failing health will
I be sold at sacrifice if taken quick. Write
If you mean .business. Kox. 7b,
hassee. Fla 7904
Biggest Real Estate Bargain in
v Pensaeola.
We are offering the following
five properties subject to prior
2112 North Tarragona street.
2214 North Tarragona street.
2116 North Tarragona street.
Each house 3 rooms, lot 30
feet. Rent $4.50 per month for
each house. Price for each of
the above properties, $400.
The southwest corner of Al
caniz and Jordan streets. Lot 30
feet, with one-story store build
ing. Rent $5 per month. Price
Also the northwest corner of
Bayley and Jordan street, 96x
150 feet, vacant. There is $350
J. - ' ' - m . ; ... I
mortgage againsi. WIS lot. 7 w e
will accept $250 for the equity.
care FredTc H. Bartlett & Co.
' 69 W. Washington St.
Chicago, 111.' '
In i memory of Col. Frank
Mayes, and in recognition ef ti
spirit ef helpfulness that was hie,
The Jouraal will insert under this
classification free, advertisements
for these in need ef employment. :
WANTED Young married man experi
enced, energetic, strictly sober and a
hustler, wants position as assistant book
keeper. Have lumber experience and pre
fer work with lumber rr mercantile com
pany. Expect good salary and plenty of
work. First class reference. Address J.
S., P. O. Box 13, Holt, Fla. S 7173
POSITION WANTEI-As Chayffer, can
give reference. A. R. Shaw, care Ro
mana HoteL .
YOUNG LADY; A No. 1 Stenographer.
Four years experience desires position.
Address Stenographer, care Journal.
WANTED A position as stenographer.
or general of flee nrL Address Gladys
Padgett. MlUvllle. Florida.
YOTTNQ ftATt t desrres nosltlon as clerk
lnDry Ooods Store. Exrerlenced. AU
so have-three years'expcrTenee 'as Cash-1
ler-Boo'.keepr. Phone 1317,
WANTED Service as nurse, (male at
tendant) day or night service. Address.
Practical Nurse, care Journal. -
tmist , or clerical work. Has -now.
ledge of stenoeranhy. Address. B. J.,
care of the Journal.
pher. Ten years exnerience. Addres
M. care of the Journal. ?
RAPWER with R yesr experience wan's
a position. Familiar with all office work.
Phone 2023. -
WANTFD Toting ladv wth good school
ed"cstlon. f'eelres nosltion et once as
assistant vkkeper or othr. riff"m
vnrf. cfvr or - drv foods
Store; Address. "Hustler." care Jour
nal Office. -
W VTRn r08Mn ,v VOTine 1ay. ex
Trien''l In -'eal end rnal" office
ork. AppV M. M. H.. care Journal.
pnrmv wAVTFn-e experienced
bookkeeper vh ten yes evnef'enc
A nrmbe- t ' nAa. Address :oot."
Veer er, 403 W. Chase St.
WANTED Position - as truck driver !
experienced fung man. Cn keen up
lirht repair work- on truck. 221 N.. Bar
celona. Phone 1728. - -
HIGH GRADE Bookkeeper and all
around man of family, age 40. onen
for-good noaltlon. highest credentials.
Address II. H. S., Box 1032, -Jacksonville.
WANTED Your hauling, crat
ing and packing of your house
hold goods at reasonable rates.
Hallmark Transfer Co. Phone
grocery driver,
once, good wages.
wanted at
Apply Sol
Cahn Co., S. Palafox st. 7911
WANTED At once, a position
as bookkeeper or office work
of any kind. Can furnish good
references. Address ' Book-keep
er, care o Journal. : -. 7876
ANYONE wishing the service
of Kate Davis, nurse or mid
wife, formerly at 123 West
Rosiana street, can find her any
time at 411 W. Gadsden. Phone
1664. 6636
MISS Z. D. ADAMS, Qualified Teacher.
isemenc-riunamc pnonnano, l ouci
fry pe writing. individual Instruction
Business training' . Pupil's holding - no-
Si tlons in Civil Service, and with lead
ing - business firms of this and other
cities. Terms: f 8.00 per month In ad
vance. Address: Phone 1372 or 411 W.
Gregory Strew. - gfTO
limited amount of work. Phone 1810.
- Don't sell if you can possibly
avoid doing so. If you must sell,
see Lee Daniell, "The Poor
Man's Banker
Phone 684. 202 South Palafox.
WANTED S e w f n g Machines and
Will put them In good condition and
guarantee the work: thirty (years exper
ience. Phone 791. I will caJL SO E. Oar
den St. J. H. Blakesley. 7101
for Marcvlna el
tr Job prtattng and orders
of all kinds, camngcarde.
long, etn. MATES PBJWT;
reat government.
wedding Invitations, etn. MATKS
INO CO. S4 West Oofwansat
lExcelsior bolts or CORD WOOD
anywhere on the t ft N. raflrod,
within 100 mite of Pensaeola.
We will also take it at any load
ing station on the G. F. & A.
railroad and the McLaughlin
railroad. It should' be- eat from
any kind of livi2, ccsa, rsm
It should have only few outside
knots. The bark nest be PEEL
We will pay from $4.50 to $5
per cord, according to the freight
charged. We will pay thu freight.
Write us from what station
you expect to ship, and we will
then tell you what price we will
pay you, and mall you specifica
tions. Write us at once !
P.O. Box 1350
Pensaeola, Florida.
town, easy ciean and beaitnv worn
Profits large.. We have the best medi
cines on the market. Ten different medi
cines to sell. All the medicines are the
prescriptions of famous professors. Only
men and women apply who can and
want to earn at least 8150 per month
extra. Write to Laxcarin Products Co.,
Box 963 Department A. A. Pittsburg,
Pa. 754.
WANTED To deliver messages or pack
ages for you. Special messenger service.
Phone number 62. Brent bldg. Messages
or nackaaes called for and tllvrt
promptly. f 7916.
WANXED-Responsible . party?
in ts . tof,
rent' an upright nlano. cottaee else
nrefprred. for e period of several months.
Write G. F. Comstock. eare 472nd Fn
gineers. Fort Barrancas. 7772
WANTED 1917 or ,1918 light
- roadster or touring car,-give
lowest cash price and condition
of car. Address Box 66, care
Journal, . 7719
WANTED To buv one small cash reg
ister. Rernalds Music House.
WANTED A name for a new steam
laundry and dry cleaning plant, t be
in operation here soon. Will pay $5 00
In gold for name chosen. No strings at
tached. Send name care of Postoff'ee
LOST Sunday, a kmre blade tar pin set
with diamond, at drug store or U &
N. station in Flomaton. Reward for re
turn to Ixmdon Woolen Mills. 7835
ago tan and white female Scotch collie.
Answers to name of Norma. Dog can
be tndetifled by mark known only to the
owner. Reward for return to 905 North
Barcelona street. 7838
STRAYED To m;' place on Pensaeola
and Flomaton hard road, near Bluff
Springs. Feb. 18th. one medium slse
dark bay mare.- Owner can get same by
paying expenses. J. W. Crury. Jr.. 7667
LOST R. R. Scrip Book from
V. S. S. No. 5044. Reward if
returned to Forest Superper
visor. Room 301 Custom
LOST Red box In Banking. Savings &
Trust Co. The finder please return to
W. Lounsbery, 30 E. Garden and receive
reward. 7786
LOST Gold Barkley watch, Swiss move
ment, 7 Jewel. Probably lost on East
Chase street or South Cevallos street.
Reward for return to Ernest Madsden.
at Balkcom's drug store. 7776
LOST Officer's English shell cloth rain
coat, on balcony floor San Carlos
hotel. Wednesdav night. Return to desk
San Carlos. No questions asked. Reward.
--. . ' - 7774
FOUND On Bralnard St. gold -en'faee
watch with fob. Owner can nave same
by proving property and paying for this
ad. Call on Charles Rosettem, Grocer,
12th ave. end Bralnard st. .-. 7879
LOST samm yellow heffer. Named But
tercup. Reasonable reward for return to
1608 N. Alcaniz. 7885
LOST One Naval Aviators pin. ' T. C.
Rodman. Lieut. U. 8. N. R. F. en
graved on back, finder please return to
Peter Lindenstruth, S. Palafox at. and re
ceive reward. tf-791
LOST Extra rear tire and rim. 24x4 be
tween lath ave. and East Pensaeola
Heights. Finder please notify Phone :
.: - r - , -- ' -- 7923
LOST Billf older pocketbonk with .regis
tration eard and one $10 bill. 83 bill
and $1 hill aboi't Roch.s. Finder return
to Box Photo-Shop for reward. 7821.
LOST Long -Pocketbook bill
fold containing one K. of P.
warrant and other papers and
some money. Liberal reward
for return to C. J. Stewart, care
Gas Office 7783
FOR RENT Two ana three room apart
ments; also bed rooms. O'Leary
Rooms; phone. ESQ. tt
FOR RENT Two lage connecting rooms
completely furnished for light house
keeping. No children. Bath, raa and
phone. 50 E. Chase. Phone 1129. 7694
FOR RENT Sleeping room for gentle
men. Electric II eh t a. runnin water
In room. bth adjolng. uee of phone;
three Mocks from San Carlos hotel.
Phone . 854. IS N. Reus street. 7743
FOR RENT Three . furnished rooms.
for housekeeping, bath. gas. two blocks
from EPt Hill car line, to couple with
out children. Apply 1404 E. DeSoto St
FOR RENT Furnished room with kitch
enette for two men or light house
keeping, modern conveniences, on car
line. In walking distance. S00 N. Alcanls
FOR REN 1 Parol ox street
ctcres for rent 327-323
'Mooff's) from October J, 1918.
Phone 22. Kncwles Bros. Agency
FOR RENTTo gentlemen. Nicely fur
nlshed room In private home. Modern
In every respect. Beautiful surround
ings. On car line. Phone 16S4. 780t
FOR RENT One large furnished sleeping
room suitable for two men or eoyule.
hot water and electric lights. Apply 10S
W. Gregorq St. 7514
FOR RENT Downstairs, eieeptng rooms
Room suitable for two working girls.
Modern convenience. Rates reasons Me.
BOO N. Hayne. Phone 1818. 7fil7
FOR RENT OR SALE 10 acre, with
885 ft. waterfront, one-half mile south
of Lillian bridge. A very desirable lo
cation. Cheep, for ouick sale. Addr.
Box 205. Lillian. Ala. 7SM
FOR RENT Large furnished room with
kitchenette, suitable for light house
keeping: gas. electric light", telephone
and other modern conveniences. No
children desired. 118 W. Gadsden. Phone
1407. 7810
FOR RENT Two connecting rooms,
furnished for light houeeseenln". No
objection to one child. 1624 E. LaRua.
FOR RENT On North Hill, one fur
nished room for one or two gentle
men. Modern conveniences, mo North
rfeirrer. 7683tf
FOR RENT Three furnished
suitable for lieht housekeeplni
ply 1226 E. Jackson.
. An.
... 7847
FOR RENT North Hill, furnished5 two
room apartment end one large room,
suitable for one or two gentleman
Phone. 1884; P. O. Box 669. 7806
FOR RENT Rod Eni oavlllon. com
plete: has 24 rooms for use of bath
ing narties. as welt as tables, chairs snd
kitchen comn'ete; onlv three . miles
scross bav: ideal ; for conducting1- sum
mer pleasure resort. A haeeln. as own
er leaving town. Phone 223S. 7848
FOR RFNT Nicely furnished front room
suitable for one or two gentlemen,
next to San Carlos hotel. 18 W. Gar
den street; xhone. 1S00. 7805
FOR RENT Two large con
. .necting, unfurnished rooms,
modern conveniences, excellent
neighborhood, permanent ten
ants desired, with no children.
Take East Hill car to 14th ave.
and Morina st, walk north to
corner of Mallory. House is No.
1325 E. Mallory. 7796
FOR RENT Comfortable furnished
" apartment: bedroom, sitting room and
kitchen with all modern conveniences.
Apply 206 W. Gregory. 7783
FOR RENT Furnished apartment for
a couple with no children. Address W.,
care of Journal for particulars.
FOR RENT To acceptable nsrty, three
rooms, hall and bath furnished: gar
aae, if wanted; close In. near car line.
Very desirable. 716 North Alcanls str.
- 7852
pnn nifKT One or two furnished room
J suitable for light housekeeping, about
'two blocks from shiD yard. Phone J A3?.
FOR RENT Desirable Hht housekeep
ing rooms for quiet couple. Gas. batfi
and phone. 114 W. Chase. Phone 1S40
FOR RENT One large front room, one or
two beds furnished nicely. Bath room
convenient and hot water. 420 W. Oh-ae-.
FOR "RENT Nine ' room fumlahed cot
tage at Lem hurst on Bav Shore. All
modern conveniences. Apply, M. 1 Bear,
Lewis Bear Co. lwk-79U
FOR RENT Nicely fum'shed front
room: bath, phone and electric lights:
four- blocks from San Carlos Hote. f2
W. Garden street. t tf-7828
FOR RENT Two comoletelv furnished
rooms . for light housekeeping, to cou
ple without children. Apply 907 E. O
vanteS'St. ' - 75S2
FOR RENT One necely furnished roow.
all modern conveniences. - two blocks
from Palafox. Apply 204 W. Romans st.
FOR RENT -Nicely furnished room for a
- r,oupli or two gentlemen on car line,
811 N. Alcaniz or Phone 1447. lmo-7873
FOR RENT Large furnished room suit
able for one or two g-ltlemen, mod
ern convenience, near ship yard snd
bay shore car line near Old Mill Tn.
Phone 105L 7778
FOR RENT One well-furnlshed apart
ment; also sleeping room for gentle
men or couple. 424 West Garden, Phone
2269. . - - - 7864
FOR RENT Two rooms furnished for
housekeeping to couple without child
ren. Private home. Use of phone. 00
N. Sixth avenue. 7791
FOR RENT Adeslrable front ! room for
one or two gentleman on East Hill car
line. All conveniences and reasonable
rate. 1802 N. lth avenue and Morena
etreen. Phone 1014- -7787
FOR RENT Three furnished rooms for
light housekeeping. Also one oed room
and kitchenette. AU modern. Apply 822
E. Gadsden. 77S9
FOR RENT First class board and rooms,
desirable location, modern convenience.
Apply 212 E. Gregory St. tf-7870
FOR RENT Two large front rooms, fur
nished for light housekeeping. Garage,
no children. 1224 E. Ktrong et- 7;3
FOR RENT On Bay Shore line next to
Old Mill Inn. large double room for
light housekeeping. Private entrance.
Bathroom. 15 minutes wsJk from ship
yards. Suitable for crntlmen or kmt.
ncss ladies. St-7877
FOR RENT Furnished rooms for Ugh
housekeeping to couple without chil
dren, with family of two. Two and n.i
half blocks from post office on car line.
O . .1 W . .
FOR RENT Two large, bright rooms.
furnished for light housekeeping, i In
stantaneous heater. No children. APnlv
900 E. Jackson. 2t?S8
FOR RENT Furnished room, etectrlol
lights and bath. 819 N. Rues st. Phone
1641. tf-7S8
FOl RENT One nicely furnished room
for all modern conveniences, for one or
two gentlemen. Apply 700 N. Spring. 1881
connecting POmnUt1v fnrnlshl fn
lisht housekeeping. 310 W. Gregory ;st.
rnone zvvv. ZX
tor gentleman. 218 East Intendencia.
TWO BUSINE8S WOW.EN desire eood
light housekeeping anartment. within
walking distance of center of city. Refer-
ences. Adoress K. A', care Journal. 7888
FOR RENT One room nljely furnished.
all conveniences, good location, phone
and bath. Apply 50 East Gregory street.
WANTED Neat, clean, strong boy to
help window trimmer at Watson. Park
er & Reese Co. Fine chance to learn the"
trade. See Mr. Christel after 10 a. m, tf
WANTED AT ONCE Common labor at
saw mill and planing mill, jump saw
man. trimmer men and yard men. Also
a good marker. McGowin-Foshee Lgr, Co.,
faicoAia.. k
very iruiy .
J. J. R., Secretary.
BOYS EARN MONEY selling the Pen
saeola Journal, daily snd Hunday.
Wanted 100 boys dally end 200 boys
Sundays to make from 50c to 85 (- day.
See Circulation Manager any morning 5
WANTED Two messenger boys with,
bicycles. Apply Balkcom Drug Co. 7640
WANTED 3 men with families to work
on farm. Mu.it understand how to han
dle and work from two to four horneatn
Improved farm machinery. Houses and
garden furnished. Good wages to tve
men. Richland Farm, Pensaeola, Fla.
WANTEIV-Twe white aemery tK with
bicycles. Apply Central Phanna.-y. 4618
COLORED MAN wanted to wear latent
style tallored-to-measure suit and 7 be
general agent in spare time; big proms.
Write to Knickerbocker Tailoring Co.,
Dept. 381. Chicago. 7601
-' ' e -
MEN Age 17 to 55. Experience unneces
sary. Travel: make secret investiga
tions, reports. Salaries, expenses. Ameri
can Foreign Detective Agency, 189 Kt.
COLA On Sunday morning, March; 9,
you can get all the Journals you want
to sell at the following places: Cor.
Wright and Tarragona streets, comer
Belmont and DeVillier streets. A Journal
man will be there to serve you. Come,
bring your money. You can make your
self a nice sum. Don't fall to be there I
Some steady colored labor.
Work in sheltered building.
Good working home. Pensaeola
Excelsior Company, on Barran
cas avenue.
WANTED 15 to 20 laborers
40c per hour, 9-hour day. Ap
ply west of little Bayou bridge
to road foreman. 4700
. LOOK Hundreds of barbers wanted '-to
I fill good payln- positions. We 111
teach you barber trade, give you setSof
(tools and good paying position day ytu
complete course. All for 830. send tor
catalogue today. Jacksonville Barber1
College, Jacksonville. Fla. 7628
WANTED Printers, handmen and bp
erators. familiar' with newspaper
work. Union office. Apply Journal Comw
posing Room.
WANTEDYoung man stenographer and
clerk. Student preferred. Good chenee
for promotion. Call phone 578. 7861
Pensaeola. Mroh 29. Hundreds clerks
needede. $900 to 81200. Experience un
necessary. Men and women desiring gov
ernment positions write for free particu
lars. J. C. Leonard fformer Civil Service-examiner,)
Equitable building, Wash
ington. Tours very truly.
The U. S. School of Civil Service, Inc.
- 7898
WANTED Discharged soldiers and sail
ors en salesmen to sell San! Pho;e.
Make $5.00 to $8.00 a day. . Use a Sant
Phone on the mouthpiece of the tele
phone to avoid germs. Influenza and
throat trouble. Send SSo for sample.
Sant Phone 4k Construction Co., 147 Cast
1Sh St.. New Tork. 7842
laws Teen Ptr-rrif
OrindlnY Kstvas, Cea
awa, US IS. late
aaeola. Vis ,
b I -e. i usg
W. ORTJHTJWALD. Automobile. M tor
cycle and aatoped repairing. Reasen
ble rate. Headquarters Pensaeola Mo
tor Cycle Clab. Phone $87. IS C Oar-
den. T485 .

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