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' : -j cd Ac-z.i cf -EL;
, JIfrj Alisrt tt Edsicira Appears
' ct Conference to Discuss
Rparction3 end the
' Doundary Questions .
Paris, April 4 Opinion was ex
pressed tonight by a responsible
Oritish authority that the peace
treaty would be ready for signing
T jrswrl Wednesday. -:. ' ' ?v-
Paris, April 4. President Wilson.
, confined to his bed with a cold, char
' tterized in the statement - from the
I 'aria White House today as severe,
spent a comfortable day and secured a
.much needed rest, according to the
bulletin issued at 6 "o'clock this even
nig concerning his condition. I
The President's condition was re
garded by Admiral Grayson, -his per
sonal physician, as sufficiently serious
to warrant his insistence upon the
strict compliance with his orders
against any unauthorized intrusion of
.the sick room. - .
Were it not for the fact that ... the
President has been under a. terrific
strain and deprived of r the usual
amount of exercise, his illness would
be the cause of little worry.
Since his return the President's work
has been enormous and he has been
unable to secure more than the occaa
' lonal walk at odd Intervals with Urs.
Wilson or Admiral Grayson.'. The Pres
ident's appetite today was good, but
at luncheon he was' limited to oyster
soup and a light entree. ' ' .
The American executive, however,
is not sick enough to make him not
care to read. He appears quite con-
tent to rest and sleeps lightly from
time to time. , . .
A study of the. case caused Admiral
Grayson, the President's physician, to
reach the conclusion that the President
was hot suffering from influenza, but
a severe cold, such that the patient
will require careful watching.
Reassuring news from President
Wilson's bedside was .sent to peace
delegates this evening, although .the
news Indicated that the ' president's
condition was such as to make it
advisable that he remain in his room
at least for tomorrow.
Paris, April 4. -The proposed limita
tion of the German . armaments,'" has
at the present for the Germans, large
ly -an acedemlc interest, as depend
able forces which the state and pri
vate enerprise have been unable to
raise by an incessant advertising cam
paign and offers of good pay and
bonuses to volunteers do not reach the
lowest figure mentioned In the reports
as to the size of the army to be - al
lowed Germany by the peace confer
ence. '.; . "v' r "V;.': -. ' -;V
Despite the war ministers Noekes
expressed opinion that in the case
of the unfavorable peace, which he
anticipates the army must as quickly
as possible po brought to a state of
highest efficiency for the new war. -
Paris. April 4. -Pensions to disabled
soldiers and for widows and orphans
will be included in a bill to Germany
for reparation. Peace conference
leaders decide that such relief to indi
viduals was proper. Reparation to the
civilian population will constitute a
very considerable proportion , of the
! 50.000,000 . The amount of the repa
ration bill as it is now approximate
ly estimated. ,
Paris. April 4. King Albert, of Bel-
gium appeared before the council of
.four today, accompanied by Paul Hy
mana. head of the Belgium delegation,
to discuss Belgian affairs. It is un
derstood that reparations and the ter
ritorial aspirations of Belgium was the
rcal pubjects presented.
' .... - , ;.v .:.. i ..--'... "... :;,...; .-;.j- '. s: ' -d '. .-a, '-v..'.' . ; ..... ... . I
? V.;V tra - '"VJ M ?5:cC3
: :-1 1 x: --rxt j t ir
, : - -' v t i tnruiUzj : to
C ; , ' .j Lcici ; 1x3 o clcttltlon in
cClil quarter here. The question
rm rtlsed " by an announcement in
Nw York bf Xudwts Martens, a r
styled amtauMMMlor from Soviet, Rus
ria, that he was ready to deposit 1200,
AOO.OOd in rold as a guarantee to cover
the purchases from this country for
the, Bolshevist government.
Coblens.7 Thursday, April 3. The
Forty-Second Division is packed up
and awaiting final order to move
homeward. The first two trains with
troops from thia division aboard are
scheduled to leave Sunday for Brest.
Four trains daily will ' be run there
after "for six. days. . ' f -
New York, April 4. Ueut. Colonel
J. Leslie Kincaid. former judge advo
cate of -the Twenyt-aeventh division,
in a . statement tonight reciting what
he considers some of the evils sf the
present military system, asserted that
conditions on the French prison farms
beggar discription. He quoted one
official report regarding Farm Num
ber 2, charging that the American sol
diers, held for absence without leave,
because they missed a train in Paris,
were drilled In front of machine guns
where the. men were called to atten
tion and knocked to tne grouna oy
repeated blows Jn the face. -
Chattanooga. Tenru, April 4. An
application for a receiver for the Chat-
tanooea Railway and Ldght company,
trAiid bv the Clark interests of
i Philadelphia, which operates the local
street car system, was filed in United
States district court today by the Com
mercial Trust Company, of Philadel
phia, ownera of two and three quar
ters million dollars worth of mortgage
hands of the railway. The complain
ant charges that the company refused
to pay the interest -amdunting to 70.
000 on the bonds held by the Trust
Company, .j,." V"v- : ;
Halifax, N. S- April 4.-The United
States destroyer Barney which put in
here a few days ago after an unsuc
cessful attempt to. locate a favorable
starting ' point on the Newfoundland
coast for the proposed trans-Atlantic
flight by United States aviators, is ex
pected to sail again for Newfoundland
this afternoon. Ice interfered with
the previous attempt. a
Lieutenant-Commander Bellinger,
the United States naval expert in
charge of the preparations will not be
aboard the destroyer on this trip,, hav
ing left for North Sydney, N S., by j
ran. .: . ; .
Participating In the April -primary
in Pensacola will be approximately SO
new voters.: Yesterday 525 had regis
tered which was a big increase over
those qualified to take part in the last
city election, according to Registration
Officer Kirkpatrick. It is expected
that .the rush . today will . swell the
total at least 100 more. .; V au
Today is the final day for registra
tion. In - order to accommodate the
late ones, Mr. Kirkpatrick s office in
the city halt will be kept open until 8
o'clock. ,
1 zjL.
- u Hi
Ezaerceacy , Flet , Ccrpcr&ticn
Head Thfc3 Rcdcrcd Prices
Agretd to Is' Step in the -v
Rteht Direction
Washington. .April 4. Revised steel
prices arranged by the industrial board
of the Department of Commerce in
conference with producers, will be re
considered if the board is shown good
and sufficient " reason for doing so.
Chairman Peek of the board stated to
night. "' . r
Conferences scheduled for today be
tween the board and representatives of
Director Hines were delayed ' by the
absence of one of the railroad admin
istration's representatives. It is con
sidero' certain that they will begin
- T-T lY? :-- -ri
- vy aeparucut. oteiais oeciarea
today that the principles of r uniform
prtcea, Jutd neither been accepted nor
rejected by tftat, department.
'Steel prices in all future shlpbuild
Ing contracts let by -the Emengency
Fleet corporation will , be based on the
new schedule of prices -agreed .upon
between the industrial board and the
steel manufacturers, D. IL Cox.. head
of the Steel Ship corporation, an
nounced, i "
. Reduction in the cost of steel, said
Cox's j announcement, is regarded by
the shipping board as a step in the
right direction and calculated to en
courage the shipbuilding Industry of
the nation.'
Louisville, Ky April 4. Business
affairs and a number of addresses
were . on today's ' program of the 25th
annual convention here of the United
Daughters of the Confederacy. With
most of . the big -problems disposed of
during the strenuous sessions of. the
last two days, many of the members,
of whom there are "500, apparently
were inclined, to '"take It easy" today.
Last night, a number of ' historical
banners and a loving cup were award
ed ,of'"the best essays written upon
subjects of TmportanceTto Confederate
history. - The Youree prize, given the
state having the largest percentage of
sons of CorJederate veterans serving
in the late world war, was presented
to the Indiana chapter of the associa
tion. Mrs. Peter Tduree, of Shreve-
port, LaV the doner personally making
the presentation. ' - -V'V.; v'.V'-V-''
i North Carolina, for the. second con'
secutive .time, received the Mrs. I. H.
Raines banner, the state's . chapter
president. Mrs. Jackson D. Thrash, of
Raleigh,: being the receiver. The Rose
loving cup ;one of , the most sought for
prizes. . was captured by Mrs. J. I
Woodbury, of Louisville, for submit
ting tlie " rbest sketch of the ''Old
South." . i' : f ,-.4 . t-k'&'i-
Before the congres adjourns, . April
S. selection will be made of a, conven
tion city for next year. - Tampa, El
Paso, Mobile and Kansas City, with
prospect of additional nomination", are
being boosted for this honor. . . .
.; Seventy-six tons of nitrate of soda
were shipped yesterday from Pensa
cola. There is stored here 10,000 tons
of the government supply, to be used
by ' Alabama farmers ; for ? fertilizing
purposes. Approximately 200 ''tons
have gone out of Pensacola for use in
Escambia county and fanners all over
West Florida have also been liberally
supplied with the solution. " r
Nitrate may still be obtained through
a pplication made to Farm Demonstra
tion Agent Burnett, at $81 a ton, plus
the freight charges from Pensacola to
the shipping' point. A check or money
order must accompany the explication,
' i I . 1 . 11.411 II I II II - . I
Signing of Peace Would Mean
Their Immediate Discharge
i According to NaVy De
partment Statement
Troops Abroad Must Be Brought
. Ilonie Terapcrary Officers
Rlay Be Held For at Least
Six Months
Washington. . April 4. Because - of
the failure of congress to enact the
naval appropriation; bill with its pro
vision for- an, increased .naval .person-
vat reserve force on active duty must
be released immediately , upon the dec?
laratlon of peace. s
In making this, announcement today,
the navy department said because of
this fact and of the great need of of
ficers due both to continuing activi
ties of the navy and the shortage of
regular, officers, it would be Inadvisa
ble, generally to accept the resignation
of . officers . in '. the temporary ' navy.
Many of these officers have asked to
be released from duty so as to return
to civil life, ' but a ttention ' was called
by the department' to the fact .they
are under obligation to perform ac
tive duty with the navy for, a period
of not later than six; months' after the
termination of the .war It . was an
nounced, however, resignations of such
officers would be accepted, as addi
tional officers were made or appointed
in the temporary or permanent naval
Our troops abfoadSrVte brought
home," said the departme
nouncement, "and they must be fed and
provided for 'over there before they
come home. Our associates In the war
still require food and provisions. ? To
do this workhe navy today is op
erating jl 10 transports and 210 cargo
carriers. The temporary officers of
the navy are making this work possi
ble because the department can count
upon holding them for six months after
peace is signed, s .
Through the failure of the naval bin
with its authorization for retention of
10 per cent of the reserve force until
January l,"lt20, and 5 per cent . until
July I ; 1920, there is no : authority
under existing law for th retention of
members of the naval reserve force,
even with their consent, on active duty
after the national emergency is de
clared to be at an end.
Physicians Cannot Prescribe
J Narcotics in Any From for
Drug Addicts Except
For Cure5
"v (New Orleans, April 4. Judges of th.
United States circuit court o appeals
in affirming the decision of the federal
district court of ; El Paso" today held
that physicians cannot prescribe legal
ly narcotics in. any form for drug ad
dicts unless they do go in the-course
of a 1 treatment looking to ' a cure.
Otherwise, according .! to the -court's
ruling, there is a violation of the Har
rison antl-narcotlo act. : ;. i
. The court upheld the decision of the
federal district court for the western
district of Texas finding Dr. M. C
Melanson and Dr. , Quillerrao on the
Ellsworth of El Paso guilty 'of violating
Harrison act.
Secretary Baker ells Filippine
. Mission Time Has Come to
Grant Complete Free
V dom Desired
Washington, April 4. Members of
the special mission of the Phlllippine
legislature here seeking immediate
independence for the islands were told
today by Secretary - Baker that he
spoke President Wilson's mind when
he said he believed the time had come
to grant , the complete Independence
desired by the Fillipino people. .
Declaring there now is a stable gov
ernment in the Philippines, managed
and supported by the people them
selves,, and that - It can and will be
ma la tain edL jf Independence is granted
tha-.UUAdsajid urgisg ir th
opportune ,1 tune rror presenting the
claims because of the principles for
which the United States- entered the
world war -"for the liberty, the self
government and the undlctated devel
opment of all peoples' Manuel L.
Quezon, chairman of the Philippine
mission todav presented to Secretary
Baker the question of independence fo1T
the Filipino people. Mr. , Baker, . who
if in charge of Philippine affairs, thU
morning formally received the entire
mission, numbering about forty mem
bers, representing all elements of Phil
ippine life. Chairman Quezon, presi
dent of the Philippine senate and form
er resident commissioner of the is
lands in Washington, acted as spokes
man. ,
After announcing that the mission
brought to the United States a mes
sage of good . will gratitude and re
spect from all the inhabitants of the
itlands, Mr. Quezon stated he had been
sent by his people formally to submit
to thi sgovernment the urgent ques
tion of their independence, in the con
fident hope it shall merit a just,
righteous and ? final settlement.
"Independence is the great national
ideal of - the Filippino people, Mr.
Quezon asserted, "and we believe this
is the proper time to present the ques
tion, looking to a favorable and decis
ive action, because of the declared and
uniform policy of America to withdraw
her sovereignty over the Philippines
and to recognize our independence as
soon as a stable government has been
established. There' now is a stable
government and the fulfillment of this
solemn promise you owe yourselves to
us and to humanity at large."
The speaker paid a tribute to the
United States for he manner in which
the affairs of the islands had been
administered during the period of
American occupation, which, . through
the co-operation of Americans and
Filippinos, he said had brought "pros
perity and progress unprecedented.
"You have truly treated us as no
nation ever before has treated another
under Its sway, he declared, "and yet
you and none better , than you will
understand why. even under such con
ditions, our people still crave indepen
dence that they too may be sovereign
masters of their own destinies.
Mr. Baker was given a document sent
by the Philippine legislature in which
was set forth the facts "on which the
Filipinos based their a peal for inde
pendent national existence.
The mission, including forty .promi
nent Filipinos and headed by Manuel
Quezon, president of the Senate, upon
being received in Secretary Baker's of
fice today, presented " formal memo
rial, asking independence and point
ing particularly to the record of the
Philippines in the great war.
In replying the secretary read Pres
ident W'Json's letter, addresed to him
under date of April 4. It was asc fol
lows: ;..' S.-.-'-"
Will you please express to the gen
tlemen of the commission representing
the Philippine legislature my regret
that I Shall be unable to see them per
sonally on their arrival in Washing
ton, as well as my hope that their mis
sion : will be a source of satisfaction
to them ' and that , it ' will result in
bringing about the desirable ends set
forth In the joint resolution of the leg
islature approving he sending of the
mision to the United States. -
News In Brief
From All Over
The Universe
Philadelphia, April 4. William Carr,
judge of common pleas court and form
er postmaster of Philadelphia under
President Cleveland, died at midnight.
Death was due to complications fol
lowing a cold contracted several weeks
Paris, April 4. (Havas) . The Ital
ian transport Umbria, with 2,000, offi
cers and Soldiers on board bound from
Venice to Tripoli, has struck a mine
and sunk, according to advices from
Bar!, Italy, quoting newspapers -of
that city. Severe al on board were kill
ed and 100 injured. ,
Berlin, Thursday, April . - 3. General
strike has bnm at Krupp Works
where the. employes can not agree with
employers on - the wage question, ac
cording'., to reports from Essen. ' Re
ports "from ' Frankfort say the situa
tion has quieted down there. f ; ,
board, mtypon begin 'the return 1a
livery of Duton'fth1pplarf requUiti6eU
by . the United States for emergency
war use last March it was -stated
here today as the result of negotiations
under way.
London, April 4. The Bolshevik! In
attacks east of Bolshoa Ozera were de
feated by , tpe allies four times on
March sist, ana once Apnnsx aceora-
ing ; to an official statement. The
enemy losses are considerable while
the allied casualties are slight the
statement adds.
Norfolk, Va., April 4. Fire which
originated in the top floor of the Im
perial Tobacco Company's warehouse
on the waterfront here today caused
damage estimated at more than $100,
000. All tobacco stored in the burning
compartment was destroyed by the
flames and the contents of the lower
floors were badly damaged by water.
Washington, April 4. Arrangements
for the joint debate on the league of
nations at Philadelphia, on April. 10
between Senator Hitchcock, of Nebras
ka, retiring chairman of the ' senate
foreign relations committee, and
George Wharton Pepper, . provide for
an hour's time each, with Senator
Hitchcock speaking 45 minutes in
opening, and fifteen minutes in clos
ing the debate.
Baltimore, April 4. Frankie Robin
son, America's premier jockey, died at
the University Hospital tonight from
injuries sustained in spill in the sixth
race at the Bowie track today. Two
other jockies were injured. Robinson,
under a contract to Harry Payne Whit
ney, New York millionaire, is said
to have been the highest salaried rider
in the United States.
Chicago, April 4. A new half mile
indoor record was established by Nor
man Ross In an open meet at the Illin
ois Athletic club last night. Ross,
formerly of - the Olympic club, San
Francisco, but now swimming unat
tached, made the distance with , a
trudgen crawl stroke in 10:53 2-5. In
this performance the Californian is
also said to have lowered seven inter
mediate records. The former half mile
record was 11:15 1-5.
.. . ,
. Jersey: City, X.' April 4.A ver
dict awarding $413,390 for damages
t. rising out of the disastrous Black
Tom : island explosion in New Tork
harbor in July 1916. was given by the
supreme court here today in favor of
B. H. Howell Son & Co, New York
sugar" refiners, against the Lehigh
Valley Railroad. The Howell firm lost
sugar ; ' stored in Lehigh warehouses
here. ; ' -
The railroad contended that the flra
which followed the explosion originat
ed on property, not owned, by . the d
reoCant aad spread to the warehouse.
K, - - .
War Camp Community Service
v Stands Ready to Finance
? Project Until September ,j
, it Is Announced - 5
City Commissioners . Are r Still
Considering Plans to Serve
Civilians Seeking Work '.
Continuation of the employment ser- '
vice, which will fit returned soldiers,
sailors and marines into peacetime
jobs, is assured Pensacola, regardless
of the turn of events cancelling th
federal bureau- . $ vcl: V''W
Jh, War ; Camp -Community, Ser. -r
vice stands ready to finance such ser
vice until next, September, according
to C. 1a Guake, national representa
tive. Headquarters will be establish
ed at the Army and Nacy club, if the
project is undertaken. "
The aid - of the organization was
sought recently when congress failed
tod make, an appropriation for the U.
gjmployment service and the appeal
f., Bent out to patriotic, labor and
civlo organizations to ; help fill thj
breach until the next national session
was called. Co-operation and funds
were promised then. :
.W. V. McNeir, examiner In charge
of the district employment, office -in
Pensacola, -will begin within the next
few day. work with returned service
men. He will visit the Army and Navy
club at frequent Intervals, in order to
keep in touch with men who are back
from camp or. overseas and to place
them in direct communication with
employers who may-need them. ' .'
The service, if it is established, will
in no way concern civilians, either
men or women. However, the city of
Pensacola will, in all probability, oper
ate an employment service and an in
formation bureau which would fill this
need. When the annual budget Is
made up In October, by the board of
city commisloners, provision may be
made for the operation of such a ser
vice. ' s.
A municipal ordinance was recently
Introduced which would provldevfor
replacement of the federal , bureau.
There are no funds at present In the
city treasury by means of which such
an organization could be maintained,
but officials have stated that the mat
ter of finances could be arranged.
' Candidates ..for city commissioner
will announce their platforms and de
fine their views at a' big mass meet
ing, which will be held Monday night
at 7:30 o'clock at Mallory court
An invitation has been extended to
George Hinrichs, Dade Green, Peter
L Rollo and Harvey Bayliss to take
part in the meeting, .which has been
arranged by friends of the candidates.
A permit was issued yesterday aft
ernoon by Street Commissioner Hin
richs giving the required authority to
stage the gathering.
Washington, April 4. Complaint by
the railroad. administration to the de
partment of justice against alleged im
proper methods employed by officers
of the state of Virginia In enforcing
the prohibition laws has been referred
by Attorney General Palmer to Assist
ant Attorney General Frierson for In
vestigation. It' is alleged that the of -
ncers vioiatea a comn containing m,
corps In their search for contraband
shftK&ents of liquor across toe cttij

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