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The Pensacola Journal
Pensacola's Only Sunday
1 Newspaper ; ,
For Florida i Fair Tuesday and
Wodnoaday with fiontlo ah if ting winds
mostly oast over aouth portion - and
aoiith ovar northwaat portion.
I VOL. XXII. NO. 118.
i o i s i I L " .-. I I 1 1 I f i- Us l: 1 I I I II I I I 1 II i f r I I
I rw n cir? id)
1M atiffiB I? RiEB
13 BMjMH iffi HOMffl
League Itself Will Later
Pacs Upon Merits of the
Claims of Amendments
Five Judges s t ncprceenting
United States, Italy, Ja
pan, Britain end France
Will Try Kaicer.
The revised covenant of the
Laaguo of Nation haa" finally been
adoptad at tho plenary session of
tho paaca conference. Sir : Erie
Drummend will bo firat aac rotary-
general of tha league, haadquar.
tara of which will bo Gonova, ;
Switaarland. ' , . . .
Japan'a amotions far a clauaa
in tha covan.l dialing -with racial
aquality waro net aatiafiad, and
tho daairaa cf Franco for an in- ,
tarnational pclica forea and tin , t
Station and voWHeation of armi .
manta wara nat fulfillad. Both
Japan and Franca withdraw thair;
amandmant. It ia reported that
tha Uaoiio ftaolf later will pass
upon tha niarita of tha respective
, Incorporated in the " pa treaty tra
t r ."- Ar-'l.
-. rror ty;r.n t::; atloJ i.
r- J : tor Uiil tr rUtary cou. c?
Ciraan oCIoers iwk may be accused of
having violated the laws and customs
of war. .
Surrender of William Hohenzollern,
now in Holland, and other persons re
quired by the courts, will be demanded
by the powers.
The only big . issue outstanding- la
Italy's claims with regard to Flume
and- the ' Dalmatian coaatal regions.
President Aden' of Switzerland, haa
arrived in Paris, and one report saya
he has been requested to become ar
bitrator in the dispute. ,
Paris. April 28. At today's plenary
aeseion of the peace eczil re nee, tha
council of four presented-, the text of
twenty provisions for prosecutions of
the former Emperor William by a court
of five judges representing: the United
States. Great' .Britain, . France, Italy
and Japan, for supremo offense against
international morality (and sanctity of
treaties. , ' -.' '.--v ; '
The council of Ave, at Its meeting;
Saturday, says La Llberte, agreed that
German war prisoners will be liber
ated after the signing of the peace
" The German delegates to the peace
ejjfigress arrived here this evening at
9 o'clock. The party numbered sixty.
Immediately on their arrival the dele-
gates were - taken In automobiles to
'Hotel des Reserveoirs. There was no
untoward incident. ' '
No credence is given at the White
House to the statement that Ambas
sador Pago intends to resign the Roma
post on account of differences with
the president lover tho .Flume ques
tion. It is declared nothing is known
of differences. .'
Washington, April 2S. The constitu
tion of the League of Nations Is the
work of politicians, not jurists, and it
creates an organ of power instead of
an institution of justice. Dr. .David
Jay no Hill, former ambassador to Ger
many, declared here today in an ad
dress Under the auspices of George
Washington university. Dr. Hill as
serted the league covenant created
either a super-government with' im
perial power, or a mischief-making
mandatory body with no real means
to enforce ita decrees.
Tallahassee, ? FXa-, April 28. The
of the governor as chairman and alt
hoard of state institutions, composed
the members of the cabinet, are asking
the legislature or 873.500 for the state
hospital for the insane at Chatta
hoochee, $229,250 for the industrial
(reform) school for boys at. Marianna.
and $104,000 for the industrial school
for girls at OcaJa, V '.,.
A bill covering these appropriations
was introduced today by Senator Rus
sell, who states that ho was asked to
submit the measure for the board and
he does not promise to rapport all tho I
neos contained ta ta J
' . Premier ; Orlando wired homo to
Italy to' - protest tho American em
bassy and American interests In that
country against any demonstration
protesting the stand of President Wil
son.' - Pago is the Americaa" ambassa
dor, to Italy and unless recalled by the
extreme -action' of a diplomatic break
will look after,; Interest of LAmeri-
X..-- :,.' - ' ' T.'j.V -; ",. :
Sonnino. foreign-minister, has been
constantly and always .or a : Greater
Italy, without regard to the claims ot
other peoples. An Italian - ministry re
signed because . of i differences . In ' the
country ;over. I h ia :: annexationist .. plans
at s the opening cf the peace .'congress.
But ' Sontano'-stayed. Orlando, " prime,
minister. atVnr time differed with
SonimWb, but .be, A now
is ' stubbornly i
backing the position taken by the f or I
eign minister. !iHe -arrived in Romal
Sunday night from -Paris. . '
As : Contrasted With Recent
Reconihiendations, State
ment Ts -' of Unusual In
; Washington. April' 28. Postmaster
General Burleson has recommended to
President Wilson that , all , telephone,
telegraph, and cable lines ;be returned
to private -Owners as soon as congress
can enact the' legislation, deemed nec
essary. ' -
. In a statement today Burleson said
he hoped to have cables in the hands
of owners, by May 10, but the condi
tions of . telegraph and telephone wires
was such.' however, the' statment said.
Vhe was convinced congress should pass
iegisiauon ; saieguarding the interests
of owners in every way that it is pos
sible to safeguard'tnem." 4--::.
v; Post office ""department officials who
have aided: in the control of tee tele
graph and. telephone l companies, ex
pressed the1 belief ' that " few " of the
companies cou!dweather the financial
storm if the, .properties ; were turned
back, without remedial legislation,
mm mm
Physical Education and
Training in Public Schools
Was i&nong Important
Measures. '
Child Welfare BUI Merely
p uives commissioners Au
thority to Appropriate, as
Now Amended..
' Tallahassee. 'April 28. The senate
today passed four general bills. They
were a measure by Senator Kulley to
promote the upbiulding of national vi
tality and, efficient citizenship through
establishment . ot physical education
and training for pupils of both sexes
in public schools; an act to provide
that no administrator shall be neces
sary upon certain cases; a bill to re
duce costs of preparing transscrips
of appeals in equity cases and a meas
ure to amend the rules 'for taking of
acknowledgements in foreign coun
tries. A resolution by Senator King ask
ing that ; a St. Lucie county local fish
bill . be . recommitted, failed after Sen
ator Hughlett, whose .district includes
SU Lucie county, asked the senate not
to'- adopt ' it, ; senatorial courtesy pre-r
resw. . .. V,;W.'ied by :aor A. jsti
Wi.Irc jt. tho Ct. XAicie Tribune and
others. ' ' " -" ' '
v Senator Carlton introduced a' bill
giving the ' Idve Stock Sanitary board
authority to v condemn Infected cattle
and pay the owners for the loss sus
tained by the killing of the f diseased
animals. He also introduced a. meas
ure providing for re-establishment of a
state farm or colony "for epileptic and
feeble minded and to make appropria
tion therefor.' It is stated" that there
are scores of such patients -Incarcerated
at Chattahoochee who do not be
long in an asylum for the insane, that
they can and do work, that in order
to enlarge the "hospital to accommo
date these patients the expanditure of
funds that, would be necessary would
be greater than the cost of a propos
ed separate farm and that the epilep
tics and feeble; minded could : make
their institution practically seKBC3
mining. ;-":;.-:.-;:r; 4
Senator Singletary introduced a LIS!
providing that a bank shall not j"e
liable. to a' depositor for the non-p?.y-.
ment of a check through error unless
the depositor can prove actual dam
age. . . - '-'i.
The senate voted to meet in the fu
ture from 20:30 a. m. to 1:30 p. and
trom 3 to a p. in., eacn oay.
. - Child Welfare.
When the child Welfare bill -yas
reached Seutor Turner withdrew hlaf
to except , Levy , county
from the provisions of. tho
after ho. had been assured tha the
amendment would kill the bill; that
the paying- of pensions to mo tiers
was not ntanditory upon the boaiv
county commissioners, and after th
bill had . been amended to . read "The
boards.- of county commissioners are
authorized and empowered" instead o:
"It shall be the ..duty of the county
commissioners" ; several . friendly
amendments, ' to ; perfect this measure
mawa tfk A ai1 i f WAft f- d-A 4 Vt A A
grossing room-
When the McWIiliams bill to provido
medals for all Florida boys who served
as soldiers and sailors in the world
war came up on secon d reacting ' Sen -ator
Malone tried in vain to amend it
so as to also give medals to those who
assisted in the draft machinery of the
state. Senator Jackson ' opposed the
amendment on, the ground that a sol
dier who had served overseas would
not appreciate the medal if it went, to
the man in the office of the : local
board. Senator lie Williams said such
an amendment would result in mini-
mixing the, token 'of gratitude to the
Florida heroes " asid he . would vota
against the bill if it were so amended.
MeWilliamo Bill Debated.
'The McWUIiams bill to create looal
visiting boards in each of the towns
where are located ' the institutions or
higher education and eliminating from
the original Buckban bin the provis
ion that no member of the board of
control shall reside in any "town in
which : there is r a - college under, the
board of v control, was debated at
length in ' the senate today and was
finally informally passed, over on the
calendar at the request of the author,
who may take it up and attempt to
pass it at a later date. The bill re
tains its position on the Tin?ill'ifir of
J. bills on. third roartinr.
BTvsaaaas' . kv '
-The Italian peninsula was a group of disunited states when Cavour,
premier of Sardinia . (1) conceived a plan to unite them under the banner
of the House -of Savoy. , With the aid of Napoleon, Lombardy (2) was
wrested from Austria in 1859 and with the approving vote by its people
annexed. Sentiment- for a United Ital y had long been active in . the Inde
pendent States (3), and one by one in" 1860 they overthrew their petty
rulers and voted to unite with Sardinia in the' making of a Greater Italy.
With their united armies they quickly took Venetia (4) back from Austria
in 1866. Home (5), the church state, was the last in the peninsula to come
Tinderthe4ItaltanifHi: mil8IO. V;T and Istria and a bit of coast
between Istria and Veneila (6) are admittedly ' Italian and will be: given to
ItaTy hy the' peaceeongrreas at Paris without question. But; now Italy
claims Flume ;
the secret ,treatys.r ;
"Wflsn akatsrrsi-. jr
and the cttfias behind her.
Live Stock Sanitary Board
Is Asked, to Give Itemized
Statement of Its Past Do
ings. I
(By J3HN C. TRICE) "
Tallahassee:;' April 28. The first
thirx. tho-toqHSir-did this morning was ;
dopt a resolution by Mr. upper- 1
son of Levy, calling on the Live Stock
Sanitary board ' to file with . the legis- ;
lature an itemized . statement of its
expenditure since its organ iaztion.
Time for filing the report is limited
it& tomorrow morning.
,A telegram was reaa irom csenaior
Fletcher to the - speaker of the house.
tastated he would arrive in Talla-
basee during . the day, and after his
arrival would be at " the" disposal of
tho legislature if that body desired to
hear him. Tonight was , agreed upon
for holding a joint session for listen
ing to the address of the -senator.
Mr. Hamblin. f Millsborougb, called
up lunate messages for the purpose of
sretti before the house a bill nl
teady passed in the other, end of the
recites in a preamble that of a million
dollars ' appropriated by . the federal
government for- combatting 'venereal
diseases, the sum of $8,183 was paid
into the state treasury, on the 11th day
of last Februarybut it could not be
aid. out on a warrant of comptroller
until the legislature authorized it. The
Qin passed. ,
: ' Mr. -Wade, of Olay county, called up
his bill. 181. putting into effect . com
pnlsory school nt tendance system in
the state. ; He sa 4 he was not going to
ask for its pass to at this time,1 only
"it be read: he second time and
r .enced to thT 1 reading. After it
1 J been read 2 f. Williams, of Leon,
nsorved to sulk i out - the enacting
clause. In donj so he pointed out
thrJt the bill ' of Ztr. Wade . had been
beTvre the commlCee on education and
reOmed to the Chouse withou trec-omr-tndation,
wtile a -bill of his on
the-ame subject bad been unani
mously reported favorably by the 00m
mittca. ' - i '. ...''
For an hour Or more ' Mr. Wade
spok. m favor of ; his bin and against
the votion. - Ho reviewed at length
the . r, .potties of churches of - ancient
times. asKr pieacad zor separation of
church and. state,. Ho contended his
bill Jvrould do more than that of Mr,
Willsasv : to briso; , about this result,
while putting into effect compulsory
attendance at home public , schooL
The house, by a large majority, vot-
XCoatlnaed. oa Page-ThreeJ.
it i
; coast,the '.latter under " the terms of
i. before the.; Unite tates ."entered i the 'war. J A
6srjttter8rfacia a report for"ngo-SUvBrfei!
r. ' 7"" ma.
Tallahassee, April 28.- Is is
reported from many sources
that the governor has positive-
S :ly stated on several occasions
Sthjit H. J. Mackey's name will
Si not be sent up to the senate for
iS - reappointment and confirma
M tion as County Solicitor of Es
S cambia county. R. P. Stout' is
IS I" expected to be named.
18111 ig
News In Brief
From All Over
The Universe
Washington,. April 28. The . nation
has subscribed $839,000,000 to the Vic
tory Loan.r
Washington, April 28. Richard
Crane, private secretary to Secretary
Lansing, it is understood has been se
lected to become the first American
minister to the new republic of Czecho
Slavonia. ' . New Tork, 'April 28. Samuel Gora
pers, president of the American Fed
eration of Labor, injured when a street
car ' struck . his taxicab yesterday, is
resting well tonight. - His condition is
favorable, physicians announced.
Tallahassee, FUu, April 28. United
States Senator Duncan U. Fletcher
addressed the legislature in joint ses
sion here tonight, beginning at 9 : 30,
having been invited by a concurrent
New York, April 28. William P.
Oliver, : Lucern. Miss ' ' fireman, , was
among four ' United States sailors
drowned in the Hudson river today
when a launch collided with the de
stroyer Henley and sank. A fifth is
missing and believed lost.
Montgomery. Alav April f 28. Judge
McCord.of .the Fifteenth Judicial dis
trict court today issued an injunction
restraining the Southern Bell Telephone-company
from putting into ef
fect May 1st advanced rates in city of
Atlanta. April 28. American soldier
in France never knew what retreat
was. A. Mitchell Palmer, attorny gen
eral, declared here tonight in opening
the local Victory Loan campaign. The
people of the United States, he said,
are not going to be beaten by their
own -soldiers. - - Mr. Palmer . said . a
young cousin of his, who went in as
a private, came nome irom Tance a
captain, told him that in training
camps they never told us a word
about retreat." General March con
tain latec the sneaker said.
.... - ' . . . , ..; .... . ' e-
Work of Flyers Here ; Was
, Ons of IJost Effective cf
: Pullicity Stunts of , Vic-
. , tory Campaifji.'
Immerman turns, barrel rolls, loop
the loop, tail spins and" slide slips
thrilled Pensacola yesterday, when two
great army planes . from Montgomery
gave an exhibition of nearly an hour,
directly over the city; with lit." J. C
Nail, Lt. A. T. Steele, Lt. Harry Thomp
son and -. Expert Mechanician ; J. C.
Tomlin taking part in the Tlying cir
cus. V. : :
The planes left the Pensacola naval
ail station about 4 o'clock, returning
at 6, and before the flight to town was
made Miss Thelma DeBroux, a charm
ing, young yoemanette, who has been
most active in the Victory drive at the
station, was given a ride in one of the
MlsajDeBroux has . the distinction of
nr lirsyo jajrHriatsiidau of bess ia - aiu
made a .flight irt an air plane,; and
found the experience pleasant jsswelV
as thrilling. The army - fliers leave
early this morning, stopping over In
Brewton for gas. and then going on
to Montgomery. Their work in Pensa
cola attracted much attention and was
one of the most effective publicity
stunts of the Victory campaign.
The following wire was received by
Escambia county headquarters yester
day From Chairman Haynes McFad
deu: "Chairmen of all counties who have
made their quotas at the end of the
month are invited to Atlanta, to meet
Hon. Carter Glass, secretary . of the
treasury, on May 1. Please make ex
tra effort to get your county over, so
that you may be with us. Kxpenses
will not be paid unless your county is
over by May 1. '
J. M. Muldon, K8cambia county
chairman, sent the following wire in
"Sorry, but consider it impossible to
put Escambia over by first. Total
subscriptions in banks, $194,000. Sixty
thousand additional subscriptions not
yet deposited. Don't worry about us.
Be there May 10 with bells on.
Among buyers of bonds yesterday
were a number of patriotic Greeks. S.
Griffin of the B. and l B. purchasing
$5,000, and Charlie Barlirls of Angelo's
Lunchroom taking $3,000 of subscrip
tions. Another $5,000 purchase was
made by Jack Ling.
R. F. Mitchell chairman, speaking
for the West Florida zone, said yes
terday. ' ,.
-(."The campaign Is getting under way
in earnest and all counties not already
over are hard at work." -.
, .Bay , and .Washington counties have
gone over with flying colors'. Okaloosa
went over "Friday, but was unable to
report, owing to a bank holiday Sat
Mr. Mitchell said: "It is a wonder
ful thing the way . Okaloosa always
comes over the wire before the other
counties have got their second heat.
This little county, the Baby county of
Florida, sets the pace for others, and
in making its quota it has only made
true the forecasts which were made by
county and zone chairmen. J. D. Cobb
has had able men working with him
in this campaign and has done some
fine work."
The vaudeville show from the Pen
sacola naval air station is playing the
circuit , in fine style, and Chairman
Morrow of Madison, Fla., is making
arrangements for the troupe ' to ex
hibit there on .May 3rd. Chairman
Morrow reports more than fifty per
cent of Madison county's quota pledged
and declares that they expect to fin
ish the job in a few . days. Good re
ports are expected today from Cal
houn and Liberty counties.
'Jackson county expects to have a
big celebration today with army tank,
naval air station show, parade, speak
ers and other features. J ;,. "
1 Privte J. :P. McKlnnon of San Fran
sicco, : and . Private L. . D. Higgins of
Stevens Point. Miss, 'are at the San
Carlos awaiting the arrival of the sec
ond army tank which is expected In
a few days. The tank has already left
Atlantaiand is en route to tho city, j
State Hospital For IncanW
?t Seriously Inadequate Asv
to fire Prbtcction andl
Houcinc: Facilities.
- ' .. v "
... T ' ' VaBmg - '
- . ' ; v ' 1. - .. - v .
Coys' Refcrmatory . Inade
I quate Rcccmmcndation
! Made T!:t Parents , Co
Rcc?cni!::S For Acts bf,
Boys Uncler lO. ; ' . 7
' Tallahassee. April 28. The report of
the special committee appointed at the
extraordinary session to visit and in
vestigate the needs , and condition of
the state infiVitUUons and make, raw
commendations to this legislature was
presented today; It waa signed by
John W. Watson, chairman,' E. p. Wil
son and W. .W. Phillips, and covers
investigations of all institutions ox-
cept the state prison farm at' Ralford
and tho . girls' industrial school t
Oeala, , v , t ,
Brtefly the . report on tho different
institutiona roUows: .- '. r
i ,tate Hetrrtai for Insane.
TheT report glvea.it as tte cofnmit-
v44fiopmlonVthAt-'ttb".mstitution is
not Whatft -should be, but states that.
Lority 4ro rptssibiy "dolnsp the best
they cant . with tha present ; buildings
anaequtpment-We believe that it
Is impossible." It recites,' no" make a
modern institution with ,. these old
buildings," some wood, sonic brick,
built , evidently without, regard to
architecture or to comfort and very,
little fire protection. The .fact ia that!
the state has long outgrown this badly)
crowded . institution and the sanitary
conditions are not what they should I
be. According to the statement of the
physician accompanying us. the insti
tution is badly overcrowded, having
about 1,600 patients, 60 per cent white1
and 40 per cent colored."
"Under the management of W. Ww
Trammell, who resigned about fifteen
months ago, we find that they used aJ
part of the colored male building to!
take care of about sixty white patients;
me section, nowever, was separate
from the colored patients. At the
white female department at the same
time. they were using the day, or sit
ting room, for sleeping rooms. In the
colored female department beds hadi
to be placed In the halls. The condi
tions are about as bad now. The
original buildings - at " this institution.
were constructed for military purposes'
and all buildings erected since simply
had to be located as best they coukt
with reference to other buildings. The!
entire institution seems to have no1
definite plan for Its future growth ndi
without any uniformity as to the dif-j
ferent departments. The recreation.)
grusndo are altogether too smalL
There have been admitted to this
Institution many old and enfeebled
persons, most of whom were suffering
from some chronic or incurable dis-i
ease at . the time of admission. It imi '
the opinion of your committee that!
this class of patients should' be kepc
at home and treated, and not to bet
sent to the hospital for the. Insane, 1
and we believe many of them are sent
there simply to get them out of the
way at home."
Among other features of tho report
are: Deaths in 1915, three hundred:
in 1916, two hundred and twenty-nine; ,
Tubercular ward for whites new, first
class and modern, 25 patients. . No
tubercular ward for negro patients.
Veranda of colored ward used when
weather permits. When weather will
not permit, colored tubercular patients -are
kept in colored hospital with other
sick patients not suffering from tuber- j
culosis. We noticed," saya the re-
port, "in this hospital an old water i
cooler and cup from which all of them
apparently drank water. Dining room,
and kitchen in good condition and;,
facilities ample. Food substantial. IceJ;
plantout of date, worn out and inad-i
equate. " '!-,
Electric light plant not half neoesi
sary capacity; amusement hall badly
AAPiBfMiffrswt a4r sf ' 1a a it. J
rwwa nvvwf mu so os 1 1 va vivov wUflBlsiC
Xo fire escape on outside. "The steps i,
going up in this building are altogether j
inadequate, being , too. narrow and I
all, and in our opinion should a 1
fire start in the night time many in-!
mates would be burned up before they
could possibly get out. i ;
No fire escapes in receiveing ward.
No ward for nurses. Nurses use rooms
intended for and needed for patient.
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