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I ; r0R FLORIDA Showers K
f' Thursday except Be"''' fr K
I JJJJ. south portion Friday. PS
J3 Read the Journal ad-:M
.a vertisements. They have
s a message for you. g
VOL XXII. NO. 120.
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lilU UN WMJil
New York Post office Authorities Find Sixteen Bombs in
Parcel Post Packages Addressed to As.Many Promi
nent Citizens.
Sleeping Inquiry Into Activities New York Anarchists
And Reds Being Pushed By Authorities Many
Infernal Machines in Mails.
N'ew' York. April 30. Sixteen bombs, in parcel post packages, addressed to
tireen prominent men, each containing sufficient dynamite to blow the reci
pe: it to pieces, were discovered among the mall at the general postoffice here
Preliminary investigation convinced postoffice authorities that they had
untarthed a country-wide plot of terrorists to assassinate highly placed per
sons as a demonstration on, May 1. Sweeping inquiry by postoffice inspectors,
agents of the department of justice and police experts was begun immediately
into the activities of anarchists and reds in this city.
The addresses on the packages were typewritten. The style and two errors
Jed officials to believe it the work of a foreigner. Packages were addressed to
Atornev General Palmer, Immigration Commissionr Caminetti, Secretary of
Lai or Wilson, Solicitor Central Lamar. Postmaster General Burleson, Supreme
Court Justice Holmes, Washington; Mayor Hylan, Police Commissioner En
rig! t. John D. Rockefeller, J. P. Morgan, Commissioner of Immigration Howe,
W. ii. Finch, Department of Justice, New York; Governor Sproul, State Senator
Zyji, Attorney General jscnatier, reuuBuaiua, ana William M. Wood, Boston
Washington, April 30. Discovery in
S'ew Tork today of sixteen bombs,
taci put together by experts, resulted
:on ght in a general warning to gov
irnrcent employes to watch out for
Khat authorities here believe an anar
:hiit plot to spread terror throughout
the country. Postoffice department of
ficials frankly admitted there is no
mews of telling exactly how many
toribs might have been deposited in
the mails. ' '
Sin Francisco, April 30. Bombs
similar to that received by former
Senitor Hardwiclt of Atlanta, yester
iay, were received through the mails
lodi.y by District Attorney Charles M.
Fickert and his assistant, Edward A.
CVicago. April 30. A package answ
frirg closety descriptions of the in
'erral machines discovered in" New
Xortc, was received in the chambers of
Federal Judge Landis this-1 morning.
!t -was turned over to police authori
ties .
Gadsden. Ala,, April 30. Representa
:ive John L. Burnett, of the Seventh
Ma'iama congressional district today
ecuved through the mails an infernal
sac nine similar to those which were
railed from New Tork to nearly a
ico:e of prominent men throughout the
wintry. Burnett escaped possible
aea.n oecause the box lid failed to
W1. then he remembered the bomb
vory an dturned it over to the police
.utuvnues. Burnett was chairman of
house immigration committee at
the last session.
1 ', i
L - -U J
p-'rv ' r I
' ' : - li - A' ' - Trr-rr ' - v . J
. : V ' ( " r -v. - v"' -j
Jyv, ft 1 , y ;.'" ?
Here Is the best picture that has cme to America of the famous British warship Furious. It is called a "Hush
Hush" ship because of the secrecy which surrounded its construction ; during the war. . .On the huge platform of
its after deck the Furious carried planes and an airship, any of -jvhich, could be launched directly from the plat
form. In the picture may be seen the airship on this platform, .j 5 r&tfgS&
Phillips Charges Live Stock
Board With Improper
.Practices and Calls for Ex
2S?tLL JT7f:. ? It is Planned in Peace Con
appropriation h ui le made by this
legislate-? i'3jr:r t'H federal jaJds un
der the' -fcnimh-iiusi.es bill, is a meas
ure tnai Benatci Casi; succeeded in
passing through the house f-day meets
the approval of the other branch and i
the governor.
Senator MacWiiHama
ference Circles t o Go
.Ahea4'WltliaUtuHeg.ard to
Action By Italy. -
Paris, April 30. There . is a slight
rift in the Italian cloud, which gives
hope of clearing of difficulties over
succeeded in the Adriatic nroblem. Overtures for
passing tnree measure 3 or --v-i is resumption of relations have not come
me auinor. Une Or .ncn thna fr from Pithr rtirertinn hnf
1 I there are intimations from Rome that
,c I overtures from Paris would not be
c j unacceptable and would receive every
to ! attention
s is ss js m 3 Si si m &
" Paris, April - 30. The Japanese dis
pute over disposition of Kiaj Chau un
der peace treaty, has been j settled, it
was announced this afternoon. No de
tails were given. The understanding is
Kiao' Chau will be given to -Japan un
der, the terms of traty but with ar-
der certain conditions withfn a stlpu-"
lated time. 1
Hrt d-InF'or the Enetaeer-s
IZ which is to be held at Fort
ns have been issued, tre latest
il Kr 13 under W. From
"M-edM, n0 ffort 13 being
10 insure e guests a good
t!iheSLan!-PlanS are bcins made to
faff even-T t0 hard Friday
t,!t "th'nsr wiU be shifted to
'llTnd L V1 at the Post ex-
tefi-iiteiy that if V t be understol
fc k night L be a SOCd night
r mccl vanCf 18 Pected. Every
b hofw2T?w Crps is ,irvited. and
t i S? that everyone comes and
oriDrra a u.. m, . . ....
aitte Tv j " ine invitation, - . wni
. , .7 " ",c,r taaies must no j
tvnuai Di:ndividual Invitation, for ir
Z"'Tiona Were sent to-iv'
, Pensacola' only.
a'aTs ,5ar whic will leave P 1
i. w" 8:la w make all stor-
i. ; ,:c' tnus. accommodi
"Shore. 'e at Bis - "
state laws relating to the
of the national guard c
federal "law on the, subjc '
authorizes the adjutart
compile a list of all Fiorl
served in the army or navj- jr
and a third provides for tne presenta
tion of a suitable medal t t a h sol
dier and sailor who .partis in the
recent struggle and raakt.fi r ropria
tion therefor. " " '
j war,
It is planned in peace conference
circles to go ahead with the treaty of
peace without regard . to any action
by Italy, as it is considered probable
the Italian delegation will not return,
certainly not within the present week.
The delivery of the treaty and the first
The house committee "n nar king has I exchanges with the Germans, there
reported unfa vofably t se Ph ilips guar-J fore, will occur without the partici-
antee-of-bank d';rcsi -- No such Jpation of Italy, and it is said In Ameri
bill has been tnir-Xincert in the senate. Jean quarters this' procedure will go
Sanitary Livasicsk Ejard Cited. J forward steadily up till the signing of
Phillips of Co'rynria. county this the treaty- The first meeting with the
morning intro iuct i nlr-e house a res- j Germans will probably occur Friday
olution going .if 1 ?i the sanitary live-I afternoon or Saturday when the corn-
stock board f-r ht he terms lmprop- j pact' will be presented.
er practices - I A day or two will be given for
In Nover-iher.' cf 'ht-t year, according questions concerning interpretations of
to the prea.r t a member 'of the board I different 1 phases or xne convention,
attended r,, W!.ns.!:i Savannah, Ga, I not, however, involving proiongea dls-
whlch ha-f nnnlnts t' do with the du- Icusslon. The irencn view is mat xne
ties of tl i! J an 1 hi3 expenses were I Germans may ask for two weeks delay
chare-Pd and r ail by the board. I to permit them-to return to Weimar,
The rt :wi .-Jtion -ails on tne ooara tor wun an wunwuu u001..s eVery corner of the mine carefully
dutv ft io aatme and approve these from the temporary uerman capital.
flf!co',rf. . be' -r:.v.-e careful in the fu-IThis is a matter of conjecture, how-
tut-e. Tl.v ro-!!,ion was adopted with-lever, as there is no precise miorma
nut d '.Snt u.- r vote I Uon aa 10 vjrerai-aujr a uucuuuuo.
Pur- i-jlr-i Aacnt Racommcndcd
n;tir, introduced a bill in the COTTON GKOVVlJNOr
u- piv.ng ior tne appoinimeni
New York.: April 30. Satipel. Gom
pers, who was seriously injured Sunday
when his taxicab collided with a
street car, passed a restless night but
his condition this morning seemed fav
orable, according to a statement given
out by his secretary, Guy Oyster.
Hickory, X. C, April 30. -Tom Gay
wyn, a negro, was spirited out of Ca
tawba county last night, after a mob
had attempted to take him from the
county jail at Newton. The negro was
arrested on a charge of having at
tacked a sixteen-year-old girl near
Hickory yesterday.
Senate Spent Busy Day Dis
posing of Much Legisla
tion, Mainly of a Routine
., 3
Senator Stokes Asserts Sher
iff's Fees in Escambia Suf
ficient and So Fixes Sen
ate Bill.
Tallahassee, April 30. With but one
vote, against.lt the compromise naval
stores bill, fixing seven days as the
limit an operator must hold his pro
duct for inspection, passed the senate
today. Senator Russell vigorously op
posed the passage of the compromise
bill and cast the singe "nay" vote.
When the original bill was reached
on second reading. Senator Slngletary
succeeded in having it read by title
only, secured the adoption of the com
mittee substitute, and asked that the'
rules be waived and the measure placed
on third reading and final . passage.
He stated that a complete agreement
had been reached in the committee
and he anticipated no 'opposition to
the measure. Senator . Baker also
secured the " adoption of the commit
tee's recommendation and the passage
of the substitute bilL
Senator W. A. Russell surprised the
senate by speaking against the bill
j branding it a a piece of compromise
legislation in the interest of large cor
porations and not designed to benefit
the actual producer of naval stores.
He said it was the kind of legislation
that resulted in Bolshevism and social
ism and anything but democratic
Americanism. - .
Senator Singletary today introduced
a bill to abolish the hotel commission
and office of state hotel inspector, with
all employees of that department.
Committee Feels Confident
Remaining- Seven -Will
- g May; will, find the senate with.
v U - Ceare"a. - ' -TieSCnsj ciear calendar.- except for- local bills
er tO Spak. and a half a dozen general measures.
More progress was made this after -
Nine counties of the 16 in the West noon than during any one previous
Florida zone have gone "over the session of the 1919 term,
top." Calhoun county's quota was ' Reapportionment was discussed in
raised during the few dours the army I the senate today when the Turn bull
tank remaind at Blountsville. Sena- J joint resolution to submit the people
tor Fletcher has nromised to sneak ina constitutional amendment was
tt t'-'V-nor of a purchasing agent
vtatc. He claims this is in the
.---it of economy and if it becomes
be the means of a very
g to the state each month.
Messing hard
n communists
.Havas. Anrii an .
. 1UKf .- - . 7
"ate wiiuaruw;
'3 C&Ft
-Pest, before superior Rurr inl
- B -j, nsanan official statement
to ai081 savs- Rumanian; cor.
, advance down the river
5 to Budapest cast cf. tani
:uS;,APril S(-Twenty-eIffht ccm
i. .,af ei are Heeing from kuntoh
tte'' VIOn there caused Jy th
Wn Ovarian goverr.Tneot
i rCp es worse. according to r-
tp ed he""e. Herr Laii?aer,
1! PTJblic enlightehmerit oss-
!'arC"U1day and was followed bV
'Tern iaCh' former secretary of
: rahcenbach was afrest
"CUater ia the day. j '
Washington, April 30. While the
Jt ".ill be the duty of this agent to I temperature for the week as a whole
. ri. u of the state institutions at averaged aDout norma m mucn 01
once a month. Besides looking the cotton belt, cold weather and lack
... ... I -ftA nro ea iinfai7Ar?i Vila n
a .a buying the supplies needed, I u""""".""" fcCi-
oe the duty of the agent to look mination and frrowtn or early cot-
.nything else that may be going in maD uc-uuSS. p,rilcuiany
tne eastern pui uuua w a.rv?xt ac
cording to the , national weather and
crop bulletin, reviewing conditions dur
ing the week ending yesterday.
The week was practically rainless
in most sections, with rapid progress
Atlanta, April 30. Governor Dorsey
announced today he would not institute
injunction proceedings recommended
by the railroad commission to restrain
the Southern Bell Telephone company
from lenreasing rates tomorrow, pend
the United States supremo court de
cision on question.
New York. April 30. The Telegraph
and Cable Company telegraphed formal
application, to ' Postmaster - General
Burleson today for a return of its
telegraph lines immediately.
Birmingham, Ala., April 30. With
searched, the total death toll m the
explosion which occurred at Majestic
coal mine, north of Birmingham,
about noon yesterday, stands at 33, of
whom two were white men
- r fj and make his report to the prop
t (thoirties.
-'he bill in addition to the appoint
ment of an agent, allows him one as
sistant, a bookkeeper and a stenogra
pher, at salaries fixed in the bill. The j ma(je planting and replanting,
expenses or the carrying out or tne
provisions of the blil he estimates at
about $8,000 a year, but this amount
he declared, can often be saved in one
month, if the governor selects a man
who knows, how to buy.
The house this morning resumed
discussion of the cattle tick eradication I Quincy, Fla., April 30. Otto Smith.- a
measure and consuirea ine morning j Gadsden county soldier,- who returned
session on it. (about a month ago from France, com -
Vy direction of the speaker the clerk j roitted suicide Tuesday afternoon by
read a long telegram ' irom jsarxow, mowing out nis, Drains with a double
urging the house to pass the compul- barreled shot gun. He spent six months
sory dipping bill. In France on the battle front and
A set of resolutions and a memorial suffered shell shock from which he
addressed to the governor and the leg- had never fully recovered.
U;iture and signed by a- number of He had resumed work on the farm
prominent negroes In the' state, was with his widowed mother and was
received. It was read by the clerk and often, morose and had often said that
cn motion laid upon the table. he felt that he had been permanently
- Mr. Harris of Plnealls county secur- injured. Quietly leaving the family at
ed the passage of a resolution changing the dinner .table he went into an
adjoining room and committed the aw
(Continued on Page Three.) 4 were greatly shocked.
St. Johns, April 30. After ; an-
nnnnnin? their intention to start a
trans-Atlantic 'flight this afternoon.
Harry Hawker and Captain Raynham
abandoned the plan for the flight to
day on receipt of unfavorable weather
reports. '- - ' . "'
London, April 30. This is the first
uncensored message ; the ", Associated
Press has cabled to America since $
p. m., August 2, 1914. Official; press
bureau closed at 9 o'clock tonight.
Correspondents may telegraph now as
freely as in pre-war times.
Havana, April 30 May Day will be
celebrated here by organized labor of
all classes by an almost complete
tying up of industries where union
labor is employed. - - -
St. Augustine, Fla, April . 30. The
home guards of St. Johns county, or
dered by Gov. Catts to protect . the
four alleged murderers of Mrs. Willy
Goens, during their trial which starts
at , Iake City, Fla. this week have
rofiiad trt ohv the governor's orders
and . have tendered their resignations.
In- compliance with instructions the
sheriff has subpoenaed men to form, a
provisional state -militia company. The
troops ' will leave . Thursday morning
fori Lake City. - The, accused metv
three of whom are white, have . been
held in jail at Jacksonville, awaiting
triaL " . , ' . ... ..
the intrest of the drive at Apalachi.
cola and may be persuaded to speak
at other towns. The Consolidated
Naval Stores Co. and the Consolidat
ed Grocery Co., advised through Mrs.
R. F. Mitchell of the ladies', commit
tee that they would subscribe for $35,
000 in Pensacola.
Chairman Mitchell sent the follow
ing telegram to J. Frank Adams yes
terday afternoon, Calhoun county hav
ing gone "over the top" . during the
stay of the army tank which was in
charge of Capt. F. J. Blount and Lieut.
M. A., Quina, Jr. .
" "Adams, Blountstown, Fla. ;
"Your success in getting ' Calhoun
county's quota in a few hours is a re
cord in ! this zone. I salute you as one
of the heroes of the war. Also con
gratulate your committee and people.
The army tank gave an exhibition
at Muscogee yesterday and was greet
ed by a large crowd. Capt. J. L. Phil
lips mde an - address and Mr. Higgins
and Mr. McKinney, the men in charge
of the tank, told of some of their ex
periences in the war. ti
i The tank will give" an exhibition at
McDavid this morning and at Bluff
Springs this -afternoon. It will return
to Pensacola tomorrow morning.
Mr. Jones, manager of the Isis, has
announced that he will show "The
Price of Peace" from noon to 2 p. m.
on May 7.. and possibly also on May
8. This picture was secured from the
Treasury Department and will be
shown free.
; The following resume has been re
ceived from Chairman Mitchell:
"Chairman Cook reports good re
sults from the visit of the air planes
which went to Apalachicola from Pen
sacola several days ago, and he feels
grateful to Captain Bennett of the lo
cal station for his co-operation. :
. "Another war horse made the count
yesterday Chairman C. A.' Simpson
of Monticello, Jefferson county, went
over the top for the fifth time. Mr.
Simpson has . never hesitated at any
time during, the war to take the lead
in bond sales in his county, has acted
as chairman of the Jefferson county
loan campaign during each loan, head
ing the same with credit to himself
and his county. . Mr.. Simpson of Mon
ticello. is known among his friends
as the "Old War Horse of Jefferson."
"At - zone headquarters today the
committee was still a little disappoint
ed at not hearing from Graceville,
Greenwood and Hosford, and although
reports continue favorable, it is rea
lised that consideraole work is yet nec
essary in a number of counties in this
zone. . -
-- Interest in-the outcome of the Vic
tory Loan campaign in Jackson, Gads
den and Leon counties was evident to
day at Leon headquarters. Chairman
Mitchell stated that he was confident
of the final success of the loan in these
(Continued on Page Three).
reached on the calendar. An effort wa3
made to indefinitely postpone the
resolution, but the motion was with
drawn. Senator TUrnbull's resolution
seeks to give each county a senator,
and under it some of the larger coun
ties-would have as many as five mem
bers of the house of representatives.
Stokes Fixes Escambia.
When the bill to increase the fees
of sheriffs was before the senate to
day on second reading. Senator Stokes
amended it so , that no provision of
the law will apply to Escambia
county, the amendment being so
worded as not to destroy the validity
of the bill. He said the sheriff of Es
cambia county was his friend, but the
r compensation of the office is at present
Bill Defeated.
The senate ' committee on . miscella
neous legislation, Senator Andrews,
chairman,, met this 1 afternoon and
voted 4 to 1 to report unfavorable
Senator Baker's bill providing for a
state censorship of motion pictures.
The chairman cast the minority vote.
The bill makes the Judges of juvenile
courts, or county judges, the censors
and provides for a fine of from $50 to
$500 Several representatives of film
concerns and theatres appeared be
fore the committee.
Court Reporters Get Increase.
Senator Johnson's bill increasing the
compensation of official court reporters
to $10 a day, but leaving the price
paid for copies of testimony the same
as at present, passed the senate. They
now receive $5 at home and $6 when
serving away from home.
The temperance committee's bill to
amend the general prohibition measure
passed during the extraordinary ses
sion for the enforcement of the state
wide amendment was made a special
order for 11:30 o'clock Friday morning,
and the concurent resolution providing
for submission to the voters of the
question as to whether or not a con
stitutional convention should be held,
was made a special order for tomor
row at the same hour.
The senate received a telegram
signed by A. S. ; Devane and J. w.
Hampton, committee, to the effect that
it was the sense of a mass meeting of
the citizens of Polk county that the
legislature make an appropriation for
eradication of Citrus canker.
Senator Cash introduced a bill to
establish tvro normal colleges in
Florida, both of which will be co-edu
cational, one to be located in soutr or
central Florida and the other in north
or west Florida, and neither to be
in the same town with any other state
institutions of higher education.
Senator Wilson moved that the vote
by which the senate on yesterday failed
to pass the Carlton bill, to place the
state's correctional institutions under
a board of charities to serve without
pay, to be reconsidered, whii.h motion,
under the rules, went over till the
next legislature day. '
Commissioners Declare Pro
posed Increases Unreason
able, Unjust and in Viola
tion of Contract.
TTTnrirla Railrnarl drttrimis.
sion .Does JNot Kecognize
Right of Postmaster Gen
eral to Make Rates
Taking the position that the pro
posed raise in rates which the South
ern Bell Telephone Company has in
dicated its intention of putting in
force today. May X, is trn reasonable.
Unjust and in -violation, of the com
pany's contractywIth the city, the city
commissioners yesterday telegraphed
to the state railroad commission, on
behalf of the people . of Pensacola,
patrons of the Southern Bell, a strong
protest against the proposed increase.
'At the same time the protest was
telegraphed to tl e state railroad com
mission a copy" of the telegram, to
gether with official notification of pro
test, was addressed to the local man
ager, Mr. Peel, of the telephone com
pany, with instructions that the in
formation be conveyed to the proper
officials of the company.
Notification of the proposed raise in
rates, which amounts to an increase
over he existing rates of approxi
mately 20 per cent per month, came
to the city commissioners last Mon
day afternoon on the occasion of their
regular weekly meeting in the form of
a request for authority to put in force
the raise in rates. The request was
referred to the city attorney.
The protest filed by the city on be
half of the local patrons means that
every dollar that may be paid to the
telephone company on the new sched
ule of rates will have been paid un
der protest and subject to recovery
in case of decision in accordance with
rhe .contentions of the city coninils'Sion
ers and the railroad commission. Fol
lowing is a copy of the telegram sent
to the railroad commission:
"The City of Pensacola. hereby pro
tests against me increase in xne tele
phone rates of the Southern Bell Tele
phone and Telegraph Company, which
it proposes to make effective in this
city oil May 1.
"We consider said increase -unreas
onable, unjust and io violation of the
company's contract with the city.
''We most respectfully urge you to
protect the city and our citizens from
the proposed action and to force ob
servance by said telephone and tele
graph company of the terms of the
agreement between it and the city
made July 15, 1918."
As it is generally known the rail
road commission has applied to Judge
Wm. B. Sheppard for an injunction,
seeking to restrain the telephone com
pany from putting into effect the pro
posed increased rates and the status
of the case is set forth in the follow
ing dispatch to The Journal from
Tallahassee last night:
Tallahassee, April 30. The Southern
Bell Telephone and Telegraph Com
pany filed with the railroad commis
sion of Florida on Monday, the 28th,
a schedule of local exchange telephone
rates at all three exchangee in Florida,
which increases the rates of charges
from 23 cents to $1.00 per telephone
per month over the present rates.
The railroad commissioners immedi
ately advised the telephone company
by wire that they did not recognize the
right of the postmaster-general to
make rates for local telephone ex
changes in this state.
The commissioners directed their
counsel to apply to Hon Wm. B. Shep
pard, United States district judge, for
the northern district of Florida, for an
injunction preventing the Institution
of these rates, which are to become
effective May 1.
Argument was had before Judge
Sheppard in Tallahassee today, where
upon he took the matter under ad
Omaha, April 30. Mayor Smith to
day forbade the holding of an adver
tised meeting by socialists and I. W. W.
tomorrow night at which the "intenna-
tional labor day" program was to b
given." I want ; the whole world to
know anarchy cannot be preached in
Omaha" said the mayor.
Washington. April . 30. Italy was
given a new loan of $50,000,000 today by
the treasury to cover a number of ob
ligations incurred by the tlalian gov
ernment on contracts for war materials
and foodstuffs from American produc
ers, this brought Italy's total bor
rowings from the United States to
SJL0D0.0Q0. .
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