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OL. XXII. NO. 122.
(joo) jaqjn 'UJ6ue
"-rman and Inter-Allied Fi
nance Commissons Hold
Prolonged Preliminary
Republican Says France and
England Acnievea diplo
matic Triumph in Shifting
Responsibility to U. S. t
Paris, May 2. The Belgian dele
gation to the peace conference is
expressing dissatisfaction over
terms of preliminaries for peace af
fecting Belgium.. None of Belgium's
territcrial claims have been grant
ed, except that for Malmedy in
Rhenish Prussia, short distance
south of Aix La Chapelle, the popu
lation of whivh before the war was
largely Walloon.
Malmedy will revert to Belgium.
Of $500,000,000 already mentioned as
immediate financial indemnity for
Belgium more than half merely
been placed to Belgium's credit in
cllied conutries as part payment of
war locn.
Versailles. May 2. A meeting of the
German and inter-AVied Finance com
mission was held this morning at the
Trianon hotel. The German delegates,
numbering 8. arrived on foot under
escort of a French C tain. American
nal other inter-ailied delegates drove
from Taris in an automobile. The
delegates held prolonged discussions.
Washington. May 2. "People look
upon the Italian controversy as pe
culiarly a European problem." Sena
tor Poiridexter of Washington, re
publican, said in a statement today
m returning from a trip to the Pa
afic coast, and he said he felt that
Prance and England achieved a . dip
lomatic triumph in shifting the re
sponsibility of its settlement to - the
United- States. . - ...1,
One of the consequences of the'at-
tf-mpt by the American delegation to
dominate and dictate the settlement of
urcly European controversies is shown
in the bitter resentment being mani
fested by the various peoples who
''tit a short time ago were our ardent
Triends, he said. " i
Taris, May 2. The credential com
mittee of the peace conferenco held
i meeting today to examine the Ger
man credentials received at Versail
yesterday. .
There is no disposition, it is said,
?n the part of the allies and the Unit
ed States to raise any question regard
ing the competency of the Berlin gov
ernment to speak, for the remainder
af Germany In the matter they are
proceeding on the theory that the Ber
lin ministry is the real German gov
ernment. Another meeting with the Germans j
on this
question is improbable be-
he decision of the committee
cause t
rrsarding verification '.nd adequacy !
probably will be communicated to the j
Oermans in writine.
If the work of carrying out the last!
pnase of the peace negotiations pro
presses according to the program out
lined in Paris dispatches, the treaty
ending the great war probably will
staled early in the week begin
unc: May 25.
:The treaty will be presented to the
Germans next Monday afternoon. Re
ports from tl0 peace conference in
dicate it is to be a "victors 'peace' and
mere wilt be no oral conversations
xcept the merest formalities when
the treaty js handed over. Fifteen
"ays will he given the enemy to con
r'r treaty, with an additional
days or a week for the exchange
" vlews between the allied and Ger
BMri delegations.
Thus, at the latest, if present plans
followed. May 27 should see peace
TTling ence more hctwppn r.srmiinv
1 rd the allied and associated govern-
secret plenary session of the con-
etlce will be belrt Katnroir wtitt
Monday a meeting will be held for
"e organization of the league of na-
or conference, but her ambassa
s invited to attend such confer
ham the resrula" peaie delegation
ha. v 1 country would attend. He
ent T asked- formally, to be pres
' n Monday to represent hia na.
lea-8t the formal launching cf the
vi nations.
nfTmpry- Ala. May 2. Attorney
ni.v ' Q- Smith- a"i Assistant At
onWv ?eneral Wilkinson will leave
ornev Washington, where tho at
.:'te; flfeIlera1, as one ct the com
"ais r tu.6 chosen by attorney gen
oi th:rty-sii'or. .tot.. .
. 1 nicas-o. Will 1 .
la.e lb telephone and telegraph
f i hlrl 0re the 8UPreme court.
I th. "una was comDlimentpfl otn whan
xan Emitted by her legal de-
ted by the Chi-
before V. ' e one Pn hlch the fight
l0re ih v men me ngin
supreme court will be basetL
Bill Has Been Made Special
Order for 11 :30 Tuesday
Morning - Adjournment
Till Monday.
uovernor baid to Be prepar
ing Veto to Bill Prfoviding
Supreme Court Aid By
Circuit Judges.
Tallahassee. .May 2. Htolding two
cessions today and worliing ; nearly
twice a3 many hours as the house,
the senate cleaned it's calendar of
bills on the third reading, except for
those whose authors arfe absent or
asked that they be informally passed
over, and adjourned at 6:10 this af
ternoon till 4 o'clock p. jjn. Monday.
The prohibition measuile that had
been made a special order was post
poned till next Tuesday at 11:30.
. Senator Cash introduced a bill pro
viding for manual trai ling in high
school. '
Senator Andrews waf excused till
Tuesday and Senator. I iradshaw wis
excused because of the death of his
sister. ...
"When Senator Hulley
s bill to regii-
late 'and suppress verl
erial ' diseases
was reached on second
reading it was
i amended 4o make - lt-
ess drastio-"in
many particulars, especially as to the
examination of any pcjrson suspected
of being - diseased. A
pother amend -
ment requires . the ree
rd, to be kept
secret by the loard rjf
health, being
accessible only to offipers having in
charge the enforceraoiit of this law.
Reports of venerial ases must be
made in sealed letters) instead of on
postal cards as provide! in tho original
measure. - I
Pension Bills Thrashed Out.
When all the pension bills before
the senate . came up tc day. on special
order they were threaded out in less
than two hours.
when the house b
11 comes over,
the senate amendments and provision
of the senate bills which are not in
eluded in the house measures will be
written, into one pension
will be sent back to toe lower branch
for concurrence. Thdse require but
a few minutes. Howev
er, as the views
as been record
i ed. - They are $20 a nidnth for ex-con
federate veterans an
veterans : wid
ows instead of $15 an
at present.
A Property qualificktion providing
that no soldiers or
widow who is
j worth $5,000 or more snail draw a pen
sion. that all the horn
guards or mill-
ttamen of other confederate states who
served at least one
year in actual
fighting during the Ci
il war and have
resided in Florida 2
years shall be
placed on the pension roll. It was
said there are
p or 60 of the
Anarehy Con
A resolution ' cond
and pleading for thi:
mning anarchy
suppression of
Bolshevism in New
Tork City and
state and recommend
ng the deporta
tion of the bomb malt
rs that threaten
to 1 demoralize the cou:
ntry that brave
men of America have
just, fought and
died for to make it safle
for democracy.
was introduced today
ley. '. " - , ;
by Senator Hul-
It went over undr-r
the rules till
author of the
Monday, although th
resolution made two
efforts to bring
it up and pass it today.
By a vote of 12
18 the senate
today killed .Hulley's
bill, to vest in
the United States gov
trnment th"e title
to, a proposed Seminci
le Indian reser-
vation in Monroe and
Lee counties.
Catts Preparis Veto.
It is reported tonig
ernor has prepared :
to be sent to the leg
pt that the gov-
veto message
slature Monday,
setting forth the reaspns why he will
withhold his signature
from the meas-
ure authorizing the e
upreme court to
call in circuit judges
to help in the
preparation ,of opinions and the dis
posal of cases, which
bill was recent-
ly passed in lieu of
the proposition
to add a sixth justice
to the supreme
ed for expresses of tr
board of con-
Senate today cut arpropriation ask-
trol from $8,000 to ;
cut out appropriation
ine plant, laundry ai
6,000 and also
or central heat-
athletic field.
Objections were me de on the floor
to the creation of an additional posi
tion held hy Bryan Mack. Mac Wil
liams and 'Johnson mading the fight
on appropriations, wok vuo ia'""
that --one man had previously done
th - work of - secretary and auditor
and advocated combiiiing these post-
It is Expected That a Joint
Meeting of Two Boards
Will Be Held At Court
House This Morning.
With a view to discussing jointly
ways and means for the completion
of approaches to the Molino bridge
across the Escambia river, near
Molino, in order that the new bridge
which has stood idle" for more than a
year might be made useful and other
matters in which both Santa Rosa and
Escambia county people are jointly
interested, an invitation has been ex
tended the Santa Rosa county com
missioners tomee with the Escambia
board at the court house here his
morning at 9:30 o'clock. f
Among other matters than that of
the Molino bridge expected to come
up at the joint meeting is that of
the proposed bridge at Ferry Pass. It
Is known that Pensacola people as a
whole as well as Santa Rosa people are
almost a unit in favor of the project '
and it is beleived that the time is here
for some concerted action directed,
at ways and means for the building
of the - bridge through a. bond , issue
or otherwise. '
It is expected the Santa Rosa coun
ty commissioners will be on hand and
that the joint meeting will result in
mutual benefit to the people of both
counties. , . " ,
Washington, May. 2. Determination
of President Wilson, indicated in press
advices from Paris that no American
troops shall continue on German soil
for a longer period after signing tho
peace treaty than necessary to em
bark them for home was borne out
by war department plans which con
template the return of the entire Amer
ican Expeditionary Force by Septem
, Washington, May 2. Further Rebel
activity in ; Northern . and Southern
Mexico was reported today in 'Mexi
co City dispatches which ; also , said
the Mexican government had under
taken to build block houses on gov
eral railway lines that have suffered
particularly from rebel attacks.' ,
MarCelo Caraveo. formerly , one of
Orozeo'a chief Lieutenants has appear
ed in Puebla and many believe he will
be Zapata a successor advices said. J
London. May 2. -The Russian soviet
government sent an ultimatum to
Rumania demanding evacuation of
Bessarabia. A Moscow wireless dis
patch says the Rumanian government
was given forty-eight hours to reply.
. Berlin, May 2. rEntry of government
troops into Munich from all points was
to begin at noon today, according to
the Vossische Zeitung. Dr.- Landauer
and Egelhoser, red army commanders,
have been captured, the newspaper
San Francisco, May 2. Parties of
alleged alien revolutionists are bing
gathered in San Francisco. Seattle and
other coast points for deportation, as
a result of receipt of ma)ted bombs and
other radical activities at these points,
Edward, "White, immigration commis
sioner, announced today.
Buenos Aires, May 2. -The Argentine
legation at Berlin has cabled that a
syndicate has been organized in that
city to make heavy purchases of Ar
gentine meats, cereals and other food
Plymouth, Eng., May 2. The United
States cruiser Des Moines, the first
ship to fire a salute at Plymouth Since
the beginning .of the war, .will sail
tomorrow for Harwich and thence will
proceed to Archangel. . .
."'Washington.' May 2. Already com
plaints have begun to reach the inter.
nal revenue bureau of retailers charg
ing more than' actual tax on so-called
luxuries, such as expensive articles of
clothing and ; other ' personal equip
ment, although the new taxes went into
effect only yesterday.
London. May 2. Sylvia Pankhurst
and Amelia Mahoney, who were ar
rested yesterday when women at
tempted to force an entrance into the
house of commons in a May Day de
monstration, in police court today were
ordered to give bonds for their good
behavior. Neither would give the nec
essary bonds and they remain under
Greensboro, N. C. May 2. The pro
vision of the new revenue law in
tended to prohibit the employment of
child labor, was held unconstitutional
today by Judge Boyd, in federal court
here. Judge Boyd last year held the
federal child . labor law ' unconstitu
tional and his decision was upheld by
the Unted States supreme court when
the case was appealed by the govern
ment. .
-Washina-ton, May 2. The postmaster
at Americus. t3a., reported to the chief
postal Inspector today he had held up
a ! suspicious regisiereu jj;"vsc,
mailed free from New- York with -a
Gimbel Bros tag, and addressed to
a prominent citizen of Americus. The
!nsiwutnr'ii offirw at Atlanta was or
dered to make an immediate investl- t
nation and report. i
Forty-two Cases Called At
Tallahassee Term And in
Every Instance Plea of
Guilty Was Entered.
. " A remarkable new record in court
dispatch was established at Talla
hassee this week, according to U. S.
district court officials who returned
to the city yesterday from the capital
city after having completed the busi
ness for the regular annual term of
the court there, ; which was postponed
from the second Monday In January
on account of flu prevalent at the
time. The docket was cleared up in
less than three days.
The record made, which -was thfs
most unusual of Judge Wm. B. Shep-
pard's entire experience of eleven years
as judge and four years as district at
torney for the court, was that In every
one. of 42 cases, called on the docket
a plea of guilty was entered.
In one case, that of Green Fisher,
charged with having violated the game
laws in that he killed a "coot," other
wise known as "blue peak' and "Fulica
Americana," as described in the bill
of - indictment, the defendant at first
announced- not guilty, as Assistant
District Attorney Geo. Earl Hoffman
completed the reading of the bill to
the court. However, the man admitted
having been "caught with the coot,"
which he had killed, and declared his
willingness to enter a plea of guilty
accordingly, which was : accepted by
the . court.
There was considerable speculation
among the attending lawyers as to
whether the remarkable record estab
lished for the term was due to the
Inevitable ability of personnel and sys
tematized force , of prosecution, or
simply a tendency on the part of the
people of that section of the state
to never evade the . truth, no matter
how much it hurts.
A large number of cases in which
pleas of . guilty were entered were for
violation of the game ia.ws with refer
ence to the shooting of the "coots"
and other migratory birds, while there
were quite a few cases charging vio
lations of tb draft laws and some for
.All of the . court officials , have re
turned to the city except District At
torney John I Neely, who Is not ex
pected home until Sunday.
The last days of the week find all
the members of the department of
justice forces were. very busy getting
things in readiness for the May term to
be convened here next Monday. .
The docket for the May term here
is not an unusually heavy one and it
to bell wed the term will be finished
by the last of Uie wecv
All Except Half An Hour
Was Given to Dipping
Bill Which is Still Not
Disposed of.
Serious Charges Are Made
Against Shell Fish Com
missioner By Mr- Mario of
Citrus County.
Tallahassee, May 2. With the ex
ception of little more than half an hour
this has been a day given over in the
beuse ' to the question of compulsory
A tempest sprung from the western
side of the house during consideration
of the matter and was added to by
other things until at one time it look
ed like it would be out, but oil was fi
nally poured upon the troubled waters
by the introducer of the bill moving
to recommit it together with an amend -men
offered by Mr. Epperson of Levy
county, to the committee on livestock.
This course was adopted, and little
later a recess was taken until Monday
morning, by which time It is hoped the
"risibilities" of members will be suf
ficiently cooled off to resume consid
eration coolly, and dispassionately.
, Immediately after opening services
this morninjt the session, the only one
held- duriner the ' dayl Miller of Duval
t moved the hbue tak? tip senate bill
, 2B4, which prescribes the manner in
.which returning sailors and .soldiers
I and young men who have become of
ora einro frh r-ocri f inn Hfinlrfz' last
opening, may be qualified to vote in
the coming city election in Jackson
ville. His request was granted and the
bill was soon read, advanced and pass
ed. Quite a number of new bills were
introduced and referred to appropriate
Mr. Deas of Hamilton county, while
the Journal was being corrected, stat
ed he had voted for the Phillips
amendment to compulsory dipping bill
on yesterday, and desired correction of
the Journal to so state. The correc-
tion was ordered. A little later dur-
ing the session a statement was made
by Mr. Tillis that his name had not
been recorded as voting. That gentle-
vote and
voted for the amendment.
After a !
pow-wow the speaker ruled the only
way the matter could be gone into, as
it would change the result of the vote
was to airect xne cmei cier to por-.- the Stars and Stripes dropped
cure the original roll call and recheck anchor m F.ritish waters at Trepassey
it. A motion was made directing the . bJV she nas aboard the crew of the
clerk to go after the roll call and re- : na, ajr Btation that wlll be main
check it. A good sized majority of ; tained as a ba3e for American flying
members present voted for this instruc- jjat
tion to the clerk, but the speaker de-I Th arrfval of the Aroostook with
clared it lost for lack of two-thirds the hfnt it brought of the early ar
of those voting. j rival of American naval seaplanes for
The quetsion,5 he said, involved the fheir start on trans-Atlantic flight
waiving of the rules and going back caused noticeable concern to Harry
to an order of business which had been . jTa-ker and Captain Rynham, Brit
passed, which could only be done by ish aviat0rs, who have been here near
a two-thirds vote. f ' lv a month waiting favorable weather
Mr. Marlow of Citrus county; pre- : for the trip in their land planei".
sented a set of resolutions embracing j Rynham said he was sure neither he
some pretty serious charges against j jj0r Hawker would decline the Issue
without discussion voted down.
After having been in session for only
forty minutes the house resumed, con
sideration of house bill on comupl
sory dipping, this being the fourth day
it has been under fire. They ham
mered it again until just a few min
utes before the hour fixed for ad
journing, and referred the bill, to
gether with pending amendment by
Mr. Epperson back to : the livestock
committee. The companion bill, num
ber 4, went back to the committee with
it. Both retain their places on the cal
endar as special orders, and will again
come up as soon as they are reported
back by the committee.
Shell Fish Commissioners Arraigned.
In the house this morning seriou
charges wer emade against the shell
fish commissioner, but the house seem
ed to take little interest in them as
it voted down the measure by a large
majority and without discussion. The
charges came before the house in the
shape of a set of resolutions by Mr.
Marlow of Citrus county.
In the preambles it is set out . that
the fishing laws of the state have not
been carried out, that the fish com
missioner has used the patrol boat, the
Seafoaxn, as a home for his family,
parrying them with him from place to
place at the expense of the state, and
has not collected enough from the in
come of the commission to defray the
expenses of same. The governor there
fore is called upon to see that the laws
are administered, the Seafoam not used
for private purposes and the taxes
properly collected.
Individual Subscriptions are
Falling Short With Less
Than Half Quotas Sub-Scribed-
Two Destroyers Are Ex
pected To Arrive At Pala
fox Wharf Today to Take
Part in Demonstrations.
. ''The Victory Liberty Loan must not
fail in this county, and it will not fail,"
declared Chairma'n Muldon last night.
A broadcast call for increased sub
scriptions was sent out from the treas
ury department yesterday. Two weeks
of the campaign - have passed and as
yet less than one-third of the loan has
been subscribed.
Individual subscriptions in nearly
every reserve district in the country
are said to be running far short of
previous loans. Plans have been made
and telegrams sent to every state in or
ganization to make the last working
days of the campaign productive of
sufficient individual subscriptions to
put the loan over the top without ap
pealing to financial institutions and
tying up credit.
According to the executive commit
tee for Escambia county, subscrip
tions picked up a little yesterday, the
total at the end of the business day
being reported as $351,000, less thaa
one-half thequota.
The local branch of the National
Biscuit Co., of New York, subscribed
$1,000 yesterady through the manager,
C. H. Gonzalez, Jr. The Greek com
mittee reported $5,000 from Pantelos
A. Tjovaracos and $3,000 from Servius
The army tank will exhibit around
the city this morning and will go to
the shipyard at 11 o'clock.
The destroyers, Ammen and Beale,
are expected to arrive at 1 o clocc
this afternoon at Palafox wharf. They-are-here
-In the interest of the Victory
Loan and will be open to the public.
The Beale is in command of Com
mander W. E. Goo - ue and the Am
men's captain h, Lieutenant-Com
mander Robert M. Hinckley. T.oth tho
Ammen and the Beale were on duty in
foreign waters during the hostilities.
Atlanta. Ga.. May 2. Victory Loan
subscriptions in the sixth federal re
serve district totalled approximately
$S0,000,C00 tonight, according to reports
to headquarters. Coosa county. Ala.,
Marion county, Fla., Haralson county,
Ga, and five Tennessee counties re
ported allotments completed.
; . . -w-ry jy a cJtji
JSAVAL ixllv JtiolV
i 13 HiS DLjM.iDI.lJXJ
fit Tnknc 'V "NT ATa v 2. Thfi TTn itrrl
rstats Vavy became a real factor
; m the contest for trans-Atlantic flight
honorg wncn the mine ,ayer Aroostook.
if the Americans
set out, whether
stormy or fair.
New York. May 2. Notwithstanding
the return of the American expedi
tionary force, the country will be con
fronted by a shortage of labor by 1920.
according to opinion expressed here
today by Colonel Arthur Woods, special
assistant secretary of war. Colonel
Woods said investigation of the in
dustrial situation from the Mississippi
to the Atlantic and as far south as
Baltimore indicated every man re
leased from service will soon be
working and other positions will be
waiting to be filled.
Washington, May 2. -Seventy-tro
persons were killed and more than fou?
hundred injured in an earthquake at
San Salvador, April 28, accord in to
state department advices. The property
damage was great. The American lega
tion building was. damaged, but no
Americans were hurt. Shocks contin
ued until yesterday.
Redding. Calif.. May t. Earthquake
of fifteen seconds duration was felt
here early totlay, also at Anderson.
California. No damage was report d.

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