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Besides the introduction of . a new
sanitary ordinance, which is fully re
ported elsewhere, a number of other
Important matters were taken up . at
the regular weekly meeting of the city
commissioners yesterday afternoon.
A bid for the proposed construction
and operation , of a casino and other
amusements at Bayview Park was re
cieved from Lazar Lacoste and taken
under advisement by the city commis
sioners. The bid offered the city as
compensation for the privilege, three
per cent, on the gross receipts, which
was not as much as was anticipated
would be derived from the privilege
by the mayor and commissioners, it
Is understood. It is also understood
that the bid was not fully qualified,
A letter from C. "W. Eggart tender
ing his resignation as city comptroller
was read and the resignation accept
ed. It is understood tha Mr. Eggart
will go Mobile where he will ac
cept a very responsible position with
a new concern. It is not known yet
as to who will succees Mr. Eggart.
Mayor Sanders stated yesterday that
thus far no applications for the po
sition have been received, however it
Is anticipated that J. O. Walker, act
ing clerk in the absence of Clerk Lep
Heinberg, who was called into " ser
vice several months ago but who ar
rived home a few days ago from
France, will be an applicant and it
Is believed that his experience well
6 Bell-ans
Hot water ,
Sure Relief
fits him for the responsible position.
A letter was read from the Stat
Railroad Commission ackonwledging
receipt of the protest of the city com
mlsslnoers acting on behalf of the
people of the city, against the pro
posed raise in telephone rates.
Superintendent Sweeney, of the city
water 'department, was granted per
mission to buy a worthington pump
outfit for the purpose of increasing
the water supply facilities at the mu
nicipal plant. . , j
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fc" j ft f ..sssy
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that $3,671,000,000 of our bonds have
gone into ships.
Coming Session . of Congress.
"Attempts will be made at the
coming session of congress to repeal
the seaman's compensation act, stop
ship building and saddle a ship subsidy
on us. Let .congressmen hear from the
people on these subjects in no uncer
tain tones. The present program is
highly rofi table; why stop it
Evidences of Foresight.
"By all these evidences of the fore
sight of this democratic administra
tion, we have put two million of our
best boys on the firing line and they
have won the war. But so difficult are
the problems at the peace table that
but for the presence "there of Presi
dent Wilson, the peace confereee
themselves ' would now have been at
war. His has been the master voice,
asking no . favors, ' but demanding
justice for all. "
"Even if it means some slight Sac
rifice of sovereignty to enter into
mutual covenants with civilized
nations to keep the burden of . taxa
tion for war off the backs of future
generations,- it ought to be done. Man
is worthy of civilization, and is capable
of achieving a satisfactory civiliza
tion. Why not make the Monroe doc
trine not merely a United States doc
trine, but a world doctrine?
"We Will not keep faith with the
makers of the supreme sacrifice un
less we assure their survivors against
a repitition of such sacrifices. Let us
not 'cease till we have finished the
glorious work we have begun."
Mr. Fletcher's audience was large.
attentive and responsive.
Scouts on. Duty.
On the first day of the boy scouts
Victory Loan drive, troop No. 2 is re
corded with over , $10,000 worth In
actual subscriptions and several thous
and dollars promised in addition to
this sum.
In ihe abesnce of Scoutmaster Zeek.
AssistantScout master Whittindale is
Guard Your Health
Tour stomach is the most Impor
tant part of your being. You can
quickly injure it by the use of too
strong medicines. Especially is this
true with children. The usual strong
purgatives used harm the stomach
more than they help.
McGowin-Foshee Lumber Co., of
Falso, Ala., needs efficient
saw mill men ; experienced shop
man to do locomotive work and
repair log cars; experienced
night wtchman for saw mill
plant ; carpenter for general re
pair work, and other experienced
men for different places. Write
full experience first letter, mar
ried or single. Good places for
righ men. 9135
conducting the campaign.
The ; troop headquarters, which - is
located at the offices of the Pensacola
Gas company, will be open to receive
subscriptions every day from 3 to 10
p. m, with scouts in charge. V;
Tank Operations.
. The itinerary of the second tank,
which. is now at Cottondale, is as fol
lows: " Cottondale, May 5; Marianna,
May 6; Sneads, May 7; Havana, May
8 ; Tallahassee, May 9 and 10.
The following wire was received last
night by The Journal from Private
Higgins, in charge of the tank:
"We. demonstrated tankat Cotton
dale T today. "This town's -quota'' Is
$9,150 and the amount subscribed to
date Is $18r750, or about two hundred
and five per cent perfect. We. are met
with the heartiest co-operation and
feel that we can't say too much for
A wire was also received from Tat
lahasee, stating that Captain Freddie
Blount and Lieutenant Albert Quina
had arrived in Tallahassee with the
first tank,, and that the people of the
capital, city were extending to them
such a welcome as was augury of good
things for Leon county in the way of
Malcolm Yonge, publicity director
for the West Florida zone, said last
night that he believed that' the tanks
had been instrumental in arousing
much interest in the loan and that the
speakers were doing some effective
work. They are supplied with blank
ammunition and are giving realistic
warfare demonstrations.
666 has proven It win cure
Malaria, . Chills and Fever, Bil
ious Fever, Colds and LaGrippe.
It kills the parasite that causes
the fever.. It is a splendid laxa
tive and general Tonic adv.
The introduction of a new sanitary
ordinance to take the place of the one
held illegal In a decision rendered last
Saturday by- Judge C' Moreno Jones
of the county court of record, on con
test of the measure by a number of
property owners with C. Thlesen named
as contestant, was one of the most
important matters to be taken up at
the regular weekly meeting of the city
commissioners yesterday afternoon.
, The principal objection to the old
ordinance, according to the decision of
Judge Jones, was that It was not suf
f icinetly specific in its designation of
the character of houses in which san
itary closets are to be installed In ac
cordance with the prescribed plans of
the health authorities, city, state and
government. The ordinance which em
bodies the main provisions of the old
one and which is the third that will
have .been - passed covering the sub
ject matter, will be heard on second
and third readings at a special meet
ing of the commissioners . perhaps to
day and adopted. It follows: -
"Section 1. That every house and
builaing located within the limits of
the city of Pensacola in which people
live, or where they congregate, or as
semble, or any kind of business is car
ried on shall be provided with a san
i y privy that shall be connected
with a sewer as provided by existing
ordinances, or if no sewer be adjacent
to the premises said privy shall be
constructed and maintained in accord
ance with plans approved or ' recom
mended by the State Board of Health,
or to conform with one of the types
of privies approved by resolution ad
opted by the Boafd of Commissioners,
and provided with the proper facili
ties that the excrement may be re
ceived in watertight, easily removable
receptacles placed in ' compartments,
or box seats, thoroughly screened to
prevent the access of flies, thereto,
and properly ventilated, and it shall be
Unlawful for any person to construct
or maintain any privy that does "not
conform with the type of privy herein
"Sec. 2. That the Commissioner of
Health, through policemen, sanitary
inspectors or other agents and em
ployes of the City Health Department
shall , diligently inspect all premises
within the city upon which sanitary
privies are required to be construct
ed and maintained by Section one (1)
of ;. this ordinance, and whenever it Is
found that any premises are not pro-'
vided with the requisite privy, or that
the same is insanitary or does not
otherwise conform with any provision
of this ordinance, to cause notice "to
be served upon the owner, or agent
of such premises, or, if there be none,
upon the occupant thereof, command
ing that said premises shall be pro
vided with a privy of .the type herein
mentioned. It shall be unlawful for
anyjperson to fail to comply with such
notice within fifteen days after the
date of its service.
"Sec. 3. It shall be unlawful for
the owner, lessee, occupant or any
Why This Strong Demand
for the Finest Leathers
WOMEN ihese days are buying better grades of
shoes than ever. Perhaps many of them even
feel a little extravagant.
But the woman who. has this instinct for quality
may well congratulate herself. It is part of her instinct
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quality. - .
Women are no more in the mood for temporizing,
uncertainty or compromise than men are.
Style is or it is not. Quality is or it is not. The
manufacturer can get fine leather for his shoes -or he
cannot. f
It would be foolish for us tt ..id indifference to
this weight of public opinion for fine leathers.
Style embodied in fine leathers with exquisite work
manship is the foundation stone of the Watson, Parker,
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This prinicple is the reason for our program of con
centrating on the wanted lasts and a selection of excel
lent leathers and the better makes a policy that as
sures Watson, Parker & Reese Co its commanding po
sition with the footwear trade, and the purchaser pe
culiar advantages in quality, enduring style and mod
erate price.
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other person to permit to exist or to
maintain on anj premises for which
they are legally responsible any sur
face closet, or privy that is not con
structed in accordance with the re
quirements of section one (1) of this
ordinance after thirty dyas from the
date of the passage of this ordinance.
In Pimples on Body. Itch
ing and Burning. Nearly
Crazy. Cuticura Heals.
"I Suffered for two years with a
breaking out on the lower part of my
body. The general appear
ance of the breaking out
was in pimples that would
itch and burn. The itch
ing and burning caused
me to irritate the affected
parts. I could not sleep
at night and the pimples nearly ran
me crazy. -
"I saw an advertisement for Cuti
cura so I bought two cakes of Soap
and two boxes of Ointment and I was
healed." (Signed) W. A. Blazer,
Route. 8, Franklin, Tenn.
For every purpose of the toilet and
nursery ' Cuticura Soap, Ointment
and Talcum are supreme.
Simple SMb Fm by Will. Addma poat-eard:
"Cadear. D.p H. Bo.taa." gold avarywhara.
Soap 2&c Ointment 25 and 60c. Talcum 2Sc.
and notwithstanding notice as provid
ed in the foregoing section has not
been served on any such person.
"Sc. 4. Any person violating any of
the provisions of this ordinance shall
upon conviction be punished by a fine
not exceeding one hundred dollars or
by imprisonment not exceeding thirty
"Sec. 5. All ordinances or parts of
ordinances In conflict herewith be and
the same are hereby repealed.
"Sec. 6. This ordinance shall take
effect immediately upon ots passage."
Metropolitan Cafe
For Ladies and Gents.
'We Serve Quicker."'
22 S. Palafox Street.
Merchant's Lunch
35c up.
Special Dinner
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8- Satisfactory
Fine Shoe Repairing
111 North Palafox. Phone 416
Success of Dainty
Bakings or a Substantial
Dinner is assured by the
use of
An added zest for every meal.
Pensacola, Fla.
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ghwa rJalaon' cradit for acf
long. mH& Hair.
Sand us our ptujtcf i au4t
ifycuu. NELSON S.
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Hair Dressing
Nelson's is the original and genuine high
grade hair dressing. For more than So
years it has been the favorite with the
particular colored people of the United
(JcIfon U fin Jot the tealp, reliav dandruff,
and fnaka thai hair grow. It makes tubborn, curly
rair soft and mmsy to manage.
Taka tkis xivrtuaiint to tK draii at ira,
and baauratogattKaaanuuw NELSON'S
Uelson Manufacturing Co., Inc.

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