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Journal Publishing Company
LOIS K. MATES, President and General Manager.
Conducted from 1892 to ISIS Under the Edittorahlp and
Management of CoL Frank ! Mayea.
American Newspaper Publishers? Association
Florida Preaa Association
Southern Newrpaper rnjbllshers Association
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win be discontinued on expiration date.
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fnten-Jenela am X
Luna Streets.
Editorial Rooms. 38
President g
Business Of flee.. 1600
The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the; use
for republication of all news credited to It or not other
wise. credited in this paper and also to local news puh
:;hed. '
Entered tte second class matter at the posioffice in
TVnsaeola, Florida, under A'.t of Congress. March 3. 1879
: Represented in the General Advertising Field by
New Tork. Chicago. Detroit. Kansas City, Atlanta.
'The process of reconstruction will be greatly
facilitated and the return to industrial and corn-
mercantile activity will be greatly speeded by the
exercise of confidence on the part of all our peo
ple," says Secretary W. B. Wilson, in a recent in
"With a world-wide demand coming for our
products there will be greater demand for labor
than we have ever had in the past. That is the
belief of almost everyone with whom I have
talked on the subject, employers and men of large
"I do not believe there will be any material
wage reductions. I believe only a short-sighted
employer would seek to bring about 'lower wages:
It is almost certain that "wage-earners will resist
an attempt to reduce their pay, and because of
the higher wages they have enjoyed during the
last few years they are now in position to en
gage in a struggle against wage-reduction which
would be prolonged and costly.
"From the employers' side, tremendous loss
would be ocasioned through strikes by the dis
ruption of his organization, leaving him at great
disadvantage in competing for business when the
period of intense industrial activity sets in.
"Most employers have the vision to see these
facts. On the world horizon they see demand
coming for their products from every quarter.
They see the great South American continent
with its doors open waiting for us. They see the
need of our products in the rebuilding of devas
tated France and Belgium. Eastern Europe and
the Orient becken to us and the vast potentalities
of unhappy Russia are a promise of the future.
"These signs should inspire our people to con
fidence. The wage-earner and the salaried em
ploye, no less than the manufacturer and busi
ness man, should face the future and bend to the
tasks of the present with resolute courage.
"This confidence, so greatly needed at this
time, can be shown in a most substantial way by
the workers in exercising determination to own
their homes. The nation-wide movement for
home-owning now under way should commend
itself to every thoughtful person. Its first ef
fect will be to provide a powerful impetus to in
dustry, giving employment to building trades and
to mill arid material workers, and contributing
stimulus to all lines of business.
"But it is to the individual himself who under
takes the purchase or building of a home that the
greatest advantage comes. Aside from the sen
timental value in owning a home, there is a sense
of security in a deed to a piece of real estate that
no other possession can give.' The home owner
has a stake in the community in which he lives.
"It may call for the exercise of frugality, in
dustry and even some self-sacrifice, but the re
ward is worthy of the efforts put forth.
"Before undertaking the building or purchase
of a home, the worker is interested in knowing
with a great degree of certainty as possible the
prospects of steady and remunerative employ
ment. Some facts in our recent history bearing
upon the labor market may prove instructive.
"In nearly all lines of industry and commerce
there has been a depletion of stocks. The shelves
are empty,, and they have to be filled to their
normal business weight. The supply of labor is
not as ample as might be thought on off-hand ex
amination of the question.
"Before the European war came, the United
States was admitting from all nations of the
world approximately 1,200,000 aliens annually,
who were used in the development of our indus
trial enterprises. Of these -400,000 returned
leaving us a net gain of- 800,000 aliens. That
makes 3,200,000 of a shortage up to the present
time, due to the fact that since the coming of the
war those who have gone out have equaled those
who have come in. 5
"The development of our shipbuilding industry i
has taken from other employments nearly 500,
000 workers. We took 4,000,000 from' peace
time pursuits and sent them into the trenches
and the tramingmps. The best that we can
hope for is that 3,000,000 of them may be demob
ilized atthe end of the calendar year. Thus there
will be more than 4,000,000 workers less than
the usual supply under normal conditions, but
there is also a possibility, indeed, almost the cer
tainty, of an increase in the demand, for the rea
sons I have outlined in the beginning of this ar
ticle. "Here, then is the prospect which the worker
who is scanning the future with a view to de
termining upon owning his home may reasonably
count upon:
"A shortage of 4,000,000 workers in the usual
supply under normal conditions ; an awakening
of commerce and industry through development
of world trade that challenges our best efforts,
and arising demand for labor as American busi
ness extends its connections to the markets of
the world.
"These conditions carry assurance of steady
and remunerative employment. The supreme
ned now is confidence; the will to go ahead and
do." ' '
Florida solons did not stop at refusing the vote
to the women of Florida, but have held the wom
en of the state up to ridicule, in the introduction
into the Florida legislature of the bill making
it "lawful for females to don and wear the wear
ing apparel of a man as worn publicly by' him."
It would seem, from this, that the solons believe
that 'it is only the toga and the ballot which
should be denied to the woman hood of the state.
In commencing upon the bill introduced into
the Florida legislature, the New York Telegram,
which is the afternoon paper published by the
New York Herald Company, says:
"We are not only in favor of permitting wom
en to wear the kind of apparel now worn by men,
as soon as the equal suffrage is established, but
we are in favor of according her that privilege
now, even before the act is signed. We have
been in favor of it always, in the cause of per
sonal liberty and pluchritude.
"Of course, many women have been credited
with 'wearing the pants' in the past, but that
was a figure of speech. We prefer habliments
that bring out into bolder relief the figure of the
It is hardly probable that the women of Florida
will enjoy this jibe of the Telegram, any more
than they enjoyed the insult offered the woman
hood of the state by the introduction of this dis
creditable bill by the Florida legislature. 1
It is evident that the legislators in Tallahassee
have looked upon the question of suffrage as
more or less of a huge joke. Just howmuch of
a joke it is may yet be determined, when the rep
resentatives return to thei rconstituents. It may
be that the joke will be turned against the legis
lators, and other southern legislatures, should
the women of New York state and the women of
the west decide for a republican instead of a
democratic administration. It was admitted
when Wilson was re-elected to office that it was
the women vote of the west which turned the
tide. No one, looking back 'upon the splendid
record made by the democratic administration,
the outcome of the world war might have been
different, and victory might yet be a long way
The St. Augustine Record, in commenting on
the action of the hoijse of representatives, says :
"The first inclination on reading of the action
of the house of representatives of Tallahassee in
refusing to submit the question of woman suf
frage to the voters of Florida is to get real angry
and say mean things. But on second and more
mature thought and having in mind the possi
bility of a favorable reconsideration of the issue
it seems best to draw the mantle of charity about
that handful of strange-thinking men who are
afraid to trust the judgment of the people. It
is not so much the great question of the recogni
tion of women, important as it is, than that of
casting reflection on the judgment of those very
men who have sent these fellows to the legisla
ture, not to set their own judgment on a mighty
pinacle where it cannot be reached or influenced
by rhyme or reason, but to play fair and square
on all matters and not to seek to play the baby
xct or assume the role of a czar.
"Some fellow by the name of Wicker thank
God he is not from St. John county made a long
spiel during the debate, delving into alleged an
cient history and actually setting forth the ar
gument that the enfranchisement of women
would bring about the downfall of the American
republic Let wicked Wicker wick.
"Incidentally it will be interesting to note if
any county dare f ess up to any relation ship of
the aforesaid Wicker.
"We submit that the importance of the issue
is sufficient to warrant the legislature in afford
ing the citizens of Florida the oportunity of say
ing whether they do or do not want to give the
women of the state the right to vote."
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kZZ : ' t M?. A.
Z1 -p 1 1 - -
Buenos Aires, May 6. Local ship
ping; agents admit vessels belonging; to
their lines axe avoiding Buenos Aires
because of the continuance of the
labor boycott under the government's
control of the port and shipping. A
a few are enroute to this city, but
most of toe latter are in ballast. Many
of them are stopping; at Montevedio.
The shipping agencies reecntly sent
the following cable message to Lon
few veseis are entering the port and
don: "We recommend that the British
government prevent the sailing of al
lied veseis for Buenos Aires until the
Argentine government stops the prac
tice of boycotting this port."
It is stated Spanish shipping; lines
will soon join the maritime combina
tion which includes the United States,
British, French, Italian, Dutch, Nor
wegian and Swedish companies.
the waterfront, rendering some excel
lent music.
The industrial home, is non-sectarian,
and is supported by voluntary
contributions, boys and girls from
many southern states, being trained
there in home economics and agricul
tural pursuits.
The drum and bugle corps has been
making a tour of the south giving
concerts enroute and taking free-will
offerings for the maintenance of the in
stitution, where one hundred orphan
feboys and girls make their home.
The drum and bugle corps of tha
Georgia Industrial Home, stopped over
In Pensacola yesterday, and attract
ed much attention, as they paraded
the streets on the way to and from
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