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Petpd (Caere .If Xfoww (Cair Pay;
CSeaD uDOvOcOesnidlQ
The Auto Owner Should Know
That very little money expended in keeping his car in first
class condition pays well in longer life and better preserva
tion bf the machine.
That a KNOCK of any kind should have immediate attention,
and that a RATTLE should be taken as a warning as defi
nite as a Rattlesnake's.
Let us give your car EXPERT ATTENTION when it needs
it, and you will be continually congratulating yourself on the
v. sf
Jk i f Auto Storage, Washing and Polishing, Tires, Tubes, Accessories,
'HiF-ii.. Oils, Greases, Gasoline.
21 West Romana WILLIE PALMER, Mgr.
21 West Romana
- .
6 Bell-ans
Mot water
Sure Relief
'FOR INPlut-a
Peace Terms
Handed Germans
At Versailles
(Continued from Pago One)
no submarines. All civilian damages
are to be reimbursed by Germany. Her
initial payment is to be twenty bil
lion marks with subsequent payments
secured by bonds.
Parts o Germany are to be occu-
A cough that follows la grippe of
any, other cough that "hangs on from
winter to spring "wears flown 'the suf
ferer, leaving him or her In a weak
ened state unable to ward off sickness
and disease. Jos. Gillard, 148 Fillmore
St., Nashville, Tenn., writes: "I was
suffering from a dry, hacking cough
and a pain In my chest, but since tak
ing Foley's Honey and Tar I have been
relieved." It soothes, heals and cures
coughs, colds and croup. Good for
whooping cough. Sold everywhere.
pied on a diminishing scale until rep
aration is made. German prisoners
will be repatriated but the allies will
hold German officers as hostages for
Germans accused of crimes.
Versailles, Havas, May 7. In the
opening session of the peace congress,
Clemenceau as presiding officer, speak
ing to German plenipotentiaries said:
Terrifying Discomfort
From SIM Diseases
Itching and Burning Eruptions
Torture Victims.
Do Your. Best.
Everyone should do "all he ran tn
provide for his family and In order to
ao tins he must keen his nhvrfri
system In the best condition possible.
so one can reasonably, hope to do
much when he is half sick a good
share of the time. If you are consti
pated, bilious or troubled with indigestion-
get a package of Chamber
lains Tablets and follow the plain
printed directions, and you will soon
be feeling alright and able to do a
day's work. Adv.
"It is unnecessary to exnress needier
words as you appear before the pleni
potentiaries of the small and great
powers united In thin mnst riil -orar
whclh was imposed upon them. The
hour has arrived for a heavy set
tlement of accounts.' A copy of the
treaty -was then delivered to : Count
IfOok Itrto Your
Habits of living
- Sozvii? limes 'coffee drisSsxng up&ets .
tesas's ladings, '-flnagSt ussuape&ed-,
IT coffee disagree use
Atz2arystrial of Postmn instead
of eoflee oCtesx does wonders in
tennmm lyfurts the matter."
The treaty Is printed In parallel pages
recognized as having equal validity.
It does not deal with questions af
fecting Australia, Bulgaria and Tur
key except insofar as binding Germany
to accept any agreement reached with
those former allies.
"Following the preamble and dispo
sition of powers'comes the covenant of
the league of nations as the first sec
tion of the treaty. The centers of
Germany in Europe are defined in the
second section: European political
classes given in the third: European
political classes in the fourth. " Next
are the military, naval and air terms
as the fifth section, followed by a sec
tion on prisoners of war and military
graves, and a seventh on responsibili-
Beginning May 9th,
we will close our
store at 12 o'clock on
Fridays through the
Summer months.
Hoyt Bros. & Co.
Only those who are afflicted
with Eczema, Tetter,' Erysipe
las, boils and similar so-called
skin diseases can appreciate the
real terrifying; discomfort that
conies from these disorders.
Just imagine that there is a
steady blaze of fire in constant
contact with your tender skin,
and you can form some idea of
the pain that must be endured
by the afflicted. For the mil
lions and millions of tiny dis
ease germs that seem to bur
row through the skin, each one
carrying a torch of fire, cause
pain that is almost unendur
able. f ' .
And the constant plea of
those afflicted is the oft-repeated
question, "How can I find re
lief from this constant torture ?"
Not palliative, temporary relief
that causes the terrible itching
to abate for awhile, but real
genuine relief that shakes off
the shackles of the disease and
restores the skin to its former
healthy condition.
And temporary relief is the
most that can be expected from
local treatment, such as oint
ments, salves, lotions, etc., which
is one reason why these dis
eases seem to hold on with such
tenacity. It is not because they
are incurable, but because they
are improperly treated, that they
appear to be so stubborn and so
difficult to cure.
The fact is they are mis
named, and therefore, improper
ly treated. Because the trouble
attacks the skin and all the pain
and discomfort is confined to the
surface of the skin, these disor
ders are called "skin diseases."
But the real cause is a disease
germ in the blood, which multi
plies by the million, and sets up
fin irritation in some tender lo
cation of the delicate skin.
You can get some little relief
for the time being by "rubbing
or scratching- the irritated skin,
but you would not expect to be
cured in this way. Neither
should you expect a cure from
local applications of lotions,
ointments or other remedies ap
plied to the skin, for the simple
reason that a cure must come
from the source of the trouble.
You must locate the head
quarters of the disease germs,
and cut off their base of sup
plies. The blood is saturated
with them, and they will set up
their attacks on the surface of
the skin as long as they remain
in the blood, no matter how
much local treatment you take.
A million gallons of local
treatment applied to the sur
face of the skin, will not elim
inate the germs of the disease
from the blood, and until they
are eliminated your skin will
never be free from the itching
and burning discomfort.
If you want relief that is per
manent, then take a treatment
that goes right to the seat of
the trouble and removes its
cause. Such a remedy is S. S. S.,
the reliable old blood remedy
purifier that so thoroughly
cleanses the blood, that every
trace of disease germ is routed
out, and a new supply of rich
red blood is sent coursing
through the veins.
S. S. S. has been used suc
cessfully in some of the worst
cases of eczema and other skin
troubles, and it can be relied
upon to cleanse the blood of the
last vestige of the discr
S. S.'S. is also a splendid Ionic
and system builder, and it builds
up and adds new vigor to the
whole system.
Go to your drugstore and get
a bottle of S. S. S. today and be
gin the right treatment for skin
diseases. Then write for free
medical advice about your own
case. Address Chief Medical
Adviser, 107 Swift Laboratory,
Atlanta, Ga.
Consolidated Grocery Co., Distributors.
Brockdorff-Rantzau head of the Ger
man delegation who replied "We de
clare that we do not deny the ex
tent of our defeat. We know the
power of the German armies is brok
The treaty is the longest ever
drawn. It totals about eight thou
sand words, divided into fifteen main
sections an drepresents the combined
product of over - a thousand experts
working continuously through a se
ries of commissions for the three and a
half months since January eighteenth.
ties. Reparations, financial terms and
economic terms are "covered in sec
tions eight to ten. Then comes the
aeronautic section, ports, waterways
and railwaj's section, the labor covenant,-
the section on guarantees, and
the final clauses.
Count Brockdorff-Rantzau was un
able to admit Germany was solely
culpable and demanded that the allies
make peace according to President
Wilson's points. Germany pledged it
self to repair the wrong done Bel-
But No One Wants an Imitation They Are Dangerous in the Med.
icine Line. Imitators Can See How to Copy the Style of Pack
age, Directions, etc., and Give it Some Name or Number, Buf
They Cannot See the Ingredients and Are Liable to Get Then
" Wrong.
glum and gave assurance of reconstruc
tion of territories in northern France.
Brockdorff-Rantzau asked the libera
tion of . German prisoners and said
Germany had adopted a league of na
tions. ; The historic meeting was con
cluded at 3:51 this afternoon.
"V-U Kf 1A
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Swiss Bed Spreads and Bed Sets at
$10. and 12.50
Genuine Swiss Scarfs 18x54 inches long
All have wide hems, hemstitched, and self patterned
stripe borders. New goods, sheer, cool, comfortable
and dainty. Will launder beautifully.
Everything to Wear. .u.m'gg:.
they studied its provisions.
One expression here generally In gov
ernment circles, however, was that
the official summary justified the
Washington, May 7. All official
Washington was reserving its com
ment on the peace treaty tonight, while
carefully, scanning the published of
ficial summary of its terms. In con
gress where the treaty must run the
gauntlet of . the senate's ratification,
both the leaders who are expected to
oppose and those expected to support
were holding back statements while
Eat less meat if you feel Back
achy or Bladder troubles you
Salts is fine for Kidneys
Meat forms uric acid which excites
and overworks the kidneys in their
efforts to filter from the system. Reg
ular eaters Of meat must flush the
kidneys occasionally. You must re
lieve them like you relieve your" bow
els; removing all the acids, waste
and poison, else you feel a" dull misery
in the kidney region, sharp pains in
the back or sick headache, dizziness,
your stomach sours, tongue is coated
and when the weather is bad you have
rheumatic twinges. The urine 13
cloudy, full of sediment;, the channels
often get irritated, obliging you to get
up two ' or three - times during tin
To neutralize these irritating acids
and flush off the body's urinous waste
get about four ounces of Jad Salts
from any pharmacy; take a table -spoonful
in a glass of water before
breakfast for a few days and your
kidneys will then act fine and bladder
disorders disappear. This famous salts
is made from the acid of grape and
lemon juice, combined with lithia and
has been used for generations to clean
and stimulate sluggish kidneys and
stop bladder irritation. Jad Salts is
Inexpensive; - harmless and makes a
delightful effervescent lithiawater
drink which millions of r men and
women take now and then, thus avoid
ing serious kidney and bladder dis
eases. Adv.
Some things such as regular feature,
are beyond your control, but woman'
greatest charm, a good complexion, is
mostly within her own grasp. For in
will remove blotches, liver spots. scaly
patches, and all annoying skin eruptions
that mar a woman's beauty. It's also the
one real remedy for eczema a remedy
that has conquered seemingly hopeless
cases of 20 years' standing. Its magic
on ringworm, tetter, itch and such
troublesome ailments. Get Tetterine. at
drug stores. Schuptrine Company, Sa
vannah. Qa. adv.
great majority of press dispatches
from Paris for the last five months.
Remember to take care of tehir feet.
The , government supplied the troop
with 1,500,000 pounds of powder for
the feet because it made the men mora)
efficient. They could Walk twice a,
far and be more comfortable If they
had some Allen's Foot-Ease to each
6hoe.'1 Try it yourself and see what
comfort you get from this standard
remedy. Ask for Allen's Foot-Ease,
for tired, aching, swollen feet, blister
and sore spots. Sold - everywhere-
Adv. ' .
166 has proven it will cure Malaria,
Chills and Fever, Bilious Fever, Colds
and LaQrippe. It kills the parasite
that causes the fever. .
66 IT the most speedy remedy we
know; It will soon break the- fever an J
then If taken as a tonic the fever will
tot return. -
668 is a fine tonic for pale people,
(t builds up the blood corpuscles to a
red, healthy condition, giving. a fiat
ural, healthy complexion.
666 quickly relieves Constipation
Biliousness, Loss of Appetite Fou'1
Breath and Headaches, due to TorpM
Laver. . ;-- I
We especially recommend 666 f oi J
those exposed to the weatner, as tnjj
can take it, eat anything they want
and go right -on with their work wltl
no fear of being salivated. adv.
i.nnK mn
fotf n.TMffil THE FED BALL
nr Trarfiam" mm
H KfesTms Ammunition
ill Shooting Ririt"
1 mF-mi
'NElSOfTS ufill makm yoa proa J of yoar hair.'
If you want to give your hair that rich,
lustrous look use
Hair Dressing
Nelson's makes stubborn, currj hair soft,
glossy end ear? to manage. . It is fine for
the scalp, relieves dandruff and falling
hair, and makes the hair grow. ,
rJelsonl is tHe original fine tiair Iresri ng told
and recommended bj drug stores everywhere.
Tali this aJvrtismnt to tit 3ru trt
and bm stm to sat tii gnuin NELSON 'S
Nelson Manufacturing Co., Inc.
at H i '
colored girl of August. G-,
says Nelson's makes the haw
grow and gives it a nch, gloss?
our rliotegrapK
it jou use ncuwn
Send u
The secret of youth is EXAMINA
TION OF POISONS from your body.
This done, you can live to be a hundred
and enjoy the good things of .life with
as much "pep" as you did when in the
springtime of youth. Keep yoor body
in good condition, that's the secret.
Watch the kidneys. They filter and
purify the blood, all of which blood
passes through them once every three
minutes. Keep them clean and in
proper working condition and you have
nothing to fear. Drive the poisonous
wastes and deadly uric acid accumula
tions from your system. Take tJOLD
MEDALi Haarlem Oil Capsules and yoa
will always be in good condition. Ton
will feel strong and vigorous, 'with
steady nerves and elastic muscles.
GOLD MEDALi Haarlem Oil Capsules
are imported direct from the labora
tories at Haarlem, Holland.
They are a reliable remedy which
has been used by the sturdy Dutch for
over 200 years, and has helped them
to develop into one the strongest
and hearthiest races of the world. Oet
them from your druggist. Do not take
a substitute. la scaled packages
Jbree sizes, ,
Constipated Children Gladly Take
"California Syrup of Figs"
For the Liver and Bowels
Tell your drugget you want genuine
California Syrup of Figs." Full directions
and dose for babies and children of all ages
who are constipated, bilious, feverish, tongue- .
. coated, or full of cold, are plainly printed on
the bottle. Look for the name "California"
and accept no other "Fig Syrup." "
1 K -m
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An Kinds of Hauling.
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