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Vc have a full line of Gurney, Gnrney-AtKermo3 and Gurney Northland Refrigerators.
There is a size and a price for every household:
75-lb. Galvanized lined, two-door Northland. . . . . . . . . .... . .$18.50
50-15 White lined, two-door Northland . . . . . .$17.50
75-lb. White linsd, two-door Northland. , ...$20.00
90-lb. Galvanized lined, two-door Northland $20.00
90-Ib. White linad, two-door Northland $22.50
115-lb. White lined, two-door, Northland. y $25.00
85-lb. White lined, 8 front doors, Northland $32.50
110-lb. White lined, 3 front doors, Northland. V$37.50
85-lb. White lined, 3 front doora, Gurney .$37.50
ISO-lb. White lined, 2 door Northland v. $45.00
85-lb. White inside and out, 2-door Atfcermos .$50.00
1 100-lb. White inside and out, 2-door Athermos $55.00
170-lb. White lined, 3 front doors Northland. $55.00 150-lb. White lined 2 front doors Athermos. $60.00
Nursery Refrigerators, Frost King and Snowball Freezers, Water Coolers, Ice Cream Dip
pers, Ice Shavers, Ice Picks and everything to make the summer weather pleasant. -
Right at Ray's.
Phone 30-35
Right on the Corner
about advertising agencies:
Do You Know the Service an
Advertising Agency Offers? '
Defining the agency is perhaps the best method of explaining why you should
have an agency connection just as you have your lawyer and your doctor.
An advertising agency is a group of men who
have had wide and varied experience in selling,
merchandising and advertising.
'As an instance, the advertising agency executive
has been in constant touch with the sales and
merchandising problems and policies of his
clients for as many years as he has been in busi
ness. -
He has watcKeH sales plans that have failed and
sales plans that have 'gone over big. He has in
vestigated the reasons why. He very largely
laiows from experience why a manufacturer
should do "this" and not do "that" and it is a
part ol advertising agency service to -consult
with and advise their clients regarding sales
policies. ' v . , -
.When you employ an advertising agency, it's
almost as though you employed a sales manager
who had successfully handled the sales depart
ment of perhaps fifty or a hundred or maybe
more business houses, for that is the experience
an advertising agency places at your disposal.
jPerhaps seconci in importance is the Service De
partment of the advertising agency. Here are
employed experienced advertising writers and
artists who prepare under the direction of the
executive text matter and illustrations for all
types of advertising, inclusive of booklets,
folders, circulars, etc; magazine, newspaper,
farm paper and trade paper advertisements.
A client of an advertising agency may utilize
this service to as great or as small an extent as
desired. He may have all his printed matter
prepared by his advertising agency or he may
merely have them prepare actual advertise
ments, that are to appear in publications.
It is optional, of course, with the client, but as
time goes on it becomes more and more evident
that "specializing" pays that all dealer or con
sumer literature should be prepared by men who
have made a life study of such literature and
for that reason the advertising agency will rec
ommend that you use full service. ;
Another department of the agency is the Space
Buying Department.
It is the duty of this department to furnish
advertisers with complete information as to
publications (whether newspaper, magazine,
f arm paper or trade paper) . To be able to buy
space in any publication at the lowest possible
rate obtainable. And to recommend to each
advertiser the specific publications that it will
"pay"that particular advertiser to use.
The Checking Department of an advertising
agency proves insertion of all advertisements
ordered ; measuring space to see that it is cor
rect, comparing copy, checking dealers' names,
if any are used thus obviating the"necessity.of
the advertiser employing his clerks to take care
of this work.
In brief, the foregoing 'describes the advertising
agency and the service it offers.
Obviously, we cannot attempt to go into detail
-here the theme is too complex the full story
too long the climax as applied particularly to
your business too individualistic to generalize.
Coutmlt with tftht rctUJ end accredited Advertising Agencies named behw. Allow e
f them t submit mm mtline tie service they ere prepared f render. Yu may be assured
that en inciiatien te call will be appreciated and that no obligation whatsoever wilt be incurred.
Basliara Company, Thomas IL, Louisville, Ky.
Cecil, Barreto and Cecil, Richmond, Va.
Chambers Agency, Inc., New Orleans, La.
Cheaman and Company, Nelson, Chattanooga, Tens.
Ferry-Hanly Advertising Co, New Orleans, La.
Johnson and Dallia Company, Atlanta, Ga.
Massecsale Advertising Agency, Atlanta, Ga.
Staples and Staples, Inc., Richmond, Vv
Thomas Ad vert isins Service, The, Jacnville, Fla.
This m4rtimwmt irtni tt
' Ckatts. Tmm.
Members Southern Council, A tnertcan
Association of Advertising Agencies
preparation for th World Cotton
Conference, to be held at New Orleans
from October IS to 16, are fast taking
definite haje.- Besides more than
three thousand delegates from this
country, the conference will be at
tended by representatives of the cot
ton Industry in Canada, Great Britain,
France, Belgium, 1 Holland, Russia,
Italy, Peru, Switzerland, Portugal,
Spain, the Czechoslovak Republic,
Greece, India, China, " Mexico, Japan,
Brazil' and Scandanavla. The commit
tee having the arrangements for the
conference , in charge has enlisted the
cooperation of the state department at
Washington, and through this agency
in worklnsr for eovernmental represen-
tatlon, not only from the countries of
Europe and ot the Orient, but also
from the Central and South American
In addition "to nearly two thousand
delegates representing the cotton
growers of the south, there will be
present at New Orleans In October
larare numbers of cotton merchants.
north and south, as well as the big
warehouse men of Galveston, Houston,
Memphis, Mobile, Savannah and other
points. Special arrangements are De
Ing made so that delegates may visit
and Inspect the immense privately
owned warehouses of Memphis. These,
representing one type or system of
cotton Sstorage, ; may be compared
thereby with the big state owned ware
houses of New Orleans. Invitations
will be extended to transportation men
of" all kinds, railroad men, ocean
steamship men In both coastwise and
overseas trade, and the river steam
boat men.
There Will also be Dresent the f er-
tillzer men, the ginner, and the manu
factureK of saw-and roller gins, the
compressmen arid the maker of presses
of all types. The last will include the
huge machines capable of compressing
to a high density from eisrhtv to one
hundred bales of cotton an hour, and
those of smaller capacity suitable for
Installation at gmhouses, in accord
ance with the demand for high den
sity gin compression. Manufacturers
and users of the older, as well as the
more recent appliances for reducing
the cotton bale to high density; will
also be present. "The round-bale men
will be represented, though this type
involves a limited part of the baled
production of the south.
Representatives of the financial in
terests so Important in the marketing
of the cotton crop will play an im
portant part at the conference. Bank
ers from the north and south. Includ
ing representatives of the federal re
serve banking board, will' attend and
it Is expected that the banker delega
tion will total more than a thousand.
Delegrates from all the principal cot
ton exchanges, both of this country
and from abroad, will be present, while
the national, 6tate and other cotton
association will have a substantial
number of members in attendance.
It is recognized that the importance
of the cotton industry can hardly be
over estimated, and the timeliness of r
world conference this year Is readily
to ben seen. One of the objects is to
take advantage of the benefits to be
obtained from such gatherings at t
time when the need of cooperation and
a clearer understanding of conditions
are most desirable. ;
The General Federation of Women's
Clubs will hold the mld-blennlal council
May 27th to Slst, inclusive, In Ashevllle.
N. C. , .
The Grove Park Inn will be official
headquarters and the general federation
fcoard of directors, officials, " chairmen of
committees, official guests and speakers
will be placed there. -
The morning sessions of the conventior
will be held in the Battery Park hotel
and all evening sessions In the City Au
ditorium. v
Accomodations for the Folrlda delega
tion have been made at Margo Terrace.
American plan. Double rooms, 2 beds
and bath, S5.00 each person per day.
Arrangements have also been made for
Florida delegation to Ashevllle. The
only through sleeper leaves Jacksonville
9:15 p. m.. Seaboard Air Line, and KlorlO.
delegates will leave on this the night o
May 25th, arriving afternoon of 26th, a'
2:10 o'clock. Railroad fare one way - i!
$15.29; Pullman, $3.30. No rates obtain
able. "Any Florida club woman ( who wishes t,
attend the meetings is welcome an?
should notify Mrs. W. S. Jennings, di
rector to G. F. W. C. for Florida. 184:
Main street. Jacksonville, at once, to se
cure railroad and hotel accomodations.
Delegates to convention need not be
elected by club. ,
The Margo Terrace Is only one block
from meeting places. The state secreary
to G. F. W. C., Mrs.-W.-R. O'Neal. o
Orlando, is "sending out notices to clu"bf
and both she and Mrs. Jennings are anx
ious that Florida women be well repre
pntd, "-! Aihevilte is so verv near an"
many Floridlans spend their summr:
there always.
$30,000 IN BONDS
Troop 2, Boy Scouts of America, of
this city sold ninety bonds aggregat
ing $30,000 during the' last week 01
the Victory Loan Campaign. The fol
lowing Scouts are to receive honoi
medals for their good work: "Buck"
Mitchell, Sollle Welch. Kenneth Wil
klns. Charlie Stewart. Jay Hall, Lama
Rosier and William Sandusky. ,
C. F. Zeek, Scoutmaster of the Troop
was absent during the campaign am'
the Troop was directed by Scoutmas
ters Sousa and VB. Whittendale.
" This Troop hiked -to Crystal gprinr
last Sunday and will take another hiV
r " f
Ugh! Calomel Sickens; Salivates!
Please Try' Dodson's Liver Tone
I am sincere! My medicine does-not-upset liver
and bowels so jou lose a day's work.
ToU'ro blUousl Tour liver Is elug
trtohl Tou feel lazy, dizry and alj
knocked out. -Tour head la dull, your
tongue is coated; breath bad; ajtomach
our and bowels constipated. But don't
take salivating calomel. . It makes you
stok;. you may lose a day's work. ,
' vcalomel Is mercury or quicksilver
which cause necrosis of the bones.
Calomel crashes Into spur bile like dy
namite, breaking it up. That's when
you feel that awful nausea and cramp
ing. -:.';,'. . '
If you want to "enjoy the nicest,
gentlest liver and bowel oleansing you
ever experienced Just take a spoonful
of harmless Dodson's Liver Tone to
night. .Tour druggist or dealer sells
you a bottle of Dodson's Liver ,Ton
for a few cents under my personal
money-back guarantee that each
jmnmvfilT will nlTt vm, di.. .
usgisn u7ej
better than a dose of nasty calomel
and that it won't make you elck.
Dodson'a Liver Tone is real uvr
medicine. Tou' 11 know it next mom
ing because you will wake up feeijnc
fine, your liver will be working your
headache and dizziness gone,' your
stomach will be Sweet and your bow
els regular, Tou will feel like -worts"
ing; you'll be cheerful; fun 0f vigor
and ambition.
Dodson's Liver Tone is entlr
regetablev therefore harmless and
not salivate. Give it to your children.
Millions of people are using Dodson'i
Liver Tone Instead of dangerous calo.
mel now. Tour druggist will tell you
that the sale of calomel it almost
stopped entirely hers. Aflv.
Publio Accountant Auditor
American National Bank Building, Fensacola, Fla.
- McCaskill Block, DeFuniak Springs, Fla.
400 South Palafox
A shop that makes a business of Kodak
Finishing and Picture Framing-
Fresh Kodak Films and complete stocks
of Kodaks and Ansco Cameras.
Kodak Albums, Souvenirs, Art Gift Nov
elties, Baskets, Ingersol Watches, Fountain
Pens, Pocket Books, Art Corners and Metal
Frames. 7 '
At Once! ;
Two New 1918 five-passenger
as demonstrators, and haye not
traveled over 1500 miles. Paint
perfect, upholstery perfect, glad
.to give demonstration at any
- time against any car.
Price and terms to suit purchaser.
Call at Heilbron's Garage,
T7 f
19 East Chase Street
- 4

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