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Journal Publishing Company
LOIS K. MATES. President and General Manger.
Conducted from 1892 to 191 Under the Editorship and
Management of Col Frank L. May.
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Florid Press Association
Southern Newspaper Publishers' Association
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11 shed.
Entered as second elasi matter at the postofflce in
Pensacola, Florida, under Act of Congress, March 3. 187-j
Represented in the General Advertising Field by
New York, Chicago. Detroit. Kansas City. Atlanta,
It is always difficult and dangerous to go into
a town and criticise anything in it. Motives are
often misunderstood.
The federal health officials stationed here have
had their share of mistrust on the part of the
townspeople. No matter how thoroughly hon
est they may have been in attempting to carry
out their orders from superior officers there
have been those who would accuse them of ul
terior motives; who would condemn their efforts
as uncalled for; and would seek to discredit their
ability. :
For every effect there must be a cause. It is
hardly contested these days but that sanitation
pays. Everybody who has much knowledge of
modern affairs knows the large share it has had
in general progress. For instance, since 1898
every accomplishment in which this nation has
had a hand has been made more possible by the
trained sanitarian who has gone with the pio
neers and is still at work consolidating gains
made by civilization. i
Now what is the effect the "otjectioni3t"
would like to have in this community, and what
is the cause of their opposition to the reason
able improvements which make for health? No
doubt there are ulterior motives. It is believed
that the majority of the people are for the right
thing. It is evident that no officials dare at
tempt to enforce what is not for the general wel
fare, which spells the correct procedure. .
This brings us to tb.e minority which could
still be split up into many factions. Their pur
poses differ but their aims amount to the same
thing. Certain things for the public good are
to be thwarted because some few individuals
would be put to some inconvenience and possibly
have their gains slightly reduced from their al
ready wide margin.
No two communities are alike in all particu
lars. Our city, despite recent years of prosperi
ty, has yet to solve the big problem of housing
and sanitation which goes with it. It is not yet
a "city of homes." The majority of families live
in rented houses. It is estimated that there are
about 5000 dwellings of all kinds. If this is true
we know that not more than 2500 of them have
sewer connections because by recent actual sur
vey nearly 3000 of them had so-called "earth
closets most of them being open and main
tained in a disgracefully insanitary codnition.
Existing along with these are nearly 500 shallow
open or driven wells.
Many other existing evils could be enumerat
ed, but it- is believed that enough have been
pointed out to establish the case in question.
It appears that such conditions call for an ex
tension of the sewer and water systems at onve.
So they do, but again we come solidly against
concrete facts. Is there a clear thinking per
son who believes it is the best course to pursue
right now when a remedy is needed ? The des
tiny of the community must be worked out slow
ly because there have been allowed to accumu
late so many defects in affairs which should not
have been left undone.
The city officials have upon them the respons
ibility of working out the methods whereby civic
faults will be corrected. In regard to the hous
ing and sanitation question they find them
selves confronted by certain "interests" which
are controlled by a comparatively small number
of persons. It is not a dignified policy to name
names in public controversy, and it is painful
even to resort to an enumeration of conditions.
However, in the present case the people should
know that certain conditions do exist which any
self-respecting community should not long en
dure. The tendency is to blame the health of
ficials. In partial justice to them they are mov
ing in a "vicious circle" which is another way of
saying that things go from bad to worse. Any
man who tries to do his duty when a nuisance of
other intolerable sanitation situation is brought
to his notice finds that any attempt he makes
to have a remedy applied is promptly blocked.
This applies to rented houses particularly.
Even now, with impetus added from outside
sources, honest effort according to law to have
responsible parties remedy sanitary defects Is
met by scorn and contempt from certain sources.
Many instances happening recently are on rec
ord. ' ;
However, affairs are being put in a fair way
to be rightea. You may blame your city offi
cials for some things but you should realize that
they are taking a stand for better sanitation and
health conditions. A full functioning which we
have briefly tried to sketch. Things must not
be allowed to go on from bad to worse. Right
minded citfcens must take a stand for decency
ancf the dollars will take care of themselves.
It can be proven here as it has been elsewhere
that sanitation pays, and health is a purchasable
commodity. The man who would attempt to
make you believe otherwise either knows no bet
ter or else he had an ulterior motive. Make your
own decision with a fair mind, considering-all
the facts. ;
e a "s s a a ss s atssBissisa
Inquiries concerning the plan for organizing
a system of Federal Home Loan banks are com
ing in to the U. S. Department of Labor from
all parts of the country, and general interest is
manifested in the provisions of the bill to be in
troduced at the next session of congress.
The impression, exists in some minds that the
banks when established would make direct loans
of government funds to persons desiring to build
homes. This is a mistake. The plan contem
plates the organization of Federal Home Loan
banks as clearing houses for building and loan
associations, which would then be able to realize
I t n 1 a n 1 V In All tatE
on their long time mortgages, and thus to meet maklng. matters that affect the general
increased demands for loans. The associations public, hence he makes several trips
Clearing through these banks WOUld be Stock- over here duringthejession. .
holders in the institutions. ' V State .Labor Inspector J. C. Prlvett
. stopped In Tallahassee during: the weetc
According to the plan a group of building and j to look over the. progress of the labor
lon .s.nniafinna n.ild mmKiTia -fnr- V10 nTfrani. i oills. and do what he could to boost
zation of a Federal Home Loan bank in which
they would deposit a block of mortgages taken
in the regular course of business
Tallahassee, May la. "Six days
shalt thou work and perform all thy
labor.' The first part of that com
mandment wu fulfilled to th letter
during; th week Just closed. Six days
the members met and labored, if they
did not do ail the wnrk they had to
do it was not their fault. It was just
the blessedness of human nature which
prevents large bodies f men from
agreeing: on all things. The blessed
ness of disagreement Is sometimes the
emergency brake that holds the world
back from a downhill -slide to per
dition. " V .
Speaking of disagreement. It Is Im
possible for the members of the house
to determine yet who got lioked in
the long fight on the compulsory dip
ping bills. The bill passed, but be
fore it got the right-of-ay for the
final spurt on the home stretch, those
who have never learned to bow the
knee to dictation nor welcome the ad
vent of a dictator, had laid down tir
terms by drawing most of the teeth
of the bilL Nov both sides are claim
ing a victory, r
There is considerable rejoicing at
the capital over tha report of the
committee on public lands, on the Sin
gletary bill. Whether true, or not true,
is net known, but it seems to have
been the impression among many of
the legislators that the bill was full
of camouflage, and the invisible some
thing they Connected with it was not
a pleasant thing to contemplate. The
committee amendment leaves nothing
of the old bill but the enacting clause.
The earmarks of the bill, too, have
undergone a complete change.
The legislature has now entered
upon the last leg of the session. If
you are a law making enthusiast just
watch the results of the home stretch.
Hon. W. Y. Watson, formerly a state
senator from Gadsden county, has be 91
among the visitors at the capital this
week. He is a ' brilliant limb of the
law in Tallahassee's neighboring town.
sa " ' - "'
V JS I i-THV ? Asw-W-Cf --:- .
their passage.
The . fishermen were , here Friday
nlsht. Like all other people, they
Against these I were not all of one mind, but they
mni4mn. V. korV .vl t,,, Kne frt OA convinced .legislators of one thing.
1 nTnaatr am in f arnOtan in
cent of the value represented.
Tthatv urn intnroSteil In tho kind nf
The bank would a fish law passed for them to work
sell these mortgages in the market, turning over,undr and unless improved upon they
, . . . . . j would prefer the old one to remain
the proceeds to the association Which had de-.0n the statute books. They have som
posited them, the association executing a note, fixed vlews- to- about what would be
lan improvement.
to the bank for the amount thus received.
speaker wilaer declares he will not
recognize a member, who rises with
out his coat on to address the house.
This was at the very beginning of
the practice, and it was abandoned
The mortgages thus deposited as security, are
not to be sold by the association to the bank, but
would remain the property of the association,
which would continue to collect the regular pay
ments from the borrowing members whose mort
gages. have thus been deposited, just the same
as before the deposit was made. If a borrower
whose mortgage had thus been hypothecated
pays off his loan in full, the association Would
recall that mortgage from the bank, either by
turning over the cash value of the mortgage
to the bank to be applied on the debt of the as
sociation, or by depositing another mortgage of
equal value. ,
The bonds , of the Federal Home Loan banks
would not draw more than 5 per cent interest per
annum and it is believed that they can be sold
at a lower drawing rate, possibly 4 or 4 1-2 per
cent. The association would 'pay to the banks
interest on the amounts advanced at the same
ate which the bonds bear, an additional one
half per cent per annum being allowed to cover
the expenses of maintaining the banks. Asso
ciations would make semi-annual payments on
the money borrowed, thus amortizing their debts.
It is suggested that the bonds should run twen
ty years, associations being permitted to repay
their loans at any time within that period.
In the Federal Home Loan' bank plan, the af
filiation of an association would be entirely op
tional and an association which does not join in
the banking plan would not be affected in any
way by the new system. The business of the
banks would be conducted by boards of direc
tors, elected by member associations. It is the
purpose to provide for the supervision of the
entire system of banks by such federal authori
ty as congress may approve. This federal sup
ervision would be exercised at the expense of
the government as is the case with the Federal
Farm Loan system and the Federal Reserve bank
The movement to establish a system of Fed
eral Home Loan banks was started when the af t-er-the-war
revival of building in all parts of the
country demonstrated the need of a method by
which money could be .realized on the long time
mortgages held by the building and loan associations.
Much speculation is going on as
to what will be the outcome of the
committee probe? Into the differences
of the state chemist and the com
missioner of agriculture.
The first time the "lie" has been
used in debate at this session was
on Friday. It was used in denuncia
tion of the 'claim that Lake county
has been benefited by the large sums
of money she spent for tick eradica
tion, and the epithet came from Mr.
Edge. .. -
Wire r
Tallahassee, May 12. There is some
talk here of the house indefinitely
postponing all Jacksonville charter
bills on the grounds that the Duval
delegation cannot agree on what they
want, that it Is not fair for Jackson
ville to kill a lot of time every ses
sion on its proposed charter changes
and that a law was passed by Mr.
Farris, in 1913, permitting municipal
ities to amend their own charters with
out bothering the legislature. But in
the recent St. Cloud case, Circuit
Judge Perkins decided that this law
would not hold because the legislature t
cannot' delegate to a city the power
vested in the legislature by the con
stitution. So if the Jacksonville charter is
amended it must be done by the legis
lature. If this session fails to pass
both the Butler and the Waybright
bills the city government of Jackson
ville will remain undisturbed.
The people or St. Cloud attempted
to amend their charter under the Kar
ris law of 13, and it was upon this
case that the Perkins decision was
rendered. A delegation of St. Cloud
women is here now attempting to have
put through' a new charter for St.
Cloud, granting equal suffrage in mu
nicipal elections there.
If airplane and tanks ' interfere with
legislation cut out the legislation. That
was the verdict of the house Friday.
ST n
(r NoMuss orFusi
5 ,., I y 1
"To save is to have."
There never was a truer phrase written than
this one. It tells in five words just exactly what
thrift means.
Methodists of the Soutl
Your Church challenges you to fight with her
for a better and a happier world. Your faith is
put to the test. What you-do to promote the Cen
tenary Campaign now will prove to what extent
you believe in God and in your fellow-man. The
program' undertaken by your Church the build
ing of churches, schools and hospitals means
something definite for human betterment. It is
the greatest mission ever undertaken in the world. ,
The magnitude of the plan commands the admira
tion of all Christian people. The privilege of be
ing a Methodist and having an active part in such
a campaign must call forth your loyalty, thrill
your soul, and cause you to rally to the church of
your choice. ;
Vono arc Rlott FaSD
The date of the campaign of theMethodist Epis
copal Church, South, is the week of Sunday, May
18th to 25th.
With your time, your money, your talents
your heart SUPPORT it so that the $35,000,000
will be assured. "
This space contributed by the Coca-Cola Company,
Atlanta, Qa.
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