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' ,sMgssS" t. m 1 " sssssssr , , i ; :
on!7 a glad "good tnorntog,"
as sh passed along the way;
t? .t it spread the morning's glory
V Over the live-long day.
I rretty courtesy extended to Miss
B Kolkmeyer who has just re
mTied'to Pensacola after a stay In
rWcago was that of last evening when
vy and Mrs. Walter J. Wassonin
J tPrtained a few friends
lorm. ----- .
Pensacola Y . W. C.-A. home, and the
Y. "W. C. A. home mother. Miss Mar
garet Ray, and the girls have exerted
every effort.
The parlor has been beautifully dec
orated with southern smilax. cut flow
ers and ferns in honor of the occasion
and after the ceremony the bride and
groom will be honor guests at a beau
tifully appointed luncheon served in
But once I pass this. way.
And then no more
But once, and then the Silent Door
swings oa its him
Opens - - - closes
And nr more
I pass this way.
So while I may.
the Y. "W. C. A. dining room, which has ! With all my mi'U
also been lavishly decorated with fern3 j will essay.
and flowers. There will be no atten- Swet comfort and delight
dants. The bride will wear a smart To aI1 1 meet upon the Pilgrim Way
French tailored model of gray with or no man travels twice
quet of sweet peas and nasturtiums i Tha' climbs through Darkness up to
completing her costumes. 1 light
Invited guests beside the Y. W. c. Through light
John Oxenham, In Philadelphia Pub
lie Ledger.
8 Personal Mention '
Pay CashJPay Less
33SI 5E E!5K!-i!3
The friends of Mrs. Bertha Foss
will be pleased to know that after a
serious Illness, she is recovering and
has ..been removed from the Pensacola
hospital to her home on the bay-shore.
i w honor at their nome m r isner- i .--,. tn .-, , , The Great Hlehwav
nomM and music were enjoyed " That lirr, tv,,,
mt a delicious salad course served.
r'.ts who enjoyed this courtesy with
vts Kolkmeyer were: Misses Madge
Kyan, Lillian Nash. Matilda Alt
vtrer of Chicago, and Messrs. John
E. Mare, Frank Hollywood, S. K.
jlare, S. Roman As z man.
Mr Morris Dean Kizer, of Des
tines, Iowa, and Miss Eddie Lou
rreen the attractive daughter of Mrs.
Green of this city, were quietly
united in marriage yesterday after
noon. Friends regret to learn that
jlr Kizer will take his bride to Des
Moines to reside, leaving the first of
this week.
Miss Jesse Mae Stoggins of Panama
City, Fla., who is visiting as the guest
of her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Stoggins at their home 400 East
Jackson street, was the honor guest
Friday evening when they delightfully
entertained about forty-two of her
friends. The home was beautifully
decorated with large yellow daisies,
cut flowers and potted plants. Games
of progressive hearts and peanuts
were played and a delicious ice course
served. Miss Stoggins after a de
lightful week's visit in the city ex
pects to return to Panama City Tues
day morning..
A pretty romance involving prin
cipals from the old countries, will find
Its culmination today at high noon,
when Miss Frances Marie Wilcox,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Wil
cox, of Florala, Ala, and a most win
some young girl of Scotch-Irish de
scent, becomes the bride of Mr. Joa
quin Sabadie. a native of San Sebas
tian, Spain. Judge Henry Bellinger
will perform the impressive ceremony
in the parlors of the Y. W. C. A.
home, on East Belmont street.
Another interesting incident in con
nection with this marriage is that it is
the first to ever be celebrated in" the
A. household, are: Mr. and Mrs. A. J.
Jones, Miss Mary Jones, Professor and;
Mrs. A. C. Reilly, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Dusenbury, Mrs. C. B Ray and son,
Newton, and Miss Minnie Rosenbloum.
Mr. Sabadie is of French and Span
ish Basque descent and was educated
at San Sebastian, Spain. He took the
four years, course in a French college
In the French colony of that city.
He is a brilliant and accomplished
young musician and has -studied under
Don Bonisacio Echezerria, the noted
violinist. He played with a Symphony
orchestra at the Grand Casino at San
Sebastian for five seasons. From there
he went to Paris, coming to the Uni
ted States from Paris with a French I Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Briggs and their
opera. He played a season in New ' vrniin -cvwi Mnii;.
LOrleans and has also played in Mem-and warren 'Donaldson, leave today
pms, modim ana omer soutnern ciues, i at noon for Omaha,. Neb., where they
aiso m uraua opera m Atlanta. ie wU1 slt as the gvlests ot Mrs. Briggs'
nas maae nis nome in jfensacoia since 80n, Mn. J. A. Bonifay and family.
last Aiay. aiiss yvncox arrivea m
Pensacola only a few months ago,
making her home at the Y. W. C. A.-
Brown leaves tonight and Rev. Mr.
Skottowe leaves Tuesday morning.
Friends are welcoming Mrs. M.
Golightly of Dallas, Texas, who has
arrived in Pensacola to visit as the
guest of her sisters, Mrs. B. S. Clarke,
Mrs. S. T. Peake and Miss Pauline
Sigari.. Mrs. Golightly was formerly
Miss Elizabeth Sigari of this city. ,
-Friends of Mr. William Caro, Jr.,
will be glad to learn that he is im
proving after having undergone an
operation at the Pensacola hospital
Friday night.
Dr. and Mrs. M. E. Qulna returned
to the city yesterday after a short
visit in New Orleans.
Mr. Thomas A. Johnson left last:
night for New York City to be absent !
for a short time on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Sabadie will for the
present make their home in the city.
During their stay here they have both
won many friends who are showering
them with congratulations and good
wishes. '
Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Loftin has as
their guests for the week end Mr. and
Mrs.-N. J. Lillard, of Foley, Ala, Mr.
and Mrs. Lillard are former residents
of Pensacola and have many friends
here by whom they are always most
cordially welcomed.
Miss Elizabeth Dowlihg, of Savannah,
this week to visit as the guest of her
Ga., is expected to arrive in the city
sister, Mrs. H. C. Stringfield. She wi'!
be , acc j-mpanitd by her niece, .Edna
Stringfisld who returns home after en
joying a delightful visit with relatives
in Savannah.
will be a big day at Poss
store. Wonderful val
ues in this May Sale of
dress goods. Odds and
ends will be closed out to
make room for the new
Waist Sale still going
on. If you did not get
one Saturday, be sure
and do so Monday.
Dry Goods Store
"The House of Truth"
31 South Palafox Street
Phone 771
By Boyc Bowden.
At Ewshot Camp, in Hampshire, the
fields are green and wide.
They billow on like fairy seas toward
the Surrey side,
And vision from the little hills may
wander free and far,
At Ewshot Camp, in Hampshire, where
the Maoriland are. '
And there are hedges white with flow-
ers and little jocund lanes, ,
Shrill with the tone of tender leaves
and clean with summer rains.
And there are merry birds and bees and
flowing, glowing skies. I Friends will be glad to learn that
Gay melodies to charm the ears and news has been received of the arrival
playthings for the" eyes. ' ifromo verseas of Mr. Ed. Russell, TJ.
S. A, 57th Infantry, Brigade Head
And yet. tho English lands are fair and 'quarters. Mr. Russell is now at Camp
English flowers are sweet, rix. New Jersey, from where he will
The threads of love from Maoriland be transferred to a southern camp to
are twined about our feet. ifce mustered out of the service, and
For all our hearts are in the South, j expects to arive home in about a week.
' howe er the course is sei
Lemon Juice
. For Freckles
.Girls! Make beauty lotion at
home for a few cents. Try It!
Squeeze the Juice of two lemons Into ;
1 bottle containing three ounces of or ;
ehard white, shake well, and you have
a quarter pint of the best freckle ana ,
tan lotion, and complexion beautlfier, j
at very, very small cost. , " ;j
Your grocer has the lemons and any ;
drug store or toilet counter will supply
three- ounces or orcnara wniie ror .
few ceats. Massage this sweetly fra-)
want lotion Into the face, neck, arms i
and hands each day and aee how freck- I
les and blemishes disappear and how j
dear, soft ana wnite we sum -oecuuies,
Ves! It is harmless. Adv. '
Special Prices
, Knight Tires
Guaranteed 5000 Miles
Sportsman's Supply Store
Walter Biggs
Chas. H. Kupfrian
- Mrs. B. C. Chaires returned to . her
home in Tallahassee yesterday after
jm extended visit in the city as the
guest of her son-in-law and daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Price. Mrs.
Chaires enjoyed a delightful stay and
returned heme much improved in
health to the gratification . of her
A man may kiss a winsome maid and
count her stranger yet.
A man may walk through wonder
towns from London to Dundee,
Tet -hold his town the fairer town,
however small it be!
And he may take it as a creed and
know it to be good.
This manly prMe in things of home
which makes for nationhood.
The pride which wells up from the
heart and flows from hand to
hand. '
When Timaru meets Timaru in Ewshot
or the Strand,
"When half a score of simple words
have snared the gipsy thought
And turned it southward to the Bluff
or north to Devonport.
Friend3 of Mr. George Steven Rob
erts will be pleased to know that he
is rapidly improving after having un
dergone a recent operation at the Pen-
isiipnla hrST)lta.l-
Mrs. John Edgar leaves this week on
the "De Roy for a trip to Cuba and
other points on - the coast expecting
to be absent about two weeks. She
accompanied Mr. Edgar, who is chief
engineer on the "Le Roy."
Pensacola Launch & Ma
chine Co.
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pairs of all Makes
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sortment your Com
mencement end
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1 ; .
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Highest Grade Domestic Coal
Order now for -Winter
Phones 6, 93, 119, 134
Mr. A. Gerstenzang. southern repre
sentative of the Great American Mills
Company, of New York, which Mr. J.
Kugelman. formerly of this city, is
owner, will have samples of his com
plete line of hosiery and underwear
on display at the San Carlos next
week. The Great American Mills
Company are direct- shippers and rep
resent some of the largest mills In this
country. Mr. Gerstenzang wiU be glad
to Bhow his lines to any merchant on
his arrival.
RevJ ohn H. Brown, pastor of Christ
Episcopal church, Rev. John C. Skot
towe, rector of St. Katherine's Episco
pal church, and Captain I. H. Aiken.
R." M. Cary, W. K. Hyer and D. B.
McMillan. ; delegates from Christ
church, leave this week for Jackson
ville, to attend the 76th annual coun
cil of -the Diocese of Florida which
Will be held in the Church of the
Good Shepard, on Wednesday and
Thursday, May 21 and 22. Rev. Mr.
- Let Us Make Yon Make
Good With a Kodak'
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It OfT Quickly!
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It" For Corns and Calluses.
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the callus 'right off just line a Da.na.na.
peel peacefully.
iiuiii i'y " - :
Russell Pharmacy. W. H. White & Co.
Club Breakfast daily from.
Platter Luncheon. ,
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SK. .-jf q dtp ?T ,
111. VV Villi J
-t win ill
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