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11:2 Xv&Jtet : .v..-
Tb Clorktu Knowledge Womta
Gi Whma u. Wonderful THouH
Steals Over Them.
Happiness In Its most thrilling degree
ccmea to woman with the thought of pos
sessing a baby.
Kvery woman In the Joy of coming
motherhood hould prepare her system
for the unusual strain. Three genera
tions have found the tried and reliable
preparation. Mother's Friend, of - the
greatest help at such a time. By its
daily use throughout the period, the skin
01 the abdomen is made soft and elastic,
expanding muscles relax easily when
l aby arrives and pain at the crisis is in
tliin way avoided.
The, inflammation of breast glands is
sooiiied. '
Obtain from your druggist, by all means
this great preparation which science has
offered for so many years to expectant
Write the Bradfield Regulator Com
pany, Dept. D, Lamar Building. Atlanta,
(Jeorgia. for their helpful and interesting
Motherhood Book, and begin the use of
Mother's Friend. It is for e ternal us.
! absolutely .safe and wonderfully ef
fective. And remember, there is nothing to take
Ihe place of MOTHER'S FRIEND.
in vacation, when there is no pay forth
coming, it is something of a struggle to
keep body and soul from parting com
pany. But it behooves us to ask our
selves: "Have teachers an abundant
Liberty? What more liberty do they
peed? Just a voice in the administra
tion of affairs, the privilege to meet
with the school board and, in a come-let-us-reason-together
attitude," work
for the good of the schools. Surely
that is the more democratic way. '
And the pursuit of happiness? Again
the problem of income raises itself.
Can a person catch much of a glimpse
of happiness if she is all hobbled up
with the high cost of living and, the
low rate of Increase in salary?
But what has the union to do with
this? Well, the little whine you wailed
to your fellowteacher, ' Joined with all
the others in a union will have some
volume, and the public will hear.
But has the publie been deaf? , Oh,
no! But the voice of the teacher has
been weak. In the union, it will be
come strong; in its strength, it will
state its rights; in its rights, the peo
ple will believe. HUMBLE.
At a recent meeting of the City
Teachers association the members
were reminded that a "teachers' union"
movement is growing all over the coun.
try, and educators were advised to
prive thought and study to this subject,
before the opening of another school
In view of this interest the follow
ing open letter to the Times-Picayune
is published In The Journal, by re
quest of a Pensacola teachei;
The union movement among teachers
Is growing. Whv? Because tpar.h
are beginning to realize the value of
co-operation and organization. They
are reany Deginning to feel and know
that in union there is streneth.
But for what do they want strength?
nieny to ODtam their rights to life,
fair-minded nublic surelv J
liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A
j air-minded public surely is able to es
timate how little of these three neces
sities a teacher gets.
Truly, no one has yet been deprived
of her life for teaching, but sometimes
Make your desserts better by using Blue
Ribbon Vanilla used by the best cooks,
sold by the leading grocers. !
Quinine, One of the Three In
gredients of the Famous Ma- '
, laria Medicine, Dr. Wil- :
Hams No. 101 Tonic
Face and Hands
Felt As if On Fire
Cuticura Healed
"My face got rough and there were
little red pimple on it. Then my
' ' hands were just the same.
and my face and hands were
so ugly that I was ashamed.
They itched so that I would
scratch fof they would feel
as if they were on fire, and
they caused loss of sleep.
"I knew what Cuticura
Soap and Ointment had done for my
whole family so I used them. With
two or three applications I had relief
and two cakes of Cuticura Soap with
two boxes of Cuticura Ointment
healed me." (Signed) Miss 2ekna
McConneUV 2330 Bienville St., New
Orleans, La., August 8, 1918.
Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Tal
cum promote and maintain skin
purity, skin comfort and skin health.
The Soap to cleanse and purify, the
Ointment to soothe and heal, the
Talcum to powder and perfume.
Addrva pot-er.
CmUmr. Papt. X. Hdtu." Sold wywMC.
Softp 26. OiBtmant 2i nd 60e. Tfcleiim 25e. .
fcSQl.irSr6 Bell-ans ,
ucm Hot
B . v
! : '
m -
is a a
where he attended a meeting of print
ers, going from there to his former
home in Cincinnati, Ohio, wherj he
attended a family reunion a few day?
ago. upon return of a nephew from
sex vice overseas. He lays wherever he
w nt optimism prevails ami that tho
bi gness outlook is gen ?nuly . i
as promising, there be:us many evi
dences of activity in preparation for
the program of reconstruction.,
A messenger boy on a bicycle was
run (town bv automobile number 8764
yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock at
the intersection of Intendencia street
and DeLuna alley. The boy had a very
narrow escape but was not it jured.
His bicycle was only slightly damaged.
We are croud of the confi
dence doctors, druggists'and the
public hare in 666 Chill and
Fever Tonic- adv.
mencement exercises at the Myrtle
Grove school last night.
Final examinations are in progress
this week at the high school. It ,is
perhaps understood by most citizens
that only those pupils whose grades
for the year fell below 85 are required
to stand final examination, and the
test counts one-third and the year's
work two-thirds In the result. It is the
aim of the teachers to make these final
tests fundamental and thorough. '
' County Superintendent A. S. Ed
wards is confined to his home with
a severe attack of mumps. As It is
a bad time of the year for the super
intendent to be away from the schools,
he made a determined effort to keep at
h: work, but was forced to give up
for a few days.
Personal Mention
Friends of Mrs. Hattie Davidson, of
Warrington, will be glad to know that
she is resting well after having under
gone an operation for appendicitis at
the Pensacola Hospital yesterday
morning. .
r -J
Miss Ethel Neal, one of Uncle Sam's
attractive yoemanettes at the Pensa
cola naval air station left yesterday
for Washington, D. C, where she has
been transferred for duty.
Mrs. M. H. Downs and little son.
Jack are leaving Wednesday for Key
West where they will join Lieutenant
Downs, who is stationed there, to make
their home.
The nited States Public Health Ser
vice at Washington recommends qui
nine for malaria, to which every re
putable physician agrees. This is one
of the ingredients in the popular ma
laria medicine. Dr. Williams No. 101
jtonic, .which is prescribed by , quite a
number of prominent physicians Jhru-
out the malarial belt. They say they
get better results from It with their
patients than if they prescribed
straight quinine. Dr. Williams N.. 101
Tonic not only contains quinine, which
kills the malarial germ, but also iron,
which is a splendid tonic and Increases
the appetite. The third Ingredient is
magnesia, which regulates the bowels.
Dr. Williams No. 101 Tonic is therefore
a well balanced efficient remedy. Try
a bottle. Your druggist can supply
you. (adv.) j
H. R. DeSilva, son of H..G. DeSilva,
of this city, has been elected president
of the Peabody Club at the University
of Florida- Mr. DeSilva is also on the
editorial, Staff of the "Florida Alliga
tor."' the official publication of the
Colored High school, No. 3, will hold
ltc closing exercises at Allen Chapel,
A. M. E. church. Friday evening. At
3 o'clock Sunday afternoon the an
nual sermon will be preached by Rev.
C, A. Whitefield, and on Monday even
ing of next week the graduating ex
ercises will be held. ' '
Silas Jay, colored ex-soldier, will
learn information that will be profit
able to him by calling on the Red
Cross at tjie local headquarters in
the American National Bank building,
it was announced yesterday by the
local Red Cross authorities.
The steamer Auetralcralg arrived in
port yesterday .afternoon for bunker
coal. She will go under fumigation this
morning, following which 'she, will take
her tonnage at one of the local docks.
It is understood she will proceed west
ward for cargo.
Theft of a number of articles from 11
West- Government street was reported
to . the police yesterday, but no arrests
have yet been made. Two rings worth
about $165, $82 In money and a quan
tity of , cigars : and cigarettes were
taken.' :---...-- ' '
Deputy Sheriff Hall arrested Li. P.
and Mrs. Olo Lee Hand late last night
near the Bellview settlement, eight
miles from the city, on the charge of
assaulting and beating up an old man.
The complaint was made by. telephone
by neighbors. ' - , ', . ..
Ensign Mays, U. S. N.. after finish
ing his course of instruction at the
Pensacola naval air station returns this
week to his home in Austinfi Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Dusenbury leave
today - for New Orleans where they
vill spend a week visiting as the guest
of Mr and Mrs. Frank L. Dusenbury.
During their absence their son, Master
soft COLLAR i
ClwM. Peabody $ Co., Inc., Troy.j
friend, Master William Carb
Miss Sue Malone returns t
home in Dothan, Ala., today af
extended visit in the city wjtr
brother and sister, Mr. and Mrs f
Malone. Friends of Mrs. Malon
glad to know that she hag recov
after having been quite in f0r 1
time. .
; Rub-My-Tism is a great p;
killer. It relieves pain and
nrkOO ItmiCAfl Vvr. T 1
".A3 vuuou - uj VcUniailsH
time with Mrs. J. b. McNeil and his Neuralgia, Sprains, etc. ad?
Rev. I. W. Chalker, of the First
Methodist church, attended the corn-
Probation Officer Sam Pinney Is
anxious to .get in communication with
the parents or other relatives of J. B.
Turnr and Paul Pierce. Mr. Pinney
can be reached by telephone at 368 or
he can be seen personally at his office
In the county court house.
Charles J. Herbert' returned yester
day from a ten days' trip to Atlanta,
Beauty More Than' Skin . Deep.
' There is an old saying that beauty is
only skin deep. That may be so with
those who get their beauty out of. a
box but not the genuine sort. Beauty
is really only another word for good
health and no woman who is , bilious
and constipated can reasonably hops
to be beautiful. Chamberlain's Tab
lets will correct these disorders, then
with proper diet and exercise there
is no reason why any' young woman
with regular features may not, hope
to be beautiful. Adv. "
" A negro wash woman on North A
street, who was using- the under side
of her mattress for a bank, was re
lieved of $120 in currency yesterday.
and Sheriff Van Pelt arrested three
negroes, James Graham. Willie Page
and E.-L. McQueen, on the charge of
lootiner the wash woman's bank. Part
of the money is said to have been" re
covered by, .the authorities, who are
still working on the case.
Just What He Needed.
"I used a bottle of Chamberlain'a
Tablets some time ago and they proved
to be just what I needed. They re
lieved me of indigestion, toned up my
liver and rid me of headaches that
had been subject to. They did me
a world of good and I will alwajVs
speak a good word for them, writes
Mrs. Volta Bankson, Chillicothe, Mo,
Adv. , . - . ,
Trains Concert Fianists, . Teachers and Beginners.
Regular Weekly Lesson, at Pupil's Residence, One Dollar;
Half Hour Lesson, Two Dollars
The Clutter Music House. Phone 15.
fensacoia Launch & Ma
chine Co.
WilUrd Storage Batteries and Re
pairs of all Makes
Two Sett Marine Ways Machine
Shop in Connection
Partridge Insurance
Now Located at
Room 405 Amercan Nat'l Bank Bids.
Phone 291
Fire, Accident, Health, Life, Liability,
' Automobile.
Court ' Contracts and Surely Bonds.
Just Tryr a'Pound ot
Phone 1568.
Special Prices
Knight Tires
Guaranteed 5000 Miles
Sportsman's Supply Store
Walter Biggs
Chas. H. Kupfrian
As Their Come
a r
arcmno iiom
HTHE two armies are marching home -Uncle Sam's Army and the Salvation
i Army. The boys in khaki are being demobilizedthe Salvation Army
is staying right with the boys till they find their places again in civilian life.
Uncle Sam's job is ending, but the Salvation Army will "carry on" its war
fare against poverty; disease and degradation. And it needs your help.
We have the men and women. We have a smooth running, economical
organization ; we have the will and ability to serve. We need one thing more
money ,; !,.'. : ':U.:j&--' 'Z.;y; :
You could not go "over there" to carry comfort and friendliness to the
boys in billets and trenches, but vour support made it possible for us to go.
Ask the boys wnat they think of the Salvation Army its service and dough
nuts. You may not be able to ! go into the slums and tenements to carry
cheer and hope and food and fuel and coal. We can. We willif YOU will
send us. .
The war has taught the whole world new methods of business efficiency.
It has taught us. We have learned that the tambourine lassie, instead of
begging for pennies, must be put to more important tasks. She is to be re
lieved of her begging. We are. going to have a national drive for tixe $13,
000,000 we need to carry on our work for the coming year.
Think of the demobilized soldiers who need our help and give. Think
of the city slums broiling, under the summer's sun and give. Think of tie
thousands of men who are "down" (but never "out" to us) andjrive. Think
of the wretched, the friendless and forlorn whom we succor. Think of the
barren hopelessness of dreary tenements with bitter winter rattling the broken
window-frames.; Think of the outcasts and wayward the prodigal sons and
daughters whom we rescue and restore, Think of US' doing YOUR work aa
your agents for
l wm hungry and yo gtv mo to 'tat,
I wa thirsty and ya gaio mo drink,
I waa a atranger, and ye took mo lr
naked, and yo elethod mo I wao sick,
and yo vliltcd me I ws In prison,
and yo camo unto mp,n s
Think well on-these things OIVE GIVE!
never had as much money as you have now, so
you can easily afford to. GIVE to this Grand Cause
Sergt. Morningstar, who has done his bit, and who is just returned
from France, comes to tell us what part the Salvation Army took in the
trenches behind the lines, and in fact everyvhere "Over There." During
Sergeant Morningstar's interesting talk on what he saw and experienced
whilst over there a reel of pictures will be shown on the screen, depicting
actual scenes, taken in France. See with your own eyes what the Salva
tion Army lassies did for our boys o ver there.
DAVE FRANK, one of the foremost singers in the U. S. will render
"Salvation Lassie of Mine," and other selections.
Sergt. Morningstar and Dave Frank appear at the following Theatres
Tuesday, May 20, at
Wednesday, May 21, at
see and hear the reasons why you should "do your
bit" by giving to the Salvation Army Drive
This Space Contributed by
-Brown Insurance Agency
Salvation Army Home Service Fund
019.000,000 FO HUMANITY
MAY 19 2S
' - - 4 f
Pensacola Gas Company

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