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tks System1
Prompt Assistance Needed to
Regain Your Lost
If you have been fortunate
enough to survive an attack. of
this dangerous diseases, which
has been so severe in all parts
of the country, you know the
damaging effects which it
leaves. Your pain-racked body
has been through one of the
most trying ordeals of your life,
and even if you have won over
the millions of disease germs
that threatened your life, the
effects of the attack are still
with you.
Your strength is about all
gone, and your vitalty is at a low
ebb. Experience has proven
that no disease leaves the sys
tem in a more run-down, debili
tated and depleted condition.
There is a soreness throughout
the body, a reminder of the tor
turing pains that you suffered;
the nerves are alll unstrung, and
your sense of weakness almost
borders upon complete helpless
ness. The system is "all shot to
pieces," resembling very , much
a war-stricken land that has
been devastated "by a ruthless
enemy. As soon as you are able
to be up and about you realize
the important repair" that the
system "needs . to restore your
former robust vigor.
Nature is the great healer,
and when all hindering obstacles
through the blood, which is the
source of all life, and it is
through this vital channel Jhat
the repair work must be done;
The one remedy that has
proven of such invaluable assis
tance in rebuilding the broken
down system after influenza or
lagrippe, is the well known blood
purifier and system tonic, S. S. S.
This standard preparation is rec
ognized as the most reliable ever
discovered, and its use through
out the length and breadth of the
land for more than fifty years,
is the strongest evidence of its
merit. S. S. S. is sold by drug
stores in every stafte in the
Those who are endeavoring
to overcome the ill effects of
lagrippe will find S. S. S. of great
aid in restoring the system to
its former strength and vitality.
This tonic builds up and enriches
the blood supply, through which
every part of the body is toned
up and strengthened, and a few
bottles will prove a great aid in
bringing back your old-time
S. S. S. is a purely vegetable
preparation, being made from
the medicinal roots and herbs of
the forests, and there is not a
particle of mineral in a thousand
bottles. ' It is nature's own rem
edy. You can always obtain S.
S. S. from any drug store.
Get a bottle today, and , give
all possible help to your broken
down system, so that your
hlealth and strength may be
is Represented at
Association Meeting
At Miami By Dr. O. H. Cox
At the meeting-. the the Florida State
Medical Association,, being held In Miami,
May 20-22, both Inclusive, Pensacola is
represented by Dr. O. H. Cox, govern
ment specialist in the public health ser
vice, who has been spending some time
in Pensacola" - aiding ' In the sanitary
campaign being suceesfully carried on
here. - - '
. Before the assemblage Dr." Cox read
a -very interesting paper, much of which'
was a comprehensive review of his worn
here, which from time .to time has been
published, and In adultion his paper paid
high , compliment to the natural and
other advantages of Pensacola and con
tained other information of interest. Fol
lowing are some excerpts from the pa.
Organlzing For Community' Health.
"Mr. President and members of the
Florida State Medical Association: -
"My purpose for appearing before you
is several-fold. Sergeant General Kupert
Blue ordered me to attend to- represent
the U. S. Public-Healtj service.- -
"I have been on duty in the state six
teen months and have a fair acquain
tance with men, affairs, and events from
the point of view of sanitation. I count
the members of the state health organiza
tion and all the phvsicians as friends. 1
hail from West Florida now, and am
possibly the only representative here for
Pensacola and Escambia county.'
Organization For Health Work.
Nobody with a properly functioning
mind nowadays denies that sanitation
pays. How to prevent certain diseases
and ken up the general public health to
a better degree has become more than
a theory; . Therefore we have official or
ganizations for health. A brief sketcii
of these agencies may1 be used as a set
ting for further remarks;
- "The public health service in which
federal activities center Is mostly advis-'
ory and least executive when applied to
national domestic problems.
''State boards of health are more id
vlsory and less executive within their
own boundaries. No two are organized j
the same. . Local organizations are least
advisory and most executive or adminis
trative, and tb county is a comfortable
unit to handle. All have grown up from
an original idea of self-preservation, and
the local board of . health was the first
to organize. The others same Into being
as Interstate and international inter
national intercourse became more com
plex. . ' -
"In accordance with the provisions I
the federal constitution powers not ex
pressly delegated by that legal instrument
to the federal government are reserved
by the individual states' to themselves.
Therefore all laws of sanitation and pub
lee health must be in conformity with
state laws. There seems to be no reason
why the public health service should not
assist state boards of . health in raising
the standards of administration among
the local health organizations where most
executive authority lies. In this way all
are synchronized and have tne benefits of
special investigations and expert advice.
"Many of these theories of sovereignty
have gone by the board during the war
period or have been worked out in prac
tical affairs much to the advantage of
all concerned, it is believed. This is Il
lustrated by the methods followed for
sanitation in the extra-cantonment zones
all over the country. . .... . r
Methods Followed by U. S. Ppblic Health
. Service.
"Official orders during the first wee
of February, 1919, transferring me from
the extra-cantonment zone of - Camp
Joseph E. Johnston at Jacksonville to
Pensacola, read in part, "You will confer
wiui state and local health officials with
a view to placing health activities on a
better basis. T'his may serve to illus
trate whaf ehouTa be the mutual attitude
of the three primary health organizations
whose duties we have sketched.".
Here Dr: Cox gave a full and compre
hrnsive review of the work In Pensacola,
Including the obstacles encountered an4
delays experienced before a great many
of the people became fully convinced of
the irreat importance of the campaign. -Other
Activities In Coordination.
'In the meantime, while public opinion
"By Their Deeds ye Shall Know Them." j
are removed, nature does her
work well. But the process is, promptly restored. And if you
slow, and assistance is needed, if
you wish to lose no time in be
ing fully restored. The rebuild
ing of wasted tissue and restora
tion of lost strength must come
wish any special advice, you can
obtain same without cost by
writing all, about .your case to
Chief Medical Adviser, 104 Swift
Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga. advt.
Tallahassee, May 21. By a vote of
seventeen to twelve the senate today
failed to pass the bill appropriating
S.OO.OoO for remoedling and enlarging
the capitol building at Tallahassee,
and the same old statehouse wi'i nave
to do for another two years. In sup
port of the measure. Senator Lewry
exhibited the architects drawings in
colors of the proposed new building
with two additional wings on each
end, but with the same architectural
lines preserved. He eloquently pleaded
for the appropriation, declaring that
the departments were scattered
throughout the city because of the
congestion in the capitol not only
during the legislature but the yeaj
round. He said between - two and
three thousand dollars annually was
Iaid in rents by the state. All the
departments would he cared for in
the new structure, he said. Senator
Under New Management
Everything Good to Eat, Cooked Right
Igou also spoke in favor of the meas
ure. "
Senator Russell declared this was
not the time to add to the statehouse
because of the high cost of building
materials. Senator Lowry replied that
the contract would not be let till after
the first of next year when prices of
materials were expected to come down.
Senator Russell's apposition was pure
ly on business grounds, he said. He
was not in favor of capital "removal,
however. - : :
Set the stages while the plants are
small, and as the- plants grow keep
them tied up. New shoots will grow
in the axils of the leaves, that is, at
the point where the lea yes join tne
stem. , Take out these new shoots
e-eryweek or ten days, or they will
delay the early ripening.
Set the plants three feet apart in
rows four feet apart if they are not i
to be staked but allowed to spread
over 0ie ground. Some vegetable
mulching material spread under these
plants will protect the fruit?" from
touching the ground.
' Tomatoes need rich soil, good cul
tivation and plenty of moisture. Noth
ing will respond better to a generous
supply of manure than tomatoes. .
No vegetable that grows in the gar
den will yield a bigger crop in pro
portion to the amount pf space plant
ed than the tomato. Furthermore, It
is a food which can be enjoyed in on a
form or another nearly every day all
mummer long.
' " , , U - 1 -
I - ' p A
!' , 1 " ll
: r'?-?5'. . : V" . , ' : - . .3
:-.:!.:(.: ...'(.vi. :.-: . w,.: .,. )' .w..v . . . :v .:
ClJ-- i ? 1 !
"J ' . ' . - - i
I - . : ; "J
. . s: ;s: ' r ' - . jr: . . ' ,
f ' . i '
:,. ' Jv. -v-y - - t s . i
I 1 t " I
r-:1... . it, A " .;',')
-o, -;.f: . .
What Are You Doing For the
r As loyal American citizens you responded to every
call of the Government.
- . "...
You sewed and knitted.
You conserved food and fuel.
You bought War Stamps and Liberty Bonds.
You gave your daughters as Red Cross nurses and
your sons to shed their blood for the sacred cause of
Liberty. ;
As loyal Methodists, have you enlisted in the "Fel
lowship of Intercession," pledging yourselves to pray for
world-wide Redemption?
As loyal Methodists have you enlisted in the "Meth
odist Million," acknowledging God's ownership?
As loyal Methodists are you preparing to do your
part in the BIG DRIVE NOW ON?
It is the duty of every Methodist to "Carry on" if the
world shall be won for Christ.
This space contributed by a contributor.
fl ' aev ' wm T-v jffv Sfc. fl
oi m fmri
Thirty to sixty feet lengths, seven-inch tops.
Write in for prices and specifications.
Oedar Pole Go.
o muck like coffee
-that -the chancfe is
easy when, one -finds that.
cojjee disagrees.
is a rich,tasty heverae,
absolutely free from caf
feine. No Baffin&,NoWas-t&,
Requires Less Swfar.
"There's a Reason
was being moulded around this central
endeavor, other phases of organizing for
neaith were being developed.
Aie most noticeable improvement is
in the restaurants, soda fountains, mar-
sets ana otner places where food is han
dled, eneral screening, according to stare
ltw was enforced by means of an in
spector of the public health service and
one of the city working Jointly. All other
details for improvement were worked out
by means of close scoring, which was
heartily endorsed bas a fair procedure.-
The individual and general improvements
are remarkable. It is all marketdy ob-i-ervauie
and the town ie proud of it.
The milk problem is a long way from a
f ood solution, but it is believed that con
sistent work will effect wpnderful and
permanent Improvements.
"At our suggestion the state sanitary
engineer sent his assistant who made a
very comprehensive survey and report of
the drainage conditions in the city. This
t roblem does not loom large because most
of the work required would be in the
nature of opening up natural courses- and
cleaning out ditches formerly made.
"From the angle of mosquito nuisanc
and also the reduction of possibilities oi
malaria conveyance by this pest, a judic
ious expenditure of money would pay
good dividends.
"School inspection of course needed at
tentlon. Dr. Tatum, district state heaith
officer, was conducting the work ,in the
rural areas. There are something liKe
3.000 children in the city schools. Dr.
Gwe Whitford of the child welfare bu
reau of the state board of health, detail
ed her assistant. Dr. Josie Rogers, for
duty during the month of May-, Having
examined 1.200 children before her ar
i Ival and assisting considerably up
through last week. It can be announced
that even thr ?50 high school students
have been physiealy inspected and all de
fects which were found have been record
ed. The Red Cross, by its home service
te-artment, is supplying lay workers for
follow-up work, and It is anticipated
that part 6f the new health organization
will have a nursing corps or one or mor
members. Eye defects have been too fre
quent. Some rural schools have shown
from eight to ten per cent trachoma. The
city schools will go four or nve per ceat.
Where hookworm examinations wer-a
made a high prevalence was found.
though the grade of children seemed to be
fair. Already parents are waking up to
the serious aspect of defects in their
cnlldren. Once the work with a system
is well under way the -good acomplished
will be Incalculable.
"I bave not mentioned morbidity re
porting. This deals with doctors and un
til we could show them that we had
touilt "up an organization to make practi
cal use of their reports we rather hesi
tated in forcing a rather difficult issue
with them. Jt seems strange that there
are doctors opposed to carrying out this
important lsral provision for the gopd of
the community.
'Taken all together the Ideas mentioned
anil others have Srown toward the one
big central idea of a full functioning city
and county health organization under a
rn time health officer, supported by tho
,. fnnntv and city. It Is oelleved that i
enlightened public opinion has come fl
nallv to see how this can be effects
for the great benefit of all concerned. It
rothing more 1s accomplished thinking
people will be better able to understand
more lu'lv what Is meant when they are
told that' "health is a purchasable com
modttv.' - - ;
Now Is the Time to Get Rid of Your
If you are troubled with rheuma
tism get a bottle of Chamberlain's
Liniment and use it according to tha
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quired in cases of chronic or musinSar
rheumatism. AH you need is to owe
this liniment freely. Adv.
When .the Boys Come Home
Kemember to care for their feet. The
government supplied the troops with
1,500.000 pounds of powder for the feet
because It make the men more efficient.
They could walk twice as far and be
comfortable if they had some Alien s
Koot-Ease In each shoe. TJry it yourself
and see what comfort you get from this
standard remedy. Ask for Allen's Foot
Ease, for tired, aching, swollen feet, blis
ters and sore spots. Sold everywhere.
and has many friends in Pensacola
and West Florida.
- IH
The Epworth League of the Gads
den Street Methodist church, will hold
a special business meeting Thursday
flight at 8 o'clock, it is announced, at
the home of the president, 1815 East
f Jackson street. All members are urged
to attend.
Rv ,ics- Blue Ribbon Extracts. VanRl
-V t Tr,nn von have dehVlou desserts
snd sav money "Best and take 'ess."
' Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Malone ,of 600
"West Barden street, are "receiving con
gratulations on the birth of a son on
"May 17.
H. E, Butler, who has been doing
overseas duty with the expeditionary
forces In France, has arrived at Camp
Jackson, and is expected in Pensacola
at an early date. " .-
Mr. Butler was connected with The
Journal,-before enlisting in the a,rmy,
wey wwwiMsawgwiiwwsrMg
Don't wait for rheumatism to indi
cate diseased kidneys. When' you suf
fer pains and aches by day and sleep
disturbing bladder weakness by night,
feel tired, nervous and run down, the
kidneys and bladder sho.uld be restored
to healthy, strong and "regular action.
It- is a mistake to postpone treatment.
Foley Kidney Pills put the kidneys
In sound, healthy condition and keep
them active and strong. Begin taking
today. Good results follow the first
dose. Sold everywhere. Adv.
from near the corner of Chase and
Baylen Greets and it sownsr, John
Massey, has asked the assistance of the
police department in locating Jt. Noth
ing has yet been learned regarding
Its whereabouts. ' ;
The city commissioners are awaiting
with some anxiety the signing by tho
governor of the bills legalizing bond
issues to relieve financial conditions
connected with the operation of tho
city government. Mayor Sanders stat
ed last night that as soon as word is
received of the signature, a special
meeting of the commissioners will be
held to arrange for submission of the
band issues at the June election.
J. S. Robinson, of South Carolina, is
the guest of Kev. W. E. Mcllwain,
pastor of the Knox Presbyterian
church. Mr. Robinson has been en
gaged in Y. M. C. A. work at Camp
Jackson for about seventeen months.
It is expected that he will be appoint
ed Sabbath school missionary for tho
Florida Presbytery. .
For head or throat
Catarrh try the
vapor treatment
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