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The Deep Sea Opened its Arms to the Broken-Hearted Fishermaid
But she was rescued only to have another romance that was more cruel than
; her first. See v
William Fox Presents the World's Greatest Motion Picture Star
THEDii BAR A Super Production
The woman who smiles at a man is not always a vampire. There are times when she
may be trying to "get the goods" on a man, as did Marie Bernais in "The Siren's Song."
Life is never so dark that a woman should want to put an end to it. Marie Bernai3
was jilted by her lover, and thought her only salvation lay in the deep waters of the sea.
If someone had not rescued her she would have missed a brilliant career and a wonder
ful romance. ; ; 1
Episode 6 "The Height of Torment"
William Duncan in Latest Vitagraph Instalment. You'll find a
treasure. Rich in Delightful Entertainment
L qj. ; , ,,, .,; ia
Desert Scenes a Big
iPhoto Serial Feature
"Thrills" is life, is humanity. And a regular head-on collision of a thrill, a regular
Deadwood stage hold-up of a stinger of nerve-centers, is Bill Duncan, the Sandow of the
Screen, in his latest Vitagraph serial, "The Man of Might." Its fifteen episodes are
equivalent, in the pounding and pandemonium that spells punch, to so many cylinders in
a second-shivering racing car. There is action hereit's an epic of action, this fifteen
chaptered cinema cyclone that'll go crashing through the screens with a dizzying suc
cession of real, unfaked sensations speed,, stunts, suspense, THRILLS to bankrupt the
bulkiest dictionary.
1TMS. 'VlfElEfc
Pleasing to the Eye and Ear
O'Neil & O'Neil
" in Comedy and Conversation
Miss Eleanor Hite
Singing and Dancing Comedienne
The Concert Trio
Real Singers of Harmony
Change of bill Wednesday and Friday
The Feature Vaudeville Acts on the bill are
Instrumentalists Par-Excellence
De Wolfe & Cody
Clever Dancers
N O T I C E The Pastime is the ONLY theatre showing Theda Bara
First Run Pictures.
Beautiful desert scenea feature the
sixth episode of "The Man of Might."
Vitagraph's latest adventure serial,
which will be seen in the Pastime thea
ter today. William Duncan, direc
tor and star, took his entire company v,
miles out ,in the California-Arizona
destrt, where a score of big scenes were
filmed, including several battles With
outlaws'-' and automobile pursuits,
which are thrilling bits of realism. The
story centers , about the search for
a buried treasure, the only key to
which is a flag which has been dU
vided into six pieces, scattered and
forgotten all over the country. Duncan
is supported by an all-star cast, includ
ing Edith Johnson and Joe Ryan.
The Brittany Girl
Theda Bara in the William Fox super-production.
"The Siren's Song." will
feature the program at the Pastime
Theatre today.
The Siren's Song" is a powerful
dramatic picture that tells in a new
way the story of the eternal struggle
of woman's love and sacrifice. Miss
Bara portrays a little girl of Brittany,
who is brought up in an environment
of religious severity. : It shatters her
love romance with a divinity student,
and makes her gift of song a source
of sorrow to her. Eventually, by dint
of a heart-breaking struggle, she, be
comes a noted prima donna. Regard
less of convention, she lives wtih the
man she loves until her minister-lover
returns. He forces her to renounce
the joys of loving. After she has made
this supreme sacrifice she learns thai
the minister, is . a hypocrite and- that
her spiritual regeneration made , her
blind to her true love the man "she
sent away.
' "The Siren's Song" is a remarkable
drama, which offers Miss Bara excep
tional oportunity to exhibit her great
Something new in pictures. Perfectly manipulated toy soldiers enacting every de
tail of fighting on Western Front!
Showing Exactly How War Is Waged Without Presenting
Its Horrors
As scientifically accurate and detailed as a West Point laboratory experiment.
Months of most patient' and painstaking work required .for filming of picture.
Airplane Raiding Squadrons; how armies are munitioned ; t life of soldiers in
trenches; how gas is used liquid fire; long range bombardments; creeping bar
rage; mass attacks all realistically presented in the William Fox production.
66 TTeOfl DS IT Qu (vOairO
Featuring the iSSLiAHB-r
Remarkable Actresses liATfltRInit
Fifth Episode 'The Tiger's Trap"
A Pathe Serial
Although it is seemingly impossible io get anything new in' serials these days, yet
this perfect combination of star, authors, scenarioist, producer and director have ac
complished this feat, with the result that once more Pathe is able to announce a "world
beater" in the serial field.
Also a W. H. Production, a'Mack Sennett-Key stone Comedy.
Opening Bill "OH, WHAT A LIAR"
Deacon Jones - Elsie Wright . Mrs. Levi Cohan
. Pat Murphy Mae Strohl,
Geo. Howard as . . . Levi Cohan Flossie, the Chorus Girl
and Our'Fast Stepping Chorus
Change of Bill Wednesday and Friday
Eddy Ford as .
Fred Lorch as
ANNOUNCEMENT Powerful Exhaust Fans are being installed
Which will make this theatre delightf-My cool.
Jane and Katherine -Lee
to be Seen Sunday
The "automatic soldier," a recent
invention, forms the most interest
ing feature of the newest William
Fox comedy, featuring Jane , and
(Catherine Lee, which will be shown
at the Liberty theatre today. The
picture Is called "Tell it to the Ma
rines." In addition to the many tricks
hat Jane and Katherine perpetuate
e firm 1 eastbfounlshVdlu etaoin
Jie film itself abounds with sur
prises. Trick automobiles, trick
Ire works, trick acrobats and trick
icenes contribute to a most inter
esting and entertaining evening's
The "automatic soldier, a recent
invention, forms the most interest
ing feature o f the newest William
Fox .comedy, featuring Jane and
Katherine Lee, which will be shown
at the Liberty theatre today. Tha
picture la called "Tell It to the
In addition to the many tricks
that Jane and Katherine perpetuate,
the lilm itself abounds with sur-
prlces. Trick automobiles, trick
fireworks, trick acrobats and trick
scenes contribute to a most inter
esting and entertaining evening's
Manikins "come to life" and show
more speed and pep than human ac
tors. They form large armies, fight
battles, are seen as the allied and
Hun forces, and depict accurately
every phase of modern warfare.
Want's Kaiser to
Act Villain riPlay
William Duncan, Vitagraph's fam
ous seria star and director, say?
that if the allied governments will
turn the ex-Kaiser over to him, he
will ask Albert E. Smith and Cyrus
Townsend Brady, Vitagraph's serial
authors, to- write a special episode
in "The Man of Might," exclusive
ly featuring Wilhelm. He promises
that all episodes of all past serials
will pale into insignificance beside
this one and thereafter be only a
blurred memory.
The sixth episode of "The Man
of Might," Vitagraph's latedt adven
ture serial, will be seen in the Pas
time theatre today.
Loosing the Tiger
While the Astra Film . Corpora
tion was engaged in filming Ruth
Roland's new serial, "The Tiger's
Trail, which will be shown, at the
Liberty theatre today all of the
studio folk were a bit worried about
the fifth episode and as the time
drew nearer for the taking of the
particular scenes in that chapter the
harassed look on the faces of direc
tor, actors and mechanics r deep
ened. ; - .' . - .
For in the fifth episode the live
Bengal . tiger which had figured
prominently in the action all along
as the Idol of the Hindu, Tlger
Worshipers, had to be turned loose.
There was no helping It, the Tiger
must be allowed to leave his cage
and enjoy a taste" of freedom on a
location. Gilson Willets, the scena
rio writer, was appealed to by Dl
rector Hurst. .
"Please, Mr. "Willets change that
fifth episode." pleaded the direc
tor. "We have had so many accU
dents tr making this serial that I
fear there Is a jinx on up and I
am afraid something will happen If
we turn that beast loose. Even Miss
r.oland who generally takes every.
thing as a matter of course - is
looking forward to the fifth epi
sode with dread." But "Willets wa
adamant. In order to get the ac
tion right that Tiger must be al
lowed to gambol on the green and
be filmed for once outside of his
So when the dreaded day came
-4Jiey let his Tigerlets out and the
cameramen bravely started turning
their cranks, ever and anon glanc
ing aroundto see that the trainers
with their iron prods were standing
near. The director decided that It
would be an ad US scene, and stayed
in the studio leaving the tiger to
make up his own "business" for
the scene.
But the,. Tiger simply walked
around a couple of times, yawned
and craw" J into his cage and lay
down. Born in captivity, freedom
meant nothing in his young life.
So the dreaded scenes were taken
without accident and one of tha
most thrilling "shots" of the en
tire serial was secured.
Horseless Carriage
May Not Be Auto
Riding in a carriage without
horses! Sounds Impossible, but it
has been done and Theda Bara,
the famous "William Fox star, had
the privilege of trying out this
novel mode of locomotion.
Instead of being drawn by pranc
ing horses. Miss Bara'a carriage
ras pulled through the city streets
jy throngs of cheering men. . This
!s how Paris pays homage to the
famous prima donna whom Miss
Bara Portrays in "The Siren's
Song," her latest "William Fox sup-jr-productlon.
In the photoplay
me receives a tremendous ovation
in leaving the theatre. Enthusiast
ic music lovers unharness, the
aorses . from her carriage, dragging
aer in triumph v Jo her hotel.
There was a near riot at the
William Fox studios In Hollywood,
,'allfornia, among a dozen, "extra"
aien who clamored for the privilege
f pulling Miss Bara's carriage
When Director Jy Gordon Edwards
outlined the scene to Jiis assistants,
ind the thirty, "extra" men heard
vhat was wanted, they began to
auarrel among themselves as to
who , would be the lucky ones to
iraw Miss Bara's carriage. So hot
ecame the discussion that Direc
tor Edwards himself had to step In
and select the men.
Miss Bara no soner had set foot
n her carriage than the men dashed
iway at lightning speed. The fa
nous screen star had to hold tight
keep from falling out of the ve
licle. "When the scene was coii
iluded the men gave her a rousing
iheer, and Miss Bara with her own
lands bestowed a flower on each of
them for his chivalry.
"The Siren's Song" will be played
at the Pastime Theatre today.
Tell It to the Marines
A play beats Sherman at his own
"Watch Jane nad Katherine Leo
"Tell It to the Marines."
In which babies turn into Ama
zons. '
In which pie is mightier than the
Ruth's Protegee
"Ruth Roland, always helpln?
somebody, is just now much inter
ested in Easter Walters, a little girl
who is playing with her in Pathe'ft
new . serial, "The Tiger's Trail,"
which will be at the Liberty theatre
today. Easter's job in the picture
is to spy upon Ruth and this has
won her the nickname, "Stop, Look
and Listen." Miss Roland says
Easter is headed for the top.
When Peric Scoarn
Sold His Soul
On dark and stormy nights the
Breton mothers of St. Michel . tell
their frightened children this story:
, "Never be reckless, my little ones.
Never -tempt the Evil One, for" he
b bound to play a trick on you such
is he played on Peric Scoarn. whd
made a bargain with Satan. In ex
change fo- -his soul he was allow
sd to see the submerged city of Is.
Satan told PerW to go at low tide
to a certain spot, where he' would
see a door.
"'Knock at the doors Peric, and
It will open.' Satan said. 'It will
spen into a chamber full of gems
md treasures. I only warn you i
ye sure to start for home before
he stroke of midnight, Peric. Be
sure.' ' ,-
"Peric hurried to the treasure
chamber and obeyed all instruc
tions but the last. For when he
jntered the, magic chamber, my llt
tleone8, he found it full of beautiful
"As the church clock in St. Mich -si's
began to strike twelve Peria
felt his limbs stiffening. He also
saw the beautiful maidens grow
stiff as himself. "When the last
sound of midnight died away Peric
found himself the central block of
a group of stones. The worst of his
punishment was that he retained his
consciousness -in spite of his ter
rlble transformation. He still heard
the ocean beating against the cliffs,
and he saw the fishermen going out
In their boats. Once a year on the.
night of Whit-Sunday, his spirit la
set free to wander to and fro on
the sands or to float on the crest
of the waves. ,
"So take heed, my little' ones."
Theda Bara .in "The Siren's
Didn't Fear Powder
But Run From Pie
"While it was a Question of gun
powder, Jane and Katherine Lee
were allowed to remain at their
posts behind their fortifications of
building blocks. But when an an
gry butler tried to make them a
target for pies and fruit, Mrs. Lee
objected. "
Jane and Katherine were taken
out of the danger zone by their
mother when the pie-throwing act
was screened for the new Fox pic
ture, "Tell It to the Marines."
Hardened men took the children's
places on the firing line and kept up
the hail of skyrockets and fire
cracker fire. .
It was agreed that the food was
to be aimed high up over their
' heads and carefully, though the but
ler tried to stick to the agreement,
he couldn't in the ardor of his per
formance. A Juicy pie struck one
of the men plump in the face. An
other victim came out of the war
with a high lump on his forehead
the footprint of an apple.
So, maybe, Mrs. Lee was right
after all.
Duncan, the Reticent,
Praises Man of Might
William Duncan is not much given
to comment on serials he is turn
ing out, so when he declared that
"A Fight for Millions" was a regu
lar "he man's" picture, folks were
The success of the serial proved
Duncan had spoken to the point.
And now he comes along and says
that "The Man of Might will make
all other serials look like "plugged
nickles." "The Man of Might" was
written by, Albert E. Smith and Cy
rus Townsend Brady, Vitagraph
serial authors, and William Duncan
has the featured role, being sup
ported by an all-star cast Including
Edith Johnson and Joe Ryan. .The
iiiiii mm
mm m
i. " -wib rnwwtivn

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