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Opposite, the Saiv Carlos Hotel
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of Comfort
; 3, H ,
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imiltUloJ rails ' - (5
, This Top Notch Service Shoe , is made of an especially durable,
high quality brown duck, .with - neat trimmings ot black leather.
It's stylish extension -oles of fine brown rubber look just like
leather soles. They are springy and waterproof two big advan
tages over leather soles. They r elieve the jar and strain of walk
ing or standing on hard floors and pavements. -
Another great advantage of .these soles lies in the fact that
they require no "breaking in," vhile a durable cork insole provides
ventilation and makes the irivery cool and comfortable.
The Top Notch Service Shoe is just the shoe for mechanics,
factory workers and those whoJ work in stores. It is a fine shoe for
all classes of outdoor workers and it is also an ideal shoe for va
cation use. ' ,
An interesting: article on this nationally advertised SHOE can be found in the
SATURDAY EVENING POST issae of April 12th, page 140. -
lw in iir' mifJKimi i gn hi i
Bridge building and road improve
ment held the center of the stage at
the regular . meeting of the board ' of
county commissioners yesterday morn
ing, and the commissioners expressed
a very determined spirit to let noth
ing for a single day interrupt the va
rious projects now, in hand or Jin
prospect. -
."A committee was appointed to pro
ceed immediately to secure plans and
specifications on the five ' permanent
bridges contemplated in the act of tne
legislature granting the issuance of
$160,000 worth of warrants; so that as
soon as the legislation is signed by the
governor and the thirty days required
by law for advertising for bids have
passed, the board will be ready to be
gin at once to apply the . granted
money to the improvements. The
committee was also authorized to
make full Investigation and recom
mend some competent man to ; the
board for the position of county en
gineer of concrete bridge work. Com
missioner Hardy expressed the opinion
that with all the work in process now
it would be a positive economy for
the county to engage a first class en
gineer and provide him an office in
the court house. , Commissioners
Hardy, Gandy and Soderlind constitute
the committee.
A committee of citizens, headed by
W. I Moyer, appeared before the
board and pressed the matter of Im
proving the road between Mlllview
and Lillian. An offer of a loan to
the board, made through J. S. Reese,
in the amount of $20,000, made possi
ble the decision to begin the improve
ment as soon as it can be reached by
the road gangs. It was urged that
I i- - A i A t
aStSASX J perhaps than any Other that could be
By Parcel Post
Send us your shoes to be mended or re
paired. We will fix them in first class con
dition, and return to your home address, pre
paid. ':;X::V'"'''J-:'- - - :
102 East Wright Street
Pensacola, Fla.
Plans for te memorial services as
part of the Decoration Day observ
ances for the G. A. R. in Pensacola,
have been completed. These services
be held at the First Methodist
church this afternoon at 3 o'clock
nd will be attended by the G. A. R.
from the local post and the local
Spanish War Veterans. The services
will be conducted at the church by
v. I. h. Chalker.
The members of the Grand Army of
the Republic will leave their post at
29 North Spring street about 2:30
o'clock and will be joined by the Span
ish War Veterans at the armory halL
The latter are requested to be at the
hall at 2 o'clock or earlier. All com
rades of the camp are urgently re
quested to be on hand,
'Am in position to loan on city
or county property, large or
small amounts.
Lee Daniel.
People Tell Us Our Store is Different
Of course it's different.
Because it's a service grocery. It's not just a store
where groceries are sold. . "
It's a place where everything is done to make buying
groceries a real pleasure.
A big stock of good things to eat. Courteous, intelli
gent clerks who understand their business thoroughly.
Prompt deliveries.
A telephone that is always open to you. :
A place where you can have a charge account if you
so desire.
A store that sells quality goods which it can recommend
without the slightest fear or hesitation. ,
Our delicatessen department is a delight to housewives,
especially in this warm weather. Pay a visit to this depart
ment and you will find many palatable and tempting dishes
that you will find cheaper to buy than to make yourself.
The Pure Food Store
On June 16, 19l9, the summer school
for both men and women will, open at
the State College for Women in Tal
lahassee. - Courses of study and re
view will be conducted in all the sub-'
jects required for the various certifi-
cates; first and second grade. ' state
primary and state certificates for high
school. In addition to thesa studies
there wilr be special courses offered
in. order to, give the public , school
teachers an opportunity to work for
college and normal schol credits. The
professional courses in drawing, meth
ods, - industrial arts, physical training
and sight singing are both practical
and profitable. - The home economics
department offers excellent opportuni
ties for persons desiring that line of
work. Besides regular work in domes
tic science and art, there are training
courses , . tor teachers and " county
agents. The . business . depatment of
fers splendid courses in stenography,
typewriting and bookkeeping? .- ;)
f The faculty is made up of men and
women of . the - best education and
training, besides, they are familiar
with Florida conditions so that they
enter their work in full sympathy with
the aspiring teachers from the town
and country sections of the state. '
The privileges of the state law in
providing for extension of certificates
upon 'condition of regular attendance
and systematic study, will be in force
as in preceding summer sessions.
There is no tuition except in the busi
ness department where a- small fee
Is required. All boarding expenses are
reduced to the minimum cost for com
fortable , living.
L.ife at the college is enjoyable. The
climate is good; boarding accommo
dations all one could ask, and the as
sociation with so many teachers of the
state v is a benefit to all who attend
the summer session. Neither men nof
women need seek any place that offers
more than does the College for Wom
en. Is-, it not the privilege of the
teachers of Florida to avail themselves
of the advantages that are made pos
sible by the state. ' v
For detailed Information write to
President Kdward Conradi, State Col-'
lege tor Women, Tallahassee, Fla. I
H.4 J. Mackey, former ' solicitor " of
the county court of record, upon; being
relieved of the. duties of : that of f ice,
has . announced that immediately .he
will begin the practice of, law. He
has already established . his - off ice at
515 American National Bank build
ing. . V . '
Mr. .llackeywas not visibly affected
yesterday by the action of", the gov
ernor in tending the name of another
for the solicitorshlp here and the con
firmation by the senate, but seems
rather inclined to accept the whole
matter as & part of the program of
politics under the existing administra
tion of state affairs ,
worked at this time, diverting trade
here which would otherwise go across
the Alabama line. -
The advisability of building bridges
with concrete piers and Steel spans
in preference to solid concrete was
discussed, and the fact developed that
the steel span bridge is cheaper, more
easily repaired and if well painted
twice a year, will last for more than
a generation. The board decided to
investigate the matter further.
A resolution was passed calling on
Dr.. Brown, overseer of the dipping
in the county, to supply the board
with detailed information -as to who
are owners- of cattle in the county
and how many cattle have been dip
ped. Thl3 data will give a definite
idea of the present wealth of Escambia
county in livestock.
Another resolution which passed
provides that owners of hogs which
die of cholera must see to it that
the carcasses are completely burned.
Lso as to prevent spread of the dis
ease by contamination. The commis
sioners wished the fact strongly im
pressed on owners of hogs that In
view of what the state is doing in sup
plying -vaccine serum and what th
county is doing in keeping a demon
stration .agent in the field to oversee
the application or tne serum, it ;s
highly essential that owners cooperate,
in their own interest and the public
interest as well, by faithfully cremat
ing hogs lost .bjr cholera. The possi
bilities of moneymaking in the hog
industry are now so great it was said,
that official aid should be much ap
The county clerk was directed to
secure a list of ail owners of real es
tate abutting on the- county concrete
road between Bayou Chico and Bayou
Grande, the IT. S.road . leading to the
bridge across Bayou Grande, and no
tlfy them that the road is eighty feet
wide and that they must at once move
back their fences from land now tres
passed. " :.
' By formal vote the commissioners
authorized Farm Demonstration Agent
Burnett to attendV at county expense,
the state Swine Growers Association
meetinsr at St. Augustine, June 4 and
5. as he will be able to gather inf or
matlon there which will be of great
value to Escambia county hog raisers.
County Attorney Reese reported, that
the commissioners . have exactly the
Rnme rlehts possessed by the state
board to shorten the terms of convicts
for cood behavior, and Commissioner
McCurdy stated that he has two ex
ceptionally good men who will soon
bo entitled to the -favor ana wm re
ceive it as an encourageemnt to good
citizenship, r.
Marriage licenses for the week end
intr Mav 24. were issued by County
.Tude-e Bellinger to the following
; Edwin Joseph Dunham and Garnet-
fa Paimatier.
Rudolph Shelby and Martha Doris
v R. Livingston and Lottie
Hazel Turner.
Klnnon Randolph White and Fannie
Eugenia McGuire.
- Joseph J. Hathaway and Irma Hick
m ft Tl .
Herbert Garben and Florence Ethel
riA -rti1. Lent Green and Ruth
Elaine McKenzie.
-i5V.fl Rilmore and Carol Ray.
John Walter Hanks and Cora Lee
Wengler. ' ,,, ,,
JuJins Aubrey Brown and Millie Ma
ilnnna WpltOn.
Thomas Lee Harmon and Mary May
are among the smartest
for this summers wear.
r rocK
of fancy figured and plaid
Voiles, trimmed with con
trasting materials. Hand
some Organdie collars and
Cuffs that add to their
beauty priced very specially for tomorrow's selling
ir TrT
CL85 1
"RT nTTQTTQ the newest
j-iuvy j ujuu OF THE NEW f
Blouses have demonstrated their importance in the scheme of summer fashions.
Some of the smartest that will enhance the vogue of the new short skirts and tailored
suits are only ; ;
Vv: $4o5 to $1975
And such dainty charm as they manifest all in flesh or white or bique Georgette, with filet lace and j
tucks and a bit of embroidery and a bit of this or that, alF add to their beauty the sweetest blouses Jj
imaginable at the EVERLASTING. . jT
Standing, sitting and walking correctly
are the first essentials to good health
and that elusive charm we call style
LL women wish to be well; but all women
do not appreciate the ntal importance
of correct corsetry as an esaential to
good health. The well-known medical
authority, Alice S. Cutler, M.D., warns us:
"As a physician who knows that if it were
not for - ill-fitting and the wrong kind of
corset we would have very few femals in
valids, I am naturally determined to do every
thing in my power to educate the American
woman in the proper fitting of corsets. Most
learned physicians now recognize the modern
corset as a hygienically healthful garment
and one that is often the best means of pro
viding corrective support for many bodily
The Original-Unequalled Front Lacing Corsets
have attained their unquestioned superiority
by assisting nature to perfect expression."
Every Gossard is hygienically correct. Prop
erly fitted to the figure for which it was
designed it will give scientific support to
abdominal and back muscles, with no chance
of undue pressure at the waistline; the organs
of nutrition will be free from pressure; the
erect posture which is induced will encourage
deep breathing and the diaphragmatic mus
cles become strong with use. A woman so
corseted will have the undeniable beauty of
health and that grace of body, standing,
sitting, or walking, which is best expressed
in the one word, style.
We unreservedly recommend Gossard Corsets
as the complete expression of modern corsetry.
Our highly specialized corset service is main
tained with a full appreciation of the exacting
needs of the modern, active woman.
Gossards arc priced aT2.5 ?2 7 3 ?3.S0 ?4. ?5. and more

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