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For the Past Twleve Months the Demand for 666 Has Been Far
Greater Than the Supply, But We Have Increased Our Plants
and From Now on We Hope to Fill Orders More Promptly.
chairman and every ccmraittee to do
their limit on Monday and roll up for
the Salvation Army in the south not
less than $500,000 on the last day of
the drive.
"I have great confidence in the
people of the south, and believe that
they will make an Herculenean effort
on Monday to push the campaign over
the top' ; The south has not failed to
measure up in any of the campaigns
of the war and I am sure it will not
rail to deliver the goods to the Salva
tion Army. In order, however, to do
it, a mighty effort will have to ba
made on Monday, the last day of the
drive." . .
I haa proven It will cire Malaria,!
Chilli and Fever. Bilious Frrer. Colds,
nd LOrippe. It kill th j.araitte that
lauaaa th fever.
Is tha moat apedy remedy wa
know. few doeea wia fe tha faver
and If than taken aa a tonic th feter
will not return. You can take SCt while
tt: fever ie on r IV
6C6 la a fine tonle for pala paopla. It
builda uo tha blood corpulscteai to a red,
healthy condition, givln a , natural,
healthy complextion.
healthy complexion.
expoeed to the weather, aa they can
taka It. aat anythln they want and
kto rljrht on with their work with no
fear of being aallvated. dr.
To bring the Salvation Army Homo
Service Campaign to a successful fin
ish in the south, approximately
$00,000 must be raised between Sun
day morning and midnight of Monday
night. This was made known at
Southern division headquarters late
Saturday, after checking up the hun
dreds of reports coming in from all
sections of the south. Unless this sum
is realized within the prescribed time,
the south faces its first failure in any
war campaign.
There have been many disappoint
ments in the campaign that started
out with a "bang.' Over-confidence
was in the air and enthusiasm ran
high, but, in spite of this, the cam
paign lagged from Monday night on.
The storm of the past several days
played havoc with the workers, and.
in many instances, the collectors were
forced to give up their work and re
main quiet until fhe sun again put in
an appearance. This drawback, alone.
cost hundreds of thousands of dollars
to the great campaign. Then, again,
the workers did not show up In forces
as largo aa was expected.
The people of the south have given.
but their donations have been, in 1
small amount, and. in this manner,
almost everyone i represented in tha
total amount collected, but the quota
is at least 50 per cent short, because
the people did not dig deep enough.
Campaign headquartc-rs have sent out
the S. O. C" call and it " believed
that a final ttand to raise the pre
scribed amount will be made on the
last two days o fthe campaign. The
best men of the south are behind thU
drive and are doing everything within
human power to raise the allotted
quota. The women have acquitted
themselves nobly and they, too, will
work to a finish in an effort to bring
credit upon the south.
Late Staurday night, Edward Young
Clarke, director of the Southern di
vision of the Salvation Army Home
Service . Fund Campaign, issued the
following statement:
"Monday is the last day of the Sal
vation Army Home Service Fund Cam
paign, and. if the south is to 'go over
the top, Monday will hae to be the
biggest day of the entire week, of the
drive.' It is very necessary for every
666 has proven It win cure
Malaria, Chills and Fever, Bil
ious Fever, Colds and LaGrippe.
It kills the parasite that causes
the fever. It is a splendid laxa
tive and general Tonic. adv.
666 has more imitations than
any other Chill and Fever Tonic
Un market, but no one want?
imitations.. They are dangerous
things' in the medicine linew
Tallahassee, May 26. The bill
abolishing the state hotel commission
and putting the hostelries, restaurants
and boarding .houses in charge of
the state board of health, to be looked
after and Inspected by the local health
officer in each city and town, passed
and is now up to the house.
It was Senator Singletary's substi
tute bill for the measure1 already on
the calendar. Senator Roland offer
ed ; his substitute to the substitute as
an amendment to the substitute, but
the senate declined to accept it. This
provided for perpetuating the hotel
commissioner, but for no increase in
salary or fees to be collected from
the hotels, he said, but broadened the
scope of the present law so as to raise
more revenue. He further stated that
It was endorsed by the traveling men
..aaajfjMMMkaaaa- "V C
xf$n it 'v-X
j j !' j
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necessary to life that are present in
Schlitz Famo protein and carbo
hydrates the organic acids, aromatic
compounds of the hop content and
carbonic acid gas, exert a very bene
ficial action.
They have a specific antiseptic prop
erty to suppress the development of
harmful bacteria that may be lodged
in the intestinal tract,
They stimulate refresh and assist
digestion by replacing to a certain
extent the hydrochloric acid of the
stomach cause it to flow more freely
increasing the secretion of the
digestive juices.
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intoxicating, healthful and satisfying. ;
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Phone 160
The Welles-Kahn
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Desperate ays m ifie Virginia
"Dear Father: You will ba in a pother about
my long delay. I arrived here lata Tuesday night
after an encounter with wolves in tha woods about
7 miles west of the river. I have fortunately se
cured four pounds of choice seeds of tobacco, but
I cannot fetch them until tha mare is recovered
from the cruel work of the wolves."
A VIrglnim after of 1647
INI A tobacco makes the
astlsig cigarette
Virginia cigarettes have a zest, a relish
and an appetizing freshness that smokers of
other cigarettes never get at all.
But, to enjoy Virginia tobacco at its best,
smoke it straight not mixed with other to
baccos. Only then do you get Virginia's full
llavor and all of that keen relish that makes
a cigarette a smoke.
Just try this out for yourself in a Piedmont
e Virginia uii
d 13 cLb
, in . lm in "n mjmmmJl ni iii i ii -i l i t f-f mmlammimmf mmtimmtm
3 Vh.,!
NOTE Virginia tobacco is grown here in the U. S. A
Unlike foreign-grown tobaccos it carries no Import duty.
Import duty doesn't make a cigarette any better it
merely adds to its cost. Piedmonts give you better,
Talus because tJI your money buys tobacco quality.
20. for IS cents
2 packages 46"rigarettes 35 cents)
and contained a provision that no
moneys not collected under the hotel
commission act be used to maintain
that department.
Speaking- against the Roland
amendment and for his substitute,
which Was finally passed without a
dissenting . vote in the senate, Mr.
Singletary declared that the bill cre
ating the hotel commission was passed
to give "people Jobs to run around
over the state," and that the general
improvement in Florida hotels was
not due to the hotel inspector, but to
the general march of progress in thi3
state as in other states where there
are no hotel commissions. He admit
ted that the office had done BOm;
good, but declared that hardly any
one now would attempt to build a
hotel without fire escapes and screens.
Senator Russell said he hoped the
amendment would not be adopted, de
claring it his opinion that the travel
ing men knew little and cared less
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pound for couch s. colds and croun:
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back: rheumatism, backache, kldnev and
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Tablets, a wholeoome and thorouKhly
."leanstng cathartic. for constipation,
blHousneas. headache. and sluggish
bowels. Sold everywhere. Adv.
about , the hotel commission. He told
of a case in his town (Palatka) where
a small hotel owned by a poor man
was forced to put up a fire escape
while the wealthy hostelry there was
permitted to go without such ap
pliance until he (Russell) after two
years waiting "called attention to the
'act that the hotel inspector was not
Toing his duty." He stated that the
hotels should be inspected as to sani
tary conditions, but "if the linens are
not kept clean and the food is not
good the traveling men will avoid
them, and the hotels know that." Sen
ator Russell also referred to the fact
that the hotel commission was not
. Senator Johnson said he favored a
law permitting cities and towns to
make and enforce their own regula
tions of hotels, and he was opposed
to this amendment perpetuating the
Beauty More Than Skin Deep.
There is an old saying that beauty is
only skin deep. That may be so with
those who get their beauty out of a
box but not the genuine sort. Beauty
is really only another word for good
health and no woman who is bilious
and constipated can reasonably hope
to be beautiful. Chamberlain's Tab
lets will correct these disorders, then
with proper diet and exercise thera
is no reason why any young woman
with regular features may not hope
o be beautiful. Adv.
present system. The best feature
about the Singletary substitute, he
said, was the provision that one-half
of the fees collected go into the gen
eral fund and the other half for the
hotel inspection.
Senator Rolana replied that the
traveling men had stated that a hotel
inspection law could not be enforced
by the local authorities.
After his amendment was lost Sen
ator Roland said he thought the
ministration of the law by the be
of health would be better than no r
ujation at all, and declared that
would vote for the Singletary
The Singletary substitute was J
ted, put on third reading and
passage by waiver of the rdle
ir." X
cetorwl irl of Hou5ton.Tx .
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sy it roaka tha Kair long,
loisy. axul my to rnanaga.
r i .
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Hair Dressing
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