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ffl ' Da ! A) 5
Rheumatism, Gcut and Similar
Diseases are Caused by
Bad Blood
Drive Out the Impurities, Pu
rify the Blood. Take Pre
scription C-2223. v
Vhen you suffer the agony and tor
ture of rheumatism, gout, lumbago,
iame hack, or similar diseases, j&dvi
of course want relief and want ft
quick. Liniments, poultices and dope
wiil ?onietimes stop the pain for a
few minutes but the pain comes back
sometimes worse than before.
To get real and permanent relief
yo;i must go to the seat of the trouble
:ise an internal prescription that Is
rohiibie, one that not only drives out
tho imparities that cause the disease
and suffering, but enriches the blod.
Prcscriptoion C-2223 is a remedy
that was originally prepared, used and
recornmenued by a successful doctor
It not only eradicates the poisons, but
builds up and enriches the blood. It
i n relieved thousands and should re- to
i:p.e yo'l.
Do this.
Co to your druggist today
B:y a large $1.50 bottle of Prescription
C-2223. Take ai least two bottles ac
cording to directions, and then if you
se r.nt ssficfiorl n-itVi tho bpnpfit
i'teuect, return tne empty Domes wi
your driTirg;v?t and "he will give you
.our money back. Write C-2223 Lab
oratories. Memphis, Tenn., for litera
ture. Adv.
Swollen Joints
"biirs-o, Scotland. May 26. Harry
C Hawker and Lieut, Commanfler
Gneve were warmly received loday
'hen they landed from the torpedo
boat destroyer at Scrabster pier, two
KUes from Thurso. The senior naat
offioer and parish councillors welcom
ed the aviators officially. "It was
a this landing stage that Lord Kitch
ener said t
are well to the land he loved jls
now v Khrjtt !. 1- r,r ft OTld
"ark it as a place of wonderful wel
come to two brave eons o the em
gilEairi Provost Mackay.
Vhy Suffer When Relief la
Within Easy Reach
ttTTift' ce!-tain and safe relief from
--ne usi:.i!i.. j.,
1 V7
oco or two of Hollands Headache
S: 0ne f tne most efficient
If you ar.- subject to
6"-ain e:uitr as the result of eye
wcrr'. neuralgia, exposure v or
liyon 6huld have a bottle of
e'l tt",Hea,lache TaW you
eo ,'l . They 3!iaHy give ab-
i4 ln half a:l hour nd
1sm f 'aL',If!s ia a f0c bottle. Can be
trugZ a'l 3& Pa!n8 vnA fvr- Your
accent I BU;'fly you. Refuw to
mis. Fi
lug '
iFe sire u;qy fo gref pare, rrcA an J
wholesome syrup Say Karo to
your grocer
There Are Three Kinds of Karo
"B7.UUVhit.f'ra Red Can: "Golden Brown"m Aeoe Can?
p r vor
tPORTANT ro rOi;
reuSokt; k?
P. O. BOX 161
:ohon :
The American cotton manufacturing in
dustry for the first time in its history ta
Bending commission to Europe to inves
tigate textile condition on tne otner aide
of the Atlantic, to discuss with European
textile manufacturers international re
lations between the textile industries in
various parts of the world. And particu
larly to stimulate interest in the World
Cotton conference to be neld in New Or
leans next October. This commission
sailed from New York few days ago. and
is now on the high seas.' It is going to
Kurope under the auspices of the execu,r
tive committee of the World Cotton con
ference, and Is certain to arouse world
wide interest In the great meeting of
cotton men to be held In New Orleans
in the fall.
Th full delegation will be in Europe
over two months, and some members of
it will be there three months. The en
tire commission will visit Liverpool, Man
chester, London. Rotterdam. Brussels.
Ghent, Lille, Havre and Paris. In order
cover" all of the leading textile coun
tries of Europe which are accessible, tne
'commission will brean up into several
(sections after visiting tne centers name-i.
and these smaller parties will visit Italy,
Switzerland, Portugal, Spain and Scn
dinavla. X
The commission consists of eleven lead
ers in the American cotton industry.
Fuller E. Calloway, president of , the
4i an Chester Mills, of La. urange, Georgia,
is chairman; Walter Parker, secretary ot
the Association of Commerce of New
Orleans, vice-chairman, and W. Irving
Hulls rd, of the Merchant National Bank
of Boston, secretary. The other members
lot the commission are: Alpheus Crosby
Beane, 6ean9 Brothers, New Orleans;
James T. Broadbent, agent Meritas Mills,
jof New York , city; Kandall M. Rurfee,
J treasurer Border City Manufacturing Co.,
jof Fall River; George L. Gilmore, of Gil
j more & Co., ot Somerville. Mass.; James
linglis, of the American Blower Co., of
j Detroit; A. W. McLHant, of the Alden
(Cotton Ml!ls. New Orleans; RusseU H.
Lm'. Tirpld(nt ParkhlH Manufacturing
Co., of Fitchbarg, Mass.. and John K.
' Rousmaniere, president - ot J. fcpenoer
Turner Co., of New York city.
The upheaval in manufacturing costs
snd in International trae. the crippling
of the textile organizations of France.
Belgium and Russia, and the rapid rise
or the Japanesetextile industry are souie
of the effects of , the war which have
stirred up textile manufacturers to ."vs-Jr
interest in international affairs relating
tn their industry. While the commission
jn London it will confer with the rep
resentatives of the sr.itiisn spinner wno
are soon to visit Japan to obtain first
hand data on the remarkable expat.sion
and prosperity of the Japanese cotton
spinning industry. In each of the various
j .......................-
mUm ' NELSON'S utlll mmkm you twid of
Z TKousanJ $ of particular colored people all
S avec'tha United States join in declaring
f jiairDressing
5 cannot fee equalled. Nelsons is the
J original H&K-grad Katr drewing. It has
been sold and recommended by drug
S stores for over so years."
NW Jt tk tnost sutUr W soft arj
a ear? to manage, and" firOes it a beautiful gloss.
Tatwtfti cJ-rti! to tK dmgof.
5 nd tur tttlra- KELSO KJ'S
5 Nelson Manufacturing Co., Inc.
' " ... --
as richmonl;, va
tae new Karo with plenty of substance and a rich Maple
Tate in the Green Can.
- Ec ?fK U mark.4 with
Pcke of "Wt size bearing
REFINING CO. C mayo. Rprfati
NEW YORK CITY 612 C"1 Bnk Building. New OH sans. La.
countries which it visits thee ommission
will discuss comparative manufacturing
condition with the leaders of the indus
try ln that country, so that the members
of the commission and . the European
manufacturers with wftom they confer
may both have a clearer idea than at
present as to tariff changes which each
country should make. , The world labor
program adopted by the peace confer
ence at Paris is another subject regarding
which the representatives or the Ameri
can industry will make Inquiry.
The investigation which the commission
will make and the discussion into which
it . will enter wth . the. European textile
manufacturers will be preliminary to tte
deliberations of the World Cotton con
ference in October. Having In this way
Obtained the points of view of the foreign
spinners, the committee which has this
conference in .charge wttl , be enabled to
help plan the' World Cotton conference
along lines which wiU be most profitable, -
It Is expected that as a result of the visit
of this commission to Europe, there
will be large delegations from practically
al of the important textile manufacturing
countries of the world at New Orleans
next fall.
Plans for the Decoration Day exercise
to be held tomorrow unaer the auspices
of the G. A. R-. the Spanish War Vet
erans and their auxiliary, are being com
pleted and enthusiastic Interest is being
manifested in the annuat event. Pursu
ant to tne perfection of tnese plans Span
ish War Veterans 'and the .toadies Auxili
ary of Camp Col. W. F. Williams No. 9.
call especial attention to the following:
Spanish War Veterans.
All members of Cot. W. F. Williams
Camp No. 9, are requested to meet at
their hall In the Armory promptly at 9
o clock rlday morning. May 30. The
Ladies Auxiliary and the veterans wlui
Lemon Juice
Girls' , Make beauty lotion at
home for a few cent. Try It!
Squeeze the Juice of two lemons into
ft bottle containing three ounces of t
ehard white, shake well, and you have
a quarter pint of the best freckle ana
tan lotion, an complexion beautifier,
at very, very small cost.
Your grocer has the lemons and any
drug store or toilet counter will supply
three ounces of orchard white for
few cents. Massage this sweetly fr
iprant lotion into the face, neck, arms
md hands each day and see how freck
les and - blemishes disappear and ho
elear, soft and white the skin become
tsl- It ts harmless. Adv.
yomr hair C
tolmi irl of Ft. Wortk. T .
ays rJelson s is the fioaat tlting
siis lutsvs for making lit kjur
soft aii mmr$ to tratnaje.
Sand us $our pkm iuiiniK
if Oteu us NfcLSObTS.
et'. in nound. of .vr
number, nly and h-via.
leave on the 9:30 car ror the National
cemetary, wnere memorial services will
be conducted in conjunction with the
A. R. veterans.
"U ViRitincr veterans are cordially In
vited to be present.
Ladies' Auxtriary. ; '
"Members of the Ladies Auxiliary To
CoL W. F. Williams Comp, Spanish War
veterans are urged to be present at tha
hall in the Armory not later than 9
o'clock Friday morning and bring small
boquets of flowers! '- -
"This invitation Is also extended to all
lady relatives of veterans of the Spanish
war, whether they are now memoera "I
the organization or not. A special car has
been reserved for the veterans and auxil
iary and a good attendance is desired.
"Attention Is also called to the meet
ing of the Auxiliary to be held Thurs
day night. May 29, at 8 o'clock In the
Armory bal. and - ail members and also
those desiftng to Join the organization
are urged to attend.
Just What He Needed.
"I used a bottle of Chamberlain'3
Tablets some time ago and they proved
to be Just what I needed. They re
lieved me of indigestion, toned up my
liver and rid me of headaches that I
had been subject to. They did me
a world of good and I will alwalys
Speak a good word for them. writes
Mrs. Volta Bankson, Chillicbthe. Mo.
Adv. -
Deacon Dobson
t "
Secure your food supply by send
ing a two-cent stamp to National
War Garden Commission, at Wash
ington, for the garden book. ,
Insurance Is a goodly thing, you've
heard th agents gaily sing, 'twill fill
your system up with sand, to have a
policy in hand. This man who on
his knees you see,' had he Insurance?
'No-slr-ee, he never saw beyond his
nose, and now behold his awful woes.
If he but had a policy, he wouldn't
be afraid yon see, be'd know his
folks would get th' cash, when dog
.had made him into hash. And so he
pleads for one more chance, his
worldly wisdom to enhance, and if
'tis granted you will find heir be a
man o different mind. Hell take
his garden rake and hoe and out
. Into th' , garden go, and there by
honest, pleasant toil. Insure his Ihr
In from th soiL This good, home
made Insurance plan is open now to
very man, you simply join th gar
den club and you're assured your
daily grub. Th charter's open every
day, you do not hare a cent to pay,
no goat to ride or pledge to take
except to handle hoe and rake. '
Rfifi lin nroven It Tful cure
WW nw .fr -
Malaria, Chills and Fever, Bil
ious Fever, Colds and LaGrippe.
It kills the parasite that causes
the fever. It is a splendid laxa
tite and general Tonic -adv.
Washington, May 28. Senator Dun
can U. Fletcher, of Florida, will vote
for the repeal of the daylight saving:
law, when the matter comes up in the
senate, he stated today. The repeal
of this law was provided for In an
amendment to the agricultural ap
propriation bill which was talked to
death, along: with nearly all other
appropriation bills except the rivers
and harbors bill In the republican fili
buster last March.
"I realize that the dayligh saving
law served a useful purpose during
Uhe war in the saving cf light and
power, ana in many parts - of the
country it would undoubtedly" be well
to continue it," said Senator Fletcher.
"But congress cannot, of course, con
tinue it In one section and repeal it
in another, and -the law was justltied
as an extraordinary exercise of power
incident to the conservation of the na
tion resources during the war. I have
not reached the point, where becausa
it may be desirable for some parts of
the country sometimes to follow a
certain policy. I believe it should be,
imposed upon all the people all the
time by- act of congress.
"The action of the interstate com
merce commission in placing most of
the state of Florida in the eastern
time zone, which I do not criticise,
has already put the people east of the
Apalachicola river one hour ahead of
their accustomed time, and when an
other hour is added by virtue of the
daylight saving la ly from March to
October, it works too great a hardship
on the farmers and the laboring peo
ple, as well as many merchants and
Other business men, and I shall ac
cordingly vote for the xepeal of the
law insofar as it provides this addi
tional "hour of daylight the emergen
cy which justified It having passed.
Beauty More Than Skin Deep.
There is an old saying that beauty is
only skin deep. That may be so with
those who get their beauty Out of a
box but not the genuine sort. Beauty
is really only another word for good
health and no woman who "Is bilious
and constipated can reasonably hope
to be beautiful. Chamberlain's Tab
lets will correct these disorders, then
with proper diet and exercise there
is no reason why any young woman
with regular- features may not hope
to be beautiful. Adv.
B Weather Report. x
(Compiled for the Journal by the
Weather Bureau Office.)
Pensacola Fla., May 29, 1919.
Sunrise, 5:49.
Sunset. 7:44. .
Moonrise, 5:50 a. m.
Moonset, 8:09 p. m. x
ext phase of the moon, new moon,
9th. '
High tide. 11:01 axn.
Low tyc 9:00 p. rot.
:km perature
T a. m., 70. t
7 p. m., 75.
Highest, 77.
T.rwest, 88.
Mian, 72.
Normal, 77.
Mean same date last year, 77 .
Accumulated deficiency this year to
daU 2.91.
ilighest of record for May, 93 de
grees. -
lowest of record for May, 44 de
grees. I-.AINFALL -
For 24 hours ending 7 p. rru, .14.
Total for this month to 7 p. m.. 4.39
Kormal for May, 2.68 inches.
Accumulated excess this year to date,
1S.17. - " -
S a. S9.
1 p. m S8.
S p. 89.
7 a. m., 2S.85.
7 p. m., 29-82.
The pore-clean sing, purifying and
sterilizing properties of this wonder
fnl skin soap, using plenty of Jot
water and soap, best applied with
the hands, will prove m revelation
to those who us it foctha first time.
Touch pimples, redness, roughness
or itching, if any, with Coticora Oint
ment before bathing. Dry and dost,
lightly with Cuticora Talcum, a fas
cinating fMgrance fat powdering and
perfuming the akin. The cost of
these ideal skin purifiers is 35 cents
each everywhere.
aa?ls Zah M r Ma. iUitr mtot
"CMtin. D-vt. F. Bast." Sold omm t m Wa.
Saap2ae. Ointmaat mwt iSe. Takaas Jc
Only those afflicted with Ec
zema, with its terrifying irrita
tion and ceaseless itching know
what constant torture this dis-
ease can cause, ine aisease ap
pears in different ways, some
times with a reddening and irri
tation of the skin, sometimes in
the form of blisters. Other
cases of Eczema take the form
of a dry, scaly condition of the
skin that cracks and peels. But
no matter in what form' the dis
ease appears, it is a source of
constant fiery irritation that is
well-night unbearable.
Eczema is very often consid
ered a skin disease. This is a
natural mistake, as it attacks
the skin and it is through the
skin that it causes so much dis
comfort and suffering. But the
real seat of the disease is the
blood. The germs of Eczema are
in the blood and the irritated
and diseased condition of the
skin is the result of the germs
trying to break out of the sys
tem. Beyond the use of anti
septics to promote cleanliness,
there is no local treatment that
will accomplish a permanent
cure of this disease. And those
who have ben . relying alto
gether upon salves, soaps, oint
ments and other local applica
tions to the skin will find that
no permanent good will come
from such treatment by itself.
yRead how Basil M. Lanfaeau,
who resides on Confederate ave
nue, in Atlanta, Ga., found re
lief from this terrifying disease
after all local treatment had
failed. He writes :
The "Allies" reDeatd their victory
of a week ago by trimming the Xaval
Air Station bowlers three strings and
the total pinfall at the Pastime alleys
last night. Deeken had the highest to
tal with 511 and Griffin had the high
est singlestring with 212.,
The score:
' Alt IPS
Lurton V : . 175 130 128 435
Cvitani . 147 148 171 466
Gordon. .......153 168 147 473
Jones . '. ,.168 146 144 4oft
Griffin . . .173 223 146 443
Totals 821 815 736 2272
Klein. .... ...212 140 148 500
Ffeiffer . .'. 135 118 125 378
Hungerford . ,,.....119 152 119 390
Deeken . .... ..173 173 165 511
Strong .....158 157 '165 480
Totals 737 740 722 2259
That's what makes some women so
. .... .tlirn Mmnl.vlnn fa mnrA
Important than good features and com
plexion is something is something within
your own control. By using
you can remove all blotches, spots and
skin eruptions that mar one's beauty.
It Is an old established time-tried rem
edy that realy overcomes eczema, ring
worm, tetter, itch and all skin affections.
Sold at drug stores. Shuptrine Com
pany Savannah Ga. Adv.
. - .
Bat No One Wants an Imit' . r They Are Dangerous In the Med
Icine "Line. Imitators C i See How to Copy the Style of Pack
age, Directions, etc., aM Give It Some Name or Number, Bui
They Cannot See the adients and Are Liable to Get Then
. ' Wrong..
166 has proven It will curs Malaria,
Chills and Fever, Bilious Fever, Colds
and LaClrippe. It kills the parasite
that onuses the fever.
668 is the most speedy remedy we
know; it will soon breaJc the fever and
then if taken as a tenia the fever wlU
sot return.
(66 Is a fine tonic for pale people.
1 4& builds up the blood corpuscles to a
suffered with a most aggravated
case 8f Eczema the Itching being so
severe that I could not sleep. I used
thirteen pounds of ointment, tried near
ly every skin remedy, besides being
treated by two skin specialists. I am
now convinced that Eczema is nothing
but a blood trouble, for after taking
several bottles of S. S. S. I am entirely
.years of untold suffering can
be avoided if the real cause of
a disease can be definitely deter
mined, and the proper method of
treatment employed. Hence
those afflicted with Eczema will
continue to suffer as long as
they consider the disease a con
dition of the skin, and rely sole
ly upon local applications of
salves, ointments and similar
remedies. If you really want to
be cured you must realize that
he disease is in the blood, and
you can expect relief only from
treatment that is directed to
xxrnrri rlpAnsinc? the blood of the
disease germs. This is why S..
S.,S. is so succesful in the treat
ment of Eczema and all other
diseases of the blood ; because it
acts as an antidote to any im
purity that finds lodgement in
the blood. Being purely vege
table and guaranteed not to con
tain a particle of mineral sub
stance, it is ' an exceptionally
fine tonic, and besides eliminat
ing from the blood all traces of
impurity, it builds up and
strengthens the entire ssytem
at the same time.
We invite everyone afflicted
with Eczema or other blood or
skin disease, to write our medi
cal department for advice which
is gladly given without charge.
Full instructions as to how to
treat your own individual case
will be gladly furnished by our
chief medical adviser, who is an
expert on these diseases. Ad
dress Swift Specific Cb 407
Swift Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga.
, -
Washington, May 27. Training for
returned soldiers Is made intensive
and as nearly continuous as possible
in order that full wage-earning em
ployment may be secured as early as
expedient. For this reason the fed
eral board for vocational education
does not encourage vacations for men
taking re-education courses. However,
some men are being trained in insti
tutions where coursese cannot be ar
ranged during vacation periods, and in
addition the physical condition of
some men demand a rest period. These
two classes of men are allowed, dur
ing such vacation periods, the sara
payments to which they are entitled
while in actual attendance upon their
courses. . The board, however, wiU en
courage men whose physical condition
permits, to continue their training
during the months the schools and
colleges are closed, by engaging In
some occupation related to the form
al training coursese they are pursuing.
Men who are being trained on tho
job will be allowed no vacation with
pay, unless their physical condition,
according to the advice of a medical
officer," requires it.
G66 quickly relieves Constipa
tion, Biliousness, Loss of Appe
tite and Headaches, due to Tor
pid Liver adv.
red, healthy condition, giving a nab
ural, healthy complexion.
661 QUickly relieves Constipation
Biliousness, .Loss of Appetite. Foul
Breath and Headaches, due to Torpit
We especially recommend 668 foi
these exposed to the weather, as thsl
can take It, eat anything they want
and go right on With their work wiU
no fear ot being smllTated. 4t

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