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- It acems almost incredible, in view of the in
terest in livestock in this section of the country,
that the work of tick eradication should be
checked by members of the state legislature, who
are either blind to the interests of their own
state, or else moved by something more than ap
pears on the surface.
The state-wide compulsory cattle dipping bill
had passed the house, but was put to sleep in the
senate, after being so amended as to be value
less, and after the senate had adopted all of the
committee amendments, including one making
the levy of a two-mill tax optional instead of
mandatory upon the county commissioners, an
amendment .was also offered to make the time
of dipping every thirty days instead of every
fourteen, and another amendment was proposed
to exempt all dairy cows, or other cattle under
When these amendments had been adopted, it
was moved that "since the teeth had been drawn
from the vicious bill, the seriate electrocute the
remainder of the animal by indefinitely postpon
ing the bill," and this motion was carried by a
vote of 24 to 8. The unfriendly amendments were
adopted by close rising votes and viva voce votes,
which were of course, not officially recorded.
Walton county has systematically fought for
the tick eradication work in this state, and an
amendment ofered by Gillis, of that county, to
appropriate $150,000 for maintaining the state
livestock sanitary board, precipitated a . debate,
which revived arguments for and against tick
eradication. '. "
So the situation stands in the legislative halls
in Tallahassee at this writing. Let us hope that
by the time the type of this gets cold, the gen
tlemen of Florida may have changed their minds
and that this state may have taken its rightful
place along with other progressive states.
Escambia county has already voted for com
pulsory cattle dipping, as have many other of the
west and south Florida counties, but until the
entire state is engaged seriously in tick eradica
tion, the success 4f. the livestock movement in
Florida will be held back.
The progress which has been made during, the
past few years in this state along the lines of
livestock development have formed one of the
most valuable chapters in the history of Florida.
It has been demonstrated that the western sec
tion of the state offers an unusual opportunity
for cattle raising, and that, with proper federal
and state aid, this part of the state will come ino
its own. The equable climate and the fine nat
ural ranges make this section peculiarly fitted
to the raising of cattle; but until tick eradication
becomes obligatory, Florida cannot take its right
i'ul place with other states, and this entire sec
lion of the country will be handicapped.
Irrespective of waht action congress takes to
ward repealing the' wartime prohibition legisla
tion, the nation goes bone-dry January 16 next
--one year after the 36th state ratified the con-
eiiiuuuiuu uiy ttmeuument. "''
But this congress has been asked by the presi
cent to modify the prohibition law scheduled to
$x into effect July 1, next, by permitting the
trewing of beer and the making of light wines.
Whiskey, brandy, gin, heavy wines, would still
he prohibited.
Wartime prohibition came in the form of a
"rider" amendment to the agricultural bill
passed during the war. -
Repealing or modifying that would not effect
tile constitutional amendment.
Neither would any action congress takes on
this prohibition law permit the selling of liquor
in states "dry" by state statute s i
We hear a great deal about the duty of pub
lic officials in relation to the public health, and
the fact, that these men have been appointed to
and paid for public duties, is certainly argument
enough that those duties need to be performed,
and that it is up to them to see that they earn
their salaries, even if they have no higher con
ception of their obligations.
But while we look to the public officials to do
their duty, let us not forget that we have our
own obligations at the home, in the state, and
in the office. It would be an impossible ask for
any public officials to keep any city in a sanitary
condition, unless these public servants have the
support of the individuals. And it must be re
membered that, in any neglect of the public
health it is the private individual who suffers,
for public protection means the protection of the
individual, in the mass. - r- -
With summer upon us, it is well to look to the
health and comfort of ourselves and our families,
remembering that, as we make our own premises
clean aid sanitary, we not only help to safeguard
our own health, but we become a factor in pro
tecting the public health.
If it were possible to impress upon ever in
dividual his own personal responsibility to the
community, and to persuade or compel every in
dividual to keep the immediate premises or sur
roundings in a state of cleanliness and sanitation,
we should need fewer public servants. The home
has gone out into the world, in a large measure,
because so much that is consumed in the home
is now produced outside the home. '
But it is the homemakers, after all, to whom
we must look for health conservation. If the
head of the household not only sees that his own
premises are in sanitary condition, but also de
mands that whatever caters to the comfort or
sustenance of his household, is wholesome and
healthful, a long step will have been taken to
wards the conservation of the public health.
Do you demand pure milk, wholesome bread,
fresh fruits and vegetables? Do you ever take
the trouble to investigate your meat market, or
to enquire as to the standard maintained by the
restaurant where you take your meals ? Until
you do, you are not doing your part towards pro
tecting either the health of your family or the
community. And when you do, you have taken
a long step forward, and one that will repay you
and yours many times over, and will add to your
value as a citizen. '
For vetoing the bill for the reduction of the
health appropriation, Governor Catts deserves
the commendation of all thinking people of the
When it was proposed to cut this appropria
tion, The Journal called attention to the grave
injustice. that such a reduction would be to the
people of Florida, particularly in view of the
movement towards better public health, in rela
tion ;o the examination of the school children,
and education along the lines of sanitation.
In every movement which is designed to pro
mote the public welfare, the necessity for awak
ening the people to a conception of their own re
sponsibilities, is of utmost importance. That the
health of the children of this state, and the safe
ty of communities, through the work of the pub
lic health authorities, can be safeguarded only
through the work of the public, health authori
ties, and that these authorities must have suffi
cient funds to carry on their work,, is a con
clusion which needs no defense.
When it was proposed to reduce the health ap-.
propriation, The Journal strenuously opposed
such a cut in the public funds, and following an
editorial opposing this cut, resolutions were
passed by the Rotary Club of Pensacola, and a
wire was sent to Governor Catts, expressing dis
approval of the contemplated reduction.
The Journal believes in every movement for
the betterment of the state, it believes in every
effort to reduce the taxation of the people, wher
ever that taxaion becomes a hardship, and it ad
vocates economy, whenever that economy is just
and well-considered. But when it becomes a
question which menaces the health of the state
and the protection of the children of the state,
through reducing the, public funds, by making
impossible the work that is being carried on in
Florida in relation to medocal examinations in
the schools and santation of cities and rural com
munities, it is certainly an unwise policy to place
dollars above decency and the public safety, and
the Governor deserves the appreciation of all
right-thinking people for vetoing the bill to re
duce the health appropriation.
Don't get excited about the report that Asia
tics are pouring into Mexico. They can't be
more annoying that what we "have there now.
When the state by conscription admitted that
allicitizens are the property of thestate did it
not admit the duty of caring-for aH citizens?
Tallahassee. May 30. Mr. 8tt of
Bay County, says he resents the as
sumption of some peopl that they mn
run over him measures reeking wn
politics, by simply stating: tha
ing of the kind is Invovled. He aia
rot say this privately either. He trod
to make it perfectly pteln on he floor
of the house Tuesday afternoon.
The approach of an electrical storm
cut short the session of tho hous-
Tuesday night, and for that reason 1
did not get through with the plans
mapped out for It. Tb house-ca endar
was cleaned of ioca ----
tLose introduced in the house riiht
up to that very day. But ths
hills so they could b taken up by th
house at the nigh session and disposed
It is not sa. hard to please the com
pulsory dipping people after all. Since
the senate killed their pet measure they
are as smiling: as ever. "We still have
a good la in the local option meas
ure they declare. Some of them even
go so far as to sa ythey pelieve that
better results ean be obtained- by the
provisions of that act than by the one
tAey tried so hard to pass.
Mr. Phillips, o Columbia county, is
one of the happiest men around the
capital these dAye. The killing: of the
compulsory dipping: bill in the senate
Is responsible for this exuberent p"tat
of mind of the gentleman from Colum
bia. He declares that only one thing
could nave suited him better, and that
would have been for the meeasure
to have been killed In the house.
Mr. Marshall, ef Broward county,
says he thinks the legislature is go
ing to accapt his amendment provid
ing for an eight million dollar Ave pr
cent bond Issue for good roads, th
amount to be Increased as soon as the
nuto license tax wU Hake care of a
greater amount. It certainly received
a whllrl wind start, being uftanlmouc
ly reported favorably -by the house
committee on constitutional amend
ments within three hours after its
The number of bills in the house
reached the eight hundred mark Tues
day morning, and are now rapidly
climbing toward another hundred. Yet
1c was stated yesterday that only ia
even two dozen . general bills lu "i
reached the governor up to that time
fpr his approval. There will, however,
be no derth of local laws at the end
of the session. If there is a county :a
the state that ha snot already got
from one, to half a dosen local laws
tassed it would be rereshlng to have It
pointed out. And a great many of them
have not stopped at the last figure
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Tuesday was the hottest day of the
session, and maybe of any other ses
fclon. That is, it was the mest de
pressing. The temperature was not so
high, and there was a good breeze
blowing, but the humidity was so low
that it was difficult to keep comfort
abue, even under a fan. ' This was fol
lowed at night by an unusually furious
electrical storm a half dozen of them
in fact. This relieved the temperature,
but is is said to have done considerable
damage in the near section.
Considerable interest is being mani
fested in what the governor is going
to do about signing the Leon county
game bill. The 'opposition to this
measure ha snow been transferred to
his office and the outcome is awaited
with Interest. Mr. Scruggs is Of the
opinion the governor will sign it. be
cause tne referendum clause was at
tached to it before it was passed. Un
cer mis provision, an election is to
be held on Tuesday after the first Men
day in September.
2 nsnd
Tallahassee, May 28. The agitation
for a Florida centenial exposition, to
be participated In by all the nations,
has received the indorsement of the
house through the adoption of a reso
lution offered by Mr. Waybrlght of
Duval county. If the senate concurs,
the congress will , be importuned to
enact sueh legislation as will make the
project a reality. It is proposed to
dedicate the great fair on the 100th an
niversary of the purchase of Florida
and inaugurate it on tho anniversary
of the signing of the armistice that
brought the world war to an end
thereby making it a fair of world wide
Interest. -
The resolution passed by the house
this morning follows:
WHEREAS, That historic event,
known as the Florida Purchase, occur
ed on July 16, 1821; and
WHEREAS, The Florida Purchase
Centennial will occur on July 16, 1921,
and an event of such importance
should be fittingly commemorated and
celebrated both by the nation afng
as well as by the state of F16rida and
tVHEREAS, It is especially impor
tant that the nations of South Amer
ica, ior wnom the people or me unit
ed States and particularly the state
of Florida entertain the higrest regard
and most friendly feeling, should be
most closely united In bonds of mu
tual good will, fellowship and Under-
ttttt nrf !n c with ths tutnnla rtf Wirth
) America, to the great benefit of . their
common social and commercial ad
vantage; and,
WHEREAS, At this period in the
history of the world when an era of
world wide reconstruction and com
mercial development is at. hand, and
such development and reconstruction
will be greatly assisted and promoted
by an international exposition, and
WHEREAS, It is especially fitting
at this the close of the world war, that
all nations should unite in an exhibi
tion of industries, products, literature
and art in ordef that world wide com
mercial and social understanding, com
prehension and trade may be made as
complete, full and perfect as possible,
and that national Ideals and aspera
tions may be more fully understood
and appreciated throughout the bro
therhood of nations; therefore,
BE IT RESOLVED by the legisla
ture of the state of Florida, That the
people Of the state of Florida are in
favor of commemorating the Florida
purchase centennial by an internation
el fair to be held in the state of Flor
ida dedicated on July 16th, 1921, and
inaugurated on Victory day, November
11th, 1922, and to run or contlune
twelve months after that time, and
that the people of Florida do hereby
suggest to the president and Congress
of the United States that Such an Inter
national fair be held for the purposes
expressed in these resolutions, and that
every effort be made to induce all
nations of the world to participate in
such international exposition or fair;
BE IT FURTHER , Resolved, That
the President and Congress of the
United State3 are hereby requested
to undertake, ' create and realize the
conception contained In these reso
utions, by such means, instrumental
ities and national legislation as in the!,
judgment are proper;
BE IT FURTHER Resolved, That
the Secretary of State of the State
of Florida is hereby requested to
transmit a copy of these resolutions
to the President of the United States
and to each house of Congress.
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