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m passes
ix;:s list of
Tsllahassee, May 30. The house for
the first time got down to the pass
age of bills yesterday just like it
realized the near approach of the end
of tSe session.. About half as many
measures were passed in' three and a
half thours as have been put through
duriig the whole of the session nip
to last night. Of course, ' reference
here Is made to bills of a general
nature only, because no other session
that ever convened in the state has
passsd more local bills within the
$ami length of time. ; ,
Ti e first ' thing' taken ' up ' was " a
veto of the governor on the Miami
ripa:-ian rights bill. Mr. Watson, of
pad i, was away and he was repre
sented by Mr, Stokes, of Bay county.
The latter gentleman requested on be
half of Mr. "Watson that the" veto'
of tie governor be sustained,, stating
that a compromise had been reached
which was covered by a- bill that
would be introduced . today. The rveto,
Bfatg-J! , 1 1 1 ". 1 , . , , , -
was unanimously sustained.
The speaker, feeling good over his
victory of yesterday, had one of tna
pages pass around the cigars to the
members of the house, as far as one
box would go among 77 members.
Mr. Marshall called up and the
house pasesd house bill 271, to legal
ize and validate all land surveys, etc.,
under the direction of the chief drain
age engineer of the trustees of the
internal improvemenw board, to vali
date and confirm the cast of the . in
ternal improvement trustees and to
designate a custodian for such maps
of survey, etc.
Mr. Carroll, of Jefferson, called up
senate bill 353, for the relief of P. B.
Byrd, of Jefferson county. This bill
authorizes the comptroller of the state
to repay to the said Byrd $32.13 state
licenses paid by him on right of way
of the Seaboard Air Line railway on
which the said railway has been pay
ing at the same time. It also au
thorizes the county commissioners to
pay him $61.75 for monies paid into
the county treasury in the same man
ner. The bill passed E6 to 1.
Mr. Ray called up his motion to re
consider the vote by which the house
a few"' days ago passed a bill re
quiring the-inspection of aJl livestock
to be marketed. The objection to the
bill was that it is applicable, as
passed by the house, to all counties
in: the state. After considerable dis
cussion the house declined to recon
sider " its action in - passing the bill,
by-a ' vote of 24 to 32.
..On. the request of Mr. Tillls, the
house .took up senate bill 203 for the
relief of Duncan J. McBride, county
commissioner of Volusia county. He
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was removed by the ' governor and
voluntarily reinstated by that official
during the special session. The bill
dlrect3 the comptroller to pay him
J339, compensation lost during the
time of his suspension. It was passed,
56 to 2.
A similar bill, senate bill 304, was
passed to compensate "W. Z. Hamans,
another county commissioner of Vo
lusia county, for monfes lost in a
similar manner. The sum "directed
to be paid him is $400.
Mr. Keen, of Polk county, called
Up senate bill 310, creating the 12th
Judicial circuit. Polk is left in the
tenth circuit alone while all the other
counties formerly in the lOtb circuit
are included in the new 12th circuit.
The previous question was called , im
mediatefiy after the third reading of
the bill, and it went to a vote without
discussion, passing 36 to 13.
The speaker at this point refused
to recognize any other member for
the purpose of waiving the rules until
the regular orders of the day had been
Messrs. McLeran and Hinely, of
Suwannee county, introduced a con
current resolution favoring the cutting
of a canal through the state using
the St. Mary's river, the Suwannee
river and St. Mark's river. The reso
lution is in, the shape of a memorial
to congress, and sets forth that only
about 100 miles will have to be cut
to complete the canal, shortening the
route to South America from the
Alabama coal fields by at least five
hundred miles. It was passed without
Mr. Epperson called up a committee
on finance and taxation bill, limit
ing the time for redeeming tax sale
certificates to two years and provid
that thereafter no action of any kind
could be brought against them. After
a lengthy discussion the bill was de
feated by a vote of 12 to 40. 1
During the introduction of bills, one
was presented' by Mr, Stokes for Mr.
Watson, of Dade, who was absent on
the business of the house. It was
to take the place of the bill vetoed
by the governor, relating to certain
riparian rights at Miami, and was;
I Under a suspension of the rules,
passed, 48 to 10.
Mr. Futch,' of Lake county, intro
jduced a bill "to erect a "monument"
in tne place or what is known as the
fcorner stone, from which all the sur
veys in Florida"' start. The bill car
ried an appropriation of $1,000 for
the purpose Stated. Mr. Surrency
tried to get the amount cut to $250
but failed. The bill passed, 43 to 4.'
The place to be marked by the "mon
ument" is in the jail yard at Talla
hassee. '
Mr. DeGroves, of St. John's county,
called up house bill 308, introduced
by himself, preventing the putting of
timber and logs in creeks, rivers and
canals of Florida and. permitting them
to remain until they Water-soak and
sink, thereby obstructing navigation
on such streams. A maximum penaiiy
of $500 or Six months in Jail is fixed.
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the misery of rapture and the worry and danger
of an operation.
Mr. Fort, of Marion, tried to exempt
navigable streams, and Mr. Gates op
posed the bill. Both were unsuccessful,
the bill passing, 36 to 12. -
Mr. Mathis, of Holmes county, call
ed up house bill 166, introduced bf,
him, relating to challenging of jurors
in Justice of the peace, county judge
and criminal courts of record. The
bill makes illiteracy a cause for chal
lenge where the circumstances require
educational ability to arrive at a just
verdict. It passed, 63 to 0.
Philadelphia May 31. Never a?ain
will the United States be guilty of the
folly of trusting its foreign commerce
to the ships of other natios, or of
quitting the shipbuilding industry, de
clared Secretary Daniels in an address
delivered tocay at the Hog Island ship
yards on the occasion of thj. suc
cessful launching of five steel freighters
the greatest single day's launching in
the history of any yard in the world.
The five vessels added 39,000 tops to
the American merchant marine.
"We could, if we would, as a na
tion," said Secretary Daniels, "longer
l'ive between the two oceans depen
dent upon freight bottoms for our over
seas commerce. Ve will not o.uit the
shipbuilding industry ofeven again be
guilty of the folly of trusting our
foreign commerce to foreign bottoms.
"We will put the industry" on n. firm
and sound basis.
"One of the chief compensations of
the burden of the great struggle is the
restoration of the American merch
ant marine, or rather its re-birth.
Washington, D. C, May 31. That
the majority of Americans on quitting
school do not know at what work they
will make a livelihood, is a generaliza
tion apparently justified by an investi
gation recently made in Baltimore, Md,
by representatives of the U. S. Train
ing Service of the department of La
bos With a view to finding what
proportion of people engaged in earn
ing their living are at tasks for which
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they prepared themselves or which
they: intended to enter on leaving
school, more than 500 workers were
interviewed in that city. Three-fourths
of these persons had changed their oc
cupations more than once. Seven per
cent had changed their occupations
four or more times. One man inter
viewed carefully reviewed his past and
found that he had engaged in thirty
different kinds of gainful employment
since quitting school.
These, figures are cited to rhow that
the average worker, not having pre
pared himself for the work he is now
engaged in, can profit immensely by
industrial training such as the train
ing service is promoting. It is point
ed out that training departments in
industrial plants fill a gap in our in
dustrial system which is urgently in
need of attention. Training, such as
this branch of the department of labor
is promoting, is designed to give to all
workers, of whom these 500 persons in
Baltimore are typical, a practical ef
ficiency which makes them better pro
ducers and earners of better wages.
Special emphasis is placed on the
fact that instruction received In train
ing departments is of immediate vain.
Unlike training taken and considerable
time in advance, there is practically
no chance., of its being for naught on
account of unexpected changes of occu
pation. These training departments
are for the" benefit of pojr and medio
cre workers an also for ambitious
workers who wish to broaden their
skill and so. fit themselves for ad
vancement. Already more than 600
plans ix this country have installed
training departments, according to lat
est reports.
Salaries of women teachers in th
Oklahoma public schools have increas
ed 26 per cent in the past two years.
The California Federation of Wom
en's Cluba will hold its eighteenth
annual convention at Coronado this
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Pensacola, Fla.

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