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Wonderful Hair
In Great Abundance
FROM 10 A. M. TO 6 P. M. '
To insure publication society news should reach the Journal office
not later than 6 p. m. All communications should be signed, not for
publication but as guarantee of good faith.
- v s'flllSH 3'S SIS
I To read without reflecting-. Is like 3C
,atins without digesting. , S
eaun. EDMUND BURKE, jg
!.' '
The following handsomely engraved
mv'tations have been received by rela
tes and intimate friends:
Mrs Sarah C. Clark requests the
j-onor of your presence at the marriage
Vher daughter, Lillian Mary to Mr.
pennett Lloyd Black, on Wednesday
ft'ernoon. June 18th, at 4 o'clock. First
Methodist church, Pensacola, Fla.
Cards are enclosed to be presented
t the church doors and for the recep
tion to be held at the home. 422 West
Gregory street, from 4:30 to 6:30.
Shelia, the attractive little daughter
of Mr and Mrs. Marco White was the
Euet of honor Tuesday afternoon when
her "parents entertained a number of
her little friends in celebration of her
Sh birthday. Many interesting games
vere'plaved on the lawn, prizes being
won by Lillian Massey and Dave John
son After the games the young guests
were served with light refreshments
dispensed from a prettily flower deco
rated table placed on rtie lawn and cen
tered with the large pink and white
birthday cake with eight candles burn
ins on top. Mrs. White was assisted
in entertaining and serving by Miss
Lucile Allen. . , ..
Mr. and Mrs. Tuttle entertained c.
party of young people on Tuesday af
ternoon in honor of their young son,
Lvnton Knowlea, at their home on
East Strong street. The wide veran
da was beautifully decorated with
blue hydrangeas and lighted with Jap
anese lanterns. After enjoying many
games and delicious refreshments the
young people were given a long auto
mobile ride.
Assisting Mrs. Tuttle to serve and
entertin the young guests were: Miss
Marguerite Hoffman and Mrs. S. J.
Welch. .
Among the children present were:
Rose Emily, Kenneth and Leslie Wil
kins, Roberta Lee, Mary Rogers and
'Buck" Mitchell, Granville Cowgill,
Emma Brewton, Elizabeth Holzer, Acie
and Arie Hunter, Elizabeth Clifton,
, Sollie Welch, "Buddie" iHoftman. and
. Lynton Knowles.
Miss Stella Rinehardt and brother,
Otto Reinhardt hav returned home af
ter spending the week end in Milton
&s the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Garden
er. . "
Note the New Cut
of this Oxford
Tis rightly called the "Vanity."
Many of the cleverest designs In
the new shoes are developed In
Oxfords, a smart and practical
style which is returning this year
with great success. Among them
you will be sure to find Just the
one that suits you. We have
them in black, white and deli
cate shades of kid. Also in the
heavier materials, such as black
or tan calf skin.
Pensacola's Popular Shoe
1 lalLijiL' '
60c aifl . $1.15
irca-Pfacacs 1721
Dr. and Mrs. V. R. Nobles are re
ceiving congratulations on the birth" of
a son at their home, 1000 East Gon
zalez street, on Wednesday, June 4th.
In honor of the second birthday of
her little daughter Marjory. Mrs. J. S.
Leonard entertained a number of chil
dren at her noma on East Moreno
street Tuesday afternoon. Many
games, such as "Pinning the tail on the
donkey " and "Dron the HanTWrhif
were played. The first prize7 for "Pin
ning the Tail on the Donkey," was
won oy Marjory Tonne and the boobv
prize was given John Sherill. The
table was prettily decorated with
summer flowers, the center piece be
Iriy the large white birthday cake which
was trimmed with nink and on whif h
burned two candles. After many games
were played the children were served
ice cream, cake and candy. ,
Assisting Mrs. Leonard to entertain
and serve the children were: Mrs. Felo
Turner, Mrs. Bob Quins, Mrs. John
Merritt. and Mrs. W. S. Garfield.
,Among the children present were:
Marjory Yonge, Lucy Davis Yonge,
Blanche, Lamar, Julia Cecille Junar,
Bobt Quina, Jr., Cynthia Brosnaham,
Corrinne Quina, Louis Craig, Sonny
MichelL John Sherill, Jane Anson,
Katie Sheppard Butt, Margaret Hyer,
Jane Hyer, Time Turner, Gladys Tur
ner, Katherine Turner, Henry Hyer
Turner, Buster Garfield, Anne Eliza
beth Willis, Katherine Willis. Jane
Hutchinson. Dorothy Quina, Bud Jim
Leonard, the Quina Twins, Marshall,
Reid and M. E. Quina, Jr., who were
the youngest of the children present,
and the little hostess, Marjory Leon
ard. .
In 'celebration of his 8th birthday,
Hubert McGlll entertained a number of
his young friends at the home of his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. McGlll,
1000 ;East Cervantes street, Tuesday
afternoon. After games played on the
lawn the guests were Invited into the
dining room where a delicious ice
course was served. The table which
was prettily decorated "with pink and
blue hydrangeas and ferns was cen
tered with the hugh birthday cake on
which eight candles burned. " -
Among the guests who enjoyed the
afternoon with Hubert were: Papline
Harrison. Lucille Biggs. Edith, erry
man, Bobby BryanPs, Martez Lowry,
Dotn 'Abbott Billy Mayes, Tom Lewis,
Roy Towshe, James Crosby, Arnold
Dormer. Edwin Abbott, Benjamin
Smith, Harry Lee, Hubert and Cecil
Of cordial interest to a wide circle
of friends was the marriage of Mrs.
Mabel E. Lewis to Howell F. Brazil
which was quietly solemnized at tho
residence of Mrs. Frank Marston, 1702
North 12th avenue, yesterday morning
at 11 o'clock. Dr. A. S. Mofett, pastor
of the First Presbyterian ciirirch offi
ciating. There were no attendants and r
tne cerempny was performed in the
presence of only intimate friends. The
bride wore a summery, dress fashioned
of white lace and a large white lace
picture hat and carried a showered
bouquet of sweet peas.
Immediately after the ceremony Mr.
and Mrs. Brazil, Mrs. Frank Marston,
Miss Florence Marston and Lieutenant
Oliver Marston left by automobile for
Atlanta for a short stay. Mrs. Brazil
changing into a traveling suit of blue
tricitone with accessories to to match.
Lieutenant Oliver Marston will return
home from there, the rest of the party
motoring on to North Carolina where
Mrs. Marston , and Miss Marston will
spend the remainder of the summer in
the mountains and Mr. and Mrs. Brazil
expect to be absent about two weeks
after which they w.111 be at home to
friends at 1705 North 12th avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Brazil have made their
home in Pensacola for some time and
have hosts of friends who unite in
wishing them much happiness.
To be Sold Saturday, June 7th
cents oh
Sizes 27, 28, 29 arid 30
Few Extra Sizes
80 East Wright Street
: j
I :- i ' i
I .4, Is
; " . .'.( ;': . '
' ':
); -
W. A.
by all drug and department
D'Alemberte, special agent.
That net of love is strong Indeed
Which ha3 drawn
'Within its silken mesh, one friendship,
keeping in constant and content,
without tying the ends. A. G. F.
Mr. Steve A. Crump, Jr., formerly of
Macon, Ga., and now of Genoa, Italy,
was the guest of Miss Sunshine Bergin
for a few days last week. He and
Miss Bergin met In Genoa when she
was in Italy with the A. E. F., and
they returned to the States together.
Mr. Crump has been visiting in Geor
gia and Texas and left Monday even
ing for Macon where he will visit rela
tives before sailing on April 0 for
Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs, of Birmingham,
who are visiting as the guests of Mrs.
Gibb's sister, Mrs. E. P. Poe, were the
inspiration of a delightful outing at
Bayview Tuesday evening which they
enjoyed with a number of their friends.
The party went out in the late after
noon and after bathing a picnic supper
was served. Games and music added
to the pleasure of the evening and an
automobile ride was enjoyed before the;
return to town. -
Among the guests who enjoyed the
evening were; Mr. and Mrs. GibC3,
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Hull, Mr. and Mrs.
E. P. Poe, Mr. andsMrs. George Stage
and Grandson, Charles Stage, Mr. and
Mrs. C. C. Ball, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Ray, Mr. and Mrs. W. "Williams, Mrs.
G. I. Foster, Miss Agnes Foster, Mr.
and Mrs. James Schoneld, Messrs. Mc
Hale and Eldredge "Wolff.
the Dollar
is a rare gift of
Nature. But beau
tiful hair, full of
life, snap and vigor,
is' a result, that is I
within the reach of j
almost everyone, j
offers the one actually
proven opportunity for
noticeable results in
hair culture. Anyone
with dull, brittle or
- lusterless hair, can
prove this at small
cost. Just begin the
1) CA nf 'fcnrT-,r
j Herpicide in secret
and see how soon
your friends will note
th.e improvement.
About Influenza
This disease usually
plays havoc with the
hair. The inflammation
hv the hair follicles is
usually self-limiting, but
occasionally it persists,
causing alarming hair
loss. "
There is no bottled
magic for this condition,
but the intelligent use
of Herpicide with pa
tience, will greatly mini
mize the harm. We
have very encouraging
Herpicide should be
in every home It is the
most dependable hair
saver and the most ex
quisite and dainty hair
dressing Does not stain or dye
the hair.
ShJ 10 ctntt in stamps r cin cr samfilt and In
ttrsttint kookltt today. Addrns. Tk Hrrpicid
C.. Dtpt. 17$-B, Cftnit. Mukigan.
Applications at barber shops.
Miss Agnes M. McKinna, social
worker for Escombia -county leaves this
Tnorning for Century, Fla., where she
goes in connection with her work and
expects to return to the city Saturday.
Miss McKinna will co-operate with the
local chapter of the Red C. ss in Cen
tury in the follow up. work of the
medical inspection in the schools and
will plan with the women in carrying
on the work of the Public Health Ser
vice. She will also examine tne cases
of trachoma found in the school there
to advise remedical measures to be
taken. While in Century will be a
guest at the homes of Dr. and Mrs.
J. S. TubervlUe and Dr. and Mrs. J. A.
TiK resrular monthly meeting of the
Ladies Aid Society of the Lutheran
church which was to have "been held
this afternoon, has been, postponed
until Friday afternoon on account of
the funeral of Mrs. Mary Arras, 01
ivfrv.n fnrmerlv of Pensacola and a
member of the soeiety. On Friday tho
meeting will be held at 3 o'ciock m tne
afternoon with Mrs. Hans Peterson at1
h or home in "Windy valley.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Qulgley were
host and hostess Tuesday evening
when they entertained a number. of
their friends with a Tacky party at
their home on East Pensacola Heights.
The numerous fancy costumes worn
were both orignal and characteristic
those worn by Audrey Harvey and
Milo Qulgley being voted the tackiest
of all. The evening was spent In play
tacky games arid singing old songs.
Refreshments consisting of colored
lemonade, peppermint stick candy,
ginger snaps, raw peanuts, etc, was
served. On their departure the fortu
nate guests who enjoyed this occasion
declared it to be one of the most en
joyable evenings ever spent by them.
Suffered 4 Years. First in
Rmples. Wodd Burn.
"I had been suffering for about
r a V, A Vln traiihl-
t. rimi- on mv face in pimples I
; -
that were hard and red, and came to
a head. Then they became a great
sore eruption and would burn and
Itch all the time. I was broken out
all over my body. I read about Cutl
cura and sent for a sahjple. After
using three cakes of Cuficura Soap
and three boxes of Cuticura Oint
ment I was healed." (Signed) Peter
Smith, Route 2, Forest Depot, Va.
Cuticura Soap to cleanse, purify
and beautify, Cuticura Ointment to
soothe and heal, are ideal for every
day toilet purposes. , ;
Cuticura Takum is delicate. deltfui
distineu. It imparts to the perjon aUiarni
incomparable and peculiar to itscli.
Prudent mothers avoid cheap baking powders because
they frequently contain alum, a mineral acid. No mat
ter how much they are urged to change, they stick to
They KNOW it is absolutely pure
Royal contains no alum-Leaves no bitter taste
Miss Agnes Ellen Harris who has
been prominently connected with home
economics and county demonstration
work in the state has numerous friends
in Pensacola who will read with in
terest the following from the Tampa
"Miss Agnes Ellen Harris, who has
severed her connection with the State
College for Women at Tallahassee, to
take up the supervision of home eco
nomics In the entire state of Texas, was
the honor guest at a very enjoyable
farewell party Tuesday evening given
by the faculty of the school of eco
nomics at the practise cottage. In spite
of the approaching rain storm, the en
tire faculty of the college braved the
elements to do honor to Miss Harris,
whose departure Is a distinct loss to
the state of Florida, for during her
ten years' stay in the state, she has
been one of Florida's most useful citi
zens. Miss Harris' deep interest ' in the
broad work in the college and through
out the bounds of the state has held
her in Florida these many years, In the
fact of the many tempting offers mado
by other states. She will carry into
the new field to which she is going, the
best wishes of those who have benefit
ed by her splendid work, and of those
who have realized the value of this
work to the state."
Elizabeth Aiken, Clara Moreno, Dor
othy Forbes, Maxine Reilly, Margaret
and Hazel Morrow, Olympia and Cai
pernia Sublette. Katherine Eitzen, Mis.
Margaret Aiken and Mrs. I. H. Aiken
who acted as chaperone formed a con
genial party of young people who en
joyed a delightful outing at the Coun
try club yesterday. A picnic luncheon
was served and bathing and dancing
were enjoyed. - ,
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Upmeyer and
children, of Mobile, but formerly of
Pensacola will arrive n the city Mon
day to visit for several vesks as the
quests of Mr. and Mrs. Marco White
and other friends. - '
Main Cafe
Club Breakfast. .... .35c and up
served 7 to 10
Luncheon.... .60c and 75c
served 12 to 2:30
Dinner $1.00
served 6 to 8:30
Saturday and Sunday
Dinner DeLuxe $1.50
" served 12 to 8:30
Service a la carte at Grill Room
prewar prices '
Coffee Shop and GrilLjClosed "
for Summer.
Last Chance
Comic Opera in Two Acts by High School Music Class
, Repeated by Special Request
High School Auditorium, Tonight, at 8:15 o'clock.
General Admission, 35c. , Reserved Seats, 50c.
- Tickets for Sale Central Pharmacy Army and Navy Club
Slilirei Wei
A mother writes:
" We always use Royal Baking Powder because
we know when we use it we are not using
anything injurious."
- ' - i i ' i ' ' ' i ', '
Headache 1 Painl ; Neuralgia!
Get almost instant relief, without fear, if you see the safety
"Bayer Cross" on Tablets! Look for the "Bayer Cross".!
Safe and proper directions in each Bayer package.
Boxes ofJZ tabM s Bottles of 24 Bottles of 100 Also Capsules.
Anpirin is tbe trade mark of Bayer Manufacture of Monaaceticacideter of Salicylicadd
Personal Mention
isssans!iaassa s-h a
Herman Zirkelbach, of Birmingham,
Is visiting as the g.uest of his brother,
Frederick Zirkelbach nd family and
other relatives.
Mr. Edward Graves, of the GraveS(
Lumber Co., near Quincy, Fla., has
arrived from his home at Hosford.
Fla., to spend several days in the city
and is being cordially greeted by his
many friends here.
ajf TTZ
For the Past Twleve Months the Demand for 666 Has Been Fai
x Greater Than the Supply, Bat We Have Increased Our Plants
vand From Now on We Hope to Fill Orders More Promptly.
686 has proven It will cure Malaria,
Chills and Fever. Bilious Fever. Colds,
and LaOrippe. It kills the rarasitte that
causes the fever.
$86 is the moat speeiy raniedy we
know. A fw doses will -at the fever
and If then taken s a tonic- the fenrer
will not return. Ton can take ttt while
the fever is on or
to See the Hit
hind i
Friends are cordially greeting 'Mrs.
J. T. Quick who have arrived from New
Orleans to spend several days visiting
In the city. Mrs. Quick formerly
sided here before going to the Cr?
cent City to make her home severs!
months ago.
Judge and Mrs, G. M. Gentry, of B uf;
Springs, Fla., return home today aft r a
delightful visit in the city with tl-.fvie
son, E. C. Gentry and family and bt'jer
relatives. Judge and Mrs. Gentry ra
among the older citizens of "West Flor
ida and have many friends In Pensa
cola by whom they are always cordlc.il?
666 CHILL "
668 is a fine tonle for pals popl. XI
builds up the blood corpulacles to a radi
healthy condition, firing a natural
healthy complextlon.
healthy complexion.
exposed to the weather, as they ea4
take It, eat anything they want and
ro right on with their work with no
fear of being salivated. d.
of the Seasoi

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