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New York.. June 4. Public opinion
Is very strongly in favor of an early
return of the railroads to their own
era, as shown by the vote of nearly
6,000 editors of dally and weekly news
papers throughout the country. A
questionnaire sent to every editor In the
country 13,424) brought replies from
5,922 or 44 per cent., and S3 per cent,
of the editors reported their communi
ties in favor of a resumption of private
management. .
The questionnaire was conducted on
behalf of the Association of Railway
Executives, and was completed before
President "Wilson announced in his re
cent message to congress that the gov
ernment would relinquish control of
the railways at the end of the year.
' "Editors were asked not to give their
personal opinions, but o appraise the
Nentiment in their communities. The
four chief questions Were as follows:
1. Does public opinion in your judg
ment seem to favor the return of rail
roads to private ownership and oper
ation as soon as this can properly be
accomplished? "
2. If so, is this opinion in part based
on the desire to see competition in
service and facilities restored?
3. What is the present sentiment in
your community on government owner
ship and operation of railroads?
4. "What has been the feeling regard
ing the proposal to extend the period
or government operation for five years?
On the first question, 'roes public
opinion In your ' judgement seem to
favorthe return of railroads to private
ownership and operation as soon s
this can properly be accomplished ? S3
per cent, voted yes, 11 per cent voted
no, while 4 per cent were doubtful
and 2 per cent expressed no opinion.
On the second question, "If so. is this
opinion in part based on the desire to
see competition in service and facilities
restored?" 75 per cent voted yes, 6
per cent voted no, with 5 and 14 per
cent doubtful and blank respectively.
On the third question. "What is the
present sentiment in your community
on government ownership atid opera
tionof railroads?" 78 per cent estimat
ed public sentiment as against gov
ernment ownership, 11 per cent for,
with 7 per cent doubtful , and 4 per
cent blank.
Oa the fourth question, "What has
been the feeling regarding the proposal
to extend the . period of government
operation for five years?" the vote wa-j
as follows: Against, 74 per cent; for.
10 per cent; doubtful, 9 per centffl
blank, 7 per cent.
That public opinion on the railroad
question is not divided on party lines
is plain from a study of the vote in the
various states. In Texas, for example,
although only 3 of the 331 editors re
plying are republicans, ; the number in
favor of a return of the roads is 88
per cent, considerably higher than the
percentage S4 per cent) in the strong
republican state of Pennsylvania. ;
Tennessee voted 97 per cent as com
pared with S3 per cent in Maine.
Of the 5,922 replies, 2.052 were from
republican papers, 1,689 from demo
cratic, and 2,181 independent and scat
tering. The states showing 95 per cent or
more in favor of the return of the roads
are Connecticut, 97; New Hampshire.
100; Tennessee, 97. Those showing
from 90 to 95 per cent in favor are
from 90 to 95 per cent in favor are
Florida, 94: Iowa, 90; New York, SO,
md Wyoming, 94. Those giving from
85 to j)0 per cent in favor are Delaware,
89; Georgia, 87; Indiana, SS Massa
chusetts, 89; Michigan, 88; Nevada. 85;
New Jersey, 89; North Carolina 86;
Ohio. 85; Oregon, 87; South Carolina,
S3; Texas. 88; Utah. 86; Vermont, 86;
Virginia. S5. and West Virginia. 87.
Those returning from 80 to 85 per
cent are Alabama, 84; Illinois, 82; Kan
sas, 82: Kentuckey. S3: Maine, 83: Mis
sissippi, 83; Missouri, 81: Montana, S3;
Pennsylvania, S4; South Dakota, SI,
and Washington. 84.
Those giving from 75 to 80 per cent
are Arizona. 76; California 77; Colo
rado, 75; Louisiana, .77; Maryland, 75;
Minnesota. 79; Nebraska. 78; New
Mexico, 76; Oklahoma, 79-, Rhode
Island, 75; Wisconsin, 76.
The strongest sentiment against gov
ernment ownership was found to be in
New England and the South, sections
widely apart in political sentiment.
Only 4 per cent of New England edi
tors and 7 per ment of Southern editors
reported their people favoring gov
ernment ownership
On the question of the return of the
roads the New England editors voted
91 per cent in favor. 6 per cent no, with
3 per cent dougtful and blank. '
In the North Atlantic states (New
Tork, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Dela
ware, Maryland) S6 per cent estimated
public opinion as favoring the return
of the roads, while 7 per cent though
public sentiment opposed it with 7 per
cent doubtful and blank.
In the southern states (Alabama,
Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi,
North Carolina, South Carolina, Ten
nessee, Virginia, West Virginia) 611
editors ( 87 per cent) voted yes, 7 per
cent no and 6 per cent doubtful and
In the Great Lakes states (Illinois,
Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin),
1,032 editors (S4 per cent) decided that
public opinion in" their communities
favored the return of , the roads while
125 (10 per cent) voted no; 6 per cent
doubtful and blank.
The northwest (Iowa, Minnesota,
Montana, Nebraska, - North Dakota,
South Dakota, Wyoming) returned 80
perecent in favor and 13 per cent op
posedout of a total : of 1,165 replies.
This result is largely influenced by the
government ownership : sentiment in
North Dakota.
The editors of the far west (Ari
zona California. Idaho. Nevada. New
Mexico, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, Wash- J
per cent no on the question of return
ing the roads to their owners.
The Southwest (Arkansas, Louis
iana, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma,
Texas) returned 1,196 replies. Of these
976 or 82 per cent favored the return
of the roadi while 153or '13 per cent
opposed it, with 67 or 5 per cent doubt-
,ful and blank. : ,
666 quickly relieves Constipa
tion, Biliousness, Loss of Appe
tite and Headaches, due to Tor
Did Liver adv.
urging him to announce for the posi
tion, but Mr. Jarman has taken the
position that he is now serving the
people as a representative and that,
with so many important measures
still ponding, his entire time should
be given to performing the duties of
the. office lie is now holding. Should
j missioner announcement will be made
J after the adjeurnemnt of the legisla
ture. -
- hi -r
t.:.. 2L? - r'j ia
I Lm
'Giion we'll hAve to -wailc
Showing at B onita Today.
Tallahassee, Jue 2. Hon. E. H.
Jarman, of Santa Rosa county, young
est and tallest member, of the house
of representatives, may be a candi
date for commissioner of agriculture
in the June primaries next year. A
number of the representatives and
Senators as "veil as prominent citi
zens from all parts of the state, hava
been urging him to enter the race
and he has not said them nay. Mr.
Jarman is a successful farmer and
stock man, a man of broad, liberal
Ideas, and is well qualified to compe
tently fill the duties Of the office
should he be chosen as the party
nominee. Friends here have been
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To Fool the Sick
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ing effect while at the same time they
are underminin ghealth.
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tains but 9 per cent alcohol- and . you
can not drink it "ad libitum." One
teaspoonful is a dose for an adult. It
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pation, liver and stomach trouble"?.
Under its use nodes, tumors, goitre
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pear as if by magic.
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It up. This is when you fel that aw
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ily feeling fine for months. Give s
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ant taste. Adv.
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just snort or winning occausc mcy uuu
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Charming photoplay.
Marguerite Clark's new photoplay,
"Three Men and a Girl,' which is being
shown at the Isis theater tomorrow
and through Saturday, s one of the best
of her new repertoire. It ia a,, charming:
picture based upon a famous .Broadway
success and affords Miss Clark a delight
ful role of which she makes the most.
The support is most praiseworthy, the
leading man beingr Richard Barthelmess,
a talented screen player.
New Clayton Photoplay.
Appearing in a deual role of tremen
dous force, Ethel Clayton ha8 achieved
another screen triumph in her latest
Paramount picture, "Vicky Van." Which
i3 the feature at the Isis theater Sun
day. The story is dramatic and excep
tionally appealing. It , was written by
Carolyn Wells, a famous writer of de
tective fiction and adapted for the screen
by Marlon Fairfax. Emory Johnson
plays opposite the star with signal suc
. Liberty Theatre.
It is with gratification that we chron
icle the Bernstein Dixie Daisies Co. as a
real show with capable people and pleas
ing personalities. Ot course, they are
far from perlect, but tne little items
ttat mar tneir offerings will be eradi
cated as they progress. But for its pre
mere week they are going over the top
and playing to capacity ftouses at each
In their offering for me mid-week they
are giving us an adaption from the ola
f Tench farce comedy, "Mile. Motleste."
Tfcey have a bill replet with good clean
comedy that is kept up to the mark with
a vim by the two Jolly Joes Joe Mack
and Joe Bennett, inimitable funmakers.
Wilson Toungblood oes the comic
Frenchman with eclat and Hazel Joyae
is getting down to form and in her song,
assisted by the gooaiooking chorus,
"That Fascinating Dance," she made
quite a' hit" Florence Drake, with her
Mother of Mine." and ner "I'm So Glad
that My Mama Does Not Know I'm
Here. was all to the mustard. The au
diences are cotoning more and more to
this clever versatile liit:e lady. Then
tMere is Blanche O'Mellan, who sings
"Micky "to two encores and her "Pick-
sninies Paradise" and her dance which
sne was called upon to repeat. One can
always rely on Blanche. She Is one of
the reliables. The settings are appro
priate and the costumes ere good and
plentiful showing that the Dixie Daisies
are well provided for in that line, an
the songs they use have not been sung
to death. The bills are all script and
are absolutely new. We predict a glor
ious future fojh the Daises company un
der the efficient - manifecershlp of that
old wheelhorse of stagecraft, Joe Mack,
who deserves a great deal of credit for
the offerings he has so rar made and on
such short notice. - .
Ed Bernstein Is to b congratulated
upon having a good, well balanced lit
tle company of players and under the
road managership of Joe Mack and the
business management of H. H. Burkett,
they will start off on their tour otth9
Va.-Car. Mgrs. Circuit. They, will re
peat the bill today and tonight, changing
at Friday's matinee to a screaming farce
comedy, "The 'Winning Widow."
-" uurmvHl t MAD Rppi,
rcDTicien yttN
"The Unbeliever.
panies, about 1,000 men, appear in this
Colonel A. S. McLemore, of head
quarters, XT. S. Marine Corps, Wash
ington, gives the following' informa
tion: "At the battle of Belleau "Wood
these companies suffered casualties
in killed and wounded amounting to
nearly 80 per cent.
"Many of those who escaped Tvounds
were cited for bravery.
"Since that time these men partici
pated with credit in other battles.'
Coming to the Pastime June 6
and 7.
..This honest, straight forward letter
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Detroit. Mich. Adv.
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Dy impurities in the blood.
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GROVE'S TASESS chin TOm is acceptable
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Tallahassee, June 4. There
genuine excitement in the halls of t4
statehouse yesterday when the m's
terious disappearance of the bill Cre
ating a state road force, which had
passed both branches of the leeis'a
ture, could not be located, it
one of the measures recommended bv
the special committee named in th
extra session to draft laws for the es
tablishment of a system of hardsur"
faced roads in Florida, had originated
in the senate where it was championed
along with the other road measures
by- Messrs. Carlton and Igou had
passed that body and gone to the'hous
about ten days ago, when it was also
passed by that body. But it had never
reached the governor and there was no
record of its having ever been re
turned to the senate for enrollment
During the lunch hour, however, it
was found by house attaches. But
to be safe, before the senate recessei
for lunch it passed a new bill, and
e-ct copy of the old one, and certi
fied it immediately to the house.
v Many wild rumors were afloat during
iiie leiv nours mat tne r,n? t,t.
Ve located. Had friends of the convict
(iioe &ysin stolen it, am its disap
pearance have any connection with the
i wo mm tax road bill that was at that
time keeping the house in a state of
turmoil, people asked. Senator Cart
ton hurriedly secured a orinteJ rrmv
of the original measure and had a new
Din arawn, which he introduced in th
senate with the result that the r-.ii
were waived and it was passed unani
mously in a few seconds, the action
of the .senate being straightway com-
miinira tart tn tha VimioA rr-v
. AUG i .I 1 -
jjearance of the first bill was alluded
to in the house bv RfnrjantarKi
Lewis, who was debating the other road
matter. )
At lunch time that which was Tost
was found, and late in the dav tho
old bill came over from the house to
the senate and was sent to be enrolled.
It will reach the governor in a few
days, bu should he veto it there would
b no time to pass it over his head
should be choose to hold it the ten
days allowed during the last five davs
of the session.
When Senators Carlton and le-on in
troduced the new bill before thn old
one was located, they stated that if
was an exact copy of .the original
measure. It passed 23 to 0. The mid-
gay recess had been deferred to get
this bill in before lunch. Now that
the old one has been located and pass
ed, however, the passage of the new-
bill will not be pushed.
The governor's special message stat
ing what kind of road Ips-'slatir- e
would approve and what kind he
would be forced to veto reached the
senate before lunch, was read, ordered
spread on the Journal and referred to
tne committee on public highways.
Senate conferees annnintpi n at.
just the differences between the house
and senate on the Singltary bill to
sell the Everglades were excused frors
the afternoon session today to meet
the house conferees.
Old-Style Calomel Gives Place to
the De-Nauseated Tablets
Known as "Calotabs."
With all of the liver-cleansing and
system-purifying qualities of the old
style calomel, but robbed of its sick
ening and griping effects. Calotabs
Is destined to become the most popu
lar as well as the most Useful of all
home remedies. F"or biliousness, con
stipation and indigestion, it is indis
pensable, for -nothing but calomel will
straighten out & disordered livt-r.
One tablet at bedtime with a swal
low of water that's all no taste, no
griping, no nausea, no salts. x!
morning your liver is active, yo'-f
system purified, and you are feeiis?
fine, with a hearty appetite. Ea:
what you please no danger.
Genuine Calotabs are never soli
Titillr Ac'- n nrto-lT-.al. Seai
package. Price thirty-five cents.
you are not thoroughly delighted your
druggist is authorized to refund your
money. Adv. .
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