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I VW 1
As the Lion is Monarch of the
Forest, so S. S. S. is King of
Blood Purifiers and Master over
all Blood diseases.
Pure, rich blood and a free
circulation is the surest preven
tion against the diseases and
borders which are constantly
attacking cur physical sytems.
H?althy blood stimulates the ex
cretory members and ' enables
them to filter out of the system
everything that it not necessary
or beneficial to the growth and
development of the body. Thus
Mve are apt, to remain healthy
unless there is a weakening of
the vital fluid or an impure, in
fection of the circulation.
Imperfect blood takes various
forms in its outward- manifesta
tion. A weak, watery circula
tion denotes anaemia with its
attendant evils of pale, waxy
complexions, malarial conditions,
or perhaps some more definitely
marked disorder is shown. Fre
(ivxntly the blcod becomes in
fected wi;h acrid humors, and
Eerema, Tetter, Acne, or some
other skin affection makes its
appearance, while an excess of
uric acid in the circulation pro
duces Rheumatism with its pains
and aches. Old Sores and Ulcers
arc likewise dependent on bad
blood, these places- being kept
open and in a state of irritation
by the drainage of pollution
which disordered blood constant
ly discharges into them.
Charlie Von Metre's Pensacola Reg
ulars ivi!! tangle with the air station
Fwed demons at Maxent park at 4:30
oV'ocfr tomorrow af ternoon. A parae
fa? foheduled with the Sample Shoe
P:rro tc?,m of Mobile, but that team
ranV.ed their date. ' - ,
T! Aviators- took a trimminp at
the hands of the -Regulars last Slin
ky. Graham, Chance. . McVoy and j
Ponifay being the principal rerform-
e:-s in the party. - - I
Tomorrow's grame. ehould prove in
terestin? inasmuch as the naval sta
tion outfit ha testo be beaten and
piftn not to let it happen again.
The RefUlars have reorganized and
fill use the following; line-up: ,Boni
fay, p; Kent, p; OLsen,,c; Lurton, c;
U'eber. c; Sticks Villar, of: P. San
rhez. 2b; Van Metre, If; "Wentworth,
"h; Hick Brown, ss: Mcintosh, rf ;
!!.rtman, lb; I Sanchez, utility.
Bottle of Prescription
C-2223 Relieved Aches
'and Pains.
Mr. W. E. Nabors, 1416 St. Bernard
A'e., Xev.- Orleans, La., writes Feb
ruary 13, 3 919, as follows:
"I wag crippled with rheumatism
lore taking Prescription C-2223. A
tew doses jrave remarkable relief and
before I finished the -first bottle, I
Sardly- had. an ache or pain. I ha.e
''commended Prescription C-2223 to
?veral people and it has cured every
"ne of them."
Prescription C-2223 was first used
T a successful specialist in his prac
x cp. The prescription produced such,
remarkable results in the treatment
r'f rheumatism, lumbago, gout, lam
lack and BimlJar conditions, that its
fianufacture In a large way was nec
fsary. description C-2223 contains no op--m,
morphine, chloral, strychnine or
ab!t forming drugs. Its use will not
'-erane the stomacn.
It you are suffering from rheuma
t '"m or similar diseases, go to your
r-raggist today. Buy a $1.50 bottle of
Si's Splendid prescription ready pre
pared, if you are not satisfied with
Jke relief obtained after taking two
-ottles according to directions, take
tack the empty bottles and you Will
t your money. Adv.
uoxa o
HwwHk wtfM mgjpr jfan&vtr
Another common indication of
weak, impure blood is the loss
of appetite, tired, worn out feel
ing and a general run-down con
dition of the system. -This is an
ailment very prevalent in the
Spring and most persons so af
flicted realize the necessity of
overcoming the trouble by the
use. of a tonic. . . . V -
, We recommend to all in need
of a blood purifier or tonic, the
use of S. S. S.f a medicine which
has proven itself the greatest of
all blood purifiers. - It goes down
into the circulation and removes
all impurities, humors and poi
sons and makes the blood pure
and health-sustaining. It puri
fies and strengthens weak, de
teriorated blood, supplies it with
the healthful properties it needs,
and lays the foundation for good
health. As a tonic S. S. S. has
no equal and those who are be
ginning to feel the need of such
a medicine to fortify themselves
against the unpleasant condi
tions which come with Spring
and early Summer, should com
mence its use at once. S. S. S.
the King of Blood Purifiers, is
a genuine blood cleanser, made
entirely from roots, herbs and
barks ; it does not contain a par
ticle of mineral in any form.
You could not do better than
begin the use of S S. S. if from
any cause your blood is weak or
impure, and you will find it the
most satisfactory tonic you
ever used. Write for book on
the blood and any medical ad
vice. Mo charge for either. Ad
dress 4.08 Swift Laboratory, At
lanta, Ga.
A warrant charging Silas P. Fran
cisco, a Student aviator in the naval
reserve force at the naval air station,
with having " been implicated i in the
alleged crime - of malpractice in the
case of: Mary McGinn Walker, the
young "Warrington -woman, who is
now at the Pensacola hospital at the
point of death, was issued yesterday
and is now in the hands of the Sheriff.
It is understood that as soon as ar
rangements are made for . the . dis
charge of Francisco from the service
he will be turned over by the navy
department authorities to the sheriff,
perhaps Friday or Saturday, though
it is probable that preliminary hear
ing in the case will be held up for
several days pending further devel
opments in the condition of the younsr
woman upon whom the vmalpractice,
by Mrs. Ed. Sheppard, is alleged to
have been committed. The hearing
will be before Judge Will I John
son. It is understood that there are oth
ers besides Mrs. Sheppard and Fran
cisco who have been implicated in the
case by statements made by the wom
an and the student aviator, who will
be brought In in time for the hearing
and it is also understood, that inves
tigations are being continued-as to
this particular case and others.
You Should
Have One
Every fam ily should alway have on
hand at least one medicine a reliable
liver remedy for Immediate use wftea
needed. In cases - of sick headache,
Ick stomach, constipation, indigestion,
back pains, lassitude, dizziness and
other ailments . of thv liverr stomach
and kidneys, one dose of Tennille'a
Liver" Pills should be taken before
retiring. You will be delighted to
find yourself feeling fine the next day,
Tennille'a Liver PUIS alwaya ariTe de
sired relief. They are economical. to
bottle of 24 pills. 25c Tour dng
lst should supply you; if be hasnt
these pills in stock, ask him to ordes
them for you. Refuse all substitute
10 D1IEII Hi
Look Young! Bring: , Back Its!
; - "Natural Color, Gloss and j
Common garden sage brewed into a
heavy tea with sulphur added, will
turn gray, streaked and faded half
beautifully dark and- luxuriant- Just
a few applications prove a recelatioi
if your hair is fading, streaked or
gray. Mixing the Sage Tea and Sul
phur, recipe at home, though, is trou
blesome. An easier way is to get a
BO-cent bottle of Wyeth's Sage and
Sulphur Compound at any drug store
all ready "for use. This is the old time
recipe improved by the addition of
other ingredients.
While wispy, gray, faded hair Is not
sinful, ' we " all . desire to retain our
jrouthfnl appearance and attractive
ness. By -aarKenmg- you nair wn
Wyeth's . Sage and Sulphur Compound,
nd one canTteil, because it does it so
naturally, so. evenly. You Just dampen
a -sponge , or soft brush . with it and
draw tb Is through your hair, , taking
one small strand at a time; by morn
ing all gray hairs have disappeared;
fcnd, after another application or twov
four-' hair becomes beautifully dark,
glossy, soft and luxuriant.
This preparation is a delightful toK
let requisite and is not intended fo
the cure, mitigation or prevention oZ
iMMa. Adv.
An act in the program for .the Y. M.
C. A. circus , of . Friday, deserving of
special mention, is the work , of the
Great American Trio, the high-jbar
specialists, who are to feature a high
class specialty bar act, that rivals
anything that is to been seen any
where. .
The members of this trio are, Fa-
rine, the professional, formerly with
the great Ben Dunham troupe, the
world's greatest high bar performers,
Take a class of Salts if your
Back hurts of Bladder both
ers Meat forms uric acid.
If you must have your meat every
day, eat it, but flush your kidneys
with salts occasionally, says a noted
authority who tells us that meat forms
urio acid which almost paralyzes the
kidneys in their efforts to expel it from
the blood. They become sluggish and
weaken, then you suffer with a dull
misery in the kidney region, sharp
pains in the back or sick headache,
dizziness, your stomach sours. . tongue
is coated and when the weather is bad
you have rheumatio twlngeB. The
Urine gets cloudy, full of sediment, the
channels often get sore and irritated,
obliging you to seek relief two or three
times during the night. ;
To neutralize these irritating acids,',
to cleanse the kidneys and flush off!
the body's urinous waste get four;
ounces of Jad Baits from any phar
macy here; take a tablespoonful in a
.glass of water before breakfast for a
few days and your kidneys will then
act fine. This famous salts is made
from the acid of grapes and lemon j
been used for generations to flush and
(stimulate sluggish kidneys, also to
Ineutralize the acids in urine, so it no
llonger irritates, thus ending bladder
t R J
T'at'V... 4.i. it, I Karrhoea Remedy. There is a mis
Jad Salts is inexpensive; cannot in- . .. wi,t. i.(
ure, uu m - ""
cent lithia-water drink. Adv.
Wl a felsS iwS-Q J&m L
You would have with "SKEETER RUN"
- ; to protect you. ; . - ;
v . On all Cash Purchases. Save Your Coupons.
1 212 South Palafox Street.
"Coming Even ts Cast
Their Shadows Before"
Aching, tired eyes
indicate tne need 01 glasses.
Come in and see our Optometrist.
The Home of Reliable Goods.
who will do giant swings, fly-aways,
hand and feet circles, breasts upS,
body circles and other high class acts;
Finer, who does upstarts, body circles,
kick-Qyer and cast-aways. Mr. Finer
is an artist of ability.
An outstanding feature of the work
of this trio will be the performances
of little Miss Mary Lambert, the 10-year-old
daughter of A. C. Lambert,
who will be seen on the bar in figure
fours, bird nests, hock swings, upris
ings, cutoffs and other similar acts.
This is a feature that is sure to
Howdidy, the somersaultist, will do
a backward somersault from the bal
cony rail through a series of evolu
tion to the gymnasium floor. Howdidy
will be readily recognized as a local
artist of unusual ability. This act ia
a thriller.
Howdidy is also to take a promi
rient part in the great wall scaling
act, in which a fourteen-foot wall is
to be negotiated by the Red Triangle
troupe in record-breaking time.
The association reports that ticket
sales have eclipsed all previous rec
ords. Especially is this .true of the
reserved seat section. Reservations
may be made by calling the build
ing. L. & N. AND SHIP
The L. & N. shops are to operate the
remainder of the summer under a five
days a week plan, according to re
ports current yesterday. It was said
that the only alternative would be to
lay off a number of men during the
slack season. The plan adopted will
spread the burden of business quiet
among all the employees, instead of
compelling a few to boar it alL The
t-plan is said to have been adopted
also at the shop at Whistler, Ala.,
cfter starting" with the other method.
-It is alfio announced . that for , ilie
balance of the hot teason the em
ployees of the big Shipbuilding plant
will have half a holiday Saturday. .The
change is accspted with satisfaction
by the men. ' .
Booze is Not a. Good Cure.
From the Ames Iowa Intelligencer.
When a man comes ; to -you all
"""" u "iL" 'a UBCiare8 ne
- , -T.
r "LUI
lm t0 t t .hlm
r1n nf Chamberlain's. Colic and
people that booze is the best. remedy
Phone 846
and in-
14 South Palafox Street.
ER OF $500
Mayor Sanders has received an offer
of $500 a month rental for Bayview
park and all its privileges. The offer,
though described as tentative, is said
to have been made by responsible par
ties. It has been stated that the offer
is being seriously considered. How
ever the other commissioners express
ed themselves guardedly as seeing no
reason why the city should accept
such an offer, in view of the much
better profit realized by the city from
the park last year.
Receipts so far this year are said
to have been unsatisfactory, and this
because of the failure to open a casi
no building and other attractions, be
cause of the unsatisfactory bids . re
ceived. Mayor' ' Sanders is giving a
great deal of personal attention to the
-park, however, and is in hop.?s of
making it a greater success than it
was last year.
Mrs. George W. Arras, who for many
years was a resident' of Pensacola,
but who more recently had made her
home with her family in Mobile, died
there yesterday and the body will be
brought back to Pensacola today for
Mrs. A. , Walman, 460 Glenn AveM
Fresno, Cal., writes: "When I was
young I had a fever and if left me
with a cough every winter. Thirty
two years ago I read about Foley's
Honey and Tar and bought some and
it helped me. I use it yet and it
1 helps me every time. I am a widow,
bb years old. There is nothing bet
ter for bronchial, grip and similar
Itifgering coughs and cold that hang
on. Just fine for children for croup
and whooping cough. Contains no
opiates. Sold everywhere. Adv.
1 ARO is one of the greatest of energy pro
fit ducing foods. It is healthful and always
delicious. Give the children hot biscuits,
muffins, sliced bread and Karo all they
want of it. It means Health and Strength.
Three Kinds Of Karo
'Crate! WKite"
"Maple Flavor"
u 237" - ., ' jS .
Eellef Is at MaiaiE
Don't feel discouraged if you feel , tired in the
mornings; restless at night; if you suffer weakness or lack of vital
ity. Relief is at hand the health that knows riw-tlls that gives
life new zest and makes it really worth while. Thousands hav
quickly; transformed themselves into strong, sturdy men or
healthy,, rosy-cheeked women by supplying their systems with the
blood and body-building elements, those standard specifies found in
c u vAuy u viz hv 1
6jT Gives thg Snap and
For Men, Women and Children Morning, Noon and Night
Even though you be not now ailing Ferro-Tone will give you a
greater capacity to enjoy life, health and happiness, preserving
your vigor and virility to a ripe old age. .
Bead the Formula Give Ferro-Tone a Fair Trial
. That is all we can ask. We guarantee Ferro-Tone to satisfy you S
as it has thousands of others. Read the formula.
Every hundred grammes of Ferro-Tone contains:
Iron and Ammonium Citr&te
Fodium Formata
Iron and Quinine Citrate .
Fowler Solution
PhoKofaoricura Acid Syrup 85
Fluid Extract of Gentian .
Alcohol ....... .4
Aromatiea, . .
Ask any doctor he will tell you that he. prescribes These blood
and bodybuilding elements regularly.
Slf'l These Dealers Sell Ferrc-Tciie Hft2r2
For Sale by All Druggists
Wholesale Distributors
Oliuciri A i itiAL.
If your dealer cannot supply yea with Ferro-Tone, we wiu
send yen a TRIAL SIZE 12 or. bottle of Ferro-Tone, express f
charcea prepaid, on receipt of SI. batisiacuon guaranteed
or mfney refunded. THIS (OFFER L1SUTEU! ACT AT ONCE1
funeral and interment, arriving on the
6 o'clock train this morning.
The funeral services will be held
from the home of her brother, John
Rauscher, 238 East Gregory street at
10 o'clock and from the Lutheran
church at 10:30 this morning, fol
lowing which interment will be in St.
John's cemetery.
Besides her brother, Mrs. Arras is
survived by three sons, Geo. AV. Law
rence and Adrian, and two daughters,
Mrs. E. Konstanzer and Mrs. A. E.
Steele, of Mobile; , one sister, Mrs. Eva
McVoy and a number of grand chil
dren and other relativesand friends
death. .
What makes some women's face? so
appealing? Most often it is a perfect
complexion. No need to be envious;
forethought beats envy. For instance
fs a bfg complexion aid. It removes
blotches, scaly patches and all skin erup
tions that mar a 'woman's beauty.. Tet
terlne conquers eczema, even cases of
20 years' standing-; ringworm, itch, tetter
and other such tortuous ailments. Get
'ettertne at drug stores. Shuptrine Com
pany, Savannah, Ga. (adv.)
in the Red Can: "Golden Brown"
the new Karo with plenty of substance and a rich
Maple Taste in the Green Can.
Z&f IMPORTANTTO YOU -Every can of Karo is marked with exact weight
in pounds of syrup contained. Do not be misled by packages of similar
size bearing numbers only and having no relation
71? 1717 Every housewife should have a copy
Ja iVlwu of the interesting 68- page Cora
1 1 Products Book. Beautifully illustra
ted and full of information for good cooking. It is
free. V rite us today for it. f
y Corn Products Refining Company
P.O.Box 161, New York City
J. C Mayo, Sales Representative . '
612 Canal Bank Building. New Orlaaas, Law
hi "I iny 99mm an
Sparkle of YouthlQ
Red grama 2 aiid 25 rentlarr.
0 '
0 '
0 '
0 '
23 centigr.
25 "
.. t
vi i jlETOIDAY
00, 220 N. La Salle St, Chicago
The excruciating agonies of rheuma
tism are usually the result of failure of
.the kidneys to expel poisons from the
System. If the irritation of these uric
acid crystals is allowed to continue, in
rnrahle bladder or kidnev disease may
result. Attend to it at once. . Don t j
Tesort to temporary relief. The sick ,
kidnevs must be restored to health by j
the use of some sterling remedy whicht
wrill prevent a return of the disease.
Get Gone GOLD MEDAL. Haarlera
Oil Capsules immediately. They hav
brought back the joys of life to count
less thousands of sufferers from rheu
mutism, lame back, lumbaeo. eciatica.
gall stones, gravel and other, affections jj
of the kidneys, liver, stomach, bladder ;
and allied organs. '' , i.
They will attack the poisons at once, j f
clear out the kidneys and urinary tract
and the soothing healing oils and herbs
will restore the inflamed tissues and ;
organs to normal health. "t
All others are imitations.- Ask for
GOLD MEDAL and be sure the name
GOLD MEDAL is on the box. Thr j
sizes, at all jood druggists, .. - ; j,
in the Blue Can:
to weight of contents.

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