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Their "Married Life
f I
7-7 r - -
;'. 1"
l: , ;.
j I W I -. , 1
75-lb. Galvanized lined,
50-lb. White lined, two-door Northland ...... .$17.50
75-lb. White lined, two-door Northland. $20.00
90-lb. Galvanized lined, two-door Northland $20.00
90-lb. White lined, two-door Northland ...... .'. . . . .$22.50
115-lb. White lined, two-door Northland .......... .$25.00
85-lb. White lined, 3 front doors, Northland .... . .$32.50
110-lb. White linfed, 3' front doors, Northland $37.50
8-lb. White lined, 3 front doors, Gurney .... $37.50
130- lb. White lined, 2 door Northland $45.00
85-lb. White inside and out, 2-door Athermos $50.00
1001b. White inside and out, 2-door Athermos. ... .$55.00
170-lb. White lined, 3 front doors, Northland ..... .$55.00
150-lb. White lined, 2 front doors, Athermos $60.00
Nursery Refrigerators, Frost King and Snowball Freezers,
Waier Coolers, Ice Cream Dippers, Ice Shavers, Ice Picks
and everything to make the summer weather pleasant.
Corner H
Right it Ray's.
Phone 30
J A Vac
The forest-crowned, lake-dotted roof-garden of New York State,
effsrs vacationists three and a half-million acres of scenic beauty and
historic interests where you may rough it in camp,, or enjoy the
Iiuurics of many splendid resort hotels. Camp, Canoe, Bathe, Sail,
Fish, Golf, Tramp breathe the invigorating air, and enjoy the com
panionship of interesting cosmopolitan people. Few places like it
in all this great land of ours.
The Adirondack Mountain, Saratoga Springs, Lake George,
Lake Champlain, the Thousand Islands, Niagara Falls what
Title of Booklets
Adir sdaclcs and Thousand
Carat. c Sprian.Lke
aad Lve Champlain
Kiaa-sra Falls
Itew I Iceland Lake and
M sustains
tSewBoland Shore north aad
eat it of Boston
New I BaLaad Shores south of
Hew J srsey Seashore
United -States - Railroad -ADMiNisrPAnoN-
2nd Floor, Masonic Tempi
Psnsacol, Fla.
1 :"k Pcla1ty of treating all diseases of the Rectum. Kidney. Bladder Prostrate Gland p-rn. nXrJirL
b -f men or women. Specific Blood Poison and all private diWJ f - m-nVL?"-.' - or Sexual Or
ik aess of Body or Brain. Los of Enrrv nrSiwIfi!...!.' n nd wome: also Xervoosness.
Weakness of Body or Brain. Lass of
lanues sma raKeninp uiscnarges
9 to 1. 1 Tears Experience.
We have- a full line of
Gurney, Gurney-Ather-mos
and Gurney North
land Refrigerators.
There is a size and a
two-door Northland $18.50
- 35
Right on the Corner
v Pair a
V -si. l
ever is out-of-doors for yon is here in perfection.
NEW ENGLAND offers the lakes and woods of Maine, the
White end Green Mountains, and those famous beaches and
rock-bound coasts along more than 700 miles of ocean shores with
their many fascinating resorts and interesting people. ,
TtfE NEW JERSEY COAST, from- Cape May and Atlantic
City to New York Bay, likewise is another perfect paradise of
seasido recreations. Forty beaches, "with a variety of sport, life,
interests, and fine hotels.
The United States Railroad Administration invites you to travel and
offers Summer Excursion fares. Ask your local ticket agent to help you plan
your trip, orj apply to the nearest Consolidated Ticket Office, or write for
illustrated booklets, as given here, with list of hotels, and authotative
information. State which booklet you desire. Address :
Travel Bureau
143 liberty Street
New York City
Travel Bureau
646 Transportation Building
(CoDQvOinKDOmig Pirff -
That What I Say I'll Do, I Will Do !
Read the Following Extracts From Unsolicited Letters on File in
My Office, Relative to My Ability to Cure Chronic Ailments of Men
and Women:
JOHN RATTER, says: "For many years I was troubled with Stomach Disorder- eoald
not eat anything and Ufa wis a constant misery. In four months treatment you made
a new man of me. I am permanently relieved from my trouble."
R?: BORCHSRT, states: "You completely cured me of Catarrh of Stomach and
Lifst'medlSj rarttnenUon."ea' warmly recommend your skill to anyone in need of
. aYJJ. L"3rN'- 8a.yS:.,"For OTfr. two r I wnffered with an ailment of Kidneys
no: Bladder and constantly tuswil Mv4 in ... t . 1 rl;T
iree irom blood and am now wn ami mtmn
and am now well and itronv
Huri- 9 To i- wkZZ2 ' I I.? iroupiea. inciuains Menstrual Irregu.
Hours. .9 to 1. Wednesday and Saturday Evenings. 7 to ; also Sundays,
Helen Thinks All Restaurants Should
H ave Shaded Lights and Mirrors.
"Oh, Miss, your dress is all unhook
ed!" exclaimed the maid, as Helen took
off her coat in the ladies' dressing:
room' of the Cafe Rhelms.
In dismay Helen felt down the back
of her grown and found it was fasten
ed only at the neck and waistline and
that it gaped widely in between. What
if she had gone into the restaurant like
, The maid hooked it tip quickly,
knowing that it would make her tip as
sured. "I don't know how I forgot it! I never
did such a thing before." taking a dime
from her purse.
"Oh, lots of ladies wait till they get
here for me to hook them up."
"W ere you the maid at the old place ?"
"No, ma'am, just since they've open
ed here."
"Then you don't know if that head
waiter came with them?"
"They brought some of their old
waiters, but I don't know which ones."
Helen had always liked the atmos
phere the of Hotel Rheims, but for the
past year Warren refused to dine th-iC
because ' of an "insufferable" hbd
waiter; who seemed to delight in mak
ing everyone wait for a table.
very reiuctanuy, warren naa con-
semea 10 come to meir new place, so I
when Helen jonied him in the hsJl ..he
was relieved that it was a new head
waiter who met them at the door and
courteously ushered them to a tablo.
"Well, he's certainly an improve
ment," murmured Helen.
"Seems to ... be all right, but we'll
wait and see how the service is."
"Oh, but this room," bewailed Helen,
"it hasn't half the atmosphere of their
old place. It looks so cold and barren
so institutional! And those dreadful,
glaring lights."
"It's pretty raw," admitted Warren.
"But this type of thing is the archi
tects' craze just now. Wait till you
see the new Giltmore- you'll think
you're in the Grand Central station."
"On, but the lighting is awful," per-
IS "
Lakes and Mountains
of Northern New York
Travel Bureau
602 Healey Building
srn sr cas vmia i .
aisted Helen. "I hate those high re
flecting lamps." From the celling yere
suspended by bronze chains the invert
ed alabaster dome shades so much in
vogue now, and which give so frostly
and cheerless a light.
"Here's a new one on me," announced
Warren, now intent on the dinner
card.' "We seem to have struck, a
bargain night."
It was the table d'hote card, but the
price at the top, $1.25 was crossed out
with red ink and under it was written
"That's curious ; I've . never seen a
marked down dinner before."
"Well, why shouldn't they have bar-
Biun Ba.ies in 100a ana advertise em
too? 'Roast spring lamb with mint
sauce, regular price $1.25, for today
only, 98c. Our regular 30c hashed
brown potatoes, for this day 19c.' How
about it? That's a peach of an idea?"
Helen's laughing comment was in
terrupted by the waiter who now came
for the order.
A Regular Dinner
"All right, we'll try your regular
dinner. Let's see, two clams, two to
mat bisque; you want salmon, don't
you?" turning to Helen "One salmon
and one sea bass. I'll give the rest of
the order later. Hold on," as the
j waiter started off, "what
about the
marked down price?"
"Oh, they've 'Just changed that to
dry, sir. You see, it's a $1.00 every
day except Saturdays and. Sundays,
and now they've made it $1.00 on Sun
days too."
"How are you doing here, anyway V
for Warren alwyas had a genuine in
terest In any new enterprise. .
"Well, of course, sir, we haven't the
crowd we had at the old place, but
we've been open only three weeks,"
"Why do you suppose they ever
moved?" mused Helen as the waiter
hurried off. "They had such a won
derful place downtown full of atmos
phere." "The craze to move up on Broadway ;
they've all got it. Probably go broke
here in a couple of months. They say
there are only three Broadway restaur
rants that haven't been in the hands
of a receiver. Well, they ought to go
broke the way they soak you and give
you nothing for it,"
"But this is very reasonable dinner
like this for a dollar," glancing over the
six courses of the card.
"Cheap enough if it's good food.
Hello, we'"e going to have some tan
going with it."
In the center of the room was a
waxed floor space for dancing, and
now a girl with astonishing yellow hair
and a scanty pink chiffon gown cairj
out with a youth in evening coat of
extreme cut. " The music was lively
and they whirled and twisted in the
latest tfilngoing stunts.
As they had dined out very little of
late,' Helen had not seen much of the
dancing craze, and some of these con
tortions seemed to her almost startling.
'Helen Shocked.
' "Why. Warren, isn't this rather
dreadful?" as th youth swayed the girl
backwards down to, the floor, then up
again, and with his' knee under hers
lifted her from her feet. .
Warren shrugged his shoulders.
That's not in it with some of the j
dances at Jardin de Danse. We'll have
to go up there some night."
Oh. do you see that man watching
that girl? What a look!"
The man ,was dining alone and his
half-closed eyes followed" every move
ment of the girl's swaying form with
an insolent appraising gaze that made
Helen shudder.
"Good sea bass, eh Though we
stood a chance .of getting our money's
worth here. They all start out pretty
well." .
And everything's so new and clean.
This tablecloth's never eben launder
ed; it's the new design, too, the plain
satin stripe. Don't you remember we
saw so many of them in Paris?"
Warren ,was much more interested
in the quality of food than the design
of the table linen, but Helen never
failed to notice every appointment.
She had already examined the mon
ogram "C. R." in the shining silver
which had not yet the dull look that
restaurant plated ware soon acquires.
The china, too, was new and of very
good design. -
And yet with all this newness the
place looked bare, uninteresting and
wholly without atmosphere.
"Dear," impulsively, "I'd love to dec
orate a restaurant. I think I could. I
think I know what women like."
"A hand mirror and an automatic
powder .puff attached to every table?"
"First, I'd take out all the lights,"
began Helen eagerly. "I'd have only
table lights with rose- silk shades;
every woman knows how becoming
they are. Then I'd have all the walls
paneled with mirrors. A woman loves
to sit by. a mirror. An occasional glance
to see if her hair's all right is so re
assuring. Oh, it seems so simple, the
making of an attractive restaurant.
Yet, how few of them are. Perhaps
that's why so many fail?"
"How about the food?" grunted War
ren. "Remember it's the man who
pays the check, and he doesn't cae a
whoop about your mirrors and pink
shades." - 1
"I'm not speakin gauout the food, but
I know." intensely, "ttiat if the Cafe
Rheims had let me decorate this room
well, there'd been more people in it
thai there are now."
"Xothing conceited about , that."
'Td have the whole color scheme
cream and old rose. Green walls and
cream woodwork with old rose silk
hangings and a plain old rose carpet.
I have these cellar-like cement floors.
And I'd have cream chairs upholstered
In old rose. Td have the walls and
posts paneled with mirrors, and a rose
shaded light on every table. Wouldn't
that make an attractive place? And
it wouldn't be so expensive, not nearly
so expensive as this."
"Um-m," was Warren's only com
ment, as he served the wing from the
V n 1-VT-ni 1 ohicVn or tn t.
Norma Talmadge Now Ballet Dancer.
Norma Talmadge has become so im
bued with Russian atmosphere since
she finished her latest Select Picture.
"The Xew Moon' a Russian story, in
which she is presented by Joseph M.
Schenck, that she has taken to the
Russian ballet and is now studying
classical dancing and Russian ballet
with Adolf Bohm.
Mr. Bohm came to this country with
the Serge Diagheleff Ballet Russe and
remained here after Nijinski and the,
others went, to Australia, to produce
several operats at the Metropolitan
Opera House.
" Miss Talmadge is at present takin?
two lessons a week, and - as soon as
she is far enough advanced in her
bar work, will form a little class. In
cluding her sister, Constance, Anita
Loos and Mercita Esmonde, known in
private life as Mrs. Harry Northrup,
whlcn will take four lessons a week.
Miss Talmadge insists it is no fad
and says that ever since she played
the part of the youthful dancer in a
former Select picture, "The Safety
Curtain," she has been determined to
make a serious study of . the dance
and now that the opportunity affords
itself, she is going to take advantage
of it.
"The Xew Moon" will be seen to
morrow and Thursday at the Isls the
ater. Pastime Theater.
The stage at this popular place of
amusement having been dark during
the run of super pictures the ..past
week, lone O'Donnell and her com
pany of Broadway success come to us
doubly welcome. I say doubly wel
come because it was evidenced tho
past week that the public wants tab
shows and also because the O'Donnell
company is the premier tab show
company par excellence on this cir
cuit. It is made up of a goodly array
of well knewn talent and has a very
capable and well trained chorus which
can certainly sing some.
n ( also kent up to the minute by
the interpolation of several good spe
cialties. " ,
TViiT- oneniner numbers ana en
semble reminded one of the old days
tha niwra. bouffe. It was very
fective and carries the theme
of the
kill trlT -Trip SUIiraKeura.
" - . . a V...
came a little iiet and pas ae aeu.
lone O'Donnell ana n. 6."-
which was prettily ana aammj
ecuted, as well as Ione's male imper
sonation and duo in "Rosie 0 3rady
and it goes without saying that ue
jig caught on and was rewarded ith
great applause. Grace Ba ird next
favored us with a number. I Always
Give It to Jim." which was well re
ceived This little lady has a very
fflctlve way of putting
across and she is P0888"
very fair lyric soprano voice of much
Wetness of timbre. llr
mention H. Engleman for his
Assisted by the capable chorus, Mam
"y of Mine." Like the fellow in the
iujr . . v. tViT-f nest
RTfirV. W
. n pavilix - Liv v...
?B , u- tifi lady principals
r- tne last. ueoi6
assistea uy - - very
and the entire chorus, gave us a very
good satire in song on Society,
which went big. indeed '
The Quaker trio, consisting of lone
O'Donnell. Grace Balrd and SteUa
Donahue, were very. favorly
ceived and were called upon to repeat
their number again and again.
Trameri," as played on the violin
b- lone O'Donnell. is a revelation and
was a superb piece of technique, and
the other pieces but served to show
this gifted and talented artist s versa-
I tility ana were up to
K ,..n -.-ii-tunso. To those who have
heard her enough is told, but to those
who have not had that pleasure, I say
go go eo go go, go, go go go go go eo
i Yum 111 -" an rt" 1
s ; F
m . . :..- ;.': v:-
s V' -:::?sf:5::':S:S::f:ii -- -
: s- ' , VZ :
' , . -. ; m
ai , . . :. 4 . .;" s
- I -
m ! .
J y: :: ::.:::.-:r -:- m
m . " .
A Screen Star Pushes Her
Past Into the Background
EADING from left to right In
and Llla Lee, Miss Lee, newest and brightest of our film stars, Is
already one of the best known personalities on the screen. But she
remembers the days before the stage and the screen had made her fa
mousthough she did get her name in electric lights when very, verjr
So she has dressed up as the picture on the right shows her to repre
sent the old days; and on the left our camera man snapped her as she la
today. She Is trying to push the old days out of camera range, but they
show clearly. Notice that the Lifa of today remembers to keep her face
toward the camera, even while busy -with her past.
To be utterly frank, though, Llla. being only ' sixteen, hasn't a past.
AW she fia is a future and a glorious future it should piove. Speaking
of futures tter aext rramount picture is "Puppy Love," which is not an
animal story. . .
Showing at
go, go, go, for her numbers alone, are
well worth the price of admission. The
bill will repeat today and tonight,
changing Wednesday matinee to "Let
George Do It."
"The Little Widow" .Filled with
Beauty is as beauty does, is an old
proverb, and Ford Sterling and Billy
Armstrong discover this when they
set out to capture a "wealthy young
widow in the new ParamountMack
Sennett comedy, "The Little Widow, "
which is to be shown at the Isls thea
ter today and tomorrow. .
The two comedians make a furious
onslaught upon the affections of Myr
tle Lind, but there are Impediments
in the shape of a pretty stenographer,
a dog, Teddy, and a baby. Also, at
the end, the husband shows Up, a hero
from the front, and their dream is at
But he didn't gain weight
Then the doctor told me not
to worry, and that often mothers
couldn't nurse their babies.
"The nearest thing to mother's
milk I know of," he said, "is
Nestlc's Milk Food.
"Of course, he has to have milk
income form and Nestle's is pure
milk only made easier to digest
because the tough curdsare broken
up. To that they add just the right
amount of sugar and cereal, so you
only add water to Nestle's, boil it,
and your baby has all the nourish
ment he needs in the safest form."
Nestle's is pure milk in powder form that is already modified and
does not require the furuwr addition of miik. Aiways pure and
safe, lways uniforn-i, aad tree from the dangers of home modifi
cation, N'esrle-. &as stood the test of three generations and 1st
today tU Ur ult tf any taby fttd in lit vrld.
FREE! Enough Nestle's for
12 feedings. Send the coupon!
Lept. 202, 130 William St., Isr. T. City.
Please sees me free your beck as trial package
Name .......
C'.r . . State
the above picture, we have Ltla !'
Isis Today Only.
an end. At least Sterling's is, for
Billy Armstrong gets the stenographer
who has just come into a fortune.
The situations of the comedy are
most amusing and there is a genuine
laugh in every scene. The story is
one of real human interest, a fact un
usual in ordinary comedies. "The Lit
tle Widow' must be seen to be appre
But the soldiers and sailors will nevr
stop talking about tfie comfort they got
from the Allen's Foot-Kase, the antiseptic
powder, to , be shaken into the shoes,
which their ' sweethearts, mothers or sis
ters sent them. Until it is tried no on
knows what a quick and wonderful reliel
Aliens Foot-Ease is to painful, aching,
swollen, tender feet, Corns. Bunions ane
Calluses. It makes walking a delight
Sold everywhere.
My Baby Game
WHEN they put that warm,
fragrant little bundle into my
arms and told me he was perfect,
I cried. I was so happy.
Of course, I was going to nurse
him. And so I did, for two months.
as fast as he should.
Then, when he began to gaia
weight when the dimples began
to show on his knees and his
plump little elbows I knew what
happiness really was! . -
The Nestle Company sent me
free a Mother's Book on how to
take care of baby, and enough of
the Food for twelve feedings.
If you fill out and send the
coupon below, I know they will
be glad to help you as they helped
me, and as they have been help
ing mothers all over the world fox
fifty years.

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