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I'AQES 7 TO 12. &
VOL. XXII- NO. 159.
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AG flit ) AIRED
Tallahassee. June 9. W. O. Wil
liams, of Polk county, a member of
the special committee to investigate
the Btate chemist and the commis
sioner of agriculture, made a minority
report on that investigation this
morning:. The majority report wag
rather placating, but the minority re
pori calls thinf s by the most com
t, monly used rames, giving credit
where the member thought credit was
due and criticising as frankly where
he thought crillcism was due. Th5
report will be Jound in full below:
To the Honorable George II. Wilder,
4 Speaker of the House of Represen
tatives, Tallahassee, llorida.
As a member of the special commit
tee appointed fcy house resolution to
make the Investigation therein direct
ed concerning charges and counter
charges made ay . R. E. Rose, , state
chemist, again t H. W. A. McRae,
commissioner of agriculture, whose
report, aigned by all members of said
committee excel t myself, has this day
been filed, I bg to file my dissent
ing opinion in said matter as fol
lows: "
While a grest mass of testimony
was submitted, and considerable ex
pense incurred by the committee in
its investigation, and necessarily bo
In order to reach fair conclusions, in
my opinion no one material charge
made by the state chemist against the
commissioner of' agriculture was even
partially sustained; In the one in
stance referred to in the majority re
port, namely, the admission to regis
tration by the commissioner of certain
fertilizers, there was an opinion of
the attorney general to the effect
that these products were entitled to
registration uncer the facts as tney
existed, and It would seem unneces
sary for Jthe stite to be put to the1
expense of halng the courts pass
upon the question, as it certainly
would be. should proceedings be
brought and the attorney general's
opinion be sustained.
I concur in tie criticism contained
in the majority report of the pros
ecuting attorney of Duval county,
lion L. D. Howell, and in the recom
mendation that investigation of his
inactivity by made by the governor,
in mv oninion. the house of repre-
DAn(atliraB Vina Vtpen unfairly treated
and the dignity of the body belittled
in having been drawn into a mere
personal difference of opinion, and as
a suggestion to prevent a recurrence,
it would seem to me that legislation
should be had to provide ror tne ap
.iT,t nf th state chemist by the
governor only upon the recommenda
tion Or with tno consent oi mo
missloner of agriculture.
All of which is respectfully submitted.
& M WT
It's nice to Bkim through the al r, but when ' you land, as this plane did, mid a tangle of wires, it's not.
The, aviator struck the roof of a bar racks at Bambrook, Texas, and : handed the soldiers within the surprise of
their lives. .... "''. :.
Tallahassee, Fla., June 7. The su
preme court today affirmed the de
cree rendered by Judge George Coup
er Gibbs, in' the circuit court for St
John's county, in the Flagler estate
tax case. The opinion is by Circuit
Judge James T. Wills, of Gainesville,
who sat in the place of Judge West
disqualified, and is concurred in by
all the other Justices of the supreme
The case was styled, "The State of
Florida and St. John's County, appel
ants, vs William H. Beardsley, et al,
as trustees under the last will and
testament of Henry M. Flagler, de
ceased." Mr. Flagler died in Slay. 1913. leav
ing a will in which he appointed the
three named persons executors and
trustees. These persons promptly
qualified as executors in St. John's
county and" filed an inventory in the
Personal Mention
The Daughters of the Confederacy
will meet at the Bivouac at 4 o'clock
Wednesday afternoon.
The steamship JSverglades arrived
in port yesterday from Tampa and will
load ammonia cargo for Cuba.
The government cargo steamer Lake
Superior arrived In port yesterday and
began taking cargo of steel billets.
Friends will be pleased to learn that
George Steve Roberts who has been ill
at his home, 412 West Gregory street,
is reported as improving.
Mrs. C. W. Tarleton, of Mobile, Js
visiting in the city as the guest ot
Mr. and Mrs. S. T. McAdam at their
home on Bast Gadsden street.
William Mann, a demonstartor for
Style-Plus clothing, -will be at the
M. & O. store this morning with a full
line of suitings and overcoatings.
Chicago, III., J
discharge of ur
Western Union
sued last nig;
walk-out Wedne
telnhone emnlo
ef from all pai
J. Konenkamp, i
of the telepgra
day. Konenkan
east today. He
OOfl workers to
strike. N
une 9. Reports of the
ion operators by the
following the call is-
lt for a nation-wido
sday of telegraph and
res, have been receiv
ts of the country, S.
ntemational president
hers' union, said to
lp arrived from the
said he expected 70,
be affected by the
ilffcr Ycj DaSy Is Dam
Think Now Abcct tlu Tim to Com.
???uho,d ln youp rm your tiny
KX ? S hf lB that 'ou can feel th3
before ts arrival you did all In your pow
er to give to it . haon or. -nit.i
. Friends are welcoming . out again
Mrs. S. T. McAdam, who has recov
ered after having been confined by ill
ness at her home, 1025 Bast Gadsden
One of the first watermelons to ripen
here this season was a 20 pound Cobb
Gem which came fro mthe garden of
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Ellison. 1501 Blount
street, and was cut Sunday.
Miss Velma Maura Is being royally
welcomed home by friends on her re-
wu,tl, juuges court or Air. nagler a of thft session of the legislature.
nuiin assets, wnicn were, witn
negligible exceptions, altogether in
tangible property, the nominal amount
being about $46,000;000.
Mr. Beardsley and Mr. Kenan live
in Pensacola, Fla. The executors ad
vertised in accordance with the law
for presentation of claims against the
estate and after the expiration of two
years from the advertisement they
from time to time, transferred some
of the assets to the trustees and Jn
1915 having paid all the debts and all
the legacies, transferred to themselves
as trustees, the remainder of the es
In 1916 the tax officers of St, John's
county assessed the properties shown
by the inventory of Mr. Flagler's es
tate in the county Judge's office for
five millions dollars, and levied tax
thereon; this tax was assessed for the
year 1916 and in that year all the evi
dence of the property assessed were
in New York City, and the business
of the esate was done there. The
assessment was against William A.
Blount, H. Beardsley and William R.
Kenan, Jr., trustees for the heirs and
distributors for the legatee and the
estate of Henry M. Flagler, deceasocu
The tax was not paid and the suit
was started in the circuit court for
St. John's county to enforce on the
property a lien for taxes.
Judge Gibbs, in the circuit court.
held that the tax was unlawfully as
sessed ana levied na the suprems
court now sustains Judge GibtfV rul
lng that the defendants as trusteed
under the last will and testament of
Mr. Flagler were not in 1916 property
assessable by the tax assessor of St
John s county and they neither re
sided in said city nor was any of the
property therein.
dentists CSV thnf V...v..
feelings of the ::pctant mother greatly
fu'ISl lnranteaUh nd dl8lon of the
For over half u century thousands o
women who have used the tlmo-honorea
remedy. Mather's Friend, say that thev
entirely escaped t ausea, nervousness and
that peculiar distressing feeling so usual
where nature is unaided. They thus pre
rerved a wonder"ul!y bright and happv
cisposition. which reflects so markedlv
Upon the unborn child.
By the regular use of Mother's Friend
the muscles are riade and kept soft and!
elastic to readily yield to nature's de-'
ond for expansion without the usuaf
s Yrenchln strain. The nerves are not
drawn upon, and a a consequence the
-p-trt mother ! calm and serene and
the nights are not disturbed with nervous
twitching, and tie crisis Is one of Joy
ami happiness.
Writ- the Bradfleld Regulator Company.
Dept. K, IySrasr Iiuilding, Atlanta. Oeor-J
jria. for their Motherhood Book, of value
ti every woman, and get a bottle of
Mother's Friend irom your drug-gist and
& Kin a treatment that will bring real
result. i
An accident occurred in " front of
the Pastime theater last night shortly
before midnight, when Marry McEw
en, of 317 East Intendencia street,
was knocked dowd by an automobile
owned and driven by T. F. Buuet, H
East Pensacola Heights. Physicans
who attended young McEwen stated
that he was painfully bruised, but not
seriously injured. Witnesses declared
the accident was unavoidable, as far
as Butler was concerned, as McEwen
stepped into the path of the car.
we are still in need of common labor
ersr" says Manager W. V. McNeir.
Recorder Morey disposed of 29 cases
in police court yesterday. Nine were
charged with the offense of gambling,
five fo rlewdness and five for disor
derly conduct. W. E. Jennings, the sol
dier who was arrested Saturday for
threatening with a gun, was fined $25
and costs. ' ;
Yellow. Means. You Need Calo
tabs, the De-Nauseated Colo
mel Tablet that is Purified
from the Nauseating' and Un
pleasant Effects.
Feel mean,' look yellow? Tour liver
is out of fix! The poisonous bile is
being retained in your system.. You
need a good dose of calomel for it
is the only thing that will do the
worku -
Why not try Calotabs, the new and
improved calomel tablet that is as de
lightful to take as it is beneficial in
cleansing the Hver and purifying the
system ? Calotabs contain all of , the
valuable medicinal qualities' of calo
mel but are freed from the unpleasant
and dangerous effects. One tablet at
bedtime, with a swallow of water,
that's all. No taste, no griping, no
nausea, no salts. You wake up in the
morning feeling fine, with a clean liver
and a hearty appetite. Eat what you
please, no danger.
' Calotabs are sold only in original,
sealed packages. Price thirty-five
cents.. The finest ' medicine in the
world for biliousness, indigestion and
constipation. So fine that your drug
gist is authorized to refund the price
as a guarantee that you will be thor
oughly delgihted with Calotabs.
Friends of John J. Sweeney, son of
Mr. and Mrs. James Sweeney will be
glad to learn that news has been re
ceived of his expected arrival in the
States the last of this month.; Mr.
Sweeney is a member of company C.
54 th Infantry, with the occupation
forces in Germany.
Mrs. Elizabeth" Hill, leaves sometime
the first of this month for her old home
in England to visit her sons, Reverend
George and Dave Harrison, Mrs. Hill
has spent the past 13 years in 'this
country with her daughter, Mrs. Frank
Graham at her home on East Gonzatea
street, and has many friends who will
regret to learn of her intended depar
ture. " ' ..-';' ' '" ' '
Miss Beatrice Howe returned home
yesterday morning from Warrington,
Va., where she attended school, and
enjoyed spending the week in Annap
olis, where she participated in tho
commencement festivities.
W. K. Robinson, who has been visit
lng for several days with his daughter,
Mrs. L. C. Clark, at Louisville,, Ga.,
returned last night, accompanied by
Mrs. Clark, who wil visit her relatives
here for a short time.
The tug Sea King towing the Avio
and the Geo. T. Locke, also the tug
Nlmrod. arrived from Cuba yesterday
light. They will take lumber or coal
cargo and ,sall again for Cuban ports
within, a few days, it Is expected.
J. E. Harms, of this city, was arrest
ed in Milton yesterday o na charge of
incest, and a deputy from the office
of Sheriff Van Pelt went after him on
the evening train, ' arriving back at
10:25, and committing him to the coun
ty Jail.
IT. S. Commissioner Sullivan yes
terday gave hearing to the case of a
young girl, aged 15, charged with vio
lation ' section 13 of the draft act,
known as the zone law. He ordered
her held under surveillance, to await
the action of the' courts.
Mrs. Joseph Bruna, daughter of
City License Inspector Frank X. Car
roll, . who was operated upon a few
days ago for appendicitis, is Improving
very rapidly and expects to be able to
leave the Pensacola hoslptal, where the
operation was performed, in a short
time. ' . . .
N. Hudson, of the navy yard, and E.
W. Rearden. 213 East Government
street, had a collision with their au
tomobiles on Palafox street, between
Government and Zarragossa streets,
at 5:30 last night. The accident was
described by the pc.ice as unavoid
able, and no arrests wer made. Cap
tain H-per V undestood to be further
investigating the matter. Only slignt
injury occurred to the machines, and
but a general shaking of to the occu
Ensign Joseph Collins, TJ. . S. X., has
been placed on inactive duty and has
returned to his home in Louisville, Ky.,
Lieutenant Bartley Bull, who has also
teen stationed here for some time is
on inactive duty and left Sunday night
for. his home in Charleston, S. C.
Among guests in the city who are
making their home at the San Carlos
are J. J. McCackill and family of De
Funlak Springs, Fla.; Mrs. J. D. Pep
per, Miss M. E. Williams, Miss Myrtle
Myers, of Chipley, Fla.; A. G. Camp
bell, of DeFunlak Springs, Fla.; S. A.
Alford, of Chipley, Fla.; A. B. Arnold
and J. J. Qulgley, of New York City;
C. M. Sewell, of Atlanta, Clyde Hop
kins, of Montgomery, George B. Shale,
of Rochester, N. Y. ; V. ' H. Northcutt,
of Atlanta, B. A. Jones, of the Western
Union Telegraph company, Atlanta.
Miss Grace DeCamp, after spending
the winter in Pensacola has depart
ed to attend the wedding of her cousin.
Miss Louise Garrett, which takes place
at their beautiful country home, "Syc
amore Park" Woodford, Co., on June
12th. She will also visit at "Hollen
den" the home of her great grand
father, Olliver Tarra, in Jessamine Co.,
before returning to her home in Oak
Park, 111. Miss DeCamp is a talented
vocalist and musician and was quite
popular in musical circles here. She
has numerous friends in Pensacola and
in Kentucky wh'ere she has frequently
Rub-My-Tlsm is a great pain
killer. It relieves pain and sore
ness caused by Rheumatism,
Neuralgia, Sprains, etc. adv
Washington. June 9. Farmers of the
country should obtain their mixed fer
tilizers for the full season of 1919 at
an average price about . 30 per cent
lower than the prices which obtained
for the spring season Justpast. the de
partment of agriculture said tonight
in an -announcement giving a list of
prices ranging from $21.75 to $56.25 for
ammonia, phosphoric acid and potash
compounds to which the manufacturers
have agreed. ' ' - -
The exercises of the ; seventy-seventh
commencement ' of Cox College
began last Friday and continued
through Wednesday the following
week. The baccalaureate sermon was
preached by Dr. Rufus Washington
Weaver, president of Mercer Univer
sity. The weather Ideal ror ail eawi
cises and the beautiful campus never
looked more lovely and attractive. The
bright, buoyant spirit of the sweet
girl graduates added an Inspiration to
all the exercises
The much mooted question of rail
road control by the government, was
discussed and settled by the two lit
erary Societies. The Philologlans con
tended that the United States should
not operate the railroads, whereas,
the Lanlers contended that It ' should.
The arguments presented by the
Philologlans were all convincing, and
whereupon, the Judges decided that
the United States should not operate
the railroads.
, There were forty-three certificates
awarded to the young Sadies of the
college. The following are the names
of those who were fortunate enough
to win these honors: Misses Hortensia
Boltel, Dulce Boltel. , Wilhelmlna
Broyles, Xena Frederick, Alma Neth
erland, Sara Patrick, Ruth Ingle.
Margaret Spinks, Myrtle AdamB,
Helen Atkinson, Leila Bagley, Pansye
Bargeron, Florence Bowers, Delia
Bryan, Pearl Dunstan, Lois Ferris.
Theodosia Geiger, Ruby Hogan, Lois
Lythgoe, Reba Martin, Julia Mash
burn, Pearl Mcintosh, Ellenor Stew
art, Ethel Stuart, Louise Stuart, Mat
tie Florence Stringfellow, Luclle
Thomas. Ethel Thompson, Earlyne
TurniDseed. Maude Wheeler,
wr.iiford. Evelyn Ware and
Diplomas with degrees were . con
ferred upon the following young lad
ies: Misses Leila .. Bagley, Naomi
Parker. Martha . Callaway Atkinson,
Annie Catherine Mills. . Jessie Helen
Todd, Inez Virginia Wallace, and Ar
lena Williams. Miss. Maude Wheeler
received the diploma in piano.. .
President William S. Cox made the
announcements for the coming year.
The seventy-seventh session has been
the most successful one in a number
of years, yet, the prospects for next
year are still brighter. The largest
number of students at this time of the
year has been enrolled for the com
ing session. A strong faculty has
i. iin. and reat plans are
contemplated for the frovemn.t
of the building, and special work will
add to the beauty of the large campus.
Cox College has always had an eyo
for the beautiful as well as the prac
tical, and has striven for the slogan
that our daughters of the south are
worthy of the beet, in the beautiful
environs and intellectual training,
What is Rheumatism?
Why Suffer Froi
The U. S. Employment Service for
the week ending June 7, reports the
following activities: Ten transfers re
ceived, all of which were ex-service
men, and 18 transfers made, . four of
which were ex-service men; 90 regis
trations. 23 of; which weer ex-service
men; 70 referred. 19 of which were ex
service men; .113 reported placed and
43 of thi snumber were ex-service men.
J "Local conditions are improving, but
Sufferers Should
It Is a Blood Infection and Can
Be Permanently Relieved.
- and which is not effected by salves
Realize That and ointments. It is important that
you rid yourself of this terrible dis
ease before it goes too far. S. S. S. is
the blood purifier that has stood .the
test of time, having .been in constant
Rheumatism means that the blood
has become saturated with uric acid
It does not require medical advice
Tihlde -Tjnfcle -Tetleys Tea
is the heat-dispelling summer drink.
When you sit down to lunch or dinner
or in the afternoon with a chilled,
tinkling glass of Tetley's deliciouscool
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Tetley's Teas are selected from 15
or more of the world's finest tea
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. and packed to keep the strength and
flavor secure.
Serve Tetley's Orange Pekoe Tea
iced. You'll forget the heat!
Other Flours may
promise much, but
Rising Sun
Pensacola. Fla.
4 -Nights Each Week 4
Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, Friday
Music by Seven-Piece Orchestra
Boats leave City Wharf, Palafox Street, daily at 2 :30 p. m.,
7 :30 p. m., and every 2 hours Saturdays and Sundays, com
mencing at 8 a.m.
DR. M. C. BEVERETTE, Proprietor
420 West Belmont Street
Office Phone 938 Residence Phone 1668
"Only the Best"
212 South Palafox Street Phone 846
Whereas, The North Florida Cham
ber of Commerce will hold Its annual
meeting- in Panama City. Florida, on
Septmeber 3 and 4. 1010; aim
Whereas, St- Andrews Bay is the
most beautiful bay in the world and
is destined to become one of the most
important ports of the South, and of
espeecial Importance to the State of
Therefore, The Xorth Florida
use for more than fifty years. It wif U ILamber of Commerce and the cltzens
do for you what it has done for thou
sands of others, drive the rheumatic
poison out of your blood, making: it
pure and strong: and enabling- it- to
to know that good health is absolute- T make you well. S. S. S. Is guaranteed
ly dependent upon pure blood. When
the muscles and joints become sore
and drawn, with rheumatism, it is not
a wise thing to take a little salve and
by rubbing- it on the sore spot, expect
to get rid of your rheumatics. Tou
must go deeper than that, down deep
into the blood where- the poison lurks laboratory, Atlanta, Ga. (adv).
purely vegetable, it will do the work
and not harm the most delicate stom
ach. Write the physician . of. this com
pany and let him advise with you.
Advice is furnished without charge.
Address Swift Specific Co, 253 Swift
of, Bay county extend to the mem
bers of the legislature and. to their
families a cordial invitation to at
tend the meeting on the above datfR
For the Relief of Rheumatic Pains.
When you have stiffness and sore
ness of the muscles, aching joints
and find it difficult to move without
pain try massaging the affected parts
with Chamberlain's Liniment. It will
relieve the pain and make rest and
sleep possible. Adv.
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with up-to-date fixtures at
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ing: 5 6-ft. Section Walker Bins
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