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Two Big New Savings for
Car Owners and Truck Owners
Never before have Firestone Tires been so decidedly better
than others as they now are. So, for months back dealers,
car. owners and truck operators have been saying: "It's the
Firestone Year."
And on top of this quality advantage offered in the improved
Gray Sidewall Fabric and Cord Tires, on top of the enlarged
size and extra heavy tread, come these two other Firestone
Much lower prices and adjustments made on a bigger
mileage basis.
Fabric Tires
Cord Tires
Solid Tires
saving. You can thank Firestone
stockholders in the company for i
6,000 miles, 8,000 miles, 10,000 miles
points from which you can figure tr
made this the "Firestone Year" an
Most Fill
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r . .
tax collected from 1860 to 1868 be re
turned to the governors of the several
states from which it was collected and
providing for Its distribution among
the claimants upon proof of said claim.
An act to repeal section 1128 of the
general statutes of Florida, relating to
assistant health officer.
An act to protect the flag from dese
cration. An act to amend sections 2758, 2759
and 2760 of the general statutes of
Florida, as amended by chapter 6847 of
the acts of 1915, the same having ref
Pianist and Nation Maker
.Uses Nuxated Iron
To Obtain Renewed Energy,
rower ana cnauranco
Dr. ! Cenneth K. MaeAJpJne, for 1 6 Years
Adjunct ProfeMor New York Post
Graduate Medical School ami Ho pi
j tel. Sajra That La Hi Opinion Nuxated
Tho Host Valuable Tonic.
Strongth and Blood
Builder Any Physician
Can Prescribe.
' Ifnaccjan PaderewsU. one t
the greatest musical geniuses of
the asre, at a time when his un
tiring: work for Poland overtaxed
his strength and impaired hit
health had recourse to Nuxated
Iroo to help rebuild his wasted
fore and restore hit old-timt
ft. - t . l A . . 1
ici.u ana sircngia. m .
eeltworkiatheesuf ki f .the. Wfco look Nux.t.a 2
tend, of wkich h. i. thm forcou gtm - ' dTt?o JJZHa IZr,??- .
oJ.t k .ilr understood why Pd- build J.hiJA
f Ntocted Iron" nn Dr. Jeme Franele Kenneth K. MacAlpine, tzyt: "If peo.
Svllrttn. formerly physician of Bcllevue F.wuld only realize that iron is juit
od4 al (Outdoor DpO. Hew York, and """pensable to the blood aa is air to the
the Westchester County Hospital. "Lack af un nd be Just as particular about keeping
iron la the Mood not only makes a man a Bp f. ucient supply at all times, there
rrhiat and mental weaklinr, aerroua. ir- wouI in my opinion be far less disease re
riuhli'. easily fatigued, but It Utterly robe ,J from anmic. weakened conditions,
aim f the virile force, that atamina and Nuxated Iron, by enriching the blood
trenitk of will whlck are se necessary to creating new blood eel'.s, strengthen the
smceesa and power in every walk ef life. J1',1"" reaid8 the weakened tissues and
Thowtaiida ef men end women are impairina? reIfs to iIt,J renewed energy into the whole
heir constitutions, laying themselTea open Tste whether the patients be young or old.
ta incest and literally losing their rrfi M . n.r. Plniott Nuxsted Iron is the most
aeatth. simply because tkeir blood la thinning luabI .oaC Strength and blood-builder
at a td aossibly starving through lack 1 nr.Physiciaa can prescribe."
Iron. Iron la absolutely essential to enakla ,f TOU " not strong or well yon owe it
year Wood ta transform the food von eat t Towselt to make the following test: Sea
lata tsascatar tissue and brain. Without ho n? Tou. can work how far you caa
Iran tsera ia no strength, witalltv anil without becoming tred. Next take two
tluraflo ta eomUt obstaclea or withstwld JtTewgT?,.n tab,e,s ?f ordinary Nuxated Iroa
aevera strains. To h1a make rnr trurd TC ,ftcr me,s- ?r 2
wsra ,1 klood and lr" thira U nothlnj Tl Th'2 teat?r 'io
letter than organic Ima Naaated Iron 5 how mvch you hTC med
Vf. Pitderewskl aavs: "I am using Nuxated Form. itmM tnm, whieh to "tern
i;,,:7 'WntI' nd i1ef i a. aa JJlZT.' r'.T:':
31 , . tww trim ytMlaeto. IS to Mrttr wwrnflMd wl 4
A rronvnent New York Snreeon and h mii. mk tho Mark. r m ik
Forme Adjunct Prwfesr of the N-w York J intrtnrm lumo arrai
Tm Cradu.u Medical School aad Hospital, ..aS.
Sold by Crystal Pharmacy, D'Alembert's Pharmacy, Balckom Diug Conipanj
-rid all other druffclsts-
TTIhiis ns
6,000 Miles
8,000 Miles
10,000 Miles
:e ot
le are
131-133 East Intendencia Street. Phone 57.
erence to the organization, manage
ment, control and operation of life and
fire and fire insurance companies and
their agents in the state of Florida and
making an appropriation for the car
rying out of the provisions thereof.
An act amending section 1 of chap
ter C849, laws of Florida, bing an act
concerning insurance companies, as
sociations and their agents and other
persons, firms and corporations pro
hibiting discirminating, relating, mis
representation and wistingA
An act to amend section 2757 of sub
chapter 3, article '2 of the general sta
tutes of the state of Florida, being spe
cial provisions for insurance companies.
An act to amend section 4, chapter
6173 of the laws of the state of Flori-
j ' ye . ,
1 - ,i- " vi 1
F 4 J
(ft y
of the price
of whom are
such quality.
only beginning
:tra miles that have
ren greater meaning
da, ent...ed "An act to prescribe the
time for holding the terms of the cir
circuit of the state of Florida."
An act conferring the right of emi
nent domain upon the board of com
missioners of Florida state institutions.
An act forbidding any person from
doing business in this state as an in
surance agent without a license and
providing a. penalty therefor.
An act to amend section 1 and sec
tion 9 of chapter 7299, acts of 1917, laws
of Florida, being an act to define sick
and funeral benefit; insurance, limit
the amount of risk to be taken and to
cuit court in and for the third judicial
Is completely washed out of the .sys
tem b the celebrated Shivar Mineral
Water. Positively guaranteed by
money-back offer. .Tastes fine; costs
a trifle. Delivered anywhere by our
Pensacola Agents, Weat Glorida Groc-
Don't Worry About
the Thirty-Sixth State
The boys were meeting at my house the
last time our little club was in session.
The discussion turned to the "thirty
sixth state" the one that decided nation-wide
prohibition. I was forced to
"butt in" to keep peace in the family.
When I passed around six bottles of
BEAUFONT The Real Ginger Ale
there was no more argument. That ale
was THE thing, fols, and the club
weathered the storm.
This drink comes from old Virginia and
it's great. Once you try it you'll use no
Wholesale Distributors
P m iiitmjn,! m in mi i.n.i...
prescribe the terms on' which sick and
funeral benefit companies or corpora
tions may engage in the business of
sick and funeral benefit insurance In
this state; to provide penalties there
for an dto repeal chapter 5222, acts of
1903, laws of Florida.
An act to amend section 29 of chap
ter 7344, acts of 1917, of the laws of
Florida, relative to the regulation, sup
ervision and control of fraternal ben
efit societies in this state.
An act fixing the compensation of
the sheriffs of the several counties of
ths state of Florida.
Art ajt to amend section 2815 of the
general statutes of Florida, relating
to the construction of railroads and
canals in this state by companies in
corported in other states.
An act to .amend section 5 of chap
ter 7736, acts of the special session of
1918, laws of Florida, approved De
cember 7. 1918, same being an act to
make effective the nineteenth article of
the constitution of this state, as amend
ed at the geenral election held No
vember 5th, 1918, to prohibit the manu
facture, sale, barter or exchange, the
transportation into this state or from
one point to another point within this
state, and the possession of alcoholic
or other intoxicating liquors or bev
erages and for other purposes.
An act fixing the compensation of
county commissioners of counties wihch
now have or may hereafter have a
population exceeding eighty thousand
(80,000). ,
VAct conferring powers on the state
board of control to enlarge the ex
tension divisons of the University of
Florida, State College for Women, and
the agricultural and Mechanical Col
lege for Negroes; and making appro
priation thereafter.
. An act denning and fixing the terri
torial limits and boundaries of the
tenth "judicial circuit of Florida; ere
ating the twelfth Judicial circuit; pro
viding fo ra circuit judge and state
attorney in the 12th judicial circuit:
and providing and fixing the time for
holding the terms of the circuit court
in said circuits.
An act to prescribe the time for con
vening the spring term of the circuit
court in and f,r Putnan county, Flor
ida. An act to amend section 2, 3 and 5
of chapter 7259 of the laws of 1917 en
titled "An act creating a state board
of pensions, defining who shall receive,
pensions, who shall not receive pen
sions, who shall be retained as pen
sioners, how appropriations shall be
made, how pensions shall be paid: the
duties of the .county commissioners in
regard to pensions; providing for the
levy of a pension tax and authorizing
the board of pensions to make regula
tions to carry into effect the provisions
of this act.
An act fixing the number of terms
of the circuit court of the ninth judi
cial circuit of the state of Florida to
New in proportions
and design.
2 V2 inch points
With the reinforced
Oblong Cable-Cord
Always ask for
other. Try it folks; you'll
not regret it.
Believe me, Bo, I know.
Jack Wise
All GOOD dealers have the Real
Pensacola, Fla.
gj1 v-? ll
Putting your foot on a wriggling
bug in the night time is not a
pleasant sensation.
Nor is it desirable that your home
should be infested with roaches
and ether such midnight marauder.
Sort protection against cl troubles "
will be fownd ia tb toe of
Poo Brunei
TnnQCtFowtlQr 25c and 5Cc Everywhere
it kills roaches, mosquitoes, flies,
fleas, ants, lice, bed bugs, moths and
most other insects.
,Very effective very inexpensive.
HmkH ta vcrytliiiic M iMicf.
McCORMICK & CO., Baltimoreld.
McCtrmlc Ot C product.
be held in each county of said circuit
and fixing the time for holding the
terms. '
.An act to provide for proceedings
supplementary to an execution.
An act to amend section 5, chapter
6208, laws of the state of Florida for
the j-ear 1911, entitled "An act to au
thorize the several counties of the
state of Florida to create and consti
tute special road and bridge districts
within said counties, and to issue bonds
and levy and collect a special road and
bridge tax with which to pay for the
construction, repair and maintenance
of the roads. and bridges within said
roads and bridge districts."
An act making appropriations for
the support and maintenance of the
state institution for higher education,
created and required to be maintained
U,y chapter 5394 of the laws of Florida,
approved June 5th, 1905, now known
as the University of Florida, the
Florida State College for Women, the
Florida School for the Deaf and the
Blind and the Florida Agricultural and
Mechanical College for Negroes; and
for the support and maintenance of
summer schools created by chapter 6498
laws of Florida, approved June 5th,
An act amending section 14 of chap
ter 6878, laws of 1915, entitled "An act
to appoint naval stores inspectors to
prescribe their duties and fix their
compensations; to prevent and pro
hibit adulteration of spirits of turpen
tine and naval stores, and to provide
for the appointment and duties and
compensation of a supervising inspec
tor of naval stores and to prescribe
forfeiture and penalties for violating,
and methods for the enforcement of
the provisions of this act.
An act making it unlawful for any
person to have in his custody or pos
session any unlawful fishing net, and
prescribing a penalty for the violation
An act providing a closed season for
salt water crawfish In the waters of
the state of Florida and providing a
penalty for taking the same from the
waters of the state of Florida for
commercial purposes during certain
periods and for having any salt water
crawfish in possession by any person,
firm or corporation during said period
and to prohibit the transportation "of
the same during the closed season and
providing a penalty therefor.
An act providing for the care, main
tenance and control of state convicts
and providing for the carrying out of
the provisions of this act and making
an appropriation therefor.
An act fixing the compensation of
county commissioners in counties hav
ing a population of 40,090 up to 50,000
An act making an appropriation to
Dr. Ansley on "How to Be
Saved" First Baptist
Church tonight
With fingers ! Corns lift out and
costs only few cents
Paint Ko, boI one bit! Just drop
a little Freerone on that touchy corn,
instaatly it stops aching, then jou lift
that bothersome corn right on. Yea,
Rigid Costs only a few cents.
Try Freezone! Your druggist sella a
tiny bottle, sufficient to rid your feet of
every hard corn, soft corn, or corn
between the toes, and calluses, without
one particle of pain, soreness or irri
tation. Freezone is the mysterious ether
discovery of a Cincinnati genius.
The special messenger ser
vice 354 Brent building has
been purchased by F. W.
Whiting and A. L. Hurlbert
who will reorganize and re
build the business to a first
class, quick delivery and bet
ter service, messages and
packages called for and delivered.
Dr. Ansley on
Saved" First
Church tonight
'How to Be
pay the E. O. Painter Printing com
pany for extra volumes of Florida su
preme court reports, reprinted under
contract with said company, with the
board of commissioners of state insti
tutions." An act making appropirations for
salaries and expenses of the State gov
ernment for six months for the year
1919, and for the year 1920, and for
six months of the year 1921.
An act to fix the pay of member?,
officers and attaches of the legislature
of the state of Florida for session of
1919 and providing for certain ex
penses of the same.
An act relating to the inspection,
measurement, analysis and fixing tho
standards of certain oils and greases
sold in this state; to authorize the
collection of an inspection fee and dis
positio nthereof ; to provide for the ap
pointment of an assistant state chem
1st, oil inspectors, clerical help and
prescribe their duties; and to define
the powers and duties of state attor
neys and other prosecuting attorneys
and the commissioner of agriculture
in connectlo ntherewith.
An act creating an additional judi
cial circuit in the state of Florida, to
be designated as the seventeenth Ju
dicial circuit, and to create the circuit
thereof, and to provide for a judge and
state attorney in the said court, and
to provide for a state attorney in the
seventh judicial circuit and defining
and fixing the territorial limits and
the boundaries of the 5th, 7th, and the
17th judicial circuits, and providing the
time for holding the terms of court in
said judicial circuit, and prescribing
the effect on pending cases in said
An act to amend sections 1187, 1188
and 1191 of the general statutes of the
6tate of Florida, relating to the hos
pital for the insane.
An act making appropriations for
the prevention, eradication and control
of especially injurious insects, pests
plant and honeybee diseases, which
may have been or may be Introduced
into the state, for quarantine, nursery
and honey-bee inspection; to be 'used
and expended under the direction of
the state plant board as here provided
and making the. unused part of the ap
propriation made under the provision
ofchapter 7281. acts of 1917, a con
tinuing appropriation for the purpose
of eradicating, preventing and con
trolling citrus canker.
An act to protect and regulate the
fish industry of the state of Florida.
ai a maKing appropriation to ray
me u. i-ainter Printing Company for
neignt paid by said company on certain
tsupreme court reports.
An act to provide hog cholera serum
ana virus for the suppression of hog
cnoiera in tne State of Florida.
An act relating to the practice of chir
opractice; to create and provide for the
appointment of a board of chiropractic
examiners, to fletlne the powers and du
ties of said board, and to provide a pen
alty for viotlation of the provisions of
mis act.
An act to prohibit the sale, concealment
or disposition of any personal property
fy any firm, person or corporation in
wnom the bona fide title thereof is not
vested and providing penalties for viola
tion of same.
An act providing for the sanitation.
healthfulnesa and cleanliness of swim
ming pools, public bath houses swim
ming and bathing places: regulatinsr tha
granting and revocation of permits there
for from the state board of health; pro
viding for the inspection of such places.
declaring places and things in violation
of this act to be nuisances, dangerous
to health, and providing for the abate
ment of the same; making violations of
thin act misdemeanors, and providing for
tne punishment of same.
An act to authorize the county boards
of public instruction to acquire lands for
the use of farm demonstration work.
An act relating to jury liHts in coun
ties having a population of less than nix
An act authorizing and requiring the
clerks of circuit courts of this state to
record the certificates of discharge of
the soldiers and sailors who enlisted in
this state in the army or navy of the
United States government during the war
with Germany, and providing for the pay
ment of same by the county commis
sioners of this state.
An act to amend Section 2887, of the
General Statutes of Florida as amend
ed by Chapter 2625. Acts of 1907, rela
ting to the clerk of the railroad com
missioners; salary, place of holding ses
sion, anual expenditures, how paid.
An act amending Section 2368 of the
General Statutes of the State of Florida,
in relation to notice of final discharge of
executors or administrators of deced
ents' estate, and fixing the time in whit-n
ct-riin claims ray be barred.
An act providing a method whereby
any soldier, sailor or marine engaged in
the world war may vote in any municipal
election in this state without registra
tion and payment of the poll tax whoa
he returns to the sate after the time for
payment of poll tax or the time for reg
istration has expired.
An act making an appropriation for
the maintenance of the co-operative
agricultural extension work between trie
fctate and the united States department
of agriculture required to be maintained
by Chapter 6839, Laws of Florida.
An act fixing the compensation of sol
icitors of the criminal courts of record
in certain counties.
An act fixing the salary of Judtres of
juvenile courts in counties of ninety
thousand or more population.
An act for the preservation of the
United State flag and the regimental
colors carried by the 124th Infantry 2nd
Resriment. Florida troops, in the great
world war, and, making an appropriation
An act designating the headquarters
of the State Board of Health and fixing
the place of residence of the state heai:!i
An act to prescribe the time for hold
ing the terms or t:i circuit court in and
for Alachua county, in the eighth judi
cial circuit of Florida.
An act to amend Srktion 5. Section
and Section 7 of Chajter 7376. Laws of
Florida, being an Act entitled "An Act
assenting to and accepting the provisions
of an Act of Congress, approved Febru
ary 3. 1917. to provide for the promotion
of vocational education, etc.," and mak
ing an appropriation to carry out the pro
visions of said Charter 7376. as omended.
Electric Vacuum Cleaners
Fencacola Electric. Co.
Commercial Department
PHONE 2013
"Let Us Make You Make
Good With a Kodak."
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and Groceries
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Cylinders Reground
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ted, all Cylinders Ground on Jfeald
Grinders. Prices reasonable.
Runyan Company
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P. O. Box 236. .. .. Phono 420
' Pensacola, Fla.
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Jewelers and Opticians
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