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lUhM. Entered as second claes matter at the postoffice in
Pensacola, Florida, under Act of Congress, March 3. 1879
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New Torh. Chicago. Detroit. Kansas City. Atlanta
In view of the agitation for a change, from
In spite of every effort on the part of the
Federation of Labor, the government at Wash
ington and the secret service throughout the
country, members of the I. W. W. and the so
called soviet, still continue to threaten this coun
try with their plots and counter plots.
It is not remarkable that the men and the
women who have sought refuge in this country
for reasons at variance with the real principles
of democracy should seek to corrupt our gov-
; ernment or to overthrow law and order. But it
is strange to all right-thinking people that the
men and women born under the Stars and Stripes,
' having imbibed from American " ancestry the
creed of freedom, should mistake anarchy for
liberty, and should so far forget the principles
of American independence as to TALK BOLSHEVISM.
Thoughts are things; words are weapons.
Talk Bolshevism and you are guilty of anarchy.
Throughout the country people have been
shocked at the reports from Russia that women
have become the property of the state. But
what do they expect of a country without a gov
ernment, when license is law and brute strength
wears a crown ?
The following is a verbatim translation of
laws which men who have returned from Rus-
. A . !sia have brought back with them: the testi-
, commission lorm 01 government xo me aiuer-, -
mony is too authoritative to be disputed. These
manic foirn, attention has been called to that .g anj what we tQ expect fa the United
section of the city charter which makes it pos- states, should the so-called soviet government
sible to recall any one of the city commissioners raise its banners her.
at the will of the people. j "All women between the ages of 16 and 35,
Section 17 That the qualified voters may at whether married or single, are to become the
!any time file with the clerk of the circuit court property of the state, immediately,
of Escambia county, Florida, a petition, or pe- "Each woman will receive 250 roubles per
titions, ailing for the resignation of any com- month for her services and will be available for
missioner of said city. Such petition shall con-' four hours out of each 24.
;tain a general statement M the grounds upon "No man will be permitted to remain with a
which the. removal of said officer is requested,
?and each signer shall add after his name and
rnature, and opposite thereto, his residence ad
dress. Nd degree of generality or lack of par
ticularity in the statement of grounds for re-
woman longer than two hours.
"In cases of prospective childbirth, women
will be released from service three months be
fore confinement and for one month after. At
the age of three months the child will be turned
moval shall be ground for objections to such j over to a home provided by the state in which
'petition, in case such petition shall be signed by -it will be cared for by experienced nurses and
at least twenty per cent of the voters who were reared as the state desires.
qualified to vote for commissioners at the last J "Married women who are within the age limit
preceding city election, and the said clerk shall ' will not be exempt from service and their hus
certify the said petition to the board of com- bands will be permitted to visit them once a
missioner:?. It shall be the duty of the clerk of .week." .
the circuit court to examine into the qualifica
tions of the signers of said petition, and if he
shall find that said petition does not contain the
requisite number of qualified electors to call said
There are many other provisions of which I
cannot write, and which the Russian officer re
fused to interpret.
And America is permitting these beasts to
election, he shall within ten days after receipt ; educate our people into the acceptance of Rus
of said petition notify the persons presenting the sian Bolshevism in place of our own free gov
same in writing of such fact, and thereupon the ernment. To hell with those who would foul our
persons so presenting the petition shall have the language with such monstrosities! Down with
ten days v.ithin which to secure additional sign- them and all their ilk! End parlor socialism and
ers to meet the deficiency pointed out by the all who practice it. It is time that our people
said clerk, and the failure to secure any addi
tional number that may be necessary within ten
days shall cause said petition to be denied. If
the petition as originally presented is found by
the clerk to contain the requisite number of
qualified electors to call such election and the
petitioner:; shall supply the deficiency within the
time provided, then upon such deficiency being
supplied, the said clerk shall certify to the board
of commissioners that the requisite number of
qualified electors have petitioned for such elec
tion, calling for the resignation of the commis
sioner named in this petition. If said officer
shall not on or before the next regular meeting
of the board of commissioners after the receipt
by the bosrd of commissioners of the certificate
of the said clerk, as above provided, resign from
office, then said board at such meeting shall or
der an election to be held not less than thirty
days nor more than forty days, from the date of
said meeting, at which a successor to such of
jficer to held office for his unexpired term shall
ibe voted for.
At this election the person sought to be re
' moved from office shall be a candidate to succeed
himself and his name shall be placed upon the
official ballot without any affirmative action on
his part, and other candidates for commissioner
for the unexpired term shall qualify the same as
a candidate at a regular election hereunder. No
tice of such election shall be given by publication
once a week for three weeks in some newspaper
published in the city of Pensacola.
Such election shall be held and the result de
clared in all respects the same as a regular elec
tion. The person who shall be elected to such
joffice shall hold the same for the unexpired term
'.thereof, and if the person so elected be the in
cumbent whose removal has been requested, then
ihe shall continue in office as though such pe
tition had not been filed or such election been
! . .. . ,
J benator r all of isew Mexico charces that. Mpx-
can news has been suppressed. Well, suppress
ing the news may postpone the job of suppress
es- Mexico. I
awoke to the results that are sure to follow the
befouling of our fair land by this serpent of
The United States government, in connection
with discharged soldiers, sailors and marines,
has just, instituted an important step towards
solving the problem of the returned soldiers and
sailors. -t
The able-bodied man returning from the front
will soon find his niche in the world, but the
man who returns without that same high health
with which he enlisted, without that same keen
zest for living, due to physical disability induced
by the war, will find it far from an easy, matter
to fit himself again to civil life.
All persons discharged from the military or
naval forces who have been incapacitated by the
war may make application for compensation un
der the war risk bureau act.
"AH persons discharged from the military or
naval forces residing in and about Pensacola
can now receive medical attention and medical
examination for the, filing of applications for
compensation. The United States public health
service, the medical advisors to the bureau of
war risk insurance, has established offices in
Pensacola, and Dr. Mallory Kennedy, whose ad
dress is 311 Blount building, is the local govern
ment examiner. All persons desiring to obtain
insurance or filing application for compensation
under the bureau of war risk act, must furnish
a medical certificate of their present physical
condition. These persons, by applying to Dr.
Kennedy, may be examined and all necessary
papers filled out free of charge. Such persons
will also receive at the expense of the govern
ment, medical relief, or be sent to a government
hospital or institution, should this be necessary.
The headquarters for the 5th district, which
comprises the states of North and South Caro
lina, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee, have been
established in Atlanta. Persons desiring fur
ther information should write to Dr. J. A. Wat
kins, 5th floor, Chamber of Commerce BIdg.,
Atlanta, Ga."
Sir: I note In your paper of the 21st
inst. an article in re the new dry dock,
stating that the Boston contractors
were placing; a time limit on accept
ance of bid intimating: that they would
have to raise same.
I realize the article may have been
intended to stimulate the sale of stock
but wish to point out that Ihore are
men right here in Pensacola, able and
competent In all ways to bid on and
construct this dock, and who could
probably build it several thousand
dollars cheaper than the Boston out
fit, not having to figure against that
corporation's heavy overhead.
It might be of some advantage to
Pensacola to keep that profit at home.
I should appreciate the opportunity
very much to bid on the construction
of this dock. At any rate, there la no
justification in the material market
conditions to warrant a raise in bids
at this time, as materials used are
either stationary or slowly declining.
Very' sincerely,
The federal railroad administration
will spend $185,000 to advertise Flor
ida, according to announcement made
at an important meeting of represen
tatives of the state chamber of com
merce and other civic bodies held in
Jacksonville recently.
This was no doubt meant for the
whole state, but we note with lsld
erable surprise that West .r.orida
cities were only represented by one
and that in person by .Mayor McCord,
of the capital city.
This may be from lack of Interest
of our section, but the chamber of
commerce of this city is very indig
nant over the fact that no notice of
this Important meeting was given to
this organization nor was an invita
tion extended to be . present.
The chamber of commerce will hold
a Bpeclal session this week to discuss
the matter, and much interesting facts
will be presented showing that there
is a concerted effort somewhere to
promote one section of the state to the
detriment of the other. We are loath
to raise this question and it is very
much regretted that this spirit of
sectionalism should continue to crop
out and that all the good things com-'
ing to Florida should be continuously
hogged by our more hustling neigh
bors. In the matter of this federal appro
priation, however, we expect to de
mand that our just proportion be al
lotted to us, just as much as our
allotments were made in the five
Liberty Loans. We recall with pride
the fact that this western part of the
state had subscribed her quota long
before the balance of the state in the
last loan, and this Item will certainlj
be given due publicity, to "the powers
that be in Washington.
We are entitled to fair considera
tion and fair treatment and we most
assuredly expect to get It. South and
East Florida have accused West Flor
ida of . being unprogressive and of
holding back the balance of the state,
but iust such tactics as those shown
in the above mentioned meeting, con
tinue to breed that of which
accused. -
war, will, it is hoped, soon material
ize. F. C. Grable, of Huntington, , West
Virginia, today gave $1,000 cash to
beautify the campus and complete
Grable Circle.
Two entire private libraries and cab
inets were contributed recently by Or
lando ladies Miss Flora B. Brown and
Mr;. Inez F. Bellows.
A silo and dairy barn are to be
added immediately to the farm, on
which are two large flowing wells.
A neighboring farmer last year
cleared $72,000 on vegetables, besides
fall crops and fruits, proving the pro
ductively of our lands. .
Twice have the boys of the Mont
verde Industrial school won the state
record for the largest corn yield per
'acre, 106 and 118 bushels respectively.
Unfortunately, the latter was not prop
'erly reported.
Ample play grounds are provided,
and electric light and water systems
are installed with modern conveni
ences in all buildings and on grounds.
The school is distinctively different
from anything in the state, in that it
toffers to every student, boy or girl
tViA nrnrrtiinit tr rh Tr--lr- miff Kft
;cent of all expenses. Besides regrular
West "Florida must wake up to her-bourses in the grades and the high
Immense possibilities and they will if .
have to be developed. Every county
should maintain a chamber of com
merce or some active and progressive
organization that will take advantage,
of all opportunities to promote thei
entire section in which they live and
do business. Publicity is a profession
and one that brings greater results
than anv other line of endeavor that-
man may undertake. The world wants4
to be shown where to go and live and
it behooves West Florida to get busy
and tell it to .them. Take, for in
stance, the question of good perma
nent roads; north of us are two of
the richest states in. the south. Those
people all have automobiles and
money to spend. They want to travel;
they can go to our state lines and then
what; why the famous sand beds con
front them like the first of July or
some other terrible condition.
$25,000 FOR BOY'S
Through the activity of J. Ray Ar
nold, owner of the Edge-Dowling Lum
ber Co. of Groveland. Florida, $25,000
has been contributed by the lumber
men of Florida and other states for
a "Lumbermen's Boys' Dormitory" for
the Montverde Industrial school in
Lake county, twenty-four miles west
of Orlando, on Lake Apopka, Flori
da's second-largest lake. The hand
sorn building will be immediately
erected opposite the Odell Hall for
Girls, where Florida editors were en
tertained last week.
Additional campus and farm landa,
totaling 160 acres of the greatest vari
eties of soil, including the richest
muck land of Florida, have been ac
quired by purchase and by gifts from
citizens who desire to befriend this,
the only white industrial school in
Florida, which extends a helping hand
to worthy boys and girls of limited
means who seek a higher plane of life
and usefulness. It was founded only
seven years ago, and has been un
able at any time to build fast enough
to take care of the students making
(application for admission. The $25,000
dormitory will help to solve that prob
lem. '
A campaign for $25,000 additional for
general "purposes has practically reach
ed a successful conlusion. A prom
ised Industrial building delayed by
94 North Palafox Street
special instruction is offered
in manual training and agriculture for
boys, and domestic science and domes
tic art for girls. Every department
is headed by a teacher who, is e.
graduate in his or her line of work.
Reference may be made to any bank,
public, official, minister or teacher in
Lake or Orange county.
Catalog sent on application to Pres
ident H. P. Carpenter, Montverde,
Washington, June 27. Despite mul
titude of rumors and reports as to
what President Wilson .intends to du
on annuling war time prohibition so
far as it affects wines and beer after
July 1, apparently there is no one
in Washington who knows the presi
dent's mind and there is no agreement
among train administration officials
as to the likelihood of his action.
Those who hold that the president
will take an action declare he is with
out power to do so until the final ter
mination of the state of war.
Prohibition is made effective by the
law ''until the termination of the war
and thereafter until the president
shall have declared demobilization
completed" and therefore, the admin
istration's legal advisers hold that
prohibition cannot be annulled with
out congressional action until the
treaty of peace has been ratified.
Some officials and members of con
gress contend, however, that by "ter
mination of the war," congress meant
the ending of hostilities and that the
president has full power to end war
time prohibition after July 1, by de
claring demobilization completed.
Although enforcement legislation
cannot be passed by congress and
approved by the president before war
time prohibition becomes effective the
department of Justice will undertake
to enforce the prohibition law.
OVER $65,000 IS
Washington, June 27. Secret serv
ice agents of the treasury department
are said to have struck a veritable
gold mine here in prospecting in the
back yard of Charles II. Turnbull, a
trusted employe in the mace rating
room of the treasury department and
unearthed more than $65,000 in re
deemable .treasury notes buried in tin
cans and other receptacles. Thousands
of dollars in partly mutilated notes
also were reported toy the agents to
have 'been discovered hidden in the
walls, under carpets, and in every
conceivable manner, waiting to be
rendered negotiable again by a pro
cess of piecing together.
Turnbull was charged with embez
zlement of the notes in an Indictment,
returned by the grand Jury ..
Public Accountant Auditor
San Carlos Hotel, Pensacola. Fla.
McCaskill Block, DeFuniak Springs, Fla.
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