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Mexico City, July 2. "I see-the-A
tmill woman stood before a chart.
a pointer In her hand, facing several )
scor Mexicans, old and young. Thev'j
reolted in union, with odd inflect';.
"Aye dee the keow."
The second battle of Cowpens was
on: the enemy in retreat.
Moral intervention in Mexico had
begun. It was a session of the Knpclish
class of the U. S. committee on public
The three score or more Mexicans
wre gently being led into friendship
for the Gringo."
On the walls hung portraits of Wash
ington. Lincoln and Wilson, facing por
m fe3JAnnnj J!!
If raWV I 1
ft , ' w I II 0
traits of Miguel Hidalgoy Costilla, Ben
ito Juarez and Venustiano Carranza.
There were no oil cans in the fore
ground. They d'ln't chant. "I see the,
bullets," but "I see the pense cow."
1 was Impressed with their earnestness
and the friendliness with which they
spoke to their teacher.
"Too bad." the little Mexican-American
woman in charge told me. "Eleven
hundred Mexicvna come here dally to
learn your language. They are poten
tial friends.
"But we have orders to close th3
Echo-, from the United States!
"To bad. Chances are now that they
will never learn English, and never be
real friends of yours because they
cannot understand you."
I stepped around the corner to tho
French alliance.
There a man stood before a black
board. "Parlez voua Francaise?" ho
wrote. And that group of Mexicans
studying French "parlezed" to beat
the band.
"I suppose the school will soon close,
now that the war is over?" I asked
the English-speaking Frenchman.
"No," he replied, ' We remain open
indefinitely. We want Mexican friend
ship, and this is the best way to get
It.' When they know French they'll
like us Trade with Us."
The United States was fleeing the
field on the verge of a great and in
calculably beneficial moral victory. Un
cle Sam spiking his own guns!
Hun propagandists during the war
had kept dinning this at Mexico: "The
United States can't fight, will not
fight." Then Robert II. Murray, head
of the U. S. committee on public in
formation here, conceived a brilliant
No .Advance
In Price!
is sold at the same
ferir price as before
the war.
Its high Quality is
always maintained
and its delicious
flavor and practical
economy make it in
creasingly popular.
There's a Jessori
"papers, Murray established an English
school with five capacity classes.
With no money except for legitimate
display advertising ,of Liberty bond
campaigns, and few assistants, he
fought the Herman subsidized press to
a standstill and a backdown.
Mexico's quota on U. S. Liberty
loans was oversubscribed more than
100 per cent, a large ntfmber of the
bonds being bought by Mexicans.
Murray exhibited the U. S. war film,
"Pershing'cs Crusaders," at the largest
movie house in the capital, at a time
when Pershing's popularity in Mexico
wasn't exactly high.
It took 25 Mexican policemen "o
minutes to halt pro-German demon
strations in the audience when Persh
ing and Old Glory flashed on tho
screen. But by the time the last
reel unwound, there was nothing but
applause. The Germans had packed
blocks of the audience, with instruc-
tions to "raise hell." They did. And
they got it in turn. They were drag
ged into the streets by the police and
never returned.
Mexico must have been impressed
with the campaign, for shortly after
ward a queer incident occurred.
A woman rowed across the Kio
Grande at Laredo one night. She might
have walked across the international
bridge unmolested. Instead, she even
jumped into the water to excite the
American sentry's suspicion.
Search revealed a waterproof pack
et in her corset, a message in code.
Deciphered, It proved one of the most
important finds of the war, accord
ing to American officials.
A short time afterward our state
department announced interception of
the Zimmermann note urging Mexico
to war on the United States and of
fering as bait parts of California. Tex
as, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado
and Utah.
Few outside the American state de
partment know how the Zimmermann
note was secured, but down along the
Rio Grande they're still talking about
the woman and her waterproof cor
set. The general opinion is that a high
Mexican official used his own way of
tipping off this Hun plot to the United
Stales without. Involving himself.
(Continued from Pace One)
the organisation in operation at the
various other domestic ports are work
ing under a scale allowed them some
months ago by the shipping board and
to which the local representative of
stevedores and shippers fully agreed In
conference held in New Orleans about
six months ago. This. It Is maintained,
is all the local longshoremen are hold
ing out for.'
Members of the central women's
shipbuilders picnic have found the pub
lic generous in their donations for the
Fourth of July frolic. Donations for
r "-eshtnents have been ample and. the
women will spend a busy day today
in preparing "eats" for the frolic
3, 1919.
Plant Cowpeas In July for Hay
There is no better hay than good cow
pea hay. The greatest trouble with cow
re hay la in curing. This is especially
true in Florida during the rainy season
ind it is during the rainy season that the
Florida farmer wants to raise cowpeaa.
But if they are sown during July they
will mature In the fall when there Is not
so much danger of rain, because the rainy
season will have passed. ,
The peas win not only furnish hay, but
mended that rowpeas be planted In rows
from 24 to SO inches apart. This wi:i
require about half a bushel of 6eed to te
acre. One or two cultivations should b
given. Among the best varltles are
Brabham and Iron.
The peas will nott only furnish hay, but
they will protect and enrich the land
during summer.
Falls Tires
A medium priced tire,
giving greatest mileage for
least money.
The BEST tire on the
market for Ford cars.
F. S. Melleo Co.
Distributors. Phone 334
r; . 1 -
O f I "THK Trt5 IS a i
The "Jane," owned by W. A. Dun
ham, and operated by the Hyer Launch
C-enpany, has been entered in the
Fourth" of July races at Fort Barrancas
against the navy speed boats find the
Benjamin K. K." The "Benjamin" is
Capt. Bennie Edmundson's entry
(Continued from Page One)
here are working very energetically,,
but they need the co-operation of the (
business men of the city an dthe busi
ness men should not wait to be called
on for subscriptions, but should volun
tarily come forward with their stock t
"The business men Interested In this
movement are assured that It will be
properly managed and will prove a suc
cess. As soon as sufficient amount of
stock is subscribed the stockholders
will be called together for a prelimi
nary organization an deverythlnsT that
is done will be open to the stockhold
ers, as well as to the public."
Sweet Dreams is called great
mosquito remedy because It does a
great service to a great degree of sat
isfaction. All over Dixie it work continuously
and , tirelessly every night. For the
sick, the well, the young, the weak,
the "old or the strong; Sweet Dreams
works, works, works.
For the rich or the poor. Sweet
Dreams works just the same. Xo
favoritism Is displayed at any time
or place.
Can't you allow Sweet Dreams to
become your mosquito remedy?
It keeps mosquitoes off to a great
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where. Adv.

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