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"Women of the canning: center spent
busy and successful day yesterday
taking in a demonstration on soup
mixtures, given by Miss Grace An
drews. Okra, tomatoes, peaches and
figs were canned.
The Calendar Society of the Gads
den Street Methodist Church, will
meet this afternoon with Mrs. W. H.
Oppenborn, of North Ninth avenue.
All members are asked to attend.
stage during the performance Tuesday
night. - - -
Mrs. E. B. Pfeiffer, who underwent
an operation Tuesday at a hospital
in Boston, near which place she is
visiting her father. Captain Frank
Cooney and family, 'is doing well ac
cording to a telegram received by her
husband here last nfght. the many
Pensacola friends of the family will
be interested, in knowing.
The name of Judge E. D. Beggs was
omitted Wednesday from the Jour
nal's list of Pensacola lawyers who
protested against the disbarment pro
ceedings Instituted against II. S.
Misses Fodie Massey and Mary
Burns, of the traffic department, and
Mrs. Nettie Stearns, of the commer
cial department of the local Southern
Bell Telephone company, have re
turned from Savannah, where they
were delegates for the division conference.
Miss Elsie Wright, prima donna of
the Bernstein Dixie Daisy troupe, per
forming this week at the Pastime, was
unable to appear yesterday and last
night on account of Illness and her
physician asserts thai It will be nec
essary for her to remain In for a few
days more. She was stricken on the
Mrs. . Dave Gunderscheimer and
daughter, Janice Fannie, left on the
morning train yesterday to visit Mrs.
Gunderscheimer's sister, Mrs. Dr. R.
Jonas, of Mobile.
Thursday night. All members of the
choir are urged to be present and
any one else that can sing is invited
to come.
Charles H. Allen, publisher of the
Montgomery Advertiser, and family,
are at the San Carlos, for a summer
The Epworth League of the Gads
den Street Methodist church will have
Its regular monthly business meeting
tonight. .Members will meet at the
church and go to the Missing Link
by automobile for a picnic supper,
after which the business meeting will
be held. Automobile reservations may
be made through Miss Alice Free
man, telephone 1329.
Choir rehearsal will be held at 8
o'clock at East Hill Baptist church,
W. W. Flournoy. of DeFvmiak. can
didate for United States senator from
Florida, Is in town for a short time.
Interior decorating of the San Car-
,uo win iouow the $15,000 ex- J
terior improvements being made, ac
cording to Manager Hervey. Furni
ture in every room in the hotel is be
ing done over as part of the plan
for completingly refurbishing the
Fines of 1 each were imposed of
21 defendants in the recorder's court
yesterday for violation of the bicycle
ordinance, which prohibits sidewalk
riding. They ranged in age from 9
to 4f0.
Rolling lunch stand vendors strong
ly protested the ordinance introduced
against what they claim are their
Interests, Monday at the meeting of
the board of city commissioners. The
protest is signed by six operators of
the wagons.
Members of the Pensacola Kiwanis
Club will be guests of T. G. Tebsult.
fl.anager of the Harrington Motor Com
pany, at an old time fish and fowl din
ner at one o'clock this afternoon. The
party will leave the San Carlos at noon
and motor to Mr. Tebaulfs place at Ks-
cambia. The official notification of the
dinner follows:
Attention. Kiwanlan!
Kiwanian "Tee" D. Tebault, of the
Harrington Motor Company, has Issued
an invitation to the Braves of our tribe
to dine at his old fishing and hunting
crounas, me old Kkinner Dlace near Ks-
cambla. where he now camps. Thursday,
Ju!y 3rd. at the first hour arter noon,
and enjoy wi.h him an old-time fish
and fowl dinner.
Therefore, take notice an assemble at
the San Carlos Hotel on or before twelve
sharp Thursday to be escorted on the
trip. If you have a car notify me by
phone (292) or in persen the number of
passengers your car can accommodate.
Kvery member is expected to be present
at the roll call.
i-ome important
discussed at this session. The by-laws
wii: be ready and adoped.
This is the last meeting the club will
have before "Buffalo Bill" Wright de-1
parts for other hunting grounds, and ho
promises to give us ten minutes of good
live amusement and fun.
Let the lion roar. anJ be prepared to '
boost the club yell.
cn m Entertainment Com
rate days in Mc Virginia
"Dear Father: You will be in a pother about
my long delay. I arrived here late Tuesday night
after an encounter with wolves in the woods about
7 miles west of the river. I , have fortunately se
cured four pounds of choice seeds of tobacco, but
I cannot fetch them until the mare is recovered
from the cruel work of the wolves."
A Virginia latter of 1647
VIRGINIA tobacco, makes the
best-tasting cigarette
Virginia cigarettes have a zest, a relish
and an appetizing freshness that smokers cf
other cigarettes never get at all.
But, to enjoy Virginia tobacco at its best,
smoke it straight not mixed with other to
baccos. Only then do you get Virginia's full
flavor and all of that keen relish that makes
a cigarette a smoke.
Just try this out for yourself in a Piedmont
The IMrginia Cigarette
NOTE Virginia tobacco is grown here in the U.S. A
Unlike foreign-grown tobaccos it carries no Import duty.
Import duty doesn't make a cigarette any better it
merely adds to its cost. Piedmonts give you better
value because i your money bui tofcacco quality.
20 for 18 cents
Toledo, Ohio. July 2. Jess Wlllard
and Jack Dempsey will go into the
ring for the heavyweight champion
ship contest tomorrow with bare hands
and all bandaging and taping; will bo
done in view of the spectators and sec
onds of the heavyweight rivals. This
announcement was made today by Tex
Rickard, promoter of the contest The
I decision to request the boxers to ban
dage their hands In the ring Is re
I garded as a victory for Willard, who
I protested against Dempsev"s Diana to
adjust the tape; and bandages on his
hands while in the dressing room.
"What amount of tape and bandage
will be used has not been determin
ed, but Willard said he would insist
upon a thin layer of cotton surgical
landages and only enough tape to
ho. 3 the bandages in place. Rickard
and the referee Ollie Record, probably
will make a decision in this regard
Final arrangements regarding the
details of the big contest were com
pleted at a conference between the
boxers, managers and Rickard and each j
camp knows Just what is expected of
the principals and their second brig
ade. The boxers will . wear especially
made 5-ounce gloves and each will
be allowed to have five seconds in
their corners including the manager or
adviser as the case may be. The toss
for choice of corners will not be
made until the day of the battle.
Elaborate preparations are being
made to report the contest on a scale
exceeding anything of the kind at
previous ring battles. Noted sport and
specialty writers from all parts of the
country and Canada are present or
enroute and hundreds of seats have
been reserved in various sections of
the arena for their accommodation.
There will be more than fifty wires
set up at the ring side to carry the
reports from the scene of the conflict
to every portion of America and to
cable points for European service.
Special airplane service for the pho
tographers has been planned and from
theee low flying planes expert camera
men, some of whom servec? in the sam
capacity with the army abroad, will J
take film after film of the fighters '
in action and the scenes in and around
the arena. Immediately the contest is
finished several of these planes plan
non-stop flights to Chicago and New
York in order that the photographs
may be available for reproduction in
Saturday papers. The most ambitious
proposal, however, is a scheme to fly
with the picture to tie Pacific coast
in two relays. These photographs
will have no connection with the mov
ing pictures taken at the ringside for
exhibition purposes. The movie man
will occupy a platform erected atop
a high steel column from which point
of vantage they can film the
scene and every portion of the fight
stadium. This column has been so plac
ed that it will not obstruct the view
o' any of the spectators and the height
of the platform lifts It above the
line of vision of the loftiest row of
scats in the arena.
Tokio. July 1. (A. P. Correspond
ence.) Japan occupied at the peace
conference a special position she was
disinterested in the problems con
cerned with the accident but greatly
interested in the questions bound up
with far east Takashi Hara, the prime
tniniator has told the editor of a
French magazine published at Tokio.
The premier said:
"Japan went to the peace conference
with the desire to take an active part
in its work and to participate in all J
questions that might arise. Why?
Because Japan is sincerely attached
to the cause of right and Justice. She
has proved it by closely cooperating
with the allies and by subscribing
without reserve to the fourteen propo
sitions of President Wilson; she never
hesitated to Join with the promoters
of the League of Nations.
"Like the French, English and Amer
ican peoples, we wish a permanent
peace, better and more open relations
between nations, a happier humanity.
And we believe we are in a good po
sition to Judge things from the point
of view of Justice and right because
we had fewer interests under discus
sion thv Europe and the United
States. Our attitude is impartial and
our delegates at Paris showed the good
faith, sincerity and openness of our
"However, violent criticisms nave
been addressed to us. Japan has been
represented as an ambitious, war-loving,
aggressive nation. The proceeding
cabinet suffered the same accusations
which were not merited. I can assure
you ray government is doing its best
not to cause discontent; to- disregard
proceedings which might be thought
to bear ft reprehensive character. The
peace conference has given us an oc
casion: to show -Wi were not guilty
)t what bad b4C reproached to us."
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