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LOIS C MATES. President and General Manager.
Conducted from 181 J to 1916 Under the Editorship and
Management oT CoL Frank TU. Mayes.
American Newspaper lMtsrters' Association
Florida Press Association
Southern Newspaper Publishers' Association
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win be discontinued on expiration data.
Jov-ntl Bld.. Cor.
fntendencla and De
Luna Streets.
Editorial Room. 88
Business Office. ,11M
TRe Aaaoclatad Pre la eselustrely entitled to th naa
for "republication of aU newa credited to It or not other
wise credited In thla paper and also to local news pu.
Entered n second class matter at the rosrorflce in
Pen a cola. Florid:., under Act of Congress, March 3. 189
Represent In the Gentral Advertising Field ty
Kew Tora. Chicago. Detroit. Kanaaa Clt7. Atlanta
Every revolutionist, from the days of Absa
lom down, has complained of "Officialdom."
The near-Bolshevists of this country complain
about the number of our oficials and the inter
ference of officials in the affairs of everyday
Max Eastman, Chrystal Eastman, John Reed,
A. Rhys Williams, Raymond Robbins, and other
American defenders of Bolshevism, talk as
though that wa3 the Realm of the Blessed, the
Home of Freedom, the place where everybody
lived like everybody else, had plenty to eat and
wear and where there was little law and few of-
We all know that under the czar, Russia was
cursed as "The Land of Officeholders."
Now, it just so happens that a body of Euro
pean socialists, who were a bit suspicious of Le
nine and Trotzky, looked into this matter. It
was difficult to get any information, but they
finally succeeded in securing figures as to one
This province had 12 administrative districts
or counties. In the 12 districts, there was a to
tal of 275 office holders under the czar. This
was an average of 23 officeholders to the district.
Under the Bolshevists, in five districts of this
same province, there are 495 officeholders. This
is an average of 99 office holders to the district.
In other word3, there are more than four
times as many officeholders under the Bolshevist
as there were under the czar, and there were too
many officeholders under the czar.
The natural result is given in the Isvestya,
Bolshevist organ, of Dec. 1, 1918. It says:
"With few exceptions, the mass of our officials
are apathetic even to death, and appear only
twice a month to draw their salaries."
It is a safe bet, however, that they show up
at all elections of Soviets, etc.
Trotzky had a Tammany training in New York.
Trotzky is sure to apply in Russia the Tam
many principle of "Give every man who can con
trol votes for us a profitable job with nothing
to do."
Knowing Trotzky and his training, it could
nave been predicted in advance that, under the
Bolshevists, there would be a steady increase in
the number of officials and a steady decrease in
the amount of work done for the government,
It is interesting to have the socialists of Eu-
rope confirming this as a fact.
It is time the city and county authorities took
some steps to put a stop to speeding on Palafox.
Hardly a day goes by that there is not mention of
some local automobile accident in the daily
papers, yet speeding goes merrily on, and he who
owns a car may run it at his own sweet wlil.
TVoa M'Vtr wrallr oa u-oll aa tViica wVa !1a Vin.,n'
. "V.," " VT 7 I
ers, the local police might well take some steps 1 13 r?ally the flafi: rePresing the letter "J" in
to enforce laws in relation to bicycling, and ifithe mternational code which is the universal
there are no such satisfactory laws, ordinances (language of the sea with the colors reversed,
might be introduced which will put a stop to the The design was selected principally because it
reckless way in which the bicycle riders dash clashes in no way with any existing national
about the streets with no signals, no regard to i
right of way, or any other safeguards for th
protection of the public.
Between the automobile and the bicycle boy,
with his swift and noiseless approach, it is not
to be wondered at that there are so many acci
dents, but that there are so comparatively few,
when there is nothing to prevent such accidents,
except the will of those who use the thorough
fares as speedways.
We see by the papers that there has been a
snow in the north temperate zone of Texas.
Still another attempt, according to Madrid
dispatches, has been made on the life of King
Alfonso of Spain. This latest effort to do away
with the king occurred a week ago, at the open
ing of the new Spanish parliament. Fortunately,
the authorities were forewarned of the plot of
the anarchists and by a change of plans at the
opening of the session the conspiracy was frus
King Alfonso, although the 13th ruler of his
dynasty, has borne a charmed life since his ac
cession to the throne of Spain. At least a dozen
attempts against his life have been made, and
as many more anarchistic plots have been nipped
in the bud by the vigilance of the secret police.
One of the earliest attempts upon his life was
in Madrid in 1902, when an anarchistic plot with
ramifications extending throughout the city was
uncovered by the police. Dynamite cartridges,
which were to have been used in the attempt,
were seized.
On June 1, 1903, an anarchist attempted to as
sassinate Alfonso while he was visiting in Paris.
As the king, accompanied by President Loubet,
drove away from a gala performance of the
opera an anarchist threw a bomb in the direc
tion of the royal carriage. The projectile struck
a soldier belonging to the cuirassier escort, on
the shoulder, and then fell to the ground and
exploded without injuring the king or the presi
dent, who continued their drive to the Palace
On May 9, 1906, the king and his sister, Inf ahta
Maria Theresa, were stoned as they were riding
in an automobile from the railway station in
Madrid to the royal palace. The princess was
slightly injured.
Alfonso's narrowest escape came a few weeks
later, on the day of his marriage in Madrid to
Princess Ena of Battenberg. Shortly after the
royal bridal procession left the cathedral a bomb
was thrown from the window of a high build-
.ing, and probably would have exploded in the
royal coach itself had its course not been de
flected by an electric light wire. A score of per
sons were killed and twice that number injured.
But neither the king nor the queen received a
Many other attempts have been made on the
life of the king. In 1903 a lunatic fired a shot
at him as he was returning from church with
his mother. In January, 1904, a bomb was found
under a bench-outside the palace, and in Novem
ber, 1905, cartridges were exploded in the church
of San Pedro, Madrid, whilc he was attending
the service there. In 1908 a bomb was thrown
at him in Barcelona. In 1911 he narrowly escap
ed death at Malaga, while he was en route from
Madrid to Morocco, accompanied by Premier
Canalejas, who later met deah at the hand of
an assassin. The royal party were met at the
railway station in Malaga by a great crowd,
which followed the carriage as it was driven to
ward the palace of the governor. As the king
entered the palace there was an explosion in the
crowd. The official investigation revealed the
fact that a bomb, evidently intended for his ma
jesty, had exploded prematurely.
It is recalled that on the occasion of his last
visit to England King Alfonso was heard to de
clare that he had no expectation of dying in his
bed, and that when the end came it would come
very suddenly. King Alfonso is a fatilist, and
makes no secret of the fact.
In a room at the royal palace in Madrid the
king keeps a collection of criminal curios by
which his life has ben endangered. Amongst
them are the knife with which a ruffian tried
to assassinate the young monarch when he was
a boy, the skin of the horse which was killed by
a bomb in Paris, some mementoes of the roval
wedding day outrage.
The people of Spain are of the belief that their
king will never meet with a violent death, for
they say he bears a charmed life. And the way
(he escapes from all plots made against him cer
tainly seems marvelous.
The ensign adopted for the League of Na
tions has three broad horizontal stripes, the top
and bottom bein white and the center blue.
Congressman La Guardia charges the war de
partment with an itch for spending money. Well,
the people scratched for it, didn't they?
- We have a lot of doughboys in Europe who
would be glad to take over the Mexican situation
if that will hurry their home-coming.
Baron Makino has been admitted to the coun
cil of the Big Four. This i3 Makino discrimina-
jtion against races.
Toklo. Correspondence of Associated
Pre. For the first time in the his
tory of Japan the people hare cheered
their monarch. Popular celebrations
were held in Toklo to celebrate the
fiftieth anniversary of the removal of
"nperiai capital from Kioto to
Tokio and the thirtieth
or tne establishment r.r
- . aviwu a.3 p
For two days the tannin e ,. me
tropolis gve themselves up to en
thusiastic rejoicing-. The city was gay
wud. festoons, flags and magnificent
evergreen arches.
Emperor Yoshihito. with his escort,
and Crown Prince Hlrohito drove,
through the crowded streets in
open coaches and bowed in acknowl
edgement of the respectful "banzai"
of the multitudes.
In the past the emperor of Japan
has rarely made his appearance in
tne public streets and has always
been received with silent homage. The
recent ovation after the western Idea
is regarded as a democratic approach
of the emperor to his people. In oth
er words, Japan is responding; to the
democratic spirit abroad in the world.
The municipality presented to the
emperor and empress several historic
documents and pictures concerning;
the capital. The pavilion used for
the principal ceremonies in Ueno park
was specially ererted in pure Japa
nese style, the roof being thatched
with the bark of cryptomerias and the
outer walls being covered with green
cryptomeria leaves. The walls inside
were beautifully decorated with fold
dust and covered with screens and
curtains having designs of flower
and birds.
A procession reconstructing the an
cient daimyo corteges and lanterns
and flag processions were Included in
the celebration which was commem
orated also, by the Issuing of a special
postage stamp.
Every house, from richest to poor
est, bore in front an exquisite paper
lantern surmounted by a spray of
cherry blossom flowers.
Skill, not Money
is the Secret of
Successful Advertising
TTU mArtim
fmrry-Hmmly Mdwrntimmg Cm.
A'c Ortmmn. , La.
3, 1919.
If you wish to advertise then you should either
study the science of advertising or else place
yourself under the guidance of a man or firm
whom you have reason to believe does know the
science of advertising, and is honest.
Isn't it reasonable that a man who has made a study of adver
tising as a profession, who has proven his efficiency, is better
able to conduct a campaign and to practice the science of ad
vertising than a business man who will attempt the study of
advertising as a mere side issue?
There are millions of unproductive dollars expended in adver
tising every year. Considering the present position of advertising
as a science and the number of available agents and experts who
arc known to thoroughly understand their business, this loss
must be charged to the advertisers.
A man would riot ordinarily attempt to qualify as his own law
yer or doctor, and unless he is a thorough student and skilled
in the science of advertising he should not attempt to qualify
and properly conduct an important advertising campaign.
Consult woith ameaf the recognised and accredited Advertising Agencies named beUtc. Alleta erne
them J submit mm antline lie serwice they are prepared to reader. Yea may be assured
that an invitatien call wilt be appreciated and that ma abligatitm whatsoever will be incurred.
Baaham Company, Thomas &, Louisville, Ky.
Cecil, Barret and Cecil, Ine, Richmond. Va.
Chambers Agency, Inc, Kew Orleans, La.
Chesman and Company Nelson, Chattanooga, Tenn.
Ferry-Hanly Advertising Co, Kew Orleans, La.
Johnson-Dallis Company, Atlanta, Ga.
Massengale Advertising Agency Atlanta, Ga.
Staples and Staples, Inc. Richmond. Va.
Thomas Advert isia Service, The JacLaormlls Fla.
Members Southern Council,
American Association of Advertising Agencies
-J3 SATTgCfiep j

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