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I 1 iS? (Q) (O IL O
-f. I -
. a,, - ., ii ....iii
honor to the Kngllshmen
; Who made the ocean flight,
Two thousand miles across the sea
straight as
homing bird through
" And Icy sleet they flew.
Tor. trans-Atlantic voyagers
To et a record new.
laurel for the sturdy plane
; That took the trying trip.
1And glory for the pair whose names
? Are now on every lip;
Jiut on the bulletin of fame
Forget not to display
hat a Yankee in the NC-4
IS Was first to blaze the way.
'. Miss Jessie Pauline McKlnna arrived
in Pensacola yesterday morning from
Jlrunswick, Ga.. to visit as the guest
f her sister. Alias Agness McKlnnn
asocial welfare worker for Kseambia
Miss McKlnna Is assistant
public health nurse in Brunswick and
r"has the same winsomeness and charm
"of manner and attractive personality
'that has won for her sister so many
-friend durin.7 her stay here. Miss
t"StcKlnna is greatly interested in her
Members of the' Priscilla Club of the
F"irst Christian Church and invited
guests enjoyed a delightful afternoon
Tuesday when the club held its second
donation meeting with Mrs. A. F.
Paderick and Mrs. J. M. Fleming as
hostess, at the home of Mrs. Padcrick
on West Cervantes street.
Feathery golden yellow wild flowers
white and yellow daisies, with green
ery, formed a lovely background for
the scene of the afternoon's pleasure,
and from a table covered with Bat
tenburg over yellow satin and out
lined with traceries of yellow vinery,
delicious orcnge punch was served all
during the afternoon. A number of
handsome Vnd useful articles were
brought an'l placed on display for
the annual bazaar to be held in De
cember. Games were played during
the afternoon and at its close an ice
course carrying out the color motif of
yellow andfWhite. was served. Mrs.
Paderick ami Mrs. Fleming were as
sisted in enVertaining by Mrs. 1. Not
tingham and Miss Kthel Paderick.
Of cordial Interest to niunerous
friends in Pensacola is the marriage
of Kit-hard Monroe Gray, son of Mrs.
ry when the ublic health work Paul Gray, of this city, to Miss Marv
-a $ first egun in Brunswick interest Lee Peatty. an attractive society girl
"Aas rapidly grown and the Public j of Birmingham, which was .juietly
fealth Service of that place now j solemnized in that city on tbe -Stn or
o clock in the evening, in
the presence of the immediate fam-
5 work In Georgia and reports that since
I&oasts R staff of ten with two nurses, i June, at
f tie public health physician, one road
Sanitation physician, and four gov
ernment specialists. Miss Agnes Mc
JKlrna visited Olive yesterday in con
nection with her follow up work with
'Lj".. 'P00' children here and was ac-l-companled
by her sister. This is
ilies and intimate friends. Immed
iately irfter the ceremony Mr. iuvl
Mrs. Gray left for Chattanooga, and
on their return from their wedding
journey, will make their home oa
South 10th avenue. Mr. Gray left Pen-
HSnss McKlnna'D first visit to this part saiola for Birmingham several years
kf Florida and she expressed herself
as teing quite pleased with what she
tfiad seen of Pensacola and near vicin
ity and with the many natural ad-
Vantages found here.
The Woman's Missionary Society
J.Of the Kast Hill Baptist church will
.Jtold their regular monthly business
.meeting at the church this afternocn
t&t 1:30 o'clock. All members are urged
,'io be present and all ladles of the
Church are cordially invited to at-
The latest organization to come into
the National Federation of Business
and Ilrofessional Women to be effect
ed in St. Louis July 14-18, in the
Federation of Women's Civil Service
organizations, of which Mrs. Anna
Martin Crocker, of New York City,
is president.
On June 12th, the board of governors
of th': federation passed a resolution !
that they would recommend the affili- I
ation of their body with the St. Louis
convention, and they believed that this j
resolution which will be brought up j
for ratification at the September con- j
vention of Civil Service organizations j
will pass without" oppsition.
The only southern state in which
the women's civil service employees
have organized is New Orleans, but
civil service employees all over the I
country are vitally interested in the '
federation movement, since one of the J
three campaigns proposed for the fed
eration's first year's work is Civil
Service reform.
Woman Bank President.
Among the many business women
of wealth and influence to come into
the federation as individuals, a strik- ,
ing figure is Mrs. C. P. Adams, of
Dallas. Texas, the only woman in the j
United States who has the right to t
sign $10.00 bills.
Mrs. Adams' career as a business
woman began some years ago. when
she said to her husband one day that
he was working too hard and would
wear himself out.
"What would the children and I do
if anything were to happen to you?"
she remonstrated, and he answered,
'"Why. you coud take over the business
ago and has since made his homo in
the Alabama city, where he Is sue- I and handle it as well as I can.
cessfully engaged in business.
i . . . . ii
Summer Complaint Quickly Relieved.
"About two years ago when suffer
ing from a severe attack of summer
complaint. I took Chamberlain's Colic
and Diarrhoea Remedy and it relieved
me almost instantly." writes Mrs.
Henry Jewett, Clark Mills. N. Y. This
is an excellent remedy for colic and
diarrhoea and should be kept ai hand
by every family. Adv.
Two hours later, he dropped dead.
Mrs. Adams immfdi:itp'v assumed
the care of his business, but she 1
always said that she could never have
done it if it had not been for the con
fidence infused into her by her hus- 1
band's belief in her ability. i
The business was a fish market, and I
her first task when she took .it over !
was to learn every method she could i
find for the proper preparation, cook- .
ing, and serving of sea-food. She als
learned to gauge the portions, so that
when a house-wife came to her for
An Extraordinary Special Selling- of
Dresses, Waists, Skirts, Petticoats
Today, Thursday, July 3rd
Never has a higher order of value giving prevailed, not a more
complete or varied collection of apparel, things that you really need
for the many celebrations of our Glorious Fourth. All priced to
you at a saving.- Come early tomorrow. We close all day Friday.
One lot Linene Skirts One lot Gingham Dresses gJ
One lot Poplin Skirts, black and (JfT One lot Corsets, Odds and Ends tfJ-J1
navy, at 9J at 91.
One lot Middies J- One lot Voile and Organdy (1JQ QO
at 91. Dresses at Di.iO
50 Fitrite Petticoats, Figured Q- One lot Silk Camisoles J-
Sateens, at tpAeD at 91.
One lot Wirthmor Waists, (T- New Shipment Well worth and (0 TA
at 91. Wirthmor Waists, $1.50 andD3"
9 South Palafox
"Where Style and Quality Reigns Supreme'
11 South Palafox
JT tlx 137- IPourtlii
f 1 s
Society Will Be Recreating
The water is cool the sun is hot. The result is an exodus to
ward the pleasure resorts, wheth er it be the urchin who hikes to
the "Swimmin' Hole," or the rest of the family who go the coolest
and quickest way to the lake or ocean, and both obtain the same
result comfort and recreation.
Which puts one in mind of Outing Shoes. We have them;
every style, kind and grade, from the "comfy" ones for pa and
ma, to the very classy, nifty ones for sister. Also Bathing Shoes
to go with the latest edict in bathing costumes, and with fitting
qualities which show off a pretty ankle to advantage.
While you are buyiner Outing and Bathing Shoes, do not fail
to see the hosiery to match. Fast colors to withstand sun and salt
water and at reasonable prices.
Suggestions for July Outing:
a purchase, she could tell her just
how much of any article would be
needed for a family without waste,
and just how to prepare it. The busi
ness grew, and is now worth at least
In the meantime, it was always Mrs.
Adams' ambition to be president of
a bank, and this dream came true af
ter she had been far seeing enough to
1 hold oil lands that had been consid
ered worthless, and are now yielding
an output that means for Mrs. Adams
i an annual income of millions.
That is the reason she can sign
4 bank notes, and it is also the reason
j why her out-spoken interest in th?
I federation idea is an influential ele
ment in the advertisement of the new
The nine new state federations ef
fected during June in the south are
busy these early days of July selecting
their delegates to the national conven
tion in St. Louis July 14-18, and very
many of the individual clubs are send
ing representatives. Among those al
ready appointed are: Miss Af,nes Mor
ris state federation, Louisiana:
Judge Kenneth Charlton, a promi
nent jurist of Alabama, and Mrs.
Charlton, of Birmingham, are visiting
in Pensacola as guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Bleeker Forbes and Mr. and Mrs.
Hal Forbes. They stopped here en
route home from New Orleans, where
they spent the past week. Mr. a.id
Mrs. Bleeker Forbes are also enter
taining as guests at their home, Mr.
and Mrs. K. C. Bolton, of Birmingham.
Xearly all the states have adopted
an official flower, says the American
Forestry Association, of Washington.
E. C, and in those that have not the
questions is up i'or discussion. The
flowers by states follow:
Arizona, Giant Cactus.
Arkansas, Apple Blossom.
California, Golden Poppy.
Colorado, Blue Columbine.
Connecticut, Mountain Laurel.
Miss ! Delaware, Peach Blossom
White Oxfords
White Sport Shoes
White Pumps
White Tennis Oxfords
$3 to $10
White Sport Oxfords
White Tennis Shoes
White Hosiery White Polish
"Everything in Shoes But Feet'
113 South Palafox
Phone r5yo
! Sarah Pearson, Algiers, La., the AVo
1 man s Club of Y. AV. C. A.. New Or
' lean; Miss V. K. "Williamson, V. K. V.
I Club, New Orleans; Dr. Lela Taylor,
i Birmingham Association of Business
and Professional Women, Birming
ham, A!a.; Mrs. T. B. Andrews, Mont
gomery Association of Business and
Professional Women, Montgomery,
, Ala.; Miss Floyd, and Miss Jessie Wau
I chope. Business Girls' Club, Tampa,
j Florida; Miss Klein, Professional Wo-
men's Club. Little Rock, Ark.; Dr.
Ida Joe Brooks, state delegate from
Arkansas; Mrs. E. W. Carroll, stati
federation, Georgia; Miss Rosa Lee
Pritchard, Business Girls' Club, An
niston. Ala.; Miss Sarah Rice, Charles
ton. S. C; Miss Jim Perry. Green -i
ville, . C: and Dr. O. L. Hatcher, of
Richmond, A'irginia.
Complimenting Mrs. B. M. Starks.
of Louisville, who will spend the
Fourth in the city as the gueiii, of Mr.
! and Mrs. C. B. Hervey and attend the
yacht regatta. Mrs. Hervey will en
tertain with two tables of bridge this
morning, including among her guests
Mrs. Paul Stewart and g'tests. the
Misses P-ice. of Chicago; Mrs. J. L.
Hughes. Mrs. Thomas Brent. Mrs. El
lis Knowles. Mrs. W. K. liver and
Mrs. R. F. Mitchell.
To Banish Wrinkles and
Freshen Up Quickly
Florida, Orange Blossom.
Georgia, Cherokee Rose.
Idaho, Syringa.
Illinois, Violet.
Indiana, Carnation.
Iowa, Wild Rose.
Kansas. Sun Flower.
Kentucky, Trumpet Vine.
Louisiana, Magnolia.
Maine, Pine Cone and Tassel.
Massachusetts, Mayflower.
Michigan, Apple Blossom.
Montana, Bitter Root.
Lemon Juice
For Freckles
Girts! Make beauty lotion at
home for a few cents. Try It!
Squeeze the juice of two lemons into
a bottle containing three ounces of or
chard white, shake well, and you have
a quarter pint of the best freckle ana
Un lotion, and complexion beautifler.
at very, very small cost.
Your grocer has the lemons anoany
drug 6tore or toilet counter will supply
three ounces of orchard white for
few cents. Massage this sweetly fra
grant lotion Into the face, neck, arme
ind hands each day and see how freck
les and blemishes disappear and ho
elear, soft and white the skin booomos.
tr ! It Is harmless. Adv.
SCebraska, Goldenrod.
Nevada, Sage Brush.
New Mexico, Cactus.
New York, Rose.
North Carolina. Daisy.
(North Dakota, Wild Prairie Rose.
Ohio, Scarlet Carnation.
Oklahoma. Mistletoe.
Oregon, Oregon Grape.
Rhode Island, Violet.
South Dakota. Pasque Flower.
Texas, Blue Bonnet.
Utah. Sego Lily.
Washington, Rhodendron.
Lose of Appetite.
As a general rule there is nothing
serious about a loss of appetite, and
you skip a meal or only eat two meals
a day for a few days you will soon
have a relish for your meals When
meal time comes. Rear In mind that
at least five hours should always
elapse between meals so as to give
the food ample time to digest and the
stomach a period of rest before a
second meal is taken. Then if you
eat no more than you crave and take
a reasonable amount of outdoor ex
ercise every day you will not need to
worry about your appetite. When the
loss of appetite is caused by consti
pation as is often the case, that should
be corrected at onoe. A dose of
Chamberlain's Tablets will do It.
After a strenuous day outdoors,
when winds, heat and exhaustion
have combined to take away one's
freshness and caused the skin to
wrinkle and sag or after a tedious
or fretful day indoors one often has
urgent need for some quick rejuvena
tor. Maybe there's a dance on for the
evening, or some other socir.l event.
How in the world can one make her
self presentable, look.ng as she does?
It's quite easy.
Just get an ounce of powdered sax
olite and a half pint witch hazel at
the nearest drug stere. mix the two
and bathe the face in the solution for
two or three minutes. Then look into
your mirror and behold the wonderful
transformation! Wrinkles have van
ished, loose, tired muscles have been
I rested and "firmed up," marks of fa
tigue have liown. and you look so
much brighter and younger you can
hardly believe your eyes. No one need
hesitate to try this, the witch hazel
and saxolite being so perfectly harm
less. Adv.
Health's Sake 1
S'df' " "4 Take a Vacation at
n French hick Springs
ii 1 1 y ii
til U X'X Ii n
II at . . .
At French Lick Springs you.
can drink health-giving Pluto
at its source and take the
world-famous baths.
Pluto Water, America's phy
sic, is prescribed by doctors
everywhere for constipation,
rheumatism, kidney trouble
and nervous disorders.
Recreation, too, awaits you at
French Lick riding, golfing, ten
nis and dancing. In equipment,
cuisine and service the fire-proof
hotel is unexcelled.
French Lick is located in
the heart of the Cumberland
hills and is readily reached
via the Monon.

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