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Journal Publishing Company
lXia K. MATES. President and General Manssar.
Conducted from till to ill Under the Edlsorablp and
Maosgeintit ef Cot Frank 1 Mar.
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Florid Press Association
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for republication of an newe credited to It or not other
wise credited, ip thl paper and also to local news puh-
'hea. "
Entered as second class matter at tbe postofflc In
Pensacola. Florida, under Act of Congress. Marc It S. lS7t
Repreaeuted in the Central Advartlsing Field toy
New Tork. Chicago. Detroit. Kansas City. Atlanta
i since forgotten that such men ever set a bar .to
'progress. ' 4
They have gone forward with a high hope and
a God-given courage, and they have blazed the
way for other women to' follow women .who
have taken up the banner and are holding it high,
under the blessing of Heaven, and side by side
with the intelligent manhood of this country. ,
Dr. Shaw lived to do much for the women of
-inr own anrl nrher rnimtrips : she. MvtA tn rlr
' much for her government during the world war;
she lived to see her great hope fulfilled and to
! be present when the Susan B. Anthony suffrage
- In the death of Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, who
"died at Moylan, Pa., on Wednesday evening, at
the age of seventy-one years, America loses one
of the pioneers in woman's work in this country,
and cfeath removes one of the strongest and most
amendment was signed. She and such as she
are too high in ideals, too noble in action, too
consecrated ivt service to need any word of praise,
yet of her it may be truly said :
They cut a path through tangled underwood,
Of old traditions, out to broader ways.
They lived to hear their work called brave and
good, -: .
But oh, the thorns before the crown of bays !
The world gives lashes to its pioneers..
Until the goal is reached then deafening
cheers. Dr. Shaw has known the lashes. But
thank God, she also lived to hear the cheers.
Every once in so of ten the anonymous letter-
writer takes his pen in hand to write a few lines
to The Journal and to make vague threats. The
Journal throws all anonymous communications
into the waste paper basket or turns them over
to the federal authorities, according to their
value or near-value.
One of these anonymous writers, in order to
prove that The Journal is wrong in depicting
ni'cf nroentto -fioriiroa nf fh nop-
Dr. Shaw was well known ' Jn Pensacola, where Psent day conditions in Russia, sends a part
she was entertained by the members of the Pen
sacola Equal Suffrage League, and where she
of a pamphlet dated January, 1918, and a clip
ping from the Appeal to Reason, published in
Kansas months ago, in which its editor offers
ten thousand dollars to the person who will prove
that laws were passed in Russia making women
the property of the state. Kenneth L. Roberts
should receive that award, for in an article ap
pearing in the Saturday Evening Po3t of June
7th he says:
"People have an unpleasant habit of doubting
the authenticity of documents .... I have seen
statements that the famous Saratov decree, na
tionalizing women and making them the com
mon property of any Bolsheviks who wanted
them was a myth. I have the Saratov decree
in my notebook, copied direct from, the printed
sheet which was pasted on the wall of a Saratov
1 1 '- a ' . - 1
school mr. .uoDerts spent many montns in
lectured on equal suffrage, winning many ad
herents to the cause to which she had given the
$est part of a long life.
: Coming as she did from Scotch ancestry, she
inherited many of the sterling qualities of j her
Highland ancestors, and was indeed a pioneer
in the cause of freedom for women, not only that
political freedom to which women are now so
rapidly approaching, but freedom to equal edu
cational rights and freedom in the churches.
In the closing words of her autobiography,
The Story of a Pioneer," Dr. Shaw says: "As
for life's gifts, I have had some of them, too. I
have made many friendships ; I have looked upon
the beauty of many lands ; I have the assurance
f the respect and affectino of thousands of men Russia with the American forces; so hc should
and women I have never even met. Though I : muar.anf i,
I av ww 1VA .VA. 11C a?
e j vejv ea
nave given ail 1 nad, x nave receivea a tnousana
times more than I have given. Neither the
world nor my Cause is indebted to me but from
the depths of a full and grateful heart I acknowl
edge my lasting indebtedness to both." .
Elsewhere in her autobiography she says:
"Every suffrafist I have ever met has been the
lover of home; and only the conviction that she
is fighting for her home, her children, and other
women, or for all of these, has sustained her in
her public work."
Again Dr. Shaw says, speaking of militancy:
Personally I am wholly opposed to it. Militant
methods are undignified, unworthy, in other
words, un-American."
. .r The National Woman Suffrage Association, of
which Dr. Shaw was the official head for so many
years, and of which she has been honorary presi
dent since her health forbade that she should
continue so strenuous a life as the presidency
demanded, has always denounced militancy, and
has invariably used peaceful means in attaining
its ends. Yet the ignorant and those who are
its political enemies have allowed the acts of an
organization which has never been affiliated
with the parent association, and a few wild acts
of individuals, to prejudice them against the
work of the brainiest women in this country
women who have literally given themselves and
all that was theirs for the cause to which they
pledged themselves until woman had come into
her own and had the right to express her con
victions through the ballot.
What a contrast are such women and their ac
tions to bigoted leaders, such as as the one who
rushed into print in The Journal of Thursday
morning. , ;
."Let us then," says this sage, "exert ourselves
in keeping her intact from any of the menial of
fices of government, and raise her to the level
of man in all the highness that appertains to the
protection of her venue, refinement and mother
hood." The gentleman and such as he are quite too
late. Woman does not need his kindly offices.
She has already gone out into the world and is
fast' sweeping it clean and making it safe and
pure for her children. Dr.. Anna Howard Shaw
and other noble, consecrated women, without this
Gov. Catta ia Writing Letter
Florida ia fortunate perhape In
having a governor with pronounced
epistolary tendencies. It arlves the
state a large amount of free adver
tising; and advertising is generally
good for business. Of course there
may be hypercritical individuals who
object to the character of the adver
tising;, but let that pass. It contrib
utes something to the gaiety of the
nation, and is. so far. good. And we
notice that his contributions to epis
tolary literature, whether they are in
tended to strike terror to Washing
ton officialdom, or a imply to end the
connection between some --' laggard
state official and the "public treasury,
are always read with interest and
occasionally with amusement.
The last effusion which we hare
seen from ' his pen Is an enthusiastic
commendation of "Tel -o-Pine OH." Ho
commends Its virtues in high terms
and signs himself "Sidney J. Catts,
governor, state of Florida." If that
doesn't produce a wild rush for
"Tel-o-Plne" from the back country
we shall believe there is no longer
any drawing power In a great name,
Tampa Times.
Another Senatorial Candidate
CoL W. T7". Flournoy, of DeFunlak
Springs, has made a "ringing an
nouncement" of his candidacy for
United States senator. As Colonel
Flournoy was the legal advisor of Gov.
Catts in his gubernatorial campaign,
his announcement for an officewhich
Is was supposed the governor had
pre-empted, has occasioned a ol
deal of comment throughout the state.
There are those who as3ert :t is a
camouflaged candidacy, designed to
divide the opposition and make the
governors election sure. That, of
course, is possible, for all things aro
possible In Florida politics. Still there
is some language in the announce
ment which does not seem to bear
out this view. For instance this which
we extract from his announcement:
"The whisper of the bribe giver, the
corrupt use of money, whether by
friends, corporations, or tru3ts and
dark blots of the anarchist, are not
more baneful or dangerous to our
American institutions . than thy vote
catcher, the demagogue, or he who ,
would pay friendly or political debts
for personal or selfish reasons with
out regard for conscience or merit
and at the expense of the govern
Now, whom could he have been
"alludin' at" when he used such lan
guage as the above? Is there any man
In Florida of whom such language
could be used truthfully? Or is it a
mere figment of Colonel Flourncy's
fertile brain? If there is suc'i a man
The astonishing statement is made that
"there are between 300,000 and 500,000 men and
women in New York city who advocate the forci
ble seizure of property and the overthrow of the
government." This is the statement of Senator
Lusk, chairman of the joint legislative commit
tee investigating seditious activities in New
York. This committee has had the aid of Attorney-General
Charles D. Newton. Senator
Lusk says : "The time has come to make it per
fectly plain that this is not a political but a pat
riotic question."
In commenting on this, Leslie's Weekly says :
"The fault of the United States has been its len
iency toward the revolutionary elements who
have come here from Russia and Central Europe,
and have abused our freedoms Trotzky and his
crowd preached their doctrines in New York to
their heart's content; then went back to Russia,
seized the reins of government and began to put
those doctrines into effect ... No Bolshevist
should be permitted to teach in any school, col
lege or university in the United States. Every
alien Bolshevist should be deported, and every
native bon Bolshevist who attacks his country
should be put behind prison bars."
Asheville has had commission form
of government, with three - commis
sioners is charge for over four years.
The electorate chose good, solid, sub
stantial reliable citizens for these
three posltons. Asheville s experience
has proven the value of commission
government. It is the belief of the
vast majority of the citzens of Ashe
ville that the city is getting more for
its tax money, spent in government
and in public improvements under
commission government than under
holding any office, high or low. in the , the old aldermanlc form of govern
state of Florida, Colonel Flournoy I ment. The records are better kept,
can do some service to an anxous I and the entire business affairs han-
people. In advance of his election, by died on a more thorough and etii
making It known. Come out in the cient business basis, Just as men
open, colonel, and hit square from the I wouia nanaie weir own private , ai-
shoulder. The people win appreciate i ir 01 any corporation, i ne Asne-
it more than concealed innuendo. ,vuie commission government is jus;
Tampa Daily Times. J completing a ssuu.uuu nign scnooi
ouiiaing. Asncon .faric, or xmeen
J acres has been developed into a real
playground. Including a big concrete
Senator Fleteher Right
We agree with Senator Fletcher en
tirely in the Idea that the government
should not now decide to sell the ships
it has built. It should not make a
definite announcement of Its policy,
for such definite announcement would
play. Into the hands of the interests
that would like to buy the ships be
low cost.
We are not In favor of permanent
government operations of ships or of
. During the past year or two an average of one
hundred and fifty marriages have taken place
every week between Australian soldiers and
British women.
The traditional association of cats with old
maids is believed to have originated in the Mid
dle Ages, when cats were always kept in nun
neries. .
to the functions of government, but
while the government owns ships
ships that it has not taken from pri
vate citizens or private corporations,
but that it has built and paid for
Itself it might be well to establish
lines that would straighten out our
routes of commerce and thereby save
expense in "transportation and put the
different parts of the country on such
a basis of equality as tneir location
justlficr. Even for this purpose we
would not have the government en
gage permanently In the shipping in
dutry, but we would not -have it sac
rifice. the property It has paid for
with the people's money In order to
get private interests to engage in the
work. Times-Union.
swimming pool, wnich is used during
the summer months constantly un
der proper supervision.
A municipal band has been secure i
m cooperation with the Ashevlll t
board of trade. A great deal of street
and side walk paving has been done,
which gives to Asheville approximate
iy fifty miles of paved streets, and
about eighty miles of paved sidewalks.
anything else that is not necessAry4'A clty watershed has been Increased
voy pnPTiT.T
In the' Scottish Highlands it is. taken as a ter
ribly unlucky sign if a dog should run between
the bridal pair on their wedding day.
Blinded Australian soldiers are to be provided
by their government with houses at a weekly
rental of one shilling. ..
During the last few months of the war as many
as 200,000 American soldiers passed through
gentleman's permission; or the permission of any England in a month. ; f '
of the other gentlemen who are now so eagerly ' ; - ' ' - '.
opening the door, and offering the lady a seat Clergymen of Oakland, Cal., have-formed a
in the councils of town and country, have long labor union.
The Pensacola Journal. -
Pensacola, Fla.
I have read with intereS your edi-
toriar For Good Government, in
your most excellent paer June 25th.
In which you discuss Kovernmentaj
oondltons in Pensacola and refer to
both, the old aldermanlc form. And
the present, commission form of gov
A good form of government with
inefficent men elected and placed in
charge will make the best form of
government a positvie failure. Effi
cient reliable and trustworthy men
elected and placed in charge of a oity
government with a poor form of srov
ernment will make its 'administration
what may be termed a success. The
form of government will be made a
failure, or a success, by reason of
the strength of character and type
of men who are elected and placed
In charge of the city's affairs.
It is a distinct injury to any city
to place any man or set of nvm in
charge of its affairs whose loyalty to
a party is above his lovalty to his
community. It should be a funda
mental principle that loyalty, to com
munity, state and , nation should . be
. above partisanship. The . good citi
zens of every community should band
together for the purpose "of cooperat
ing .with and assisting the city gov- ;
eminent in the administraton- of its
affairs for the good of the greatest
number, and for the progress and de
velopment of the city, forgetting per
sonal aggrandizemf nt In such efforts.
by six thousand acres, giving Ashe
ville now a city owned watershed of
virgin forests on Mt. Mitchell and
the Craggy mountains of over 17.00A
The city school system has bee&
considerably enlarged and many im
provements made gardening, with a
full time garden supervisor is now a
part of the city -school system, this
bing accomplished through the effo is
of the Asheville board of trade. There
is a splendid spirit of community co
operation in all things pertaining c
the betterment of Ashevillef by our
Asheville citizens, to which is due the
extradordlnary growth of the past
years. Investigation of the cities that
have wade rapid growth in popula
tion and wealth, as shown by the U. S.
Is Pars Stood l Yw
Good Health
3Or ''blood )ft aai -ncmmtatrv votir.
rood 'health as the air you breatT,j
ine rooa 70a eat ana uw wacer yoa
drink. ,.
When the blood beromes clogged
with impurities, you suffer from on
stipatlon, your nerves are weakened,
ycurhead aches and you feel general
ly run-down and exhausted.
. The best and quickest way to
cleanse the blood of the impuitles
which cause the trouble is to take the
treatment prescribed by a successful
physician for his patients.
This liquid treatment ready ire
pared, is . known as Prescription
C-Z222. It is taken in small doses be
cause it is concentrated, and betnr
readily absorbed, cleanses the blood
of the impurities which cause your Ul
health. After us.ng Prescription
C-lZZt ' for a short time, your skin
will nave that glow of health, indi
cating that yourbody is being nour
ished by pure red blood.
Prescription C-2Z23 - contain no
mercury, opium, morphine, chloral or
strychnine. It is for sale by most
g6od drug stores at $1.50 a bottle,
or the C-2223 Laboratory. Memphis.
Tenn will mail to you on receipt Of
price. Clip and mall this advertise
ment for literature. Ad. ...
Bene Perns
census has been traced without a
single exception to the solidarity and
harmonious cooperation of the citizen
ship of such cities through live cen
tral organization, such as a board of
trade or chamber of commerce. No
city or community is greater than the
power and efforts of its citizens work
ing together- collectively.",
Pensacola offers tremendous op
portunities for growth; it has won
derful shipping facilities, with a bay
second to none ' south of Newport
News. It has perhaps, the best cli
matic conditions and best water i-f
any o the extreme southern cities. I
am Interested in Pensacola, because I
lived there a part of 1903, 104 and a
part of 1905, and I learned to like
many of its good citizens.
If Pensaoola's business men, pro
fessional men and real estate owners
would come together in their cham
ber of commerce, and provide it Wltn
thirty to forty thousand dollars a year
for its operations, Pensacola within
two to five years would experience a
period of growth and prosperity that
would make its most optimistic busi
ness men gasp in astonishment .nd
Cordially yours,
Tallahassee, July 3. Governor Catts
has received an appeal requesting that
he use his utmost efforts to ascertain
the whereabouts of Coke Smith Ethe
ridge and ask him to communicate
with his brother, William M. Ethridge.
of No. 307 West Michigan Avenue,
Tampa, Florida. The governor is ac
cordingly malting request of the news
partem of the state that they give such
publicity as they can to the appeal and
thereby aid in . locating the man in
Texas, Sabine Pass - Sabine Pass Gas
Bouy, 2, relighted June 30, having been
found extinguished.
C. Sc. d. S. Charts Nos 20, 203.
Light List, Atlantic Coast, 1919, p.
364. .
Buoy List. 6th District, 1918, p. 43.
Coast Pilot, Section E, 1918, p. 125.
By order of the Commissioner of
Lighthouses. .
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the goods that puts
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mmm ""TooTfcrfcM
Publio Aceutant -Auditor - ' , , i
San Carlos Hotel, Pensacola. Fla.
MeCasklU Block. DeFonlak BrMngs. Fla.

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