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The following beautiful and interest
If article is published without duo
iftdit to the unknown author. It has
t'm to the editor of this page unsigned
till' in publish 1 becuuse of the ia.ri
beauty f thought expressed.)
I We find that there are certain laws
which vern all things and conditions.
There tAe laws of music, mathematics,
I faith, happiness, etc., and there must
therefore, be some law governing pros
Parity. And if we are to demonstrate
riosperity we must first learn to know
the law, that we may work in accordance
Ith It.
Jesua Christ was the greatest teacher
and demonstrator of this law of prosper
ity. He toW his followers that they were
to seek first the kingdom of heaven,
ot some place In some other planet away
oft somewhere, but within themselves;
that they had within them all resources,
sr.d they must unfold their capacity. This
was the first step in demonstrating pros
perity, the recognition and seeking the
kingdom of heaven within, as the source
ef all. and upon which we may draw for
whatever we may desire. Then he trld
' il'ustrate inl 'i:monstrate the avv
tf them by multiplying the loaves and
fishes, and by turning the water into
ine better wine than they had had be
fore and by finding the gold ln the fteh a
fnouth, and by the great draught of
fishes when they cast their net on the
fiRht side. And so we manifest in pro
portion as we become more and more
iplritual and put Into practice this law.
Jesus said, "I.ay up for yourselves
reasures in heaven, where moth and rust
lo not Corrupt." Yes. but where In
Leaven? Jesus jaid. "The kingdom of
heaven is within you. So we are to open
lip our own higher or spiritual conscious
ness, knowing that therein is our treas
ure or supply. Christ again is our ex
ample In this, for in II Corinthians 6:10.
we man read: "As poor, yet making
many rich; as having noshing, yet pos
sessing all things;" and again in 11 Corinr
thians 8:9: "That though he was rich,
er for your sakes he became poor, that
Jt through his poverty might become
flch.V v
I You ask, then, why we who know this
law do not demonstrate for ourselves
large fortunes,,- etc. fty way of illustra
tion I woud" call your attention to the
'ctric light plant. There must be some
tie at the power house In touch with the
machinery which produces the electricity,
so that he may turn on the current that
we may receiye the light. So we stand
In touch with the power house and turn
in .the current that you may receive light
or benefit.
What We want is spiritual enlighten
ment and wisdom. All ability Is based
on spiritual understanding.
Prentice Mulford said. "The man of
ttuccess is the man possessed of the
greatest spiritual understanding, and
eery great fortune comes of superior and
truly spiritual power." Do you want the
wealthy to divide with you? Jesus called
those "foolish virgins' who wanted others
to divide. He taught that you must have
oil In your own lamps. Know that you
have an abundant supply within yourself.
Wanting the rich to divide is simply
ccvetousness. It is the thing that wfll
keep you poor.
Several years ago. when I was in Edin
borough. 1 wandered into one of the
churches. I have no idea that the cler
gyman was a student of New Thought,
but he was a Greek scholar. He gave
out his text, "Let your conversation be
without covetousne-ss; and be content
with such things as ye have. (Heb.
13:15). Do you think he told these good
Scotch people to be content with their
littfe cottages? Oh. no; not a bit of it.
Ho took his Greek Testament and
translated direct from the Greek, and it
read, "Be ye conscious that we have con
tained within yourselves all capacity."
Then he went on to explain that by
oveting the possessions of others even
if we should obtain them It would be
to oui detriment, as it would have the
effect which would be produced on a
rung, tender tree if you should load it
down by hanging on to it fruit whlcn
had grown from the life within. We
shculd thus, to say the least, interfere
with the growth and fruitfulness of the
tree. And thus we may deaden the
ability and power within ourselves whicb
produce success and prosperity. This Is
wLat Is meant when we say that we must
be conscious that we can create from
within ourselves the things which we
need; that we do not need the things
from the outside, but they come from
within. Success and prosperity come not
to you but through you.
We want then, like Solomon, to pray
for wisdom. We must use our own
minds. When you get into the fullness cf
spiritual consciousness you cannot ' get
away from prosperity. Read Deute
ronomy 28:11-15. Prosperity is a mani
festation of superior ability, and ability
comes from God, and Divine Mind. Cotf
etousness does not bring forth prosperity.
When we are awakened - to spiritual
consciousness we realize that we want
tu peek earnestly the best gifts and when
the spiritual side of our being has begun
to .come forth, we must go from glory
to glory, from prosperity to prosperity.
Ask more. "Hitherto you have asked
nothing. Ask and ye shall receive that
your Joy may be full."
If we, as healers of tne sick must work
to get rid of the sin or shortcoming, the
"missing of the mark" back of the ill
ness, so in the study of the law of pros
perity we must work to get rhl of th-
sin back of poverty.
In demonstrating we must first realize
there are both constructive and destruc
tive thoughts, and that negative thoughts
have their influence as well as harmon
ious thoughts. Under the heading f
"destructive thoughts" comes criticism. I
We cannot criticise the methods of ti e
wealthy. Just leave them to God and
bless them. Bvery time you say "graft
ers" or criticise the rich, you set ln mo
tion that law which locks the door to
ytur own prosperity. Neither can we
demonstrate wealth by seeing poverty.
We must see only and treat only fjr
abundance everywhere. We can go with
things or without them but we must
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If I had known in the morning
How wearily all the day.
The words unkind
Would trouble my mind
I said when I went away;
? had been more careful, darling.
Now give you needless pain;
But we vex "our own"
With look and tone
We might never take back again.
For though In the quiet evening
You may give me the Kiss of Peace,
Yet it might be
That never for me
The pain of the heart should cease.
How many go forth in the morning
That never come home at night.
And hearts have broken
For harsh words spoken
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We have careful thoughts for the
And smiles for the sometimes guest.
But oft for "our own"
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never go against them, if we would suc
ceed and be prosperous. Hold thoughts
of harmony and loving relationship with
eery thing and everybody. Kay. "There
is no poverty for all the earth is full of
ti:e glory and the riches of the Ird."
In the law of vibration we know that a
mord spoken in the silence, as well as
alcud produces an effect. Then knaw
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the word and constantly affirm it. Nover
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somebdy else weuld pay me I would have
pUnty. Say firmly and believing "My
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folng always say, "I am doing this for
God" or "as unto the Lord." whether U
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