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Washington, July $. Over two score of
pins already introduced In the apeclal
ftslon of the Sixty-sixth Congress make
evident the positive demand that la de
veloping all over the United State for
nationalised highways and more com
plete control of federal expenditures on
roads by the government.
Though the extra session Is yet young,
come forty bill having highways aa their
major them have been dropped into the
legislative hopper, while more than a
score of ethers which deal with the road
situation to a greater or lesser degree are
now en file.
Clilf among these In interest, of
course, is the measure of Senator Charles
K. Townsend. of Michigan, providing for
a national system of highways, a federal
liighwy commission, and a thorough
study of the principles governing trans
portation. This bill was first Introduced at the
hist session. Since then it has been sub
jected to a nation-wide criticism, wltn
the result that numerous powerful or
gs a I sat ions have gone on record favoring
It as a bill which treats the subject In
the broadest manner and with due con
sideration for the varying needs of the
respective states.
Ivldently the present bureau plan of
rederal road administration does not now. e haa afirmed tne decree of
meet with country-wide favor, as aside J the cJrcu,t court tor DuVaI county In the
firm the Townsend measure, several otb-I oage of Tnoma8 Berry el al. appellants,
ers have been introduced which would V( Eunicc Locke et al, appellees. Mem
create a radically different form of con- orandum decision. Attorneys: Kelsey
trol. For Instance Senator Wesley Jones A,anton for appellants; Milam & Milam
of 'Washington calls for the creation or a iQr appeuees.
department of public works, which would The court nas affirmed the Judgment
among Its other duties Include all that Is of he circu!t court for LaFayette county
wow done by the bureau or pueuc roaas.
Representative ueoorae oi taiuurnia
wculd create a department of federal
highways and establish a national high
way system, while Representative Reavis
ef Nebraska introduces In the house the
same measure as Is sponsored In the
senate by Mr. Jones.
Senator Morris Sheppard of Texas Is
the author of one bill calling for a. mili
tary highway along the Southwestern bor
der while Representative Hayden of Arl
sona also would have the war department
at once undertake a survey and Investi
gate the need for a boundary road. Rep
resentative Hudspeth of Texas, has about
the same Idea, except that he would not
delay In starting the building of such a
irllltary highway.
Senator Jones of Washington would
nave a survey of the entire Pacific coast
for the purpose of Investigating the need
of a military road. He would also aurvey
and locate a military and post road from
Ht. Louis to Olympla. Wash.
Representative Lea of Callforlna. pro
poses a hlghwsy for mllltsry coast de
fense purposes along the Northern Pacific
coast of his state, to be known as the
Roosevelt highway. Mr. Hawley of Ore
gon seconds this Idea and calls for the
construction of the Roosevelt highway
along the coast of his commonwealth.
tUnator Shields of Tennessee would au
. therize the secretary of war to prepare a
preliminary plan for a system of !m
nroved national hlahways. keeping in
mind possible future military require
Representative Robelon of Kentucky
asks for sn Increase of $1,000,000,000 to
present federal aid road act approprla
kn?s-hlle Representative Kerris of Ok
lahoma believes that 1400,000,000 should
be added.
Many of the Rocky Mountain states
representatives have fathered measures
which would provide for the safe or pun
He lands for use In road Improvement,
one of the most Important of these bills
eowilng from Senator Fhlpps of Colorado.
There are a number of bills which call
for special appropriations for the con
struction of national park thoroughfares,
memorial roads, and military highways.
Delegate Kalanlanole. of Hawaii. con
Vends that this territory should partici
pate In the distribution of the money ap
propriated tinder the federal aid road act.
Senator King, of Utah, believes that
the national forests should be returned
to the department of the interior. Instead
f being administered by the department
of agriculture, which arrangement. It will
ne remembered, traces back to the Roose
velt administration, when the change was
fen see to meet the wishes of Gifford Pln
chot. the then chief forester. A power
ful sentiment undoubtedly exists for tho
return of the forest reserves to the sec
retary of the interior.
tittA niBoek be. on ulsV
tt ATHtRtb Be mo way q
V. virm V0UCAMO HEAT-yi tWWmi
liSV' SB.
Tallahassee. July 6. The Supreme
ccurt has affalrmed the Judgment of the
circuit court for Jackson county In the
case of the A v cock Lumber Company.
plalntlf In error, vs. Ida Pickle, defend i
ant In error. Memorandum decision.
Attorneys: irlce and Carter for plaintiff
in error; Paul Carter for defendant in
The court has affirmed the decree of
of the circuit court of Putnam county
In the case of Palatka Waterworks, plain
tiff in error, vs. the City of Palatka, de
fendant In error. Memorandum decision.
Attorneys: Axtell & Rinehart for plaln-
t'lf in error; Hllburn tc Merryday for de-
fendant in error.
The court has affirmed the decree of
in the case of Crystal River Rock Com
pany, appellant, vs. finance and Guaran
ty Company, appelee. Memorandum de
cision. Attorneys: J. T. Watson. Jr.,
for appallent; William Hunter and J. W.
Krazier for appellee.
The court has affirmed the Judgment cf
the circuit court for Manatee county in
the case of Tampa Southern Railway
Company, plaintiff in error, vs. F. W.
Pledger et al, defendants in error. Opin
ion by Judge Taylor. Attorneys: II. A.
Curr for plaintiff in error; John B. Sin
gletary for defendants in error. This was
a writ of error to a Judgment in con
demnation proceedings.
The court has. affirmed the judgment
the circuit court for Duval county in the
case of Mildred P. Shoemaaer et al. ap
pellants, vs. Arthur M. Powers et al,
appellees. The opinion Is by Chief Jus
tice Browne. Justices Ellis and West dis
sent. Attorneys: Baker &. Baker for ap
pellants; John T. and Julian Hartrldge
ea. Doellees
tne casA of M B Lamb, plaintiff In
error, vs. D. M. Henderson, defendant m
error. Memorandum decision. Attor
neys: J. Albert Ereur for plaintiff in
error. W. P. Chavous for defendant In
The court has affirmed the judgment of
tie circuit court for Jackson county in
the case of Isom Wilson, plaintiff in
error, vs. the State of Florida, defend
ant in error. The opinion is by Justice
West. Attorneys: W. E. B. Smith for
plaintiff in error; Van C. Swearlngen,
attorney general, and Charles O. An
drews, asistant, for the state.
The court has affirmed the judgment
of the court of record for Escambia
county In the case of Cary Ellis as mar
shal of the city of Pensacola. plaintiff in
error, vs. Chls Thiesen, defendant In er
ror. The opinion Is by Chief Justice
Prowne. The decision declares inopera
tive and void an ordinance of the city
of Pensacola providing "That every house
and bulICng located witiln the limits
of the city of Pensacola, however used or
occupied, shall be provided with a san
itary privy that shall be connected with
a sewer as provided by existing ordin
ances.' Attorneys: John B. Jone for
plaintiff In error; John S. Beard, for de
fendant In error.
The court has affirmed the judgment cf
the circuit court for Alachua county in
the case of E. A. MeCloskey et al. plain
tiffs in error, vs.' Gainesville National
Bank, defendant In error. Memorandum
decision. Attorneys: Robert E. Davis
for plaintiff in error; W. S. Broome for
defendant in error,
The court has affirmed the Judgment
of the circuit court for Duval county In
the case of Seaboard Air Line Railway.
plaintiff In error, vs. Edward McLaugh
lin, defendant In error. Memorandum
decision. Attorneys: Fleming & Fleming
for plaintiff In error: Thomas B. Adams
and R. E. Stillman for defendant in er
The court has affirmed the Judgment
of the circuit court for Washington
county In the case of T. D. White, Sr.,
plaintiff in error, vs. State of Florida, de
fendant in error. The opinion is by Jus
tice Weet. Attorneys: John H. Carter,
L. D. McRae and O. L. Crocker for plain
tiff In error; Van C. Swearlngen, attor
ney general, and Charles O. Andrews, as
sistant, for the state.
The court has affirmed the Judgment
ef the circuit court for Clay county in
the cas of S. D. Morgan et al. plaintiffs
In error, vs. The Commissioners of the
l'own of Orange Park. Florida, defend
ants In error. The pinion Is by Hon.
O. K. Reaves, circuit Judge, prepared tin
der the act of 1919. and approved by the
justices of the supreme court. Attorneys:
James H. Bunch for plaintiffs in error;
Milam and Milam for defendants In er
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