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Colonel Arthur Woods, assistant to
the secretary of war. of the war de
partment, who is endeavoring to cor
relate all the existing agencies to find
employment for the ex-service man,
advances the following nine reasons
why an employer should give prefer
ence to an ex-service man:
The present lull in our industries
was caused by the readjustment pre
saging the period of reconstruction
which our country Is now facing. Our
industries, once shaped back to a
peace basis will be called upon to
produce in greater quantities than it
ver had. Every machine in the land
Will have to be run to its full ca
pacity to help restores the world to
a peace basis. Our industrial army
will have to' be greater than our war
army was, to help secure the peace
which we helped wrest from a war
mad Germany.
Roughly speaking, there are about
20,000,000 wage earners in the United
States, and out of this number, 4,
000,000, one-fifth, were taken out and
mobilized for the different branches
of our army. This army is now be
ing demobilized at the. rate of 10.000
. day and they must be reabsorbed by
"ur different industries.
1. Because he is an ex-soldier. lie
was loyal to us in war times. We
have to be loyal to him during the
peace times he has won for us.
12. Because he is physically a bet
ter man. LJfe in the army has hard
ened his muscles and given them en
durance. 3. Because he is a 100 per cent man
and he will give you 100 per cent ser
vice. Efficiency will be the greatest
asset in our coming industrial life.
Every man and every r. -nine will
have to work at a 100 per cent ca
pacity. Two hundred million days a
year are lost to our industries through
sickness alone. If your factory is to
run to its full capacity, you must em
ploy healthy workers. The returning
soldiers are the cream of the health
of our nation.
4. Because many of the skilled
men that entered our army were put
to work, each at his particular trade,
and have developed their skill to the
highest efficiency.
5. Because the ex-service man has
learned to obey. And because to obey
orders has become second nature with
him, he will perform his work to the
best of his ability without grumbling.
S. Because he is mentally a better
man. No man could ave gone
through what our daugboys went
through without .becoming a better
man. Remember that they have faced
death. The long marches have. taken
out the fchiftness of youth. jEvery ex
service man is a steady man. ,
7. Because you must help ex-service
man restore himself financially.
He must not be allowed to feel that
you are not doing unto him as lie did
unto you. Practically each one of
them has to start life anew, finan
cially. 8. Because work for all ex-soldiers
means industrial peace to our coun
try. 9. Because every ex-service man is
a man, a full sized, red blooded, two
fUted man, a real American.
Paris. July 5. America's tribute to
La Fayette was paid on the Fourth of
July, by Hugh C. Wallace. American
ambassador to France, who laid a
wreath on the tomb of the French
hero. Ambassador Wallace said:
"I stand here today where so many
Americans have stood before me and
in reverence and devotion place a
wreath upon the grave of LaFayette.
The act itself is simple but I could
do nothing more perfectly representa
tive of American sentiments. It is as
if my country stretched her hand
acrof-s the sea and set a loving tribute
befoi- the shrine of our best friend.
"It is most fitting that we should
come to France and seek out the rest
ing place of LaFayette. Of all great
Frenchmen, he Is best known to us.
"better known in America Indeed than
he is in France. He is but one of
your heroes. To us he ts the knight
in shining armour who came in the
hour of darkness to help us in our
(need. No child is born among us, but
learns to link his name with Washing
ton's and in manhood, he revers the
hero of his youth.
"When our armies came across the
ocean to defend the liberty that France
herself had won, they but sought to
repay a sacred debt; yet the debt re
mains a joyful burden and a bond of
union for all time between two great
" "As we now greet a world at peace,
we note that the corner stone of the
freedom which has come to Europe
is the example which was set in
nerica long years ago. It Is the new
evangel, and as La Fayette beheld it
then, so now we raise it where all man
kind may see it."
revolution in Lima brought no further
details, and in fact failed to corrobo
rate the message from Peru. Such in
quiries were made in New York, in
Washington and direct to Peru and
brought forth nothing but indications
that the Lima dispatch was exaggerated.
Louisville, Ky., July 5. Joseph
Tyons of Chicago, general representa
tive of the International Brotherhood
of Electrical Workers, who is in Louis
ville in connection with a strike of ap
proximately 400 telephone workers, is
sued a statement today asserting that
steps are being taken to call a strike
in telephone exchanges in the south.
Mr. Lyons' statement seemed to be
directed especially at the Bell interests
which he charged had been unfair to
its employes. Primarily Lyons said,
the seat of the whole trouble was due
to what he characterized as arbitrary
methods of Postmaster General Burleson.
Although the condition of Union
Cimler, the man who was seriously
stabbed about the chest and abdomen
Wednesday night, in the community
in which he lives, eight miles south
of Atmore, Ala., and near Walnut
Hill, is said to be grave and little
hope is held out for his recovery. Re
ports to the effect that he had died,
circulated yesterday, were pronounced
early last night as unfounded by Dep
uty Sheriff W. T. Bowman, who is re
lated to the family.
Henry Cheatham, the young man of
the same community, who is alleged
to have stabbed Mr. Grimlar when
the two men met in the road, is still
held in the county Jail here awaiting
further developments in Grlmlar's
condition. The latter is well known
in the county and both men liave
many friends who greatly regret the
Lima. Peru, July 5. A revolution
broke out here at 3 o'clock this morn
ing. President Pardq and the members
of hi cabinet were imprisoned.
General A. A. Caceres. former pres
ident was in charge of the revolution
ary coup. Later in the morning he
turned over control of affairs to Au
gusto B. Leguisa, the president-elect.
The revolutionary movement was ac
complished without bloodshed.
A presidential election was held In
7&ru in May of this year, the result
of which has been in dispute.
Augusto B. Leguia, the candidate of
the independent party, claimed his
election by a substantial majority. The
claim however was disputed by Autero
Aspillaga. the candidate of the civil
party, who in a statement made on May
22 declared that the decision would
rest wholly with the congress which
convenes on July 28.
Requests, for additional information
concerning the reported outbreak of a
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