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. X XJ.J.
Revitalize your Blood and put
your system in condition to
resist the hardships of
j winter. '7
is the strong-bodied men
and women who are vigorous
and healthy in winter, and who
are not inconvenienced by the
cold, wet days. Wet feet don't
bother them, sudden changes
cause no inconvenience, and even
when a cold is "caught," because
of cantact, in a close, stuffy
room, with some one already in
fected, the trouble seldom lasts
over a day or two. This highly
desired state of health is brought
about by having rich, pure blood,
uncontaminated by impurities
of any kind. '
You may possibly think your
blood is all right you are not
troubled by outward signs. Yet
you have felt tired and languid,
you have lost some sleep and had
some minor ailments at times,
but you regard yourself as in
"fairly good conditions physical
ly." This may be true, but you
should take nothing for granted,
you should not "guess" that you
are all right. The thing to do
is to make yourself right by
taking a good blood tonic and in
vigorator, such as S. S. S. It1 is
the best known blood tonic on
hardly a man or woman in this
the market today. There is
4Z X
crashes into it, causing cramping and nausea.
Take "Dodson's Liver Tone" Instead ! .
If you feel bilious, headachy, con
stipated and all knocked out, just go
to your druggist and get a bottle of
Dodaon'g Liver Tone for a few cents,
which ia a harmless vegetable sub
tituts for dangerous calomel. Take
a spoonful and if it ' doesn't start
your Uver and straighten you up
better and cfuicker than nasty calomel
Pensacola, Fla., Oct. 14,-1919.
To the Local Contractors Doing Business in the Jurisdiction
of this District Council of Carpenters and Joiners :
We beg to notify you that on and after Nov. 1st. 1919, that a day's
work will be eight hours and the rate of pay will be 85 cents per hour,
all overtime shall be paid at the rate of time and one-half. All Legal
Holidays and Sundays shall be paid at the rate of double time. A fore
men shall receive .0Q per hour and what Is known as a closed shop
will prevail after the above named date. ,
This District Council deems it necessary to thus notify every one
concerned as soon as possible for their own convenience and future con
tracts. '
. Tours very truly,
I yJfllllllilllV "NELSON'S will mak.yom mad fyomrhair"i
feA Curly Hair 1
i ll Kelson's ) i! )
m mtm
!isi5TueBaiKi.-j i'.ird
SanGtnsUirjKo;:! lv
nuci, Nairn Hr r-.-":
""fi. It is mn artraot fc.
marat beat. wi hi ir
state who has not heard of it. It
has helped to restore many peo-i
pie to health. It has brought re
lief in thousands of .cases of
blood disorders during the past
fifty years.
S. S. S. is the standard treat
ment, for all blood disorders. It
is a true blood tonic-that purifies
and brings new vigor and new
life to the blood stream. It is
guaranteed to be purely .vege
table, to contain no mercury or
other mineral drugs, but to be
made from herbs and roots care
fully selected for their known
medicinal properties. For chron
ic sores, ulcers, catarrh, , rheu
matism, eczema psoriasis, salt
rheum, tetter, acne and other
such diseases as are due to; im
poverished blood. S. S. S.'acts
promptly and satisfactorily. It
counteracts the germs and poi
sons, cleanses the system of un
healthy accumulations, literally
washes all foreign matter from
the blood and renews its life
giving properties.
Be sure to take S. S. S. this
winter. The renewal of vigor
that it will give you will be well
worth while. One thing you can
be sure of and that is if you
take S. S. S. you will be bene
fitted. Get it today at your
drug store refuse any substi
tute. For medical advice address
Swift Specific Co., 416 Swift
Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga.
i - : T
Calomel salivates! It's mercury. Calomel
acts like dynamite on a sluggish liver. When
calomel comes into contact with sour bite it
and without making you sick, yoa
just go back and get your money.
If you take calomel today youH
be sick and nauseated tomorrow; be
sides, it may salivate you, while if
you take Dodson's Liver Tone yon
win wake up feeling great, full of
ambition and ready for work or play.
It is harmless, pleasant and safe to
give to children j they like it.
be made soft and gloan? by tmng
There is nothing to equal Nelson f
for making stubborn, curly1 hair soft and
easy to manage. It is fn for the scalp
and roots cf tke Hair. That is wiry Nel
son's has been sold and recornmendecl
by druggists for over ao years, and is used
by tke most particular people everywhere.
Nelson Manufacturing Co., Inc.
(Continued from Page One)
have learned how to accept the gen
eral Judgment upon matters that af
fect the public weaL And this is the
very heart and soul of democracy.
; "t is my understanding that i you
have divided . upon ono portion only
of a. possible large program which has
not fully been developed. Before a
severance Is affected, based upon pres
ent differences, I believe you should
stand together for the development of
that full program touching the (irfany
questions within the broad scope of
your investigations. - It " was in my
mind when this conference was called
that you would ; concern yourselves
With the discovery of those methods
by which a,' measurable co-operation
within . industry may have been se
cured and If, new machinery needs to
be designed by which a minimum of
conflict between employers and em
ployes may reasonably be hoped for,
that we : should , make ' an effort to
secure ' its adoption. .
''It cannot be expected that every
step all parties will agree upon each
proposition or , method suggested. It
is , to be expected, however, that as a
whole, a plan ; or program can be
agreed upon .-hich will . advance
further ."' the - productive capacity ' of
America through the establishment, of
a . surer and heartier co-operation be
tween all the elements engaged' in in
dustry. The public - expects not less
than that you shall have that one . end
in view ' and stay : together until the
way is found leading to that end , or
until' it is revealed that the , men who
work and the men who manage Amer
ican industry are so set upon divergent
paths that all " effort at co-operation
is doomed to failure. - '
"I rtnew my appeal "wltn full" appre
hension of the almost Incomparable
importance of your tasks to this and
to other peoples and with full faith
in the high patriotism and good faith
of each other that you push your task
to a happy conclusion.
"(Signed) '
Immediately after the letter was
read, the conference recessed and the
labor group went into private - session
to-, determine its future course.. The
members plainly . were impatient and
some of the public and capital dele
gates seemed , doubtful whether the
labor reDresentatives would continue
In the conference. . "
As they left the conference hall the
labor delegates expressed their indig
nation over Mr. Spargo's motion.
"Do you think we are going to stay
here to be crucified from day to day?"
demanded Frank -Morrison, secretary
American Federation of Labor.
; Tallahassee. Oct- . 22. (Special)
Beginning1 yesterday, the third Tues
day in October, the supreme court, is
holdlnr the regular semi-annual exam
ination of applicants for admission; to
the bar in this state. Tho examlnalon
will continue through Thursday. There
are twenty-two applicants appearing
before the court, and they tome from
practically every section of the state.
The names of the successful applicants
will probably be announced on Satur
day of this week. , , '
Representatives of 2,000 Union Men
Join in Move.
A union label league was organized
last night with the .." following offi
cers? Trsirlrit- W. E. Rowland:
Vice-President. C. F. Hinrlchs: Sec
retary, Tom Johnson; , Treasurer, Tom
Fourteen local ' unions whose mem
bership exceeds 2.000 workingmen of
the city, were represented. The ..league
proposes to, encourage the byying; of
articles, bearing the union label only
and will work diligently to that end.
' More Than Enough' Is Too Much
To maintain health a mature man or
woman needs Just enough food to repair
the bodily waste and provide energy and
body . heat. The habitual consumption
of more food than Is necessary for these
P.hi poses Is the prime cause of stomach
trouble, rheumatism and disorders of the
I kidneys. If troubled with Indigestion re
ivlse your diet, eat sparingly especially
I of meats, masticate- your f ood -thor-.
oughly. -Lt reason,' not appetite control,
ialso take tone of. Chamberlain's Tablets
Immediately after supper and you will
soon ne-leeung aii-rigm again. aqv.
Relieve it quickly with Dr.
BeU6 Pine-TarHoney .
DR. BELL'S Pine-Tar-Honey fa a
-remedy that baa-for years stood
by thousands of cold and cough
stiff ering -men, women, and children ia
helping promptly -etad ffolwly re
. lieve these dangerous attacks. Severe
eoki or coltjs newljr contracted arf
benefitted by its pleasant balsamic and
healing antiseptics. . Phlegm, is soon
loosened, irritation eased,. lnflamma
tkm .allayed, breathing - made less
difficult. ' ..: ' ' . .
You can give the children Dr. Bell s
PiiKar-Wonei, Safe nd econ'
nomical. Cet a bof tte 'today from any
druggist. 30c, ooc siu.
ftp (tnUflfo Hid
r Ji Good Farafly Frtend-
'Po-DoXx acts pronjpJy. erothly. eoro-
BBBBV W H B. 1 k .,,
i . . . . .... .,... ''..:"..:'."-':
. (Continued from Page One) - ' V-
dltion to its usefulness for railway
traffic . .-
Completion of this trestle bridge
according to your company's plans,
will provide a very -useful link In the
several different systems of national
highways, for east and west bound
traffic, desiring ' to 'pass through tho
city of Mobile. By substituting rapid
and inexpensive transportation, for the
present slow, uncertain and, costly
transportation by steamboat from the
east to the west shore of the Gulf of
Mexico, will, no doubt, be greatly in
creased, and the conveniences of au
construct this ; eight-mile trestle
eral times. i
Your proposition to so design and
construct this eight-mile trestele
bridge that it will serve the, purposes
of highway traffic as well as railway
traffic, - without any investment cost
to the state of Alabama, or the federal
government, and to have the charges
for the service fixed and regulated by
the railway commission of the state of
Alabama . (but in no event to exceed
3 ! cents eer passenger per mile), will
deserve, and no doubt "receive, the
approval of the highway organizations
of Florida and Alabama. '
Yours truly, j
. i , T. H. BANKHEAD.
Mr. Klwood McLaughlin. ' President
. Gulf Ports Terminal Railway Co..
Pensacola, Fla. s
My Dear' Sir:' Replying to your
communication wherein you give in
formation as to the building of a
trestle bridge across the head of Mo
bile bay, we -would not hesitate to ex
press the opinion that such a struc
ture would command a great quantity
of automobile traffic, either in con
nection with- flat-car service, or if
constructed in such a manner as to
permit motor vehicles to travel under
their, own power.
There Isn't any question but what the
present entrance into Mobile is of such
a-character as to discourage road
travelers generally , from undergoing
the inconvenience and loss of time.
Mobile is a principal point on one
of the important Interstate routes,
known as the Old Spanish" Trails,
which trunk highway is bound to at
tract more patronage as its various
links are fitted together and the route
can be safely recommended to ; the
thousands of road travelers " who-will
wend their way southward during the
winter months, just as soon as the re
cently established federal co-operation
with the several states brings forth
connected roads of an interstate char
acter. - ; .
Immediately upon the completion of
this trestle bridge, we shall be pleased,
through our national touring bureaus
in "Washington,: D. C, and New TTork
city, to ' make , the fact known to ourj
clubs and Individual members through
out the country.
Very truly yours,
' Executive Chairman.
Made to Grow
Long, Straight,
Soft and Silky
; by using
A CmatMlni I!fr Crvwcr. Removes dan
druff. Fccda tho tcota cf tb hair. Stop
falling hair at coca. Cleans tha scalp.
. Price) 2 So by mail on receipt of
tamps or coin. AGENTS WANTED
. Automobile Repair
1501 East Blount
American National
SP jil
'1 "". :
WeteWeitwoA InsHfaHce Agency
(f) General Insurance )
Heavy Flains Yesterday Hampered the
Work of Local Committee.
t ' l ' ; l . . . ' .
, ine Kooseveit memorial drive to
raise Escambia county's quota of $1200
accomplished but. little work yester
day on account of the steady rain
during the day. 1 .
captain Aorthup, chairman of the
local, committee in charge of the drive,
stated last night that the committee
would proceed with their work today
and that he fully expected that Pensa
cola and the county would raise' the
necessary amount in record time, v
O. P. Hobgood is Host to Officers and
Men of Flotilla.
: Through the courtesy of D. P. Hob
good, manager of the Pastime' theatre,
which is showing Keith circuit vaude
ville, officers and men of the destroy
ers were entertained yesterday after
noon. - The Invitation was extended to
the officers through Admiral Plunkett,
who assured Mr. Hobgood that the in
vitation would be a'ceepted.
Bank Bldg.
Kidney, liver, bladder and uric acid
- troubles are most dangerous be
cause . of their insidious attacks.
Heed the first warning they givo
that they need attention by taking
The world's standard remedy for these
disorders, will often ward off these dis
eases and strengthen the .body against
further attacks. Three sizes, all druggist
Uok far tk Mm CeU Medal cm svety U
ano accept as
9th Ave and Gonzalez
Groceries and Meat Market
Phone 1246
Young Men
Don't Get Bald
Cuticura Does Much
To Prevent It
Dandruff, itching, scalp irritation,
etc., point to an unhealthy condition
of the scalp, which leads to thin,
falling hair and premature baldness.
Frequent shampoos with Cuticura
Soap and hot water do much to pre
vent such a condition, especially if
preceded by a gentle anointing with
Cuticura Ointment to spots of dan
druff and itching.
Soap 2 Sc. Omtniwt 25 and 60c, Talma
25c. Sold throughout the world. For
sample each free addrse : "Cuticara Lab.
orri. Daot. I6F. MaUoa. Mm."
CaUcora Soap thmmm witboat bibs.
If You Are
Not Satisfied
With the Laundry Service
you are now getting
Phone 322
The Empire
Where Linen Lasts"
- Mayes' Printing Co
17-19 West Government Stree
Phone 181
tn the Heart of Pens.eola i
3l . 177 Phones 17 '
San Carlos
offers a clean up-to-date
service of the best foods
obtainable, at prices that
are consistent with the
Service a la carte seven
a. m. to ten p. m.
Special luncheon daily, 75c.
Music at Luncheon and
Dinner by famous Jazz Or
chestra. Dinner Dances Wednes
and Saturday evenings.
Charles B. Hervey.
Phone 102
, r
; f
t !
i i
5 1
! 1
1 ,
t :
l r
Mora, wui b

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