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' -) ' - - . - . : - ...-,' ' , . - J :-.Jj
i -i .. - . . - ...
They ain't no use talking but them
Uobile Kiwanis. sure ia a bunch of
lard workers They were working so
lard trying to raise money for the
". M. C. A., that they couldn't send a
lelegation over to attend our big
low-out we were having in honor of
ill the Klwanis in the U. S.. Canadk
ind Mexico. That is, we were having
he charter presented by MrBalley to
iur club, and all them clubs with 21
Jiou&and members in the countries
iforesaid. didn't send us no delegates,
utcept Mr. Betty from Montgomery,
md Mr. Bailey (rom B'hara. , , They
lin't no use writing the last named
Ity in full as it would take up too
much space, and - every body knows
B'ham stands for Birmingham. , Any
way we were sure glad To have them
two delegates with us. and they made
fine speeches, and told us lots of
things we ought to'do and not to do.
We are glad, anyhow that we didn't
have any delegates from Mexico, as
I understand from Inside information
that they are still having trouble with
the greesers. . and they might have
sent up a greeser, and no telling what
trouble he might have ' occasioned. As
for Canada, they ' ain't ' got straight
ened out from the effects of that last
war we had a year or so ago with
them Germans, that is they' ain't set
tled back to civilization, so to speak.
we expect to hear from them. If they
could Just see them, fine fighting craft
As soon as they do get settled though
In ; our bay belonging to tne - U. S.
Navy, then they wouldn't" be afraid
to send all the delegates they got..
If you wasn't present and didn't hear
that speech that our big chief made,
viz.: Holsberry, then you missed the
opportunity pf your life, as I consider
that speech one of the best, that I
have heard .; in . many a . day. I con
sider that apeech equally as good as
the one I made, when Harvey Bayless
selected me to make one on the Cen
tennial. He goes on to say .what a
beautiful bay v we had ,T here,' and
Destruction of your property by fire is remote,
destruction by decay and neglect is certain. '
the Surface
and you
Save All
You are carrying lire insurance, which protects'
you jagainst possible loss, but does not prevent
fire-- : - : , , V A
Paint affords positive protection and insures you
against decay and deterioration by the elements, be
sides it increases the value of your property and adds
to its appearance. - y -
X 'A.
V. ....... ...... J:,,
Member Board of Directors.
&jr?Cnu For. every surface that needs to be painted, varnished
-T.,-.. or stained, you'll find a Pee Gee Paint or Finish that;
will give you lasting satisfaction at lowest cost. Half a
v century of reputation for highest quality is behind the
r Pee Gee Trademark. ; J.
Aak ua for FREft Friat Book H
for Color Cards, or write diracc to
Peasiee-Gaulbert Co., l
Mckenzie orting & co.
Distributors for Pee Gee Paint Products'
; 601-603 South Palafox Street, Pensacola, Fla.
Louisville, Ky
wanted to impress on our visiters that
we had something ' here beside that
hot air we often hear about. "Weil,
'he went on to say what a beautiful
harbor we had. and that a man could
start from . Palafox wharf early in
the morning, and take a tour up East
Bay without striking; land, and then
go up Escambia river and see the
beautiful water lillys along; the edge
of the river, and see the sun rise,
which threw a beautiful light on the
celestial domiciles of the fishes that
live : in them waters, and how , you
could catch enough of said fishes for
dinner in a hour then come back down
Escambia River, then through East
Bay, then Pensacola Bay and get back
in time to have the fish for dinner.
He also added that we had the most
natural advantages of any city on the
Gulf coast. I agree with him that
them is -natural advantages we have,
and unless we get the Centennial that
Doc Renshaw is trying to get for us,
them is still going to be natural ad
vantages. He also added that Pensa
cola has the most beautiful sun-sets
for any town of its size in the South.
Thats another natural - advantage we
have over them people wholive in
caves. .
, Well before, he got through he was
telling what Kiwanism meant and' the
first, thing that" I don't agree on is
that "he said Kiwanism meant cor
poration. Now if he had been reading
up on the current , events as much as
me,' then he wouldn't of said that. I
saw in the paper about a week ago
where the Government was Jumping
with - both feet on , corporations, and
Ita against the law to corporate, the
Government says, as that ' reduces
competition, and makes prices go1 up.
"While I don't blame him for saying
that Kiwanis believed Incorporation,
but when a man don't read as much
as you and me we can't expect him
to keep up with current events. He
then Piled dignities on dignities ao
' to speak, when he also added that to
Treasurer( Kiwanis Club.
IT ttDue Stt(D)(DCiIhi(n)D(ifleirs IT ttUue '
Burk-Senstor Oil Weil, Joining xfTe
Holdings of the Oklahoma Star
Refining Co, Goes Over
the Derrick.
This Is One of the Largest Oil Wells
.Yet Brought in .in the Northwest.
Extension Field.
Having appeared in the columns of your paper in Pensacola, . of fering and selling to
you a good many shares of my stock in the Oklahoma Star Refining Company, I wish to
advise one and all that the good news has begun to come our way. y
It was known several weeks ago that
the Burk-Senator well had struck oil
and was swabbing about 1.500 to 2,f'00
barrels of oil. but last Friday the well
brought itself in by shooting the oil
fully 60 feet in the air and It was some
time before the well was put under
' The oil from this well is oaid to be
45 gravity and the best yet discovered
In the field and even a little better
than the Oil found in Garber county,
Oklahoma, which is selling around 6
per barrel.
$1,500,00 Paid for
20 Acres in the
Burkburnett Field
The "VToodburn Oil Corporation has
Just purchased twenty acres of land in
the extreme northwest Burkburnett
field, paying $1,500,000 fofThe lease.
' You saw in the columns of your paper some few days ago the news' of my last trip
to Texas and Oklahoma, where I closed a deal for this company, which looks somewhat
large to a few oil investors. -l , v
I am in position today to say that our holdings have advanced in the last 48 hours to;
many thousands of dollars, and I am going to furnish the papers the telegrams and clip
pings of the papers, reproduced in the Pensacola papers, showing you the exact and cr
rect statement of the news in our oil field, which makes me very proud for my stock
holders. The telegrams and clippings and tl.e news items from the papers are herewith
reproduced. -M V' ; ".
I wish to state to every stockholder in this company that you had better get the re
maining shares before No. 7 well comes in. My office'is open to every one, giving each '
person the opportunity to take the stock. I will not be here any longer than Saturday
night of thi3 week, as the good news is carrying meback to the West Saturday, for a
few days. !.; . . ' ' '
Kimmell & Dillard's
No. 2 Taylor is Good
For 2,500 Barrels
In the Northwest
Kimmel fc Dillard
their No. 2 Taylor
corner of block 96
Valley lands. The
2,500 barrels in the
Burkburnett field
have completed
in the southwest
of the Red River
well is good tor
Waggoner sand.
Notice to Stockholders
The GallowayOil and Refining Co.
increased their capitalisation today by
a unanimous vote of the stockholders
to $1,000,000. A stock dividend of
300 per cent will be paid to all stock
holders of record on Nov. 1. 1919.
J. T. G ALLOW AT. Prest.
Remember, one and all, when No. 7 well comes in, which is due any moment, the
stock will go to $2 per share and will keep going up and up. So remember the one dollar
par per share is limited with shares and time, leaving it entirely up. to the future, until
No. 7 comes in. .Hope you will get what you want of this stock before it is raised, for I
assure you the stock will advance 100 per cent in the next few days.
Hope this will be good news to all my stockholders, and that the next few days will
show what a little investment in the oil business will do. Hope to be able by the time No."
7 well comes in, to show you the great news' which I am looking for at any moment.
The reproduced news items herein will show you something about the amount of
money we have made on this last investment. The acreage has, ONLY advanced from
$750.00 to $1,500.00 an acre, and we have 3 00 acres of this territory. - ;
After reading this news you may figure for yourself "whether your investment is
good or not: If you think it is not; come to my office at once. Get your money. .
Will keep you posted with the news from the oil fields.
Wishing one and all a great success, with best regards to every stockholder. ,
x , Yours truly,
co-operatlonj must ' be added some
thing else to De a sure enough Ki
wanian. I don't know if he means
something to drink or just a personal
ity. He didn't dissect that part of hia
statements. When he did say that
Harry Thompson and Miller's face
brightened right up, as they seemed
to have added something else before
the meeting. I didn't know there was
any more of it in' town.
He also said that at these Informal
dinners we - meet people who we as
sociate with and trade with, and know
them better. I always like to meet
people that' I associate with but it
would be better if they didn't have so
many in the club that I trade with.
I can read their minds, and they are
wondering where I get the spare kale
to pay for. my dinner, when they all
have me on their books for" a couple
of beans. A man's conscience is a
bad thing, and whenever I pick up a
pea on my knife that conscience says
thatf l have a bill ' to pay, but it is
funny how so many other of the fel
lows can go right through a whole
meal and a extra plate if it is handy,
and their conscience don't hurt one
bit. But I got off the track, so I am
going to go back to that speech the
Chieft made.
. Well he goes on to say that how
power has developed in this country
and in the world in fact. First we
had hand power, then horse power,
then water power, then steam power,
then electric power, and on top of ,all
this we got the power of right spirit.
I ain't mentioning any names, but I
know for a fact that them power of
Spirits was drunk" Up ' way" before he
made his speech. ' " 1
Well when we had about finished
with the chicken' part 'of the menus
Klwanian Betty from Montgomery, got
up and said he couldn't make a speech,
that Judge Parrish that was to come
and make a speech from Montgomery,
had passed the buck to him. He also
said that he didn't have much to- say,
except that he thought the Pensacola
crowd was full of life. ' I think he had
some of that power of " right spirits,
because he talked just like a real sure
enough brave. As I said before he
said he didn't have much to say, but
he talked about twenty minutes, . I
didn't mind It much though as I was
having trouble trying to get that ice
cream out of the bottom of . one, of
them high vases they hand you at the
S. Carlos.
Then that fellow Bradford of the
Journal gets up to make a talk. I
also think his speech was as good as
the one I made when Harvey Bayless
asked me to speak on" the Centennial.
He talked along different lines tho
from what the Big Chief did, as be
program a couple of places. I don't
see how that happened, as I wouldn't
said Miller had shoved him uo on the
let Miller shove me up on anything.
He went on to enumerate the things
that our club had done In Pensacola,
among them was the Cotton Compress,
and that road through Baldwin coun
ty to Mobile. He also added that In
as much as the Mobiles hadn't sent
over a delegation to bur meeting, he
thought we ought to do away with
that idea, and built something towards
Montgomery or Birmingham, where
we had some delegates from. I . don't
agree with him altogether, as they
ain't any use taking offense at Mf.
bile. I Just took it for granted that
Mobile didn't have as good a speaker
as me and him was and they was
ashamed to send some body. I always
consider the source and try to show
the right spirit.
Then Dillard . got up to make a
apology to Mr. J. N. Andrews, as they
had put his picture in the paper over
the name of Mr. Andrews. He got off
pretty well with it, but think" he
ought to apoligize to Mr. Andrews in
person. as he acknowledged it was a
insult to. the aforesaid.
Jeff Bailey from B'hamgot up then
to present the charter, but by the time
he got through talking I thought that
charter was going to wear out in his
hand. Jeff told a pretty good mule
story. He said as how a nigger, got
fired from the army with three hun
dred dollars in his pocket and when
the' Colonel asked him what he was
going to do with that -money, he, re
plied that he was going .home and
buy" two mules. One was going to be
named Sargent and the other Lieu
tenant and he was going to beat them
mules until they died. While Jeff
was showing some of the right spirits
on his face, I don't think he was
showing the right spirit in his heart,
when he tod such a inhuman story
to thenv' soft hearted Kiwanis. Jeff
went on tm say how we could make
' T
Member Board of Directors.'
Member Board of Director.
j- nr-.j-vi-..r-r-.i-, l--r-r-lJ-J---
F R EC KL E S U blosser
! :j i vfcafcwv us bs ctw tg, tauvl M wtvv tu& cat
I y A UOWS TM 9iAic tNif tlflgll .To SSWPA-NRMb W UAStfT VoUlt ToGU5
j " '3
a good club of ours if we paid the
Secretary one thousand per month for
cigarette money, and then he would
would have to get a new one, and no1
body wants the job. Jeff told a lots
attend to his duties. Otherwise we
of things tho that is going to gtve
us" the right spirits if we carry his
ideas out, and I want to thank him
personally for not touching "on thtt
motto in the Scriptures that rfaya'i-ay
your bills. He also added that when
he was here in 1903 we had. a oi l
depot here and lots. of choonenjf tut
it was Just vise-versa now. Jeff
should have .not said that, r.s l.e is
sorter stepping on our toes so to speak,
as we miss them schooners is much
as he does. He also went on to sy
that there was 21 thous. Kiwa:i'ans
In the IT. S. that any time we visited
them, they would welcome us and giv
us free lunches. I noticed that Harry
Thompson made special note of that
statement. " He said tljat a true Kl
wants don't live for himself alone.
When he said that I felt lots better,
as it seems I am llvln to Just make
money to pay out for bills for some
thing that I have already eat.
You should ought to have been on
the boat ride too, that was a "corker.
Everything was free and we had a
man there to hand you cigars and
bottled refreshments Just as . you
wanted thorn. I won't mention any
names, but I believe that there was
some of that right spirits aboard, as
others who already had the right
before long. Miller, Burke and" several
spirits wanted to know why the boat
had two tows They also saw two
Navy Yards, two Ft. Barrancases, and
two Santa Rosa islands. -Well I saw
Jim Watson and Dillard diving in to
them sandwiches and oft' drinks so
much' that-I decidd to - get a share
of what; J had - paid or promised to
pay my. good .. money, for, so I Just
helps myself to three 10c cigars, and
when I noticed Teebolt had four In
his pocket I went back and got an
other one. They ain't nothing like be
ing fair in this world, and thats what
I mean to do.
I don't know anything about the
dance, as I ain't been , yet, as' that is
to happen at the S. Carlos at 8 o'clock.
But I guess them fellows with the
right spirits will be there with bells
on, anyway I am glad this wont be
printed before I . eee them, as that
would mean disaster.
1 1
I !
I z.
; i
r i .
5 i ;

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