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There's a merchant In Philadelphia
ho is a genuine optimist at least who
! 'ipvts that there la a streak of humor
,x somewnero 111 me mancu ui
9 . 1 A
human being ana oniy aw&us
to light by a skillful appeal
.-. thei
humorous sense. That man is
tr y J anagnan, uruggisi, m
ninth street and Allegheny avenue,
who is so firmly convinced of this that
ve has applied It to all angles of his
u., advertisements.
window dis-
v.ays. show cards and counter trims
bear testimony to his faith In the
comic side of human nature. "Every
aa his an Ingrained humorous vein
la l.im if you only know how to find it.
Vo matter how serious his business
may ba or what weight the problems
,rith which his mind Is wrestling, the
,verape man looks with relief to any
thing that will make him smile or help
to show up the brighter side of life.
That is why I always make it a point
t0" appeal to this sunnier side, and I
teiieve that I've been very successful
in (Join so, greatly to the advantage
of my business." '
Mon;ighan"s advertisements, run In
a neighborhood newspaper, always
take the form of Jingles containing
a humorous allusion to some kind of
uttment and inviting the reader
make a trial of his remedies.
Gimbel Brothers. New York, took a
fUt-r" in the help market -with a three
column advertisement in a New York
Sunday paper, explaining the advan
tages of department store work. The
Sunday advertisement reads:
Women and young girls earn the
highest salaries in years at big stores.
New York's great stores have be
come the most attractive places to
work that women can find for a num
ber of reasons:
First. Hours are attractive 9 a.
m. to 5:30 p. m., with Saturdays off
.luring July and August. Liberal va
cations with pay and convenient rest
hours during the day.
Second. Transportation is easy,
stores being located in the best neigh
borhoods and in fine modern, fire
proof buildings.
Third. Associations are very con
genial, bringing women and girls into
contact with shoppers who represent
the best people in New York and with
fellow-employes of high character.
"Fourth. Women working in fac
tories or doing work that is not con
penial; women at home who want to
earn money, or young people just
-tirtLii? in will . find store work as
saleswomen most interesting and a
valuable education.
"Filth. As to salaries, it is said
stores are paying highest wages and
commissions In their history and many
women are earning what would be
culled very liberal salaries.
".Vote: Women who want to work
part time, either morning or after
noons, may find splendid positions.'
In some towns more than others the
transient or house-to-house competi
tor cut into the sales noticeably. At
one time house-to-house venders of
corsets sold to many of the women.
This was once true of Laramie. Wyo.
According to Gish & Hunter, the
women used to believe that they were
getting advantage of economical
prices. They could not feel that they
were getting expert service, because
the women who peddled the corsets
were not trained or even experienced
us retail sellers.
Therefore, the store counteracted
the competition by playing up to the
very limit the expert fitting service
of the store's corset department sales
people. Then they sold brands that
the women have come to recognize as
ftandard. They enlisted the doctors
who sent many women who had pe
eu.iar needs in the corset line. As
these women were fitted satisfactorily
thy became advertisers for the store.
-now the peddler has become a weak
competitor of the store.
The Derge-Bodenhausen Clothing
Lomp.my, of St. Joseph, Mo., believe
ia catching their customers young. In
act, they make every effort to at
tract their attention when they are
"".! a few hours old.
This doesn't mean that the firm
pathtrs up the babies and brings them
ilowr. to the store nursery or anything
"' that kind, though they would un
doubtedly do It if it were necessary.
Fancy Bloater Mackerel,
each 35c ; 10 lb. pail, $2.60.
Aunt Jemina'a
wheat Flour, 17c.
Aunt Jemina's Pancake
Flour, 17c
But they are content to do the pre
liminary "missionary" work through
the parents on the principle that the
hand that holds the purse strings Is
the, hand that rules the sales.
Every day the store secures, through
arrangement with the city Board of
Health, a record of the boy babies
born within the last twenty-four hours.
and even "before these notices appear
In the local papers the following tetter
is sent to the mother of the new in
Dear Madam Under separate cover
we had sent you by the Baby Mine
Publishing Company . a book, called
"Baby Mine." No doubt you will find
valuable information on every pace
of this book, and we trust that same
will be of service to you. : I
Yours truly,
Each of those letters is personally
signed by Roy C. Bretz, vice president
of the Derge-Bodenhausen Company,
and the "Baby Mine" book, arriving
a few days later, always proves of
interest to the mother because it con
tains directions for feeding, clothing
and caring for the new arrival. Nat
urally this attention Is appreciated
and Inclines the father of the family
to drop in at the D-B store the next
time he needs anything in the line
of clothing.
But, while this attitude on the part
of the grown-ups is distinctly pleas
ing to . Derge-Bodenhausen. it Isn't
what they are striving for. They are
after trade which will last for many
years to come all during the lifetime
of the baby, the boy and the man. in
As the second step in the campaign
they send the1 baby, when he is a few
months old, a tiny pair of trousers
cut to fit the average Infant of that
age, and many mothers have recipro
cated -by having the child's picture
taken in "his first pants." Accom
panying the pants is the following
My Dear Little Man: Your are
invited to the boys department,
where you will receive a birthday
present we have for you.
Extending you many happy re
turns of the day, we are,
Yours truly.
From this time on the boy is con
sidered to belong to the "live list" of
sales prospects, and letters are sent
to him and to his parents from time
to time, calling their attention, to va
rious timely lines and offerings.
About the time, according to the
company's card-Index file, when the
boy is ready for his first pair o( long
trousers he is sent the letter which
appears below, the address "Dear Sir"!
being a touch which has helped won-j malt .or fermented, liquor, liquid com
derfully, because every boy likes to , pounds, whether medicated, proprle-
think that others realize-his arrival
at the estate of manhood:
Dear Sir It has been some time
since we wrote you. Nevertheless,
we hope you are still one of our
customers.' You won't remember,
but we sent you your first pants
(ask Dad) and now you are ready
for your "first longs." ' -"
We would like very much to
have the privilege of introducing
you to our men's clothing depart
ment, just for old times sake.
" Yours truly, 1
This letter, at first glance, does not
appear' to possess much se ing
punch." There Isn't a single mention
of price or even of quality in it. But
it has produced exceptional results be
cause of 14s friendly tone and the fact
that it takes for granted the point
that the recipient will have no further
use for the boys' department. From
the moment he receives this letter the
hnv rinesrTt. e-lve his narcnts a mo-
" ... 1
mAmt'a naiA itntil lnvd,t ' In hilt
first pair of long trousers and it's a
practical certainty that these will
come from Derge-Bodenhausen.
The purchase of "D-B" clothing has
thus become a habit, the former baby
Is trading in the young man's section
and everybody is happy.
"Mike" Writes Ads Just as He Talks.
Twelve years ago M. H. Doeffier,
known around Grand Junction, Co.,
as "Mike." started his 'clothing store
on $4,000 borrowed capital and decided
that he would rest his advertising case
on personalized advertising. He would
be himself talking to the readers of the
advertising. If. 1919 contiues as it is,
his sale for the year will be "about
1,000 per cent over those of the first
year. . '
Kach Loef f ler advertisement 'usually
a single column piece, is made up of
"Mikeograms." and so headed. " Each
is signed ,Mike," There is no formal
language in the body nor formal sig
nature at the bottom. But, personal
and . interesting as they all are, each
brings in the merchandise talk as
forcibly as the most so-called efficient
advertisement written In "undertaker's
EnglishThe proof Is in the sales for
Loeffier sells wherever tie local news
papers circulate.
T was influenced In selecting this
style," said Mr. Loeffier, "by the sim
ple fact that you can clip advertise
ments and when you cut off the name
plates of them you cannot tell whose
nine out of ten of them are. I believe
that an advertisement should reflect
the individuality of the advertiser and
his firm. Especially in the smaller
"When I first began to advertise I
decided that I didn't care to write the
same sort of advertisements that
everybody else was writing. So I
didn't write any. I talked it! I aimed
to talk to my prospective customers
Just as if they were at the counter and
I was there with the merchandise in
ny hands, selling it to them. My adver
tisements may not be college English,
but I believe they are every-day
human talk. "
Here is a typical Loeffier advertise
k It takes your friends to say horrid
truths about you. :
For instance: ' I had to make a trip
to Chicago to replenish my stock of
Blank brand clothing and to pick
TIHACA, N. Y. The "Feed a Prof campaign Is-on. Cornell students are trying to raise a $5,000,000 endow
ment fund which will be. used to properly remunerate the instructors. The football squad held a parade before
the . Cornell-Williams , game. The campagne proper gets under way Oct. 20.
TION. What You Cannot Do.
Make or sell wine, beer, gin, whis
key, ale, .rum, brandy porter.
Call any beveraKe beer ale, porter.
Transport any beverage containing
one-half of one per cent alcohol.
Store v any such liquor in room or
rooms of hotel, lodging house, or any
building a part of which is used for
business purposes.
Make or sell any spiritous, vinous.
tarv. patented, or not. and by what-
ever named, called, containing one-half
of one per" cent or more of alcohol by
volume which are fit for use for bev
erage purposes.
Get. a liquor, doctor's prescription
calling for more than a pint.- . ,
Get a liquor prescription oftener
than every ten days. ... .
Get a liquor prescription from any
person but a physician holding a per
mit "to prescribe intoxicating liquor.
Accept or receive a consignment of
Advertise by any means liquor, its
manufacture or sale.
Advertise, manufacture, sell or pos
sess for sale any utensil, contrivance,
machine, preparation, compound, tab
let, substance, formula, direction or
recipe advertised, designed, or intend-
ed for use in the unlawful manufac
ture of intoxicating liquor.
Possess any property designed for
the unlawful manufacture of liquor.
Transport Intoxicating Jiquors in
any wagon, buggy, automoDiie, water
or air craft, or other vehicle.
What You Can Do.
Manufacture, buy, sell or store beer.
ale. or porter, containing less than
one-half of one per cent alcohol by
volume, provided that they are called
by some other name than beer, ale or
porter. .
Manufacture, buy, sell or store wine
containing less than one half per cent
of alcohol.
Manufacture, buy, sell or store sweet
cider and vinegar.
Manufacture liquor for non-beverage
up a few snappy ties, sox and shirts.
: But my friends insist I went to bid
one last farewell to a footrest in the
shape of a brass rail, to blow the foam
off the top for the List time to say,
11 take the same" just once more
you know the mean things your friends
will say about you.
But. honest to goodness, I went to
buy some new Brand Clothes;
and. besides with highballs at 40 to
60 centsjer copy, there is a limit,
and. besides again, I am absolutely
eligible to run tor school director even
on a prohibition ticket if you don't
believe it, ask Charlie Jones or Mrs.
Gallupe. Never once have I applied
for a permit. (Again my friends say
that I went after it in person. False
But, anyhow, I brought back a real
swell selection of real pretty summer
suits the kind that always keeps this
store of ours at the head of the pro
cession. . '
See some of them In the windows.
I would go to the moon, even though
it were dry, if I knew I could -buy
something good for you.
At the Fountain. 425 Main.
Gets Good Results. From Scissors
' Sales.
A common article, such as a pair
of scissors, lends itself to ' successful
sales possibilities, as the demand for
scissors is always good and the assort
ment endless. The Bronson Company,
of Cleveland, holds such a sale
monthly, .displaying all sizes,; shapes
and kinds, from the commonest to
the specially designed scissors on vel
vet lined trays, sales has been greater
than the last and a very satisfactory
business has been developed on this
article. ' - . .
purposes and wine for J sacramental
purposes after having applied for and
received permit from . the commls-
sioneer of internal revenue. -
Get permit to make and 'sell patent
medicines and flavoring extracts con
taining alcohol.
Distribute wine for sacramental
purposes, or like religious rites.
Industrial plants may receive per
mits to manufacture and sell alcohol
to be used exclusively for other than
beverage purposes.
You Can Be Punished
For violation of any or all sections
of the "National Prohibition Act" by
fines from $100 to $2,000, and by Im
prisonment of not less than 30 days
to two years. The lightest punishment
goes to first offenders. .
The Big Exceptions.
No Search warrant shall issue to
search Any private dwelling occupied
as such unless it is being used for The
unlawful sale of intoxicating liquor,
or unless it is in part used for some
business purpose such as store, shop,
saloon, restaurant, hotel or boarding
house. :
The term "private dwelling" shall be
construed to include the room or rooms
used and occupied not transiently but
solely as a residence In an apartment
house, hotel or boarding house.
It shall not be unlawful to possess
liquorsjrj one's private dwelling while
the same is occupied and used by him
as his dwelling only and such - liquor
need not be reported, provided such
liquors are for use- only for the per
sonal - consumption Of . the . owner
thereof and his family residing in such
dwelling and of-'his bona fide guests,
and further provided that such liquor
was cot unlawfully acquired, possess
ed and used.
. These exceptions have not been in
terpreted by the commissioner, and
may or may not be. held to include
home liquor manufacturing plants
used for brewing, distilling, making
hard cider or wine for strictly personal
iim Thv Vinwpvpr mflkf it unlaw.
(ful to store liquor in one's private
dwelling and to serve it to bona fide
The Law.
Enforces the war prohibition act and
the" eighteenth constitutional amend
ment. It is called the national pro
hibition act. .
Most of the act becomes effective
October 28. Some few sections be
come effective after the amendment
is attached to the federal constitution,
January 16, 1920.
Ingram Optical Co.
Everybody Loves Baby
Augusta, Ga.: "From the time try
baby girl was three months old I have
given her 'Golden Me
dical Uiscovery lor
stomach, arul bowel
disorders. My father
suggested my giving
her the "Discovery' ia
doses of ten drops three
times a day. The im
provemert was very
marked. She is now
seven months old, hos
eight teeth and ha
never had any teeth
'ins trouble whatever.
and I eive Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Dis
covery all the credit
in the world for my baby's present perfect
health. The 'Golden Medical Discovery
has also been used by my sister for her
babies when they were only two months
old to help in digestion and she always
praises it as highly as I do." MRS. W. G.
COX, 843 Phillip St.
Sufered with Asthma
Macon. Ga.: "For about two years I
suffered with asthma; this caused me to
become verk weak and nervous. I took
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery for
the asthma and the 'Favorite Prescription
to build me up and, give me strength, and
these two medicines cured me of my asthma
and restored me to health and strength and
I have never had any return of this ailment.
"I am never without Dr. Pierce's Pleasant
Pellets in my borne for use in the family
when needed. They are the best medicine
I have ever used to keep one in a good
healthy state; they regulate the stomach,
liver and bowels and are mild and easy to
take." MRS. J. H. BATEMAN, 121 EU
St. ttM
Bifiom Attack and Headaches
Athens, Ga.: "Dr. Pierce's Pleasant
Pellets I consider ery good for biliousness.
At times I have bilious attacks and head
aches caused from my liver being sluggish
and inactive, and my husband is also
bothered with bilious attacks and consta
pstion. Just recently we learned of the
'pleasant Pellets' and we find them just fine
In relieving tbeee condition. They tone
CD the whole system and give one a good
apnetite." M.R3. ESSIE MEALOK. 115
Mitchell St.
3 I
To Cure a Cold in One Day
(Tablets). It stops the Cough and
Headache and works off the Cold, E.
V. GROVE'S signature on each bf t.
Jolson Asks Who Played
Poker With Pocahontas ?
"When John Smith went away
somebody must have fed the kitty."
So Al Jolson rises melodiously to a
point of disorder, and brings down
the house as he inquires: "Who
played poker with Pocahontas?"
Coupled with "Alexander's Band is
Back in Dixieland," by Harry Fox.
A-2787 85c
MM . -
Columbia Crmfonolam
Standard Modal
us to $300; Pariod
Daaigna up to 92100
Dr. King's New Discovery has
a successfnl record of half
a century ' ..
Time-tried for more than fifty years
and today at the zenith of its popu
larity! "When you think, of that, you
are bound to be convinced that Dr.
King's New Discovery does exactly
what it Is meant to do soothes cough-
raw throats, congestion - tormented '
chests, loosens phlegm-pack, and
breaks the most obstinate cold and
grippe attack.
Dr. King's Is safe for your child,
for your mother's cold, for the kiddie's
cold, cough, croup. Leaves no disagree
able after-effects. 60c a bottle at
your druggist's.
Bowels Act Sluggish?
Irregular bowels often result in seri
ous sickness and disorders of the liver
and stomach. Make them act as they
should with Dr. King's New Life Pills.
Keep the liver active the system free
from waste. 25c a bottle. Adv.
Spanish War Veterans will meet this
evening at the usual hour at their
headquarters in the cour.ty court liouso
building. All niernbtrs are asUed lo
b present.
for Nora.
"Oh! What a
Pal Was Mary"
Here's a good old-fashioned ballad song
that's making one of the biggest sentimental
hits on record. Henry Burr sings the appeal
ing words and beautiful melody with sincere
and tender feeling. Coupled with "Waiting"
(from "Listen Lester"), by Charles Harrison.
A-2786 85c
A Few More Mid-Month Hits
I'm Forever Blowing1 Bubbles ' Columbia Saxophone Sextette
Beautiful Ohio Blues . . . 'Columbia Saxophone Sextette
Tell Me (FoX-trot) . . . . Waldorf Astoria Singing Orchestra
Breeze . ...... . The Synco Jaxz Band
Matldy, From "ZieRfeld Follies of 1919" . . . Van and Scheack
1 11 Be Happy When the Preacher Makes You Mine
Irving and Jack Kaufman
Get the New Columbia Novelty Record
Booklet. Every Columbia Dealer Has It
Nw Columbia Racord on Sal th 10th and 20th of Every Month .
vrun nnc in
i vvllU Hilt. ILL
This Woman Recommends
Lydia . Pinkham's Vege
table Compound Her
Personal Experience. 1
McLean, Neb. " I want to recom
mend Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
. compound to all
women who suffer
from any functional
disturbance, as it
good than all the
doctor's medicine.
Since taking it I
have a fine Healthy
baby girl and have
gained in health and
strength. My hus'
band and I both
praise your med
icine to all suffering
women." Mrs. John Koppelmann, R
No. 1, McLean, Nebraska.
This famous root and herb remedy,
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, has been restoring women of
America to health for more than forty
years and it wilf well pay any woman
who Buffers from displacements, in
flammation, ulceration, irregularities,
backache, headaches, nervousness or
"the blues" to give this successful
remedy a triiL
For special suggestions In regard to
your ailment write Lydia E. Pinkham
Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass. The result
of its long experience ia at your service.
i :t
Nora Baves Couples
Jerry" with r'Tn Miami1
The contrast between these
two vivid songs on a single record :
gives Nora a chance to show her
amazing versatility in character
study. From an Irish brogue to a
Southern drawl is a wide jump,
but its just a melodious skylark
A-2785 85c
1 85c
85c -

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