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No. 1 Continued from
Page One
H. E. Butler, J. H. Bell, L. J. Caro, O.
H. Coker, J. M. Coe, A. M. Cowbam,
TV. H. Creary, J. Crelghton. A. H. Cre
dille, J.'W. Conn. L. Cotton, A. Doug
las. C. E. Driver, Jr., S. B. Dannheis
ser. O. A. Eberle, W. E. Fuller. E- C.
Filllngim, H. W. Feld. C. Frenkle, C.
? E. Grant. H. U. Gibbs, G. L. Gregory,
F. F. Gander, H. M. Ginsberg. A. O.
Godwin, B. J. Hyer, A. C. Holland, W.
' T. Harris, G. D. Hall, HK W. Holland.
- A. Hill, C. T. Hoffman, J. T. Hutchin
son. L. W. Heinberg, L. C. Hinote,
J. I Hughes, I. Harris, W, Jones, J.
. W. Jordan, F. C. Kelly, T. Kennedy,
E. Know lea, P. F. Kennedy, S. R. M.
Kennedy, P. Kriowles, J. A. Lee, A. E.
' Langford, A. K.Lytton, X. W. Iaugh-
- lin, Sol. A. Levy, J. M. Myer, C. A.
Mulder, R. Mathis. E. Mahoney, E. M.
Miller, W. J. Helton, K. K. McCune, P.
" Madson. R. J. Mahoney, L. W. Nail, L.
I G. Nobles, L. J. Nail, O. W. Owens, Jr.,
, C. H. Pohlman, H. PickarJ, C. W. Pin
J gle, J. W. Ronnlof, B. Riley, J. T.
Reed. O. M. Roche, P. F. Klera, J. M.
Roberts, W. O. Reiclunan. F. S. Stoit-
ing, W. F. Timmons, D. Shultz, L. W.
Skelton. J. M. Sims, R. E. Smith, R.
Salladin, J. J. Sims. D. 'O. Sims. G. B.
Sellers, W. H. Smith, E. H. Summer-
lin. C. L.. Tompkins, It. A. Thorsby,
E. Thornton, H. Thompson, G. M.
: Voorhees, F. Walker, L. A. Waters, W.
Westllng, F. M. Wright, C. T. rates,
R. J. Yates, G. Zimmerman.
Additions are to be made to the
Frank Marston post. A very few of
the "Heroes of yesteryear" follow:
The following are the names and
positions on Nov. 11, 1918, with their
' length of service and present situa
i tion: - " .
H. W. Marine, hospital, France,
, 2 years; Student Pan-American, --
S .R. Mallory.Fort Sill, Oklahoma;
Fisher-Brown Agency.
-i . J. Roberts, France. 5 months; Gulf
Export Lumber company.
T. C. . Finch. ' Mrosnes, France, 14
months; Citizens & Peoples Bank.
WAD. Wilkinson, Neuf Chateau;
? France, 8 months.
I. J. Cook. U. S. Air Service, A. E. F
England, 18 months; Linotype operator,
Pensacola , Journal.
G. C. Baldwin, Pensacola naval air
station. 2 years; Pensacola Journal.
H. Yarboroush. Washington, D. C,
2 years; Pensacola Journal.
J. D. Beard. Annapolis; Annapolis.
F. W. Beard, Annapolis; "Roches-
- ter." ' - .
W. K. Beard, U. S. S. Lawrence;
Hampton Roads.
J. R. Duncan, Paris. 1 year; L. & N.
J. H. Bickerstaff. Lyon, France, 9
months;. Doctor.
H. G. Collins, Ff ance, two and half
- years: Bell Telephone. -.
J. Phillips, France. t
R. O'Donnavon, hospital,- Ft. Mc
pherson. ;
Leon Brown, Berneillachietiel, 6
months; Fire Department. -
J. Hammond. BotMeau, 'France, .11
months; Fire Department.,
' H. Haddon, France; Retired.
E. C. Berry, Camp ' Beaureguard.
La., 1 - yeari : Pensacola JournaL ....... .
- L. Caro", Camp Jackson, S. C. .....
I. D. Thames, Brest, 1 year.
C. J. Oerting, Nantes, 1 year.
W. Hoer. Tours; 1 year.
J. C. Stoddard. France, 1 year;
Pensacola JournaL
J. Geri, Liverpool; Fireman.
C M. Kelson, subchaser; Fireman.
A. Whiting, Brest, 9 months.
J. Caro, Manes, , 2,1-2 years; Camp
Jessup. . . T j
P. Carter, France, 2 years.
G. Fairchifd, Africa, 3 years.
, J. . Brown England, 9 month.
E. Wicke, England. l-2 year.,
E. Russell, France, 1 year.
Tales of English mutton, jam. and
cheese, tales of long, long hours of
ease In frozen trenches, muddy roads,
but what's the use? The tales ten
million times repeated and as dear as
ver to the folks at home. But why
. lot let "the boys forget It, la the
peace that's theirs to bring?
Clark is national vice chairman of
the executive committee of the
American Legion. He Is a son of
5f Former Speaker Clark. He is presi
dent of the National Guard Associa-
" tion of the United States.
Nothing Liko'Em
in corn flakes Oni
says (fdO
Folks who went good
things to oot olways
j .f ; . Ill
TO IfflTjMff
Offers to Improve City's Prop
erty "and Furnish Fidelity
Bond Against Accidents.
In regular session yesterday the city
commissioners passed the ordinance
providing " for the purchase of Max
ent park. James Jeraulds applied or
S lease on the city wharf at Magnolia
reet and a report on-the plumbing
at the city jail was received from In
spector Jolly. City Engineer Garrett
submitted estimates . to" the board for
the proposed paving of many city
streets and a petition asking for a
compromise of taxes on a certain par
cel of property was received from Wil
liam Fisher..
Ordinance 24 which provides for the
purchase of Maxent park passed the
board of commissioners yesterday aft
er it was. amended upon the recom
mendation of City Attorney John B.
Jones, to read "when the deed and ti
tle to said property are approved by
the city attorney". This property will
be bought by the city at a cost of 56,
000. ,; . .
The application of James Jeraulds
to lease the city wharf at Magnolia
street was referred to Commissioner
Hinrichs for investigation and report.
Jeraulds offers to cover the wharf
with a shed and agrees to give a fi
delity bond to the ; city against ac
cidents. His application Is signed by
several . prominent business men - of
the city. ' '," '"
Inspector Jolly reported, that the
plumbing in the city jail was in a very
bad condition and that it would be
necessary to replace most of it with
modern plumbing. The matter was re
ferred 4 to Commissioner Pou with in
structions, to get estimates of the cost
of the necessary work to be done.
City Engineer Garrett submitted his
estimates for necessary paving of
Garden, Blount, Alcaniz, Barcelona,
LaRua, DeSpto and Gonzalez streets
and Alabama square. The city at
torney was Instructed to draw up an
ordinance calling for bids for this
work. ,;" t
The request of William Fisher for a
compromise of taxes .on a certain par
cel of property was referred to Mayor
Sanders for consideration.
No. 2 Continued from
Page One
between Coyle and Donaldson.
All commercial organ Jation.i. North
Donaldson, between Garden nd Chase.
All city and county empky3. Gar
den, between Donaldson and Olivia.
Fire Department "and ...--apparatus;,
Garden street truck house, to fall -in
at end of parade.
"Taps finds the
evening just
started for the
lads who are do-?
ingr . Minneapolis
while they help
to put the Amer
ican Legion baby
on its feet this
Stomach ills
permanently disappear after drinking tht
celebrated Shivar Mineral Water. Positively
guaranteed by money-back offer. Tastes
line: costs a trifle. Delivered anywhere by
our Pensacola Agents, West Florida Gro
ery Co. Phone them.
Washington, D. C Nov. 10. Flor
ida postmasters have been commis
sioned as follows:
Cassia, Ivy R. Douglas; Dukes. Eu
gene E. Shaller; . Bocaratone,- Joseph
A. Brenk; Jensen, Henry E. Neal: Al
ton, Ef fie C Polk; Longboat, Kath-
erine G5 Bispham; Magnolia Springs,
George W. Hulvey; Ashville. Edwin
H. Finlayson; Tallevast (formerly
Cates City). John W. Stevens; San
Antonio, Frank E. Carroll; Tangerine,
Ella A. Tallant; Port St. Joe, relegated
to fourth class. Henry A. Drake.
Acting postmasters designated
Boca Grande, Jefferson Gaines; Glen
Saint Mary, Jesse E. Franklin: Myak-
ka City, John C. Albritton; Burbank,
Herbert I. Turner.
Postoffices discontinued Glendale.
Walton county; Bonaventure, Brevard
county: Fairview, Putnam county.
Roosevelt son of the former presi
dent, has been the prime mover in the
organization "of the; American Legion
and may be elected , its first president
1 V -X
at the Minneapolis meet.
Judge Morey yesterday fined Rachel
Mahone, a negress, 50 and costs for
carrying' concealed weapons. '.She was
arrested by Captain Harper.
Eleven stands out in the sensational
career of . Bob Martin. A. E. F., and
inter-allied heavyweight boxing cham
pion, with striking prominence.
Bob Martin was born the eleventh
member of a West Virginia family.
The date of his birth was the
eleventh of November.
He reached his maturity the eleventh
hour of the eleventh day of the
eleventh' month of the year 1918 the
same hour the armistice was being
signed. t .
. He has won many of his fights in
the eleventh round though he doesn't
Beauty Answers
ussperate You
need no longer dread the
taking off ?of superfluous
hairs. It " can now be
done as easily as bathing
Jnjc the face. It Is won
derful to see every su
perfluous -Tiair Just shrivel
tip and coma riht off by
moistening the hairs with
eulfn solution. It leaves
the skin . smooth, clear-, and clean, as
though there Jhad been' no superfluous
h&irs at all. This is the way it is done
by those who . know.: It's all done so
quickly,, and it can be used with perfect
narety, no matter ho thick the nair
growth or how delicate the skin. Use it
in armpits, on face,: shoulders. ,etc. and
you will at last rid yourself of the pest
of superfluous hair. The sulfo solutionl
can be. secured for one dolar at any drug!
store. i
MIS3 MUDDY The most wonderful!
resulut that anybody can : imagine inl
beautifvine the skin ia oroduced bv the
following eAtremely simple formula. Evei
on bad complexions, such as you say you
have. I have sien changes almost mirac
ulous in only a few days. You cannot fall
to make Your skin absolutely spotless and
lily-pure, by the liberal application of ' a
cream, made at home." by using two ta
blespoonfuls of glycerine and one ounce
of zintone in a pint of water. Get the
zintone at any druf store, it will only
cost you 50 cents. You will neitner want
nor need any other beautifying cream
but this.
MISS fc. O. O. I wish I had known it
before. I could have saved you three
years of miser5 j My dear, you can get
rid of all those blackheads in a few
minnt.t h BnrlnlrlinET Rom Pi r tMWdered
neroxin on a wet sponsre and rubbing t
over the DiacKneaas. it wom,
time! Enough neroxin can be gotten at
on.. jIt-i.ct atnr. fni rpnt to last a
lcng time. You'll be happy : again, poor
girl, and you'll forget you ever naa mose
humiliating mue pestu.
No Excuse for Suffering Now.
No Excuse for Suffering Now.
Throbbing, drilling headaches that
drive you almost mad: dull, heavy
headaches that weaken and sap your
strength: sick headaches or worry
headaches need trouble you no more.
Take one of Hollans Headache Tablets
and a swallow of water.
Inside of half an hour you will find,
ninety times out' of a' hundred that
the worst of headaches Is gone. Xi)
matter what 'the cause is Hollans'
Headache Tablets are efficient- i They
are ideal for any and every headache.;.-
Jpr your protection the letters HUT
are stamped on every genuine tablet.
Look for , these initials- They are your
protection against substitution. Bot
tJes of 24 HHT 30 cents at the drug
store. Adv.v . , ,
JfL. I
i "lis LONi tB&feOR
YOU -TAR.T 30(M(5.
to America.
He won from Joe Bonds in his first
professional fight in America in the
eleventh round.
At the beginning of that round.
Jimmy Bronson, his manager, whis
pered in Bob's ear:
"Bob, j'ou know what round this
is? The eleventh. Now go out and
win." -
The eleventh round was barely
der way when Martin's left crashed
into Bonds with such force that the
veteran wobbled about, the ring. Ref
eree Matt Hinkel stopped the bout.
And now. Bob Martin will celebrate
Armistice Day, his birthday the 22nd
and will fight Jack Moran in Minne
apolis before his old buddies from
overseas. r -
' -.
Allen's Foot-Ease Does It.
"When jour shoes pinch or your corns
and bunions ache so that you are tired all
ever, get Al'en's Foot-Case, the antisep
tic jowdtr to be shaken into the shoes
and bprlnklcd Into the footbath. It will
take the rting out of corns and fc unions
and give instant relief to Smarting, Ach
ing. Swollen, Tender feet. Used by Amer
ican. UritisU and French troops. Sold
everywhere. Ucn't accept any. substi
tute. It wasn't likeT
this a year agolj
when reveille I
sounded. Tho j
boys at the Amer- '
ican Legion meet
in Minne apolis
sleep on till the
last call for
This Skin Peeler
In Great Demand
Since the discovery that mercolized wax
possesses remarkable absorbent powers
when applied to the skin, the demand for
it as a complexion renewcr has been tre
mendous. Druggists in every-sectlon re
port sales as far exceeding those of any
thing similar they have ever had on their
Ordinary mercorized wax gently peels
off the devitalized cuticle, in minute par
ticles so thatt the user gradually loses he
old worn-out complexion, the more youth
ful under-skin taking its place. Cutane
ous eruptions, blotches, moth patches,
liver spots and freckles are of course re
moved at the same time. As the wax is
entirely harmless, and easy to use. women
all over the county are purchasing it in
original packages and using it to quickly
rejuvenate their complexions. The wax
is applied the same as cold cream, al
lowed to remain on over night, then
washed off with warm water.
Try Musterole. See How
Quickly It Relieves -
You just rub Musterole in briskly, and
usually the pain is gone a delicious,
eoottiiiig comfort comes to take its place.
Musterole is a clean, white ointment;
made with oil of mustard. Use it instead
of mustard plaster. Will not blister.
Many doctors and nurses use Muster
oiesand recommend it to their patients.
fhey will gladly tell you what relief
It gives from sore throat; bronchitis,
croup, stiff neck, asthma, neuralgia,
congestion, pleurisy, rheumatism, lum
bago, pains and aches of the back or
joints, sprains, sore muscles, bruises,
chilblains, frosted feet colds of the
chest. Always dependable.
SO and 60c jars; hospital size $2L50l
Also, GRIPP-Try u
Trial Vottl lOet
The November term of the court of
record convened yesterday morning at
10 o'clock. Judge C. Moreno Jones
presiding. Seventy-three cases were
set for the criminal docket and in
clude m&ny cases of liquor selling,
manufacture of liquor, assault and
battery. . larceny, non-support and
murder., A few offenders plead guilty
to minor charges yesterday and were
sentenced. Today the civil docket
for the term will be set and the Jury
for the term will be impaneled.
Tave McCoy was sentenced to three
months in the county jail for having
too much liquor in his possession. C.
A. Shaw pleaded guilty to aggravated
assault and was fined, $50 and costs
or sixty days in jail and Mose Hen
derson was allotted three months in
the county jail when he pleaded guilty
to petit larceny.
Local attorneys who attended the
opening term of the court included:
Philip BeaU. John P. Stokes, Leon
Lischkoff. D. W. Berry, C. J. Stokes.
li. V. Holsberry ."W. L. Zachary, Clar
ence Brown, H. J. Mackey, Walter Ke
hoe. J. N. Hutchins, Forsythe Caro,
J. J. Sullivan Jr., and Arthur Davis.
Kills chills and
keeps off fevers.
Fine tonic At
your drug store,
for 60c Money back if no relief.
Made and GUARANTEED by
BEHRENS DRUG CO.. Waeo, Texas.
Fj? lira 31
To The Stockholders of
Oklahoma Star Refining
A few lines of interest to each and every one of you.
Upon my return. to this city from a trip throughout the oil fields of our holdings in Okla
homa and Texas," I am glad to say that we are now on the sand in Number 7 well, waiting for
Numbers 7 and 8 are expected in as soon as casing is set.
Number 9 in the Burkburnett Extension Pool will be drilled in as fast as it can be drilled,
beginning about the 15th. This well is also shut down for casing. f
To the interest of the ones who have already taken stock with me, this is my last notice
as a warning to get in on the ground floor, there being only a few shares that I have left that
will probably be open just this week at $1.00 par.
K - v ' 'j
. " - - - '
Remember, we are waiting on Number 7 well which will only take two days to tell the
story. Our acreage has jumped from $750.00 to $1,000.00 per acre.
Our books will be open on the morning of the 12th, probably no longer than this week.
A few more shares at $1.00 par, no more after these few shares. Will give the balance of
the information in this afternoon's paper.
Remember the time is limited and what few shares are left are going to be closed out.
Hoping that the first stockholders will get the balance of the shares they want before the
stock goes up or Number 7 well comes in. Best regards.
Tuesday and Wednesday
Brookfield Butter, lb. ...75c
Cloverbloom Butter, lb... 70c
Swift's Premium Oleo, lb. 40c
Swift's Baconlb. 63c
Cheese, lb. 38c
Maxwell House Coffee,
can .50c
Maxwell House Coffee,
pkg. . 45c
Golden Rio Coffee, pkg.. ,30c
Dewey Coffee 50c
El Delito Coffee 50c
16-to-l Brand, 2 pkgs. for 25c
French Market Coffee . ..37c
French Opera Coffee . . . .40c
Veri-Best Coffee 45c
Arbuckles Breakfast
. Coffee . . 43c
C. D. K. High Grade
2 Coffee . ....42c
Mammy's Favorite, 4 lb.
cans . . 1.50
Cream, tall cans, doz. ..$1.80
Cream, small cans, doz. ..90c
Milk, Magnolia, per can. .20c
Tomatoes, 1 lb. can, doz. $1.00
Tomatoes, l lb .can,
doz. ... $1.20
Swift's Silver Leaf Lard,
4 lb. cans ..$1.95
Cottolene, 4 lb. cans ...$1.35
Cottolene, 8 lb. cans ...$2.00
Comp. Lard, per lb 28c
Armour's Vegetole, 4 lb.
cans . . i $1.30
Wesson Oil, pts. ..40c
Wesson Oil, qts. ... ... . . .78c
Mazola, pts. .40c
Octagon Soap, doz. . . . . . ,90c
Clean Easy Soap, doz. . . . 65c
U. S. Mail Soap, doz. ....65c
Extra Good Soap, doz. . . .50c
Argo Starch, 10c size,
3 for ............... .25c
English Peas, 2 lb. cans,
doz. $1.80
Van Camp's Extra Peas,
2 lb. cans, doz. ..... .$1.90
Van Camp's Beans, 5 oz. . -
cans .20c
Beachnut Pork and Beans,
1.1b. cans ..i,.... 19c
Campbell's Tomato Soup,
per. can .lie
Van Camp Soup, per can 10c
Canned Corn, No. 2 cans 15c
Sugar Loaf Corn, No. 2
cans 20c
Bremner Crackers, doz.
pkgs .90c
Uneeda Biscuits, doz.
pkgs .95c
Beechnut Peanut Butter,
full size 38c
Medium size . 25c
Small size ........... .15c
Beechnut Jelly Grape, Ap
ple, plum, per glass . . .23c
Irish Potatoes, lb ....... 15c
per peck ............ 60c

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