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No. 2 Continued from
Page One
Pou. and George H. Hinrichs, Commis
sioners of the City of Pensacola, com
manding: them as the Board of Com
missioner of the City of Pensacola.
'Florida, forthwith to call a special
election of the qualified voters of said
city, at which the following proposi
tion shall hf submitted: Shall the City
nf Tr,,.! nhnndnn its organization ceeding. twenty per centof the quali
under the provisions of law. providing ed voters at the last . general city
a commission form of government an!
assume its f ormer aldermanic form of
government? And to take all the nec
essary steps for the holding of an
election in accordance with law, and;
under and In accordance with the said
law. . .
That in and by Section 40 of said
Chapter 6746 of the Laws of Flor
ida it is provided that "After the city
has operated for more than six years
under the provisions of ; this act It
may abandon such organization here
under , and resume its former govern
ment by proceeding as follows: Upon
the petition of a numor of qualified
voters within said city equal to, or ex.
election, a special election , shall be
called by the board of Commissioners
at which the following proposition
shall be - submitted: -
"Shall the City of Pensacola aban-
for such other and further relief as ' don its organization under the pro-
may seem Just and proper;
j visions of law providing a commission
Now, therefore, we being willing that form oC government, and assume x its
its 'former aldermanic . form of gov
full, and speedy justice be done In the
premises do command you Frank D.
Sanders, Frank R. Pou and George H.I That in the months of September,
Hinrichs, Commissioner of the City A- 1919 the relators herein, and
of Pensacola, as the Board of Commis- othe citizens of the said City of Pen
sioners of the City of Pensacola, forth- sacola beInS desirous of changing the
rith to call a special election of the form f government of said city as Jn
qualified voters of said City of Pen- said Section 40 of, said Chapter 6746
sacola at which the following propo- Provided, the relators who then were
sitlon shalPbe submitted- Shall the and. nw ar qualified voters within
election In accordance with law; and
to grant such other and further relief
as may seem just and proper; and as
in duty bound they will ever pray,'. etc.
. E. C. Maxwell, Sullivan & Sullivan,
attorneys for petitioners.
said City f -Pensacola. abandon its
said city and seven hundred and twen
organization under the provisions of im ... . , . . . , .
, . . . fied voters within said city, which
said number exceeded twenty per cent
of the qualified voters at the, last pre
law providing a, commission form of
government? and to take all -neces-
, - ,, , ... - oi me quaimea voters at me last pre-
sary steps for. the holding of, said .j . . , . .
election in 'accordance with law or "dlnS 8(jeraI election in Isaid city,
ejection .in accoraance wun jaw t .or to.wit: rh9 election held therein for
that you shall .show cause why you , . . ,
. . At t. tne election of a Commissioner on the
tJO-vv: 1UL UUHC 1 BV UUl VilIUUll.
Court In and For. Escambia County.
have you then and there this writ.
' Done andr- ordered at DeFuniak
2nd day of June, A. D. 1919,;at which
election the number of qualified vot-
?M ' Vi 1 ?k "'a r;. thf and twenty-seven. duly signed a pe
19th day of November. A. D..101A and lltfnn fnr ' nM..' , tn
called by the Board of Commissioners
n f CQ I t tr a rtvni'Mai in colli (?as
Springs. Florida, this the 12th day or Wresd. wMch . peti-
iron containea tne name or eacn oi saia
I petitioners thereon, his residence ad
! dress; that on the 31st day of July,
! A. D. 1919 the said petition was dtly
J filed with James Macgibbon, who. then
j was and now is the duly elected qual-
To the Honorable A. G. .Campbell, 'i " lly, " n.TJ '
t,i ,., ...i : Court of Bscambia County Florida.
Escambia County, State, of. Florida. j
Your petitioners J. IIerron D'AIem-
fdvmiliM- 1 r - n " 1911
,W , Judge. :
Petition' for , Mandamai. r
Thn' wtitinn follow-. S ' '.i'
In . the Circuit Court . In and for Es
. cambia County," State of Florida.
qualifications of the signers ' of said
n ft nXnl.ln 1". . if .tsiv.
berte, Dudley- JZ. Saunders and -.Wil-v taineJ requlsite number of quali.
liam Moyer represent and. show unto . , ol. ''s .
your Honor that they and 4 each of
them are - citizens, ' residents, duly
qualified electors and -tax payers vof
the- City rof Pensacola,- in' the. State
of Florida. " " -' "
That the said ; City - of Pensacola,
Florida, is a municipal corporation ' In
said State,' "organized and - operating
under the lws of said State;, that tne
government of said city as. now. organ
ized is and ever since the day i of
June, A. D. 1913, : has been under a
Board of three Commissioners under
fled electors .to call said election, and
there upon on the 28 day of October
A. D. 1919, certified said fact to the
Board of Commissioners of said City
of Pensacola, a copy of which certifl
cate is hereto attached, marked "A"
and made a part hereof.
That it thereupon became and was
the duty of these respondents who as
aforesaid, constituted - said' Board of
Commissioners of the City of Pensa
cola, to proceed as provided for. in
said Section 40 of said Chapter 6740
and in, accordance with the provisions "7 V V .m Tn
i-J -r failed and refused and still fail and
of Chapter 6746. of the Laws of Flor
ida. known as. , "Art ; Act Relating to
the City cf Pensacola, to Create a
Commission ; Form, of. Government for
(Said City; to prpvide for th9 Elec
tion of Commissioners, Their Terms
of Office, and the . Selection of one
Commissioner as Mayor; to Fix the
refuse so to do for the alleged rea
son that the provision of said section
40 of said act- of , - the legislature of
this state are not recognized by them
as being in force and effect.
The premises considered your rela
tors pray thafthis Honoroble Court
Powers. Duties and Compensation of win nt a 'J?lt' of ,.ma"daUS , di"
such Commissioners; to Punish Im
proper Conduct In Connection with
Elections and petitions hereunder; to
Abolish an Existing Offices and
Frank , R. Pou. -and George "H. Hin- 1
richs as said Board, of Commissioners !
of the City of Pensacola, Florida,
State of Florida: " '
Escambia County.
Personally appeared before me this
day J. Herron D'Alemberte, Dudley R.
Saunders and "William L. Moyer, pe
titioners in the foregoing petition, and
being by me first duly sworn says
that the allegations of the foregoing
petition are true.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this the 5th day of November, A. D.
1919. .
(SEAL) " " Xotary Public.
My commission expired March 10,
1923. ' " '
J . Escambia County.
Jas. Macgibbon. Clerk.
Pensacola. Fla October 27, 1919.
To. The Board of Commissioners of the
City of Pensacola, Florida, and
Frank D. Sanders, Frank R. Pou,
and George H. Hinrichs, 5 Commis
sioners constituting said Board:
I, James Macgibbon, Clerk of the
Circuit Court of , Escambia Countj',
Florida, do hereby certify that on the
31st day of July A. D. 1919, there was
filed with me as such Clerk, a peti
tion of qualified electors of the city
of Pensacola, Florida, asking that a
special election be called by the Board
of Commissioners of the City of Pen-'
sacola, Florida, .at wnich the follow
ing proposition . snail . oe suDmutea:
"Shall the City of Pensacola abandon
its organization under-the provisions
of law providing a Commission form
of Government, and assume its former
aldermanic. .form ' of Government?"
That I, as Clerk as aforesaid, have ex
amined into the qualifications of the
signers of said petition, and that the
said petition as filed, as aforesaid,
contained and contains, the names of
the requisite number of qualified elec- t
tors to call said . election; That said
petition was signed by seven hundred
and twenty-six of the voters who were
qualified to vote for . Commissioners
at the last preceding city election, held
In said City, which was the election
held therein on the 2nd day of June,
A. D., 1919, and was signed by more
than , twenty per cent- of the whole
number of voters qualified to vote at
said election, who numbered 3527, that
each of the signers of said prttion had
added after his name, . and opposite (
thereto, his residence address.
In Witness "Whereof I have hereun
to set my hand and official seal thi3
27th day of October, A. D. 1919.
Clerk of the Circuit Court of Escam
bia County, Florida.
I hereby certify that a copy of the
above certificate was delivered to
Frank D. Sanders. Mayor of the City
of Pensacola, on the 28th day of Octo
ber, A. D. 1919.- : v .
. i .... . JAS MACGIBBON,
Clerk Circuit Court, Escambia County,
Florida. -
sack- to its
Iff - , f O v . rT
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hundred destroyers should not base
here 365 days in a year, instead of 25
or 30 three months in the year. This
should be the home port of the Unit
ed States destroyer forces. It remains
for the broad-minded, far-seeing busi
ness men tcTget together on the propo
sition and put it over.
O RT of
Boards Including th rmmHi f .w. commanding them as such Koard to
City of Pensacola! and toSnlarge and .9" a ppeciaJ elfftio,n ' tn. uaIj
Extend the Powers and Jurisdiction ofied voters of Baii c"y at which the
said City, and provide for the Sup- owine proposition shall be -.sub-port
and Maintenance of Its Govern- mitted: ShaU the City of pensac
ment.- and the respondents Frank D ' abandon its organization under the
. i nrovisions of law nrovidine a Com-
canuvrn, rrans i. rou, anu ueorge" . . . "
H. Hinrichs now are and" for more miS8io" form of government, and as
than a year s last past have been the sume lts former aldermanic form of
dulv Pictd. ona!ififi SMin.. r-r. government? and to take all neces-
. . . sarv stens for the holding , of said t
iiiuaiuucis i-i me wn ui tr ensacoia . ; - . . "
No. 4 Continued from
" Page One
which the navy department and con
gress would be' interested. And it is
worth working for, because no port in
the . United States has such natural
advantages for putting over the prop
osition as pensacola.
- There is no earthly reason why a
of the
!im. tmjff i CAne cues. n
whats comb otexz
r T, ' 1 ' U 1 1
w m i . . m a a m a
Vcs But Ti4rr voesnr Woeic
5ETS TlgHr- r-
Barney, Blakely, Bush, Ingram,
Meredith, Harding, McKean, McCalia.
Calhoun. .
Supply Ships. .
L,eonidas, Lebanon. "
Dixie. '
Steamars. -
The tanker Georgia of the Texas
Oil Co. arrived yesterday afternoon
with a cargojf gasoline. The Florida
for the samecompany is expected
daily with a cargo of fuel oil.
The British steamer Nibian, from
The American steamer Lake Savus,
stream, loading.
The Italian steamer Rovigno, Mus
cogee wharf, undergoing repairs.
The Cuban : steamer Olivant, Tarra
gona wharf, undergoing repairs.
The shipping board steamer Es
cambia, G.. P. & N. wharf, loading.
The American steamer Argenta, G.,
P. & X. wharf, discharging cargo.
The American steamer West Har
shaw, stream (loading).
The American steanver Georgia,
Texas Co. docks.
' Schooners.- '
! The British schooner Leo La Blanc,
Tarragona wharf, loading.
The American schooner Irma,' stream
The American schooner Frederick
A. Duggan, stream, loading.
The Spanish Bark Suarez No. ; 2,
"Wharf, discharging ballast.
: Barges.
The Aiken, barge Consul, stream.
The Aiken barge George T. Locke,
Bctges, Aiken batge Booov-Mo. I'al
afox wharf.
American barge Iberia, stream
American barge, Smlth-Ter r.y
stream (loading).
Aiken barge, Jackson, stream (load-lag).
Aiken barge Ario, stream.
The American barge Madison,
The American barge Ethel Clarke,
Aiken tug Simpsoi, Palafox wharf.
The Aiken, tug Sea .King,, Palafox
wharf. . , '
Tugs, Aiken tug iroy, Palafox
The American tug, Bathalum, Tar
ragona wharf.
The Aiken tug Dixie, Palafox wharf.
'The Aiken . tug Nellie, Palafox
The following smacks are at Saun
ders' wharf: ,Maud F. Silva, Francis
B. Silvia. Clara M. Littlefield, Louise
F. Harper, Seaconnet. Sheffeyld, Eesco,
Ida S. Brooks, Yakima, Emelia Enos,
Fish Hawk, Virginia.
The following smacks ara at the
Warren wharf: Algonia,-Clara O. Sil
va. Seminole, Culebra, Emma' Jane,
Galatea, Hope, Mary B. Greer, Min
eola. Osceola, Silas Stearns, William
Hays Rena A. Percy, Washakie, Henry
The- American steamer Bockonof f.
for the Pensacola Shipping Co., Nov.
15. '- . ..
The American steamer Lake "Wy-
mer. for -the Pensacola Shipping Co.,
Nov. 15. . - -
The American steamer Botsford. for
Frederick Glllmore & Co Nov. 15.
The American steamer Oregon, for
Frederick Gillmore & Co., Nov. 17.
The American schooner Mary Mon-
son Gruener.
The Norwegian schooner Furustrand,
for T. O.. Fillette & Co., Nov. 18.
The West Harsh aw American
schooner from Liverpool.
The new plant of 'the Pensacola
Chero-Cola Company will be opened
to the public -on. Tuesday", and the
growth of the parent company and
the magnitude of the enterprise is
clearly indicated in "this edition of The
Journal, which presents not only the
history of Chero-Cola and its wonder
ful development, in the printed word,
but in the views of the great indus
try, clearly shows hdw the company
has expanded since Chero-Cola orig
inated in Columbus, Ga. Much of
the success of . this splendid ten-page
section is due to the enterprise of
Thomas L. HacketC of Columbus, pub
licity director of the Chero-Cola
In presenting this edition for the
Chero-Cola Company, The Journal
takes a pardonable pride, not only in
the edition itself, "but in the business
which it represents, and which will be
housed tn a fine, newly equipped
building, which Is a credit to Pensa
cola. J -
No. 3 Continued from
Page One
creased pay . would come soon and re
move their desire to leave the service.
The officers cannot force acceptance
of the resignations. , , C
Many of the resignations are those
of young officers, graduates of A
napolis, who haw served their re-
1 quired eight "years, and find it impos
sible to support a family properly on
the navy pay. .
The warrant 'and petty officers of
the navy, who are the real backbone
of the service, are the real backbone
numbers to take positions ashore at
their trades of electricians, engineers,
machinists, etc., at three and four
times the pay given by the navy.
The navy pay Increase bill now un
der consideration will probably be re
ported - favorably to theTiouse next
week If congress is still -in session, or
early in December if adjournment is
taken soon. The bill is certain to get
prompt consideration in both the sen
ate and house at the December session
In order to extend relief to the navy
men as soon as possible. ,
The increased pay will be only for
the present fiscal year which end
July 1, 1919. The increases will prpb
ably be repeated next year If living
conditions do not materially decline
before next July.
The morale of the navy is going to
crack unless relief is had and had
soon." said Rear Admiral Cowie, ap
pearing before the. house naval com
mittee. 'The officers and men are up
against it-conditions are getting un
bearable." The admiral's solemn warn
ing aroused1 deep concern among the
committee members.
"It seems to me," continued Ad
miral Cowie, "that the proposed in
crease of only 30 per cent for the of
ficers - and 50 .per cent for the men
should appeal to you gentlemen as
being so' reasonable and considerate
of the country's resources as to com
mand your instant approval. The case
needs no argument. The high cost
Secretary of Treasury Named
by Virginia Governor to
Be Senator.
Richmond, , Novl 13. The appoint
ment of - Secretary of the Treasury
Glass to the senate . to succeed the late
Senator Martin, of Virginia, and the
acceptance of Glass was announced
tonigrnt by Leroy - .Hodges, aide to
Governor-Davis. x
Established 1866
This Agency has paid to Its policyholders
Also General Agents Equitable Life.
205 South Palafox Street ' Phone 22
of living is a disagreeable factor,
and it is a fact you face, not a theory.
"Other nations are watching condi
tions in our armed seryices I am tell
ing no secret in this, and when morale
cracks it sp?lls demoralization. I give
you my word that, hard passed as the
officers and men are today, personal
considerations are not their main mot
ive in asking for pay increases. They
need it God Knows but what moves
them principally Is the love of the
service and of the country they know
what the navy means to thd country,
and they want to preserve tile navy
intact, its initiative high, Its morale
unimpaired, ready to meet any condi
tion. "And the condition of world affairs
now is such that absolutely no chance
should be taken of our navy becoming
demoralized, and hence inefficient.
The navy Is the country's first line
of defense? and as professional men,
thoroughly aware of all conditions,
they know it to the heart. This mat
ter of a pay increase is just a plain
business proposition, one in which the
whole country is interested. It is sim
ply a matter of ordinary business pru
dence." . .
Admiral Cowie showed that the dol-
Jlar of 1908, when the navy officers
j had their last increase, is in purchas-
incr . nnwar ortuol irk nnlv 4fi tonta
day. "No increase in pay' said he,
"have been granted since 1908, and the
naval affairs committee with ' its
knowledge of the unprecedented great
increase in living costs now prevail
ing and affecting the necessities of
life, is bound to be aware of the seri
ous disadvantages, the really heart
touching burdens, under which both
the officers and men are laboring in
vainly trying to .take care of their
families in 1919, on the basis of sal
aries established back in 1908, - .
There will be an all day ser
vice at Union Hall Church,
Myrtle Grove, November 30th.
Everybody is invited and all
members living in Pensacola are
especially invited, as that is the
day for. the Seventy-five Million
Campaign. :
Santa Rosa-Escambia
F;E llf
Between Santa Rosa and
Escambia Counties
Leaves Mulat 5 :45, 9 :00 a. m.,
1:00 and 4:00 p. m.
Sunday 9:00 a. m,; 4:00 p. m.
Leaves Escambia 6:30, 10:00
- a. m., 2:00, 5:00 p. m.
Sunday 10:00 a. m., 5:00 p. m.
That is the keynote of
RIow QDiroagD Stt odd
My Delivery Is Always at
Your Service Telephone
Me and I Will Do the Rest
I want you to feel at home here, just asthough it were .
your own.
Meet your friends here. '
Leave your bundles with us. .
I sell postage stamps here as cheerfully as Drug Store
x Merchandise, and you know I am open, when the Post
Office is closed. x

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