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OurThanks to the
Men of Pensacola
We believe that we all have much to be thankful for this
But we, who are identified with this establishment, feel
especially grateful for the patronage that has been ac
corded us this year. Our business has grown to new0
proportions. We have made many new friends- but
what is more important, we have" strengthened old
friendships. - x
It pleases us to think what this signifies. It means that
the men of this city have faith in our store, in our mer
chandise, in our word.
Our policy has ever been to deal fairly and squarely at
all times, and we are thankful that our method of doing
business has won such generous recognition from the
men of Pensacola.
Better. Clothes
20 South Palafox
Clothes' are sold.
The funeral of Mrs. Filomena Ritz
will be held Crom the house at 3:30
o'clock this afternoon and service will
be held at the churcn at 4 o'clock.
Burial1 will bo made In St. Michael'3
cemetery and Tather Ftillerton will
will officiate. . ' . '
Mrs. M. WilKngrham, aged 88 years,
3led yesterday. Funeral services will
K held today, burial to be made in
Roberts cemetery, Rev. E. ff. Rice will
officate. '
M. W. KIrkpatrick. mt Fort Deposit.
A!a., brother of Registration Officer
John A. Kirkpatrick, of this city, died
at his home in Alabama early yester
terday morning:, according to a. tele
gram received by the later here. Mr.
Kirkpatrfck left Jast night at 10:3ft for
Fort Deposit t attend the funeral ser
vJces of his brofber today.
The funeral services of E. E.
Buchanan, whose deaih occurred Sun
day morning- at 8:1 o'clock at his
home at Coy, Ala., will be conducted
this afternoon at 2 o'clock from the
heme of his daughter, Mrs. I. .N1.
Holmes, at 2503 North Palafox street
and, interment will be in St. John'3
cemetery. The pallbearers will be J.
S. Waldon, Vincent Rltz, G. T. Alsip,
Elbert Knowles, Richard Rutherford
and Will Burnett.
Mr. Buchanan's death came after
only four days of illness. He Is sur
vived by his widow ana rour children,
Mrs. I. X. Holmes, Mrs. Fred Thomp
son, Roy and W. P. Buchanan, all of
Pensacola. Two brothers, J. D.
Buchanan, of Cullman, Ala,, and J. L.
Buchanan, of DeCatur, Ala., also survive.
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Page One.
j :
ley Field Malone, former collector of
the port of New York for advice in
tiying to arrange for the shipment of
$!,500,000 worth of boots, meats and
chemicals to be paid for on delivery
at Petrograd.
"Washington, Nov. 25. The immigra
tion bureau's recommendation thnt
Alexander Berkman, confessed anarch
ist, be deported was approved to
night by the Department of Labor.
Decision in the case of Emma Gold-
Hundred Regulars Sent to Take
Charge of Mill City
Mobile, 23. A hundred regular
troops from Fort Morgan left here to
night on a special train for Bogalusa.
La. Governor Pleasants had asked
the war department to send troops to
take charge of the situation because
of recent trouble there.
f fr? ? A T J
"Waslrmi, DCpv. 25. South
and Central imerica have sent many
charming visitors to Washington, but
none has won more instant popularity
than Mme. Carlos Gonzales Moreno.
Mme. Moreno came to North "Ameri
co to put her oldest son in Cornell
university. She will remain in "Wash
ington for the festivities accompanying
the visit of the prince of Wales.
She is distinguished for her beauty
and social charm in Buenos Aires and
has spent several successful seasons
in Paris.
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Page One
An Elaborate Thanksgiving
..Will Be Given.
An elaborate Thanksgiving enter
tainment to be given Thursday night
under the direction of the war ac
tivities committee of the local Knights
of Columbus, at the K. of C. hut at
the navy yard is planned. This enter
tainment will take the place of the
regular Wednesday evening function
at the K. of C. hall.
: The commanding officers at the yard
have provided a sub-chaser to convey
the patrons and entertainers from the
city to the yard and return. The boat
will leave from Palafox wharf at 7
o'clock and patrons are requested to
man -is expected soon from the bu- be on hand a few minutes before that
reau. . hour.
r iZ u. . U v if (e irbt r rr tr r ,rf-rwr
the -users of
u s e of
does the
H No
Made by the' POSTUM CER EAL COMPANY Battle Creek. Michi&m?
1 iv) ! TnirH m -i 7v TinM s n i ray
awaiting payment of the $150,000 ran
som. Both the case of "William O. Jen
kins, American consular agent at Pu
ebla, and general conditions in the
southern republic were discussed, Mr.
Lansing said, but the cabinet had be
forelno more information than was
available'-tqthe state department yes
terday. y
Jaurez, Ilex., , Nov. 23. General
Felipe Angeles and two companions
captured recently, "Vere found guilty
by courtmartial at Chihuahua City
and sentenced to be hanged at noon
today, but the sentence was not car
ried out because the defense appealed
for a habeas corpus thus staying exe
cution, according to information re
ceived by Judge Gonzalez Medina of
the Mexican federal court here. If the
intervene and find no errors the sen
tences will be carried out unless Car
ranza intervenes it was said.
Mrs. H. W. Scofield and son, Harold
Jr., leave Thursday for New York Clty
where they go to join Lieutenant
Commander Scofield who has Just re
turned torn the western coast. They
will attend the Army-Navy game Sat
urday. Mrs. Scoffield and little son
have been visiting in Pensacola for
the past .fj-ye weeks , as the guests of
Mrs. Scofield's parents, Judge and
Mrs. W. B. Sheppard.
A special event in connection with
the Elks Carnival being held all thi3
week at West Garden and Reus. streets
will be a series of performances to
night for the newsboys of Pensacola.
, J. M. Sieesley, owning manager of
the Greater Sheesley Shows, which
are firt-ntshing the attractions for this
Charity Carnival has not forgotten his
boyhood days and makes it an in
variable rule that the newsboys of each
city where his shows exhibit, shall
be glveu a night of entertainment at
his expense. Accordingly, tonight all
the newsboys of the city will be as
sembled at 7:00 o'clock and under the
personal escort of Mr. Dunning of the
staff of the Sheesley Shows, -will march
to the show grounds where they will
find all of the attractions in readiness
to receive them.
Notwithstanding the large crowd
that attended the opening of the
shows Monday night there was a de
cided Increase In attendance last eve
ning and with continued good weather
the success of the Elks Charity Fair
is assured.
Friends of Mrs. J. D. Anderson are
glad to know that she is convalescing
after having been quite ill at her home,
1524 North Baylen street.
Dr. and Mrs. "W. G. McLeod arrived
in Pensacola Sunday to make their
home with Mrs. McLeod's mother, Mrs.
M. P. Palmes. 16 ""West Strong street.
Dr. McLeod served in the U. S. M. C.
and during the summer was stationed
near Asheviile. He has been mustered
out of the service and With Mrs. Mc
Leod , has been vis ting . in Apopka,
Fla., for the past two weeks with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. V. R. McLeod.
Their return to Pensacola will be a
source of much pleasure to their
numerous friends.
New York, Nov. 25. Black and gold
in combination, can never outgrow its
charm. When a glimpse of oral is add
ed, the resulting costume Is an achieve
ment. For today's sketch a semi-formal
frock was found which made use of
this combination, in a graceful style
of such simplicity that it may be
copied at home without difficulty. The
material chosen for this particular
frock was radium silk of a shade
changing from pale taupe to shimmer
ing gold. The skirt is mdde in bouf
fant style, with large. folds, at the hip
graduating to smaller folds which
Lmerge into the edge of the skirt at the
bottom. The skirt is raised to a short
er length at the back, and here enters
the real touch of gold. A width of
several inches of geld filigree lace,
widening at the "back, finishes the
skirt and makes thesreal edge. A set
In yoke of the same lace finishes the
waist with a low, rounding neck, and
extends over the shoulders as founda
tion for a brief length of sleeve. Short
tabs of gold lace peep from beneath a
soft girdle of coral satin ribbon.
Mrs. Hunter Brown Is home again
after an extended visit in Norfolk as
the guest of her sister and brother-in-law.
Major H. N. Manney, IT. S.
M. C, and Mrs. Manney. Mr. Brown
later joined her in Norfolk and from
there thej went to New York City
for a short stay before returning home.
Mrs. Mary L. Walker returns to the
city about December 1, after a delight
ful summer spent In Kansas, Iowa and
Hon. W. A. Blount leaves Thursday
night for Jacksonville to be absent
from the city for a few days on business.
Mrs. Arthur K. Nelson, of Detroit,
arrived in Pensacola yesterday morn
ing to visit with Mr. Nelson who is
spending some time in Pensacola on
Elliott G. Barrow, fon of Captain
and Mrs. "W. G. Barrow has returned to
Pittsburg, where he has accepted a po
sition. Mr. Barrow since being re
leased from the service has been visit
ing with his parents In Pensacola and
with friends in Mobile. He served over-
Is completely wasted out of the sjrsteo hy
the celebratec! Shivar Mineral Water. Po
Itively guaranteed by money-back offer.
Tastes fine; costs a trifle. Delivered any
where by our Pensacola Apnts, West Flo
Ida Grocery Co. Phone ihrm,
seas as sergeant-major in the ord
nance department, U. S. A. He was
employed in Pittsburg at the time he
enlisted in the service.
Mrs. W. A. Blount Jr., and little
daughter. Cora Louise arrive today
from Baltimore. Mrs Blount had in
tended returning to Pensarola with
Hon. and Mrs. "W. A. Blount Sr., a
few weeks ago but on account of the
sudden illness of Cora Louise was de
tained. Friends of the family will be
glad to. know that the little girl has
quite recovered.
Mr. B. "W. RIall of Birmingham re
turned home today after a short visit
in Pensacola with his daughters, Mrs.
R. A. Baker and Miss Thelma Riall.
Friends are welcoming home Walter
C. Hoer who has returned to the
United States after twenty months
service overseas. Mr. Hoer will be in
Pensacola until about the middle of
January when he goes to "Washington,
D. C, to accept a position. While in
the city he is the guest of his father,
Mr. P. C. Hoer and sisters. Miss Ida
Hoer an Mrs. T. O. Filette.
Nc. 3-Continued from
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creased were: Potatoes, 12 " per cent;
sirloin steak and cabbage, 8 per cnt.
each; lard, 6 per cent; bacon, ham,
and crisco. 5 per cent, each; pork
chops, 4 per cent; round steak, chuck
roast, plate, beef, hens, and onions, 3
per cent, each; rib roast, lamb, corn
meal, and coffee, 2 per cent, each;
oleomargarine, cheese, canned corn,
and peas. 1 per cent, each.
Changes in One Year.
From October. 1918. to October, 1919,
the retail price of food increased. 4
per cent. In the year period, , the
following ten articles decreased in
price: Navy beans, 25 per cent; plate
beef, 18 per cent; chuck roast, 12 per
cent; sirloin steak, and bacon, 9 per
cent, each; round steak and rib roast,
5 per cent, each; lamb, 4 per cent;
cornmeal, 3 per cent; and pork chops,
2 per cent. During the year, the fol-
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tirely pleased. Nadiae la pure and harm
Jesa. Adhere until washed off. Prevents
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Tintss Flesh. Pink. Brunette. White.
By Toilet Coamtmrm or Mail, SOo,
National Toilet Company. Paris, Tana.
lowing articvles Increased in prices:
Prunes, 58 per cent., coffe, 56 per
cent; onions. 40 per cent; raisins, 35
per cent; rice, 24 per cent; salmon.
13 per cent; eggs, 12 per cent; cheese,
10 per cent; flour, butter, and pota
toes, 9 per cent, each; lard, 6 per cent;
fresh milk, sugar, and tea, 8 per cent,
each; hens and bread, 3 per cent, each;
and ham, 1 per cent.
Changes Since 1913.
For the six-year period, October,
1913, to October, 1919, the increase for
the 22 articles of food combined was
S3 per cent.
. Lard shows the greatest increase,
being 127 per cent higher than 6 years
ago. Other articles which increased
over 100 per cent were: Sugar, 107
per cent; potatoes, 111 per cent; corn
meal, 113 per cent; and flour, 121 per
As there was a decrease of only two
ent during the month
the relative figure for October, 183, is
the same as in September.'
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Bites. Stincs. Cuts.
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