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A Bosom Gift
The average man who stops
and looks at our window
display of pretty shirts can
not help from wondering
why under the name of the
sun, , people don't .include -more
shirts on the gift list.
One couldn't imagine a
prettier or a more practical
gift than a nice silk or mad
ras shirt selected from
these stocks.
Percales . ......... $2.00
Madras . . . $2.50 and $3.00
Silk Mixed '. .$3.50 to $5.00
Pure Silk . .$7.50 to $15.00
& White
'Better Clothes'1
. Chamberlain's Tablets.
These tablets are intended especial
ly for indigestion and constipation.
They tone up the stomach and enable
it to perform its functions naturally.
They act gently on the liver and
bowels, thereby restoring the ,, stom
ach and. bowels to a healthy condi
tion. When you feel dull, stupid and
constipated rive - them a triaL Tou
are certain to tbe pleased with their
effect. Adv.
g . . - -g
s : -
Mrs. G. "W.
IMawhenny 'and B. J. Jr., returned
home Friday, after spending a few
weeks with friends and relatives in
South Florida and in Jacksonville. '
Miss Pearl Summerf brd is in Jack
sonville again this week attending a
meeting of directors and teachers of
the Xurses Training Schools of Flor
ida. Miss Summerford has charge of i Ida,
the training school at the Hospital , gram
Grand Ridge, ,Dec. 9. People of ,ourj
community are enjoying new syrup ?
cane juice and fresh pork now. QuaHs ,
too, are.-plentiful. .
Mr. J. W. Gibson, of Sneads was a
business caller . here yesterday.
Mr. "YV. J. Bradley, who holds a po-
spent a few days last week here as the
Confirmation of the sale of the G. F.
& A. R. R. has been postponed to Feb.
14, 1920 by the United States District
court here.. Judge Sheppard granted
this continuance after the consent of
the bond-holders and other parties in-
terested had been obtained.
The unsettled industrial conditions,
particularly the recent, coal strike made
a continuance of the confirmation of
the sale necessary. John . T." Steele,
.receiver of the railroad : and I. , Ij.
Lewis, attorney for the stock-holders
who were here in the interest-of the
continuance 'have returned to New
It is generally understood that sever
al improvements are to be made in
the road after the confirmation goes
through, ust what the nature of the
improvements' wil! be has not been
made public, but It' is believed that
they will include a regular passenger
Tallahassee, Dec. 10. (Special.
Leon county shade tobacco again car-
service, probably with through trains sf13 ott J irst Prlze at the Florida state
to Birmingham 'with connections to
middle western points, and also the
rectlon of additional warehouse fac
ilities here and the purchase of much
needed rolling stock. ;- , ,
How To Get Relief .When Head
and Nose are Stuffed Up.
Count fifty! Tour cold in head or
catarrh disappears. Your clogged nos
trils will open, the air passages of your
head will clear and you can breathe
f reels'. No more snuffling, hawking,
muscous discharge, dryness or head
ache; no struggling io" breath at night.
Get a small bottle of Ely's Cream
Balm from your druggist and apply a
little of this fragrant antiseptic cream
in your nostrils. It penetrates through
every air passage of the head, soothing
and healing the swollen or inflamed
muscotis membrane, giving you instant
relief. Head colds and catarrh yield
like magic. Don't stay stuffed-up and
miserable. Relief is sure.
Another family fight was aired in
Judge Johnson's court yesterday, morn
ing, when Mrs. IL F. Rogers appeared
and asked the judge to place her sister-in-law
Rosa Rogers under a peace
bond and to prosecute another, sister-in-law
Mrs. Cristine Bradshaw who
is alleged to have given her a whipping.
Several witnesses were heard fpr
both sides and it appeared that all of
ihe trouble grew out of a dispute con
cerning the ownership of a "dish-rag.
R. Pope Reese appeared. as counsel for
the defendants and asked Judge John
eon to dismiss'the case.
Judge Johnson refused to place Rosa
Rogers under a peace bond and took
the case of Mrs. Bradshaw under ad
visement. '
Texas Galveston Bay Houston
Channel ; Light " No. 2, . temporiarly
showing a fixed red oil light, relighted
December 3d; having been found ex
tinguished. . . -
C. & G. S. Charts Kos. 204, 520, 532.
Light List, Atlantic Coast, 1919, p.
372, No. . 2206.
Bouy List, 8th District, 1919, p. 50.
Coast Pilot, Section E, 1916, p. 134.
The annual convention of the Flor- r
Ida State Livestock association is in
sesion at Orlando this week, and the
stock raisers have taken possession of
the city.
The program of addresses and dis
cussions will not be so long as in previ
ous year., in order to give more time
for the social features which are be
ing planned by the Orlando board of . EX AMINATION . FOR
trade, and which will include an au
tomobile trip through the beautiful
city and surrounding farming and cit
rus grove sections, a banqhet and a
dance at the Country club.
Among the live stock producers hav-
ing had extensive experience in Flor-
who will take part on the pro-
are: C. A. Carson, "Jr., Kissim-
onri Vlro Ti-i t H Vila -famtlir " - 1
Mrs.. L. C. Brewton.r ,Of McDa,vid flere, ui i ner- Hiutaer, u.
guest of her daughter.
Baker. ' V '
Mr. A. J. McMullen has returned
home after a few days absence.
Mr. A. C. Saunders will soon leave
to make Donaldsonville his perman
ent home. ' . . .-
The school here is progressing won
derfully under the management of
Mr. Edenfield as principal and Misses
Alford, Bennett, and Mayers as assist
ants. : '- "' .
Mrs. McXullen of Sneads visited
relatives here Sunday.
Mrs Lottie Eldrige of Jacksonville
here. !mee: C. C. Smith. Christmas; W. F.
. Miss Gladys Strilling returned to Ward, Kieco; F.
Chattahoochee Sunday after spending Springs; and Alt
a delightful vacation with friends and
relatives in Mobile.
Jacksonville, Dec. 8. (Special) Col
lector of -Internal Revenue James M.
Cathcart, announces as examination
for special agents as follows:
-. "Examination for special agent, spe
cial intelligence unit, bureau of inter-
X. Burt, DeLeon nai revenue,-win taise piace at jacK
R. Nelson "West sonville January 7, 1920. The posi-
Palm Beach. A few well known men j tion pays according to grade made
lruiu i.Duu 10 iuuy per year.
"For further information apply
from other states also will be pres
ent. . x
So it behooves every woman to keep
her skin smooth, clear and beautiful,
which may be done by using
an old-time tried remedy which re
moves all blotches, scaly patches and
all marks that mar a woman's beauty.
Tetterine cures . eczema, "ringworm,
tetter, .itch, and all skin affections.
Price 60c Sold at drug stores. Shupt
rine company Savannah, Ga. 54
Dr. Edwin Hatton went to Jackson
ville last Friday and drove In with a
Ford on Saturday night.
Dr. and Mrs. "W. H. Spiers have
purchased .a Stephens.
Dr. H. Mason Smith, superintendent
of the State Hospital, is in Jackson
ville this week attending the meeting
of the directors and teachers of the ;
Nurses Training Schools of the state j
ana looning alter otner matters reiai- u . . . ,. .
ing to the hospital. May E"Jy ,Fuv.:",no Out, Sat.sf.ed
Miss Mae Owens is spending a That Children are Safe.
week's vacation in Sneads. - Theater parties and other nightly di-
Mrs. , Marion S.. Knight is in Lake versions . may now be enjoyed by par
City visiting her father. .ents without apprehension as to the
t wriv m.th nr Annnr, mint ' comfort and health of the croupy chil-
J v, v.oo 'r. ,1tv, lthr dren. A 50c jar of Eucapine Salve is
and sister. Dr. Smith and Mrs. Mat-,Je of your peace of mmd and
t ,r the children's comfort and well-being.
TT T Smith orl farnHv' nf TaIIa
-. rhAftohnnothPfl winters
the local civil service secretary, Jack
sonville, for U. S. civil service form
581; and if you wish to make appli
cation to take the examination, secure
from him form 1312."
! Get a jar today enough for a whole
protection against croup, i
last Sunday and spent the day with colds sore throat, tonsilitis and threat-
-Most of those who attended the I Eucapine Salve is an elegant phar
Brunswick stew at the home of Mr. maceutical preparation prepared es
and Mrs. Amos Davis last week are P5aUr for e mothers use w,th her
recovering from the attacks which fol- , children and combining the cleansing
low overeating antiseptic and healing proprieties of
The Havannah basket hall team eucalyptus, camphor, wintergreen,
came to Chattahoochee last Friday to menthal and pinus sylvestns with re
play the Chattahoochee team: The fmed petrotum. Lsed in then on
Chattachoochee girls played all the fami hes and heartily recommended by
t,- v,o nrrk-fll of the physicians and druggists as the safest.
wav.nn.h riri at 3:20. but the sirls most pleasant and effective family
were late, arriving on the ground remedy for simple tatommationa i of
about sundown. : They immediately the nose and throat Get jour win
played the game which resulted in the ter's supply today. Family jar 50c, at
Havannah team winning by a score of all drug stores.
22 to 1. . The Chattahoochee girls are ; ; ; "
just beginning to play and this isthe i Splendid Cough Medicine,
first matched game they have had. . eJ that e fam shou,d
They are not discouraged with the re- , snlpndid medicine Cham-
cult nf th eame. Tallahassee team ""'"' r . .
fair and also won a prize of ten dol
lars. This hisrh standard shows what
can be done in Xorth Florida. For ' .JT MT to Chattahoochee berlain's Cough Remedy is. I am only
many years Gadsden county has been ' Q play ' j too pleased to relate my experience
the leading tobacco county, and still is, j Tne people of the community were and only wish that I had known of its
but Leon county tobacco planters are j caJle1 out to another fish fry last merits years ago," "-writes Mrs. Clay
annually extending their acreage, audi rpu.,,,,,,,, i : Fry, Ferguson Station, Mo. "I give it
(Compiled for The Journal by the
Weather Bureau Office.)
Pensacola, Fla., Dec. 11. 1919.
sunrise .....i. -23
4:50 : -
v . . 9: 45 p.m.
....10:07 ajn.
....12:37 a.m.
High tide .
Jow tide ....10:58 a.m.
ICext phase of the moon, Last Quar
ter. 14h.
Yesterday's Weather.
Dry bulb. ....... . . 42 ' 41 ' 41 I
Wet bulb .......... 40 41- 37
1 T I 1 i 11 - .
ii.snr.-i lowest 41; mean 52; '. I J J ... T ,.
normal 55; . mean same date last vear ! I Lall a physiaan. Immedi
by another year will have an immense
crop, worth many thousands of dol
lars.. - v
Among the exhibits in the Leon coun
ty booth at the state fair none attract
ed more attention than the exhibit
of wool cotton displayed in a large
glass case. This cotton was planted
in' March, began to mature in July
and continued to produce up to No
vember. The plants are now . full of
foams and ready to bloom again. The
plants are fully ten feet in height, with
a spread of from six to eight feet,
each plant bearing from ninety to
more than two hundred bolls. A good
picker should be able to pick about
one thousand pounds per day. It dif
fers from the ordinary staple cotton,
in that the texture is like real wool.
While the commercial 'value of this
kind of cotton has not yet been deter
mined, as sufficient quantity has j not
been raised to test in many ways, it
is thought it will be valuable for cer
tain clothes and for upholstery. The
cotton exhibited at the fair was raised
by T. B. Byrd, of this city, who Is
much interested in his crop.' There
were many requests for seed, but as it
is still scare, the price per boll is
one dollar. A man from Arkansas
purchased seme seed to test it in that
latitude. Farmers are watching results
with much . interest. If this cotton
withstands the weevil, another indus
try will be added jto the already largo
and growing list of new things grown
in Florida. . .
The rows of ten-gallon milk cans,
testifying -to. the fact that Leon county,
ships thousands of gallons of milk to
Jacksonville, each month,, advertised
the capital eounty to great advantage.
Next year, agricultural products will
be shown, as Leon can rank with the
Stomach ills
permanently disappear after drinking A
celebrated Shivar Mineral Water. Positively
Earanteed by money-back offer. Taatea
e; costs a trifle.- Delivered anywhere by
pur Pensacola Agents, West Florida &
3D Co. Phoua them.
fvv,o a rpnl under-' to my cnnaren wnen mey snow tne
taker now. P. L. Laing, employed at slightest symptoms of being croupy,
the State Hospital, has recently fin- and when I have a cough or cold on
ill re-
a few
tne. State x-luspiUAl, itaa f . f mm v urn jl v tvufei. 1
ished his course in embalming and j the lungs a very few' doses w
has succeeded m passing an examina- jjeve me anj i,y taking it for
tion by tne ssiaie coaru ui
ers and securing license . to embalm.
This will aid much in embalming
bodies of persons who die at the hos
pital which are to be shipped tovrela
tives. The hospital had to secure an
undertaker from Tallahassee for this
purpose up until this time. 1
Rev. W. T. Brantley left Monday
night for annual conference of the
Methodist Church at Lakeland. Broth- (
r Rrantlev carries with him as good
a report as ever went from this church
to an annual conference.
days I soon get rid
of the cold."
- How He Ended Kidney Trouble.
"I had a severe attack of kidney
trouble for three weeks could not get
out 0 doors and scarcely out of bed,"
writes C. E. Brewer, Village Springs.
Ala. iCould not bend over at all
without the most excruciating pains. I
purchased a bottle wof Foley Kidney
Pills the best kidney remedy In the
world. No recurrence of my trouble."
Sold everywhere. Adv.
"it r at 1
Kidney, liver, bladder And uric acid
troubles are most dangerous be
cause of their insidious attacks.
Heed the first warning they give
that they need attention by taking
Made to Grow
Long, Straight,
Soft and Silky
by using:
A CrBli Hir Cmw. Bemorea dmn
drasr. Fccda tho roots cf the hair. Stops
falling hair et otce. Cleans the acalp.
Price 25c br mail en receipt of
atampaercoic AO ENTS WANTED
Wrtte far awtlcalara
Comfort Baby's Skin
With Cuticura Soap
And Fragrant Talcum
For nnplCBt!eiirml Klma. a fkaelcatlnr fraanne.
Addrau CaUrata iirtjrt. n.t t Mm
this year to
Accumulated excess
ate, 34.
Highest of record for December, 77
degrees. ...
Lovrest ; of record for December. 14
degrees. ' r : . . . -I1AI.VFALL:
. For 24 hours ending 7 p. m. 58.
Tosal for this month to 7 p. m. .72.
Xormal for December 4.17 inches. -,
Accumulated excess this year . to
date 23.77. - . -;'
- 7 a. m.. 6; -12 -noon, .50;. 7 p. m., 56.
7 v m., 30.42; 7 p. m 30.43.
Jl ately begin "emergency'
vaini iv-a a w a
The world's standard remedy for thesa
disorders, will often ward off these dis
eases and strengthen the body against
further attacks. Three sizes, all druggist
: fee the- aaaae Geld Medal o rmrr mom
All New Stock
- Btlment and Devillws Streets
and 11 South Palaf ox Streel
Be Better LookingTake
Olive Tablets
If your skin is yellow complexion
pallid tongue coated appetite poor
you have a bad tast- in your mouth
a lazy, no-good KS-ing you should
take Olive Tablets.
.Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets a sub
stitute foT CLiOna P ! wrrf rawmrtti hw
Dr. Edwards after 17 years of study. J
JLraurwaros uaveTaKlets area purely
i ou will know them by their olive color.
To have a clear, pink skin, brighteyes,
no pimples, a feehns of buoyancy like
childhood days you must get at the cause.
Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets act on
the liver and bowels like calomel yet
have no dangerous after effects.
' .They start the bile and overcome con
stipation. Millions of boxes are sold
annually at 10c and 25c. Take one or
twonurhtlv and note the nleasdnir results.
often follow
Neglected Cold
Famous Old Recipe
for .Cough Syrup
KaailT and cheaply 'made at home,
bat It beata them all tor
. quick results.
Thousands of housewives have found
that they can save two-tbirda of the
money usually spent for cough prepara
tions," bv usinjr the well-known old recipe
for making coush syrup at home. It
is simple and cheap but it lias no equal
for prompt results. It takes right hold
of a couh and Rives immediate relief,
usually stopping an. ordinary cough in.
24 bouts or less.
Get 2'x ounces of Pinex from any
druggist, pour it into a pint bottle and
add plain granulated sugar syrup to
make a full pint. If you prefer, use
clarified mo!asse3, honey, or corn syrup,
instead of sugar syrup. Either way, it
tastes pood, keeps perfectly, and lasts
a family a long time.
It's truly astonishing how quickly it
acts, penetrating through every air
passage of the throat and lungs loos
ens and raises the phlegm, soothes and
heals the membranes, and gradually but
surely the annoying throat tickle and
dreaded cough disappear entirely. Nothing
better for bronchitis, spasmodic croup,
hoarseness or bronchial asthma.
Pinex is a special and highly concen
trated compound of genuine Norway
une extract, known the world over lor
heaUng effect on the membranes.
Avoid disapointment by asking your
druggist for U2V3 ounces of Pines" with
full directions and don't accept anything
else. Guaranteed to give absolute satis
faction or monev promptly refunded
The Pinex Co., Ft. Wayne, lad. .
25 ctni
6 Bell-ans
Hot Water
1 Sure Relief
gmWIWallal MlllMIIBaaaaallMI II llll BaaMaaaanil aaalaaall aalllll 1 n n,
v BaaaaaBaaM
Jffiount " Budding, jPertscicolcL, 77c
says Dor J
IS sS. A 5S UK! W- .7a3
tmtmmtmmt Li ,m.
i " 5E5
Best of
all corn flakes
At Grocers!
ndafd cold remedy ler 20 years
1 lamet lorm sate, sure, no
jiatea breaks up a cold is 24
hours relieve grip in 3 Jay.
oney back if it fails. The
enuine box has a Red
top with Mr. Hill's
Name "Bayer" is on Genuin
Aspirin zy Bayer
During the last few days we have enjoyed the pleased excla
mations of surprise from old and new customers at the Prices and
unusually fine stock of Gifts that are Different.
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Kodak Co. is gladly, given with each purchase. -
. a -
: Insissc on ".Bayer Tablets of Aspirin
In a "Bayer package," containing
proper directions ; for Colds, .v Pain
Headache, Keuralgia, Lumbago, an4
flheurnatisno Kanse f Bayer" mean
genuine Aspirin prescribed by phyeic
An3 for nineteen . years. Handy tlx
Joxes of 12 tablets cost" few cents. A.
Jirin is trade mark of -Bayer -Vnti.
lacture of Mor.oacetic-acidester of Sv
icylicacid. adv. ..
Keep the Kodalc pictures in order and
furnish a pleasing way to show your
v friends the pleasures you have with your
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