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Delicious Batdn
' The SoixtK Bend Malle able Rancre
To TV. C. and Rosabelle Curtis;
' To Care and Charlotte Waters;
girl. -
Whenlbo Use
-TF miI n5? ' ' crQ?PER-BSfiis
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$ .. rKra m JpP Of
dhd fAs Set gPure Aluminum CobkinCire
At the Price -: faeRar&aarie--tkeare sj&ee t
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New Suits Filed
Geneva Huff vs. City of Pensacola,
damages, J. P. Stokes, attorney for
Gladys Restucher by B. I. Sellers vs.
Denie Restucher, alimony, R. P. Reese
attorney for plaintiff.
A. Calder vs. City of Pensacola, dam
ages J. P. Stokes, attorney for plain
tiff. Herbert Davis vs. Callie, Mae Davis,
divorce, Henry Bellinger attorney for
Annie Bonnie vs. "Will Bonnie, divorce
F. R, Anderson attorney for plaintiff.
A. D. Rodsen vs. Walter H. Gentry,
damages, I. W. Berry 'attorney foe
William II. Warren vs. Juanita
Evans Warren, divorce. Watson and
Pasco attorneys for plaintiff.
Polar Ice Cream Co. vs. Paul Roes
tal, damages, L. V. Holsberry attorney
for plaintiff.
Morris & Co., vs. Paul Roestal, dam
ages, I. V. Holsberry, attorney for
H. M. Palestine Co., Inc., vs. Morris
Priedmann, damages, Ij. V. Holsberry
attorney for plaintiff.
LaSalle 'Extension University vs.
W. IX. Craft, damages, Li. V. Holsberry
attorney for plaintiff.
Edna E. Mock vs. J. H. Mock, divorce
Watson & Pasco attorneys for plaintiff.
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fc'lk Pays to Advertise
(paramount -ri(ffpicliw
At The Isis Tomorrow
"It Pays To Advertise" With Bryant
. Washburn a Most Enjoyable
. Farce.
To -everyone who. has ever gone to
college, Bryant Washburn's new Para
r mount-Artcraft picture, "It Pays to Ad
- vertise," f rom the successful farce by
Rol Cooper Megrue and Walter Hack
ett, and which will . be shown at the
Isis theatre tomorrow will recall amus
ing memories of : life and experiences
at those institutions of learning. One
of the first scenes in tie picture shows
Washburn as Rodney Martin, and sevr
eral of his college palls, in a box at a
girl show. During the performance, at
the appearance on the stage of an effeminate-looking
leading man, the boys
proceed to shower him with eggs and
cause so much disturbance, generally,
that they are forcibly ejected and al
most arrested.
The story centers around the pam
pered son of a millionaire, who when he
returns home from college, refuses to
go to work in one of his father's soap
factories, reasoning that his father al
ready has more money 'than they " can
both spend. Then father reports to
strategy and promises a fat bonus to
his secretary if she will, by -her wile's,
persuade sonny to go to work.'
The outcome of this is that son and
secretary fall in love.; This angers
the father, who is determined that his
son shall not marry a stenographer
and he orders him out of the home.
How the boy stakes all of his money
and possessions on a scheme to build
up a trade mark on soap and finally
selling the trade mark to his father
for a large sum of money, and then
"'marrying the stenographer, is said to
form one of the best plots in which
the star has yet appeared.
ers have met with the approval of' the
show going people of Pensacola. The
one feature of this company is the
fact that there is no waits. ; As soon
as the curtain falls on the act of the
play, a vauderville act of the better
kind entertains in a pleasing manner
until the stage is ready for the next
act. The, play "Your Sister and Mine"
is one of the newer kind of plays that
contains every element that Is needed
to make a first class play. There is
plenty of comedy, an abundance" of
heart interest blending with intence
dramatic' situations, and a pretty love
stor3', making this a play that every
class of show going people will enjoy.
Tonight will be the last opportunity
to witness this play, and to miss it
will be to miss one of the bost dra
matic treats of the season. Starting
Friday and Saturday night with a 10c
bargain matinee, Saturday afternoon 8
at 3 o'clock the company will present J H
the four act play, "Darkness and Day- i 8
light" a play that is guaranteed to be ' H
one of the best plays that was ever
Andru Lewis stands six feet in his
stockings. Helen Xorton is a mere
mite of femininity. The contrast in
their statures . is most effective and
commands attention even before the
pair open their mouths. Mr. Lewis is a
commedian with a distinctive' person
ality and an original manner, while his
charming partner. Miss Norton is a
breezy little ingenue and both are ex
cellent dancers.
"In Those Days" Is the title of their
skit, which Is an exceedingly clever
and bright assortment of chatter, song
and dance.
Both players are recruits from the
legitimate stage, their most praise
worthy work probably being in George
Ade's "The College Widow". It is as
vaudevillians, however, that they pre
fer to be known, and it is in the two-a-day
that they have most firmly es
tablished themselves.
Beauty Answers
Ed. C. Nutt Comedy Company
Last night one of the largest crowds
that have attended the Ed C. Nutt
Tent show, witnessed the great four
ct play -Tour Sister and Mine. and
to say that the play was thoroughly en
Joyed by all is putting it too mildly.
Round after round of applause greetcA
the action of the play proving beyond
doubt that this capable cast of play-
Mildred Austin Stock Company
Miss Austin in opening her season of
up to the minute Standard Plays of
the year with her capable company of
dramatic artists cordially invites the
ladies to be her guests at either per
formance on her opening, Monday Dec.
15 at the Liberty theatre which has
been overhauled and new scenery, etc.,
installed. -
Miss Austin wishes to assure the
ladies that nothing but the cleanest
legitimate play will be presented and
that she will gladly present any play
that the audience calls for. That mat
inees will be given every Monday,
Wednesday and Saturday. (Special
matinees on Christmas and New Years).
and one night performance each week
night. Between the acts specialities
will be given and the whole will last
about two and a half hour.
At the matinee the house will sell
at 15c and 25c at the nisht perfor
mance the' whole of the lower floor
will be reserved at 50c and the balcony
admission will be 25c. - .
The opening bill selected is a heart
story of the down east fisher folks, one
that should appeal to Pensacolians.
"The Girl Accross the Way." Remem
ber the ladies are invited free to either
performance on the opening day Mon
day Dec. 15., excepting the war tax of
five cents.
Tennille's Liver Pills Will End the
Common Trouble. .
When the bowels are not function
ing properly you can't have perfect
health. If your bowels fail to act reg
ularly at least once or twice a day
attend to it at once. Take one or two
of those little Tennille's Live Pills be
fore retiring. You'll wake up feelins
Tennille's Liver Pills are scientific
ally correct, being prepared from a
f ormula of which any intelligent
physician will approve.
They do not gripe or sicken like cal
omel or other harsh laxatives but
purg the body of its accumulated pol
sons 'gently. j
Bottle of 25 pills, 25 cents at your !
drug store. Refuse all substitutes.
mere are no others "just as good" as
Wm. H. Knowles, Trustee, to B. B.
Carter, trustee, Dec. 2, 1919, Lots 20,
21 and 22, Block 150 E. King tract, W.
of Tarra-st., $1.00 and other consideration.
Real Estate Securities Co., to Mrs.
Bertha Johnson, Dec. 8. 1919, S. 1-2 of
N. E. 1-4 of Block 244 of the New City
trach, $1.00 and other considerations.
Patent) United States to Daniel
F. Sullivan, No. 4, 1889, West 1-2 f
Section 2, Township 4, North Range
32, West.
J. A. Chaffin & Co., to John P. and
Bertha D. Stokes, Dec. 8, 1919, W. 1-2
of Block 173 in Belmont and Clapp
Tracts. 51,000.00 and other considera
tions. ,
J. . B. McNeely and wife to W. D.
Farror, Nov. 8, 1919, N. W. 1-4 of S. E.
1-4, Section 2, Township- 5 North,
Range 32 West. $1.00 and other con
siderations. H. C. Jacob! and wife to John Dun
way, June 26, 1917, Lot 9 in Block "A"
Jacobi'e Addition to town of Molino.
$1.00 and other considerations.
Sol Union and Wife to Brinkley Has
tings, Dec. 1, 1919, four acres of land
in LaRua Grant. $125.00.
J. II. Collier, local agent for the
Southern Express Company stated
Tr last niKht that there were no new de-
You pay you are 25 and ( velopments In the robbery which oc
look like 35. If you will eurrml at the. In.vil office Tuesdav.
yu wm like f2TTnd! The young man Givens. who was be-
this is no exaggeration. ! ing held by the police for investlga
Your actual results will tion has been discharged from custody
At The Pastime Theatre
' , Under the title of "The Lieutenant
and the Cop" the Wilson brothers of
fer an act commonly known as 'side
walk' conversation. It is the thought
that counts and their chatter Is a con
tinuous flow of fun. Every line has
a meening of it's own and the meaning
is laughter.
It would appear that Selznlck has
chosen . very wisely in casting Olive
Thomas In the title role of "The Glor
ious Lady," that charming star's new
picture, which is the feature attract
ion at the Isis theatre, today.. Before
her film debut Miss Thomas posed for
practically : all of the . greatest artists
of the day and her services were eager
ly sought. ; She has been proclaimed
by , Harrison Fisher ' famed wherever
art is known, as the most beautiful
woman in the world. . ; ... .
irove it if you will make
jp your mind to use this
formuia, iioeraHy, every day, and use no
other socalled wrinkle cream. Add two
tablespoonfuls of glycerine and two
ounces of eptol to a half pint of hot
water. Keep stirring until they form
a satiny cream. This is so economical
that it can be used generously, and will
hasten the, result. It removes wrinkles,
crows' feet and lines of age. The eptol
can be obtained for not more than fifty
cents at any drug store.
MRS. S. O. S. Your hair should at
once stop falling if you will use my hair j
formula. Kvery one who has tried it '
says it is perfectly astounding tiow It
makes hair grow and stops hair falling.
Get one ounce of beta-quinol from your
druggist for 50 cents, and mix it with
one pint of witch-hazel, or, if preferred,
in one-half pint each of water and bay
rum. Use this every day and your
dream of long, silky, beautiful hair -will
truly come true. In making up this
mixture you will find it will give you
over a pint of the hair grower at a
smaller cost than that of any iirepared
hair treatment, and besides, you have the
best you can get anywhere. It will not
f;iil to give results. I
MRS. B. O. T. Your hair is 1 rittle !
because of the soap and ordinary '
shampoos you have ben using. You Irrcw
they all contain alkali. That dries up
the natural oils. Nov, just dissolve .a
teaspoonful of eggol in a cup of water
and use as a headwash and you'll see
bow different your hair will be. All fatty
accumulations and dandruff will tlisap-
pear like magic. ' You'll never use any
thing -else. Enough eggol can be obtained
for twenty-five cents at the drug store
store for over a dozen of these shampoos.
According to instructions received
by the local army recruiting office
3.400 men are needed for Immediate
service in the Panama Canal Zone. As
a stimulus to enlistments for 'this par
ticular service the war department is
sending out attractive literature con
cerning the fishing, hunting and cli
matic conditions prevailing in the
Canal Zone, which will offer to young
men desiring to enter the service a
pleasurable opportunity.
run - -
there being no evidence on which to
hold him and no charge" was placed
against him by the Express Company.
According to Mr. Collier, two pack
ages of money, one containing $397
and the other $C0 were placed in the
combination safe, but later removed to
the key-safe in the same office by
one of the clerks.
Just when the money disappeared
can not be learned but it is believed
that it was stolen by someone who j
possessea a aupiicate Key. ah ot ma
employes of the office have been sub
jected to a rigid examination but no
clue has been discovered. - -
Mr. Collier stated that' detectives
are at work on thecase and will con
tinue their investigation indefinitely.
He also said that the Express Com
pany did not make any charge against
Mr. Givens or any one else, and that
so far as the company was concerned
his arrest was unauthorized.
)levr Elixir, Called Aspiros
al, Medicated With Latest
Scientific Remedies, Used
and Endorsed by Euro
pean and American Army
Surgeons to Cut Short c
Cold and Prevent Compli
cations. o j
Every Druggist in U. S. In
structed to Refund Price
While You Wait at Count
, er If Relief Does Not Come
Within Two Minutes.
There will be a meeting of the offi
cers and members of the Escambia
County Fair Association at Molino to-
'Pape's Diapepsin" is the
,- quickest Indigestion and
Stomach Relief
"Vyhen meals hit back and your stom-
Jach is sour, acid, gassy, or you feel full
and bloated, when you , have . heavy
morrow night at 8 o'clock. AH direc
tors and all others holding member
ship tickets are requested to be pres
ent, as well as all persons interested in
the 1920 fair.
Buy Red Cross Xmas Seals
lumps of pain or headache, from indi
gestion. Here is instant relief!
Just as soon as you eat va tablet or
two of Pape's Diapepsin all the dyspep-
Isia. inrlierestion and stomach distress
The purpose of the meeting is to !caused Dy acidity ends. These pleasant
elect officers for the 1920 fair and to ; harnilesg tablets of Pape's Diapepsin
receive reports from officers as well f to neutralize tne harmful
as to make arrangement for next year. stomach acids and make you feel fine
Jat once, and they cost so little at drug
fctores. .... . -
Delightful Taste, Immediate
Relief, Quick Warm-Up.
Tho sensation of the year in thi
Irvg trade is Aspironal, the two
niuute cold and cough reliever, av
horitativeljf guaranteed by the labors
ories; tested, approved and mo?
'lithusiastieally endorsed by the high
st authorities, and proclaimed b
ihe common people as ten times a;
juick and effective as whiskey, rod
ud rye, or any other cold and eongl.
remedy they have ever tried, r
All drug ' stores are now supplied
.vith the wonderful new elixir, so al
vou have to -do to get rid of that col.
is to step into tho nearest drug store
hand the clerk half a dollar for a botth
sf Aspironal and tell him to serve yor
two teaspoonfuls with four teaspoon
f 11I3 of water in a glass. "With yonr
vatch in your hand, take tho drink
it one swallow and call for your money
back. in two minutes if yon cannot
?eel your cold fading away like a dream
' rithin the time limit. Don't bo bash
'al, for all druggists invite you and
xpect you to try it. Everybody 't
loinjr it. 9. : " n
When your cold or cough is re
teved, take the remainder of tho bottle
' oine. to yonr wife and bnbies, fo;
spironal is by far the 6afest and mos
ffective, the easiest to take and fb
iost areenb1 cold and con gh rcmed
Jr infants aaJ children. Adv.) . "-
r takes but a few minutes to make
the most appetizing Southern bis
cuits with this flour. There is no
mixing of baking powder or sour milk
in uncertain proportions. The leaven
ing agents are already in Skylark Flour,
and in the right amounts.
You should try Skylark today. It will
Improve the baking of even the rr ost
expert cooks. It represents Town Talk
Flour with the self-rising ingredients
added to it.
It's Self-rising
-?lL-.-A-v-X-A-.-r-X-X-.-A--K x.--A-A-X-A-A. y
Does This Interest You?
Boy Wood at Reduced Prices !
m m
Rough Mill Ends, wet, while they last
at, per load
Dry Light Wood,
per load
All Hard Pine Blocks, extra large,
10 for $2.25, or 20 for
per sack
PHONE 1313
"I Used to Sweep-Now, With My
Electric Cleaner, I Really Clean"
Housewives everywhere who are using' the Electric
Cleaner are telling this same story to their friends.
The Electric Cleaner makes real cleaning possible
It actually removes every trace of dust, dirt and lint
--does not merely displace them in the manner of
the old-fashioned brpom.
Electric Cleaning is simplicity itself. " You merely
turn on the electricity. Thus no physical ac
tion is required ancllnTess than RaTTthe time or
tne oia way, you will have your home four times
clean and clean to bedrock..
Purchase your Electrii Cleaner
cow. -Telephone 2010 for free

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